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Title: From out of the Wilderness. The early days of ELTHAM and it's school.
Author: Author and Publisher unknown


The Beginning
The Cedar Cutters
The Immediate Tasks
Selectors and Pioneers
Christopher Hetherington
David Paine
F. W. Chadwick
W. H. Gray
Sir T. Ewing
Richard Dawes
The Johnstons
S. E. Bryant
The Lavis Family
George Pearson
The Gordon Family
William Alexander
Samuel Trimble
John Newberry
The Butt Family
A Village Grows
A Petition for a Post Office
A Name for the Village
Coach and Mail Services
- George Jarvis
The Church at Cowlong
A Township Wins Fame
Fame in the Sporting Field
The Establishment of a School
Reminiscence of John Johnson by A. J. Gordon.

Contributed by: Kathi Ann Gaffy

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