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Title: Maclean & the Scottish Connection
Author: E H McSwan, Maclean District Historical Society, 92 pages ISBN 0909323089.

No Index, Contents Only


Maclean Shire
Foundations and Naming of Maclean
Scottish Names
Clan Maclean
Immigration in the Nineteenth Century
Conditions in Scotland
The Voyage
Free Selection
Discovery and Settlement of the Lower Clarence
Scottish Farmers
Early Shopkeepers and Businessmen
Early Scots in the Professions
Scottish Organisations
Lower Clarence Caledonian Society
Scottish Rifles
Pipe Band
Highland Gatherings
in Scotland
in Australia
in Maclean
The Gaelic Language
Maclean Cemetery
List of Scottish-Born Residents
of the Lower Clarence in the 19th Century

Contents Contributed by: Loelene Harrison

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