Unincorporated Far West (map) borders Queensland and South Australia. It is located in the north-west corner of the State; surrounding but excluding the City of Broken Hill. It is the most sparsely populated region of New South Wales with only 0.37% of the population (24,490 people at 2001 Census) residing in an area that covers 147,142 square kilometres. Of those, 86.4% live in the mining city of Broken Hill. Commonly known as the outback, the Far West is rich in mineral deposits and agricultural initiatives. Traditional industries such as mining and wool production are making way for new trade which includes goat, sheep meat and horticulture. It is the only part of NSW not administered by a local council.

The towns and communities of the Unincorporated Far West include Albion, Allandy, Ascot Vale, Avonel, Barrajong, Berawinnia, Bindara, Border Downs, Box Tank, Broughmas Gate, Broughton Vale, Buckalow, Budgeree, Budgerygar, Burns, Burta, Calindary, Cameron Corner, Churinga, Cobham, Cockburn, Connulpie, Coombah, Cuthero, Egebet Mine, Elisnora, Euriowie, Floods Creek, Fort Grey, Fowlers Gap, Gumvale, Hamilton Gate, Hawker Gate, Horse Lake, Joulnie, Kantappa, Katalpa, Kinalung, Koralta, Langawirra, Little Topar, McDougalls Well, Milparinka, Mootwingee, Mootwingee national Park, Mount Gipps, Mount Westwood, Mulberry Vale, Mundi Mundi, Nantilla, Nanya, Nardoo, Netley, Olive Downs, Onepah, Ourimbah, Packsaddle, Paringa, Paroo River, Pine Point, Pine View, Pinnacles, Poolamacca, Quondong Hotel, Reola, Round Hill, Sanpah, Silverton, Smithville, Stepehens creek, Stephens Creek Pumping Station, Tandou,Tara Tank, Thackaringa, The Gorge, Thoulcannia, Three Mile Creek, Thurloo Downs, Tibooburra, Topar, Topar Hotel, Tor Downs, Triple Chance Mine, Umberumberka, Umberumberka Pumping Station, Urisino, Wahratta, Wanaaring, Waterbag, Waverley Downs, Waverley Gate, Willotia, Wirryilka, Wompah, Wonnaminta and Yelka.

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