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Title: Pioneering In the Bellinger Valley
Edited by: Norman Braithwaite and Harold Beard, M.A. for the Bellinger Valley Historical Society (1978)

There is no index page, nor contents page - also the pages are not numbered.

Main headings are as follows:

Discovery of the Bellinger by H. J. Hobson
William Myles
Settlement Grows by H. J. Hobson
When Cedar Floated Down the River
Reminiscences of Bellingen by Leo McNally
Fernmount Was Main Centre by H. J. Hobson
Fernmount Loses Status
Activities at Fernmount as told to H. J. Hobson by H. O. Greer
The Tysons of Fernmount
Early Days of Raleigh and Repton by H. J. Hobson
Railway - Boom Years by Mr Ern McCristal
Walter Harvie (1844-1932)
Bellinger Heads - Urunga
A Sail in the "Offing"
The Closed Shop
The Sawmill
North Beach - Mylestom by H. J. Hobson
Gleniffer - Gordonville Area by H. J. Hobson
Never Never - Thora as related to H. J. Hobson by A. J. Rose
Early Days at Kalang by H. J. Hobson
Lower South Arm, Brierfield by H. J. Hobson
Development of Hydes Creek by H. J. Hobson
History of the Churches: Church of England; Methodism in the Valley; Catholic
Church;Presbyterian Church.
The Postal Service
The Clash of Cultures
Local Government
Bellinger District Hospital
Dr. George Hewitt
Bellinger River Co-op. Soc.
Agricultural Association
Sporting Clubs: Cricket a Century Ago; Urunga Bowling Club; Bellingen Bowling
Club; Urunga Golf Club; Rugby League; The Life Saving Movement.
Bellinger Valley Historical Society
Brinerville and Darkwood
George Moore Master Craftsman (1845-1917)
Hammond & Wheatley, Partners
Musical Legend - Mrs. Greer
Marx and McLennan Families
The Pollock Family
Some Pioneer Families: Eather; McAteer; Gordon;Bailey;Rickerby; Doepels; Vale;
Wills; Greenhalgh;Rose; Len Rose M.B.E.; Faichney; Miles; Leans; Craig; Mrs.
Julia Fowler; Young; Thomas Wood; Lovell; Renwicks and Jarretts; Connell;
Brownlees; Frederick Nugent Spinks; Sutton; Moody; McDougall; The Last Teamster;
John Henderson Noble;E.J.R.W. Raymond; Henry Gale
The Spirit of the Pioneers
Bellingen Shire Presidents
First Blows
Car Menace
Early Amusements
The Memorial Hall
1950 Flood
Bellingen Rotary Club
History of Bellingen Lions Club
Chamber of Commerce
Pioneer Avenue
Bellinger Listed In Records of 1848
The Court House Counter
Our Town Bellingen
Bellinger The Beautiful

Contributed by: Rhonda Turnbull

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