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Brown Family History & Tree
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Brown and Tattersall History 

The BROWN and TATTERSALL families were in the Urunga/Fernmount area between C1912 - 1922. Notes have been taken from a family member who was born in Urunga and remembers her early years there.

In 1912 Selina and Henry (aka Jack) TATTERSALL and children Claude, Charlie, Joey and Nell came to Fernmount. Selina's mother and father, Ellen and Joseph BROWN and their grandson George BROWN, came with them. The two families moved from the Taree area where they had been involved in timbergetting.

Between 1912 - 1921 four more children were born in the Urunga area to Selina and Jack; Hazel, Mavis, Rita (mother of Loelene Harrison) and Sydney.

Hazel, remembers as a 5 year old, her father had two bullock teams. He drove one and his eldest son Claude drove the other. Joe BROWN would spend weeks in the bush cutting timber then Jack and Claude TATTERSALL would use the bullocks to take the logs to Ellis Bros Timber Mill at Urunga.

In 1922 Jack, Selina and children moved to Sydney. George BROWN was living in Fernmount, working on the ferry. Joseph and Ellen BROWN stayed in Urunga but when Ellen died C1924, Joseph went to live with George at Fernmount. Later they both left the area.

Ellen BROWN was buried in the old Urunga cemetery and when Joseph BROWN died at Grafton in 1940, he was brought to Urunga and buried with Ellen.  This gravesite has been lost as the land was prone to flooding and is now a recreational area.

Email Loelene Harrison to give or get more information regarding the Tattersall and Brown families.

Brown Tree

1 Joseph BROWN 1847 - 1940
    + Ellen JAVINLOCK
        2 Selina BROWN 1881 - 1962
                3 George BROWN 1900 - 1948
                    + Henry TATTERSALL 1881 - 1954
                3 Henry Claude TATTERSALL 1903 - 1981
                3 Charles TATTERSALL 1905 - 1986
                3 Leonard J TATTERSALL 1907 - 1981
                    + Lillian ROBERTSON
                3 Ellen M TATTERSALL 1909 - 1986
                    + James HOOK
                3 Hazel M TATTERSALL 1914 -
                    + Cecil DEEMING
                3 Mavis TATTERSALL 1916 - 1997
                    + Ronald LETT
                3 Rita M TATTERSALL 1920 - 1977
                    + Mervyn ROBERTSON
                3 Sydney J TATTERSALL 1921 - 1974
                    + Rose CARLE
                3 Francis TATTERSALL 1924 -
                    + Lillian THOMSON

Email Loelene Harrison to give or get more information regarding the Tattersall and Brown families.

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