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Title: Ferries of the Lower Clarence
Author: D. Stuart Towner (additional material by E H McSwan) Published by: Maclean District Historical Society (60 pages), 1985.

No Index, Contents Only


Map showing location of Ferries
Ferries Numbered according to Shire records
No 1 Maclean-Ashby
No 2 Bluff Point Lawrence-Woodford Island
No 3 Broadwater Creek
No 4 Palmer's Channel
No 5 Oyster Channel
No 6 Chatsworth Island to Goodwood Island
No 7 Chatsworth Island to Mororo
No 8 Warregah Island to Chatsworth Island
No 9 Relief Ferry
No 10 Brushgrove to Lower Southgate
No 1 Brushgrove to Cowper
No 12 Goodwood Island to Iluka
Tyndale to Woodford Island on the South Arm
Harwood Island and Mainland
Other Services: Maclean to Woodford Island, Turkey, Gourd and other small
islands, Heliman Island.
The 'Dalmas'
Ferry boats used in conjunction with Ferries
Lifesaving Gear
The Lighter Side
Ferries and Floods
Ferry Operators

Index contributed by: Loelene Harrison 

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