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An alphabetical list of local, national and international archives and libraries of interest to Queensland genealogists; and a list of online FAQ sheets pertaining to family research.  Note that information is provided as a guide only.  Please confirm details before visiting the respective repository.  Last Updated: March 2008

Archives & Libraries | Research FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Lawson Crescent, Acton ACT 2601
GPO Box 553, Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 6246 1111; Fax: (02) 6261 4285 (eMail)
Australian National Maritime Museum
Vaughan Evans Library
Wharf 7, Maritime Heritage Centre, Pyrmont NSW 2009
GPO Box 5131, Sydney NSW 2001
Ph: (02) 9298 3734; Fax: (02) 9298 3730
Australian War Memorial
Treloar Crescent, Campbell ACT 2612
GPO Box 345, Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 6243 4315; Fax: (02) 6243 4545 (eMail)
Brisbane City Library Ask a Librarian  (FREE Request Service)
Brisbane Square Library (Central City)
266 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Ph: (07) 3403 8888 (eMail)
Ireland: National Archives
Bishop Street, Dublin 8 IRL
John Oxley Library
Manuscripts and Business Records Collection
State Library of Queensland 
Queensland Cultural Centre
Southbank, South Brisbane QLD 4101
PO Box 488, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Ph: (07) 3840 7892 / 3840 7894; Fax (07) 3846 2421 
10.00am-5.00pm (Sunday-Friday); closed Saturday
Logan City Library Ask a Librarian (FREE request service)
Logan City Council Administration Centre
150 Wembley Road, Logan Central QLD 4114
PO Box 3226, Logan City DC, 4114
Ph: (07) 3412 5130 or (07) 3412 5420; Fax: (07) 3208 4741  (eMail)
National Archives of Australia Reference Request (FREE request service)
Queen Victoria Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600
PO Box 7425, Canberra BC ACT 2610
Ph: (02) 6212 3600; or 1300 886 881 (reference inquires only) (eMail)
Location Map (PDF)

Queensland State Archives
435 Compton Road, Runcorn, Brisbane, Queensland 4113
PO Box 1397, Sunnybank Hills, Queensland 4109
Ph: (07) 3131 7777; Fax: 3131 7764 (eMail)
Open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm (excluding Public Holidays and the Christmas to New Year); as well as every second Saturday of the month between 9.00am and 4.30pm (Queensland State Archives provides a free taxi service between the Archives and Fruitgrove Railway Station, Nectarine Street, Runcorn each Wednesday).
Location Map
Note: A Readers' Ticket is required to visit the QSA Public Search Room; Application Form ( PDF 84 KB)

State Library of Queensland Ask a Librarian (FREE request service)
Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Bank, Brisbane QLD 4101
PO Box 3488, South Brisbane, QLD 4101
Ph: (07) 3840 7666; Fax: (07) 3846 2421 (eMail)
Open daily 10.00am - 5.00pm (until 8.00pm Mon-Thu)
Heritage Collections open daily 10.00am - 5.00pm
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday
Open 10.00am-5.00pm all other public holidays
Location Map

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Archives & Libraries | Research FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Index (all FAQ sheets are located off-site)
Archival Guidance
Art & Culture
Building & Construction
Business, Banking & Finance
Cemetery Records
Convicts, Settlement & Pre-History
Education & Training
Electoral Roles
Employment & Trade
Foreign Relations
Government & Politics
Immigration & Naturalisation
Indigenous Research
Land & Real Estate
Legal, Law & Justice
Leisure, Sport & Recreation
Maps & Charts
Maritime Records
Press & Publications
Primary Industry
Public Health
Science & Technology
Security & Intelligence
Transport & Communication
Welfare & Philanthropy
Wills & Probate

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FAQ (Legend)
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AWM Australian War Memorial
NAA National Archives of Australia
QSA Queensland State Archives
SLNSW State Library of New South Wales
SLQ State Library of Queensland
SLV State Library of Victoria


Archival Guidance
Access to damaged, fragile or contaminated records (NAA)
Access to records under the Archives Act (NAA)
Addresses of other Australian archival institutions (NAA)
Addresses of other National Archives (NAA)
Archival terms (NAA)
Citing Archival Records (11 KB) (QSA)
Citing archival records (NAA)
Commonwealth Record Series system (NAA)
Document delivery/Interlibrary loans (75 KB) (SLQ)
How to apply for and use your QLD State Library e-services card (69 KB) (SLQ)
Manuscripts Research (97 KB) (SLNSW) (97 KB) (SLNSW)
Protecting and handling paper files (HTML) or (228 KB) (NAA)
Protecting and handling archival volumes (HTML) or (228 KB) (NAA)
Protecting and handling maps and plans (HTML) or (220 KB) (NAA)
Protecting and handling magnetic media (HTML) or (223 KB) (NAA)
Protecting and handling photographs (HTML) or (221 KB) (NAA)
Manuscripts Queensland (SLQ)
State Archives' Record Systems (7 KB) (QSA) (7 KB) (QSA) (7 KB) (QSA)
Time capsules (HTML) or (214 KB) (NAA)
Top-Numbering (9 KB) (QSA) (9 KB) (QSA) (9 KB) (QSA)
Using the Computer Catalogue (1980+) (342 KB) (SLNSW) (342 KB) (SLNSW)
Art & Culture
Johnstone Gallery Archive (QSL)
Adoption (SLQ)
Australian parish records (249 KB) (SLQ)
Birth, Death and Marriage Records (234 KB) (QSA)
Births, deaths and marriages (NAA)
Births, deaths and marriages (107 KB) (SLNSW) (107 KB) (SLNSW)
Births deaths and marriages: Australia, New Zealand, England and Wales (252 KB) (SLQ)
Church Records (70 KB) (SLNSW) (70 KB) (SLNSW)
Divorce (251 KB) (SLQ)
England and Wales birth death and marriages (255 KB) (SLQ)
Orphans (248 KB) (SLQ)
Building & Construction
Customs House, Brisbane (NAA)
Government Building Records (10 KB) (QSA) (10 KB) (QSA)
Industrial development in Australia after WW II (NAA) (NAA)
Lighthouse records held in Brisbane (NAA)
Business, Banking & Finance
Australian Company Information (72 KB) (SLNSW) (72 KB) (SLNSW)
Insolvency and Liquidation Records (8 KB) (QSA) (8 KB) (QSA)
International Company Information (73 KB) (SLNSW) (73 KB) (SLNSW)
Standards (58 KB) (SLNSW) (58 KB) (SLNSW)
Cemetery Records
Cemetery Records (30 KB) (QSA)
Cemetery Records (73 KB) (SLNSW)
Cemetery Records (246 KB) (SLQ)
Census records (53 KB) (SLQ)
Convicts, Settlement & Pre-History
British Army in colonial Australia (259 KB) (SLQ)
Convict research: getting started (256 KB) (SLQ)
Convict research: finding out even more (258 KB) (SLQ)
Victoria County Histories (250 KB) (SLQ)
Army Service Records (NAA)
Australians who served: an introduction to Research Centre records (AWM)
Boer War Records (13 KB) (QSA)
Boer War Records (NAA)
Civilian Service in WW II (NAA)
Conscription referendums, 1916 and 1917 (NAA)
Defence service records for WWI and WWII (NAA)
Finding WW I military service information (NAA)
Guide to David Bradbury’s ‘Frontline’, Vietnam 1962-1972 (AWM)
Guide to the Australian War Memorial Ephemera Collection (AWM)
Guide to the East Timor Collection (AWM)
Guide to the Far Eastern Liaison Office (FELO) Leaflet Collection (AWM)
Guide to the Gallipoli Aerial Photograph Collection (AWM)
Guide to the Gulf War Collection (AWM)
Guide to the Iraq 2003 Collection (AWM)
Guide to the Korean Collection (AWM)
Guide to the Postcard Collection, 1900-1913 (AWM)
Guide to the (Australian) Postcard Collection, 1914-1918 (AWM)
Guide to the Silk Postcard Collection (AWM)
Guide to the W G Fortman War Memorials Postcard Collection (AWM)
National Service and war, 193945 (NAA)
National Service, 195159 (NAA)
National Service, 196572 (NAA)
Navy crew and ships records (NAA)
Navy service records (general holdings) (NAA)
RAAF service records (NAA)
Sources of information about military service (NAA)
United States forces in Queensland, 1941–45 (NAA)
Veterans' case files (NAA)
War Cabinet records (NAA)
WW I internee, alien and POW records held in Canberra (NAA)
WW II internee, alien and POW records held in Canberra (NAA)
World War II war crimes (NAA)
Education & Training
Royal Military College, Duntroon (NAA)
School Records (205 KB) (QSA) (205 KB) (QSA)
Universal military training in Australia, 191129 (NAA)
Electoral Rolls
Commonwealth electoral rolls held in Brisbane (NAA)
Electoral Rolls (61 KB) (SLNSW) (61 KB) (SLNSW)
Electoral Rolls (258 KB) (SLQ)
State Electoral Rolls (11 KB) (QSA) (11 KB) (QSA)
Employment & Trade
Blue books (245 KB) (SLQ)
Company and Firm Records (26 KB) (QSA) (26 KB) (QSA)
Occupation Licences (160 KB) (QSA) (160 KB) (QSA)
Occupations (251 KB) (SLQ)
Pubs and publicans (279 KB) (SLQ)
Railway employees (252 KB) (SLQ)
Federation: The Guide to Records (NAA)
Foreign Relations
Allies, Enemies and Trading Partners: Records on Australia and the Japanese (3.2 MB) (NAA)
United States forces in Queensland, 1941-45 (NAA)
Archives for Genealogists (11 KB) (QSA)
Beginning your family history research (NAA)
Family History (SLQ)
How to trace your family tree (237 KB) (SLQ)
Local History Sources (12 KB) (QSA) (12 KB) (QSA)
Tracing your ancestors beyond the National Archives (NAA)
Tracing your ancestors in the National Archives (NAA)
Government & Politics
Cabinet Secretariat Records (10 KB) (QSA) (10 KB) (QSA)
Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes (NAA)
Government Gazettes (26 KB) (QSA) (26 KB) (QSA)
Persons before Queensland Government committees (56 KB) (SLQ)
Immigration & Naturalisation
Child migration to Australia (NAA)
Child migrant records held in Sydney (NAA)
Chinese–Australian Journeys: Records on Travel, Migration and Settlement, 1860–1975 (5.4 MB) (NAA)
Citizenship in Australia (NAA)
Citizenship in Australia: A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records (NAA)
German immigrants and immigration (249 KB) (SLQ)
Good British Stock: Child and Youth Migration to Australia (NAA)
Immigration Records (11 KB) (QSA) (11 KB) (QSA)
Immigration Records (Australia) (NAA)
Immigration and Shipping: getting started (273 KB) (SLQ)
Immigration and Shipping: more than lists (264 KB) (SLQ)
Jewish experience in Australia, The (NAA) (NAA)
More People Imperative: Immigration to Australia, 1901–39 (NAA)
Naturalization Records (9 KB) (QSA) (9 KB) (QSA)
Naturalisation records held in Canberra (NAA)
Naturalisations (256 KB) (SLQ)
NSW Assisted Passenger Lists (70 KB) (SLNSW) (70 KB) (SLNSW)
NSW Unassisted Passenger Lists (69 KB) (SLNSW) (69 KB) (SLNSW)
Passenger records held in Brisbane (NAA)
Passenger records held in Canberra (NAA)
Passenger records held in Sydney (NAA)
Records of British migrants held in Canberra (NAA)
Safe Haven: Records of the Jewish Experience in Australia (NAA)
Indigenous Research
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (NAA)
Bringing Them Home Name Index (NAA)
Indigenous Library Services (70 KB) (SLQ)
kuril dhagun (68 KB) (SLQ)
The 1967 Referendum (NAA)
Land & Real Estate
Land Agents' Records (9 KB) (QSA) (9 KB) (QSA)
Land records (271 KB) (SLQ)
Land Tenure Records (19 KB) (QSA) (19 KB) (QSA)
Soldier Settlement (162 KB) (QSA)
Special Leases (143 KB) (QSA) (143 KB) (QSA)
Tracing The History of Your House (14 KB) (QSA) (14 KB) (QSA)
Legal, Law & Justice
A Nation's Imagination: Australia's Copyright Records, 1854-1968 (1.2 MB) (NAA)
Court Records (17 KB) (QSA)
Deed Poll Records (102 KB) (QSA)
Inquest Records (6 KB) (QSA)
Murder Files (26 KB) (QSA)
Patent, trademark and design records in Brisbane (NAA)
Police gazettes (115 KB) (QSA)
Police gazettes (241 KB) (SLQ)
Leisure, Sport & Recreation
Hotel Records (21 KB) (QSA)
Maps & Charts
Maps (9 KB) (QSA)
Maps Research (189 KB) (SLNSW) (189 KB) (SLNSW)
Maritime Records
Shipwreck Records (8 KB) (QSA)
Press & Publications
Biographical resources (252 KB) (SLQ)
Directories, almanacs and gazetteers (251 KB) (SLQ)
Guide to Newspapers on Microfilm - Queensland (SLV)
HSC English (75 KB) (SLNSW) (75 KB) (SLNSW)
Queensland Stories (SLQ)
Primary Industry
Mining Records (15 KB) (QSA) (15 KB) (QSA)
Queensland mining accidents (765 KB) (SLQ)
Public Health
Dunwich Records (11 KB) (QSA)
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (NAA)
Science & Technology
A Nation's Imagination: Australia's Copyright Records, 1854-1968 (1.2 MB) (NAA)
Australian Antarctic exploration and research (NAA)
Patent, trademark and design records in Brisbane (NAA)
Radar research in Australia during World War II (NAA)
Security & Intelligence
ASIO files on writers and literary groups (NAA)
Australia First Movement (NAA)
New Guard Movement, 1931–35 (NAA)
Personal information in ASIO records (NAA)
Royal Commission on Espionage, 1954–55 (NAA)
Security Intelligence records held in Canberra (NAA)
Transport & Communication
Post Office records (NAA)
Railway Records (18 KB) (QSA) (18 KB) (QSA)
Road Cases (186 KB) (QSA)
Welfare & Philanthropy
Dunwich Records (11 KB) (QSA) (11 KB) (QSA)
Orphanages and Children's Homes (10 KB) (QSA) (10 KB) (QSA)
Wills & Probate
Will and Intestacy Records (16 KB) (QSA) (16 KB) (QSA)
Wills, probate and intestacies (265 KB) (SLQ)
Working for the Dole: Commonwealth Relief during the Great Depression (NAA)
Oral History Research (209 KB) (SLNSW) (209 KB) (SLNSW)
Pictures Research (100 KB) (SLNSW) (100 KB) (SLNSW)
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