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Title: Cecilia McNally "Duchess of Spring Hill"
Author: Dan O'Donnell 
Published by: the Playground and Recreation Association of Queensland Inc.; PO Box 133, 10 Love Street, Spring Hill , Brisbane Queensland 4004 . This book costs $6 
Contributed by: Jenny Jones


Chapter 1 In The Beginning pg 5
  Photo of Bernard McNally pg 6
  Photo of Mary McNally (nee Behan) pg 8
  Death Certificate of Bernard McNally son of Bernard McNally and Ann McNally (nee Short) pg10

Chapter 2 Cecilia In The Gulf Country
  Photo of Cecilia in Darwin 1939 pg. 14
  Pyjama Girl Victim wrongly identified as Cecilia McNally pg 16

Chapter 3 Mastering Antiques and Icons
  Photo of Cecilia outside her Antique Shop pg 20
  Photo of Cecilia with some of her collection of antiques pg 22

Chapter 4 The Duchess of Spring Hill
  Photo of Cecilia Standing near a street named after her in Brisbane " McNally Street" pg 34

Chapter 5 Cecilia and Charities
  Photo of Cecilia and Sally Ann Atkinson ex Lord Mayor of Brisbane pg 40

Chapter 6 Cecilia and Politics
  Photo of Cecilia running for Lord Mayor pg 46, 48 and 49

Chapter 7 The private Cecilia
  Family Gathering Photo pg 53

Epilogue pg 60

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