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Genealogy transcriptions on, from and about, Queensland, Australia.

Copyright protects the expression of an idea and not the idea itself. For example, an idea for a board game would not be protected by copyright, but the form of expression in the written rules and playing instructions would be protected as a literary work. 

Factual information (such as historical facts and news) is considered to be in the public domain. The expression of factual information, in the form of a web page or transcript, for example, is protected by copyright. Copyright rules that apply to conventional media also apply to the Internet.

Submitted works are copyright as per the respective donor or scribe.  Archival submissions are referenced accordingly.  Please ensure to read an item's reference details prior to use.  Under no circumstance may the information be sold, electronically stored, or included in printed material where PAYMENT in any form is necessary.

Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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