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Title: North Coast Run - Men and Ships of the NSW North Coast
Author: Mike Richards
Published by: Turton & Armstrong, 21 Lister Street, Wahroonga NSW 2076  Ph. 02 94896719; ISBN  0  908031 67 X; ; 3rd edition (1996)
Details: 174 pages, illustrated with b & w photographs
Contributed by: Rhonda Turnbull

I purchased my copy from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Grafton Shoppingworld, GRAFTON NSW 2460 c.1998 - unfortunately I cannot remember the price; Note that the author does not guarantee that his list of coastal ships in Appendix One is in any way complete.

This book is NOT indexed.


Author's Note: page vii
Chapter One:      From Humble Beginnings; page 1
Chapter Two:      Discovery and Settlement; page 11
Chapter Three:    New Ships, Wrecks and Competition; page 28
Chapter Four:      Well-known Personnel (Sydney); page 68
Chapter Five:      Country Branches and Seagoing Staff; page 76
Chapter Six:        Allen Taylor & Co.; page 88
Chapter Seven:   The Roaring Twenties; page 96
Chapter Eight:     The Lean Years; page 120
Chapter Nine:      The Second World War (1939/42); page 130
Chapter Ten:       The Second World War (1942/45); page 140
Chapter Eleven:   "Ave Atque Vale"; page 148
Appendix One:     List of vessels, with details, and page numbers where
                           illustrated in text; page 157
Appendix Two:     Extracts from North Coast Steam Navigation Company
                           Regulations; page 171
Appendix Three:   Clarence River Cargo Summary, 1940; page 173
Appendix Four:     Shipping Advertisements, 1917; page 173
Further Reading:   page 174

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