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Title: Australian Fighting Sons of the Empire
Published by:
B. Jackson & Co, Sydney NSW
WWI servicemen in Bellingen & district

The names were extracted from the long out of print, Australian Fighting Sons of the Empire, published by B. Jackson & Co, Sydney.

June Mathews, of Nambucca Heads, compiled an index to this work in 1995. The Grafton City Library holds photocopied pages from the original work - the quality of the B & W photographs of those servicemen depicted, is "fair" considering they are photocopied.

Relatives should find the mini biographical-military details (where provided) of great interest.

Names Featured

Adams George, Gleniffer; page 182
Ainsworth Cecil G., Urunga; page 196
Allan George J., Urunga; page 196
Allan Clifford A., Urunga; page 196
Ballard Claude A., Argents Hill; page 208
Ballard Lewis J., Argents Hill; page 209
Barr (D.C.M.) George E., Bellingen; page 181
Barrell Herbert C., Dorrigo; page 171
Best Roland H., Bellingen; page 187
Bowen Henry G., Macksville; page 201
Bowen Joseph, Macksville; page 201
Briggs Thomas H., Dorrigo; page 171
Buchanan Henry, Valla; page 210
Buchanan E.G., Valla; page 210
Butt Owen, Macksville; page 208
Carney Frederick Michael; Fernmount; page 183
Clancy Claude A., Dorrigo; page 175
Coldwell George W., Bellingen; page 179
Coldwell Kenneth N., Bellingen; page 179
Cooper Samuel, Macksville; page 205
Cooper Frank L., Macksville; page 205
Dale Arthur J., Dorrigo; page 172
Dale Bertram T, Dorrigo; page 172
Davies Charles A., Nambucca Heads; page 200
Davis Bertie E., Urunga; page 198
Davis James S., Urunga; page 198
Davis Frederick, Nambucca Heads; page 199
Davis Sydney, Nambucca Heads; page 199
Dedman Charles, Urunga; page 196
Dobson Alexander L., Missabotti; page 206
Doepel Thomas B., Bellingen; page 179
Doust Reuben W., Bellingen; page 182
Dowle Robert M., Glenniffer; page 182
Dowling Harold G., Dorrigo; page 173
Edwards James G.; Dorrigo; page 173
Edwards Reginald C., Dorrigo; page 175
Emerson Samuel J., Dorrigo; page 177
Emerson Joseph E., Dorrigo; page 177
Emerson David, Dorrigo; page 177
Evans Thomas, Bellingen; page 180
Fleming Thomas J., Bowraville; page 201
Fleming Mille M.,Bowraville; page 201
Forrester Edward G., Macksville; page 203
Fowler Charles A., Kalang; page 182
Fredericks Harold M., Dorrigo; page 176
Gaddes Hillyer D.A., Argents Hill; page 209
Gannon John D., Bowraville; page 202
Gannan Patrick, Bowraville; page 202
Gannan Mathew E., Bowraville; page 202
Gannan Josephine M., Bowraville; page 202
Gosling Clarence S., Macksville; page 275
Gosling John C., Macksville; page 275
Gossip Victor H.V., Macksville; page 202
Gralton Francis J., Raleigh; page 186
Gralton Herbert E., Raleigh; page 186
Grant Allen, Bowraville; page 152
Greer Henry R., Bellingen; page 177
Griffith Robert D., Gleniffer; page 181
Griffith Thomas H., Gleniffer; page 181
Griffith George W., Gleniffer; page 181
Gross Charles, Macksville; page 205
Harrigan Melville W., Dorrigo; page 175
Hemmy Frederick N., Fernmount; page 183
Henderson Stanley R., Raleigh; page 186
Hickey Richard W., Fernmount; page 183
Hickey John E., Fernmount; page 183
Hickey James P., Fernmount; page 183
Hilder Walter G., Dorrigo; page 173
Holland Cecil F., Urunga; page 155
Hulbert Arthur E., Missabotti; page 206
Inskip Leslie D., Dorrigo; page 174
Jarrett Stephen D., Dorrigo; page 177
Jarrett Jack, Dorrigo; page 177
Jarrett (M.M.) Walter M., Urunga; page 198
Mackney Frederick C., Nambucca Heads; page 179
Martin James, Fernmount; page 174
Martin Walter B., Bowraville; page 203
Martin Kenneth B., Bowraville; page 203
Martin William H., Bowraville; page 203
Maslen William H., Macksville; page 204
Matheson Joseph H., Fernmount; page 184
McDonald Hector W., Argents Hill; page 210
McDonald Frederic L., Argents Hill; page 210
McDonald Hubert M., Argents Hill; page 210
McDougall Aubrey C.; Argents Hill; page 183
McLeod Malcolm A., Repton; page 197
McSkimming John, Dorrigo; page 176
Mohr Albert J., Valla; page 209
Moody Stanley L., Bellingen; page 180
O'Keefe Owen E., Nambucca Heads; page 200
Owen Leslie H.O., Bellingen; page 178
Passlow Stanley, Bellingen; page 191
Passlow Henry G., Bellingen; page 191
Passlow Vincent, Bellingen; page 191
Pettit Arthur O., Urunga; page 198
Pettit Edward C., Urunga; page 198
Phillips James E., Dorrigo; page 173
Phillips Norman J., Warrell Creek; page 206
Piggott Milford, Bellingen; page 180
Piggott Clarence S., Bellingen; page 180
Piggott Ronald T., Bellingen; page 180
Piggott Reuben G., Bellingen; page 181
Pollock Albert V., Bellingen; page 179
Provost Edward, Macksville; page 204
Putland George A., Macksville; page 204
Putland Wesley J.E., Macksville; page 204
Reibel William J., Valla; page 210
Reibel Eric, Valla; page 210
Riley Amos B., Urunga; page 197
Russell Stuart L., Urunga; page 199
Sanders Oscar V., Macksville; page 204
Sawtell Allen L., Dorrigo; page 172
Seamark Charles S., Macksville; page 202
Sephenson Herbert, Dorrigo; page 174
Shanks James L., Bellingen; page 180
Shephard Clifton, Dorrigo; page 176
Shephard Aubrey, Dorrigo; page 176
Smith Leslie T., Urunga; page 199
Stephenson George, Dorrigo; page 171
Stevens Bertram H., Bowraville; page 201
Stewart Reuter J., Nambucca Heads; page 200
Sutton Arthur W., Fernmount; page 184
Thompson Charles D., Urunga; page 197
Thompson Henry J., Macksville; page 203
Tyson Lancelot C., Urunga; page 196
Watt Alfred J., Urunga; page 198
Way Septimus F., Dorrigo; page 172
Wedlock Ernest W.V., Fernmount; page 184
White William J., Dorrigo; page 176
White Frederick K., Bellingen; page 181
White Clarence F., Bowraville; page 200
Wilkes Thomas, Bowraville; page 201
Wilkes Frederick A., Bowraville; page 201
Williamson Joseph E., Dorrigo; page 175
Wuoti Robert, Bellingen; page 178
Wuoti Frederick, Bellingen; page 178
Young Arthur H., Raleigh; page 186
Young Christian H., Raleigh; page 187

Contributed by: Rhonda Turnbull

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