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Carney Family History
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John & Johanna Bushell's eldest daughter, Anne Amelia, married an Irish ex-soldier, Michael Carney, on 14th November 1870, at the Bellinger River.  He was the son of farming parents, Patrick & Mary Carney, and was born at Limerick, Ireland.

The following is a summary of Michael Carney's army career, 18th Regiment, taken from regimental muster rolls and pay lists at the Public Record Office, Kew. (WO. 12/3542: shows M. Carney at 18th Regiment Depot as "Rec'd from Cork" 29/3/1853; 12/3543; 12/3544: Shows M. Carney joining 18th Regiment, line battalion 2/5/1854; 12/3545; 12/3546; 12/3547; 12/3548; 12/3549; 12/3549; 12/3550; 12/3551; 12/3552; 12/3553: shows M. Carney's discharge at Poonamalle 13/5/1863; 100/7: shows M. Carney's award of the Crimea Medal).

29th March 1853.  Regimental depot at Chatham.

No.  3027 Private Michael Carney "Rec'd from Cork". (N.B.  There is no list of recruits for this or the preceding quarter, therefore no personal details of his enlistment are given).

2nd May 1854.  Regiment stationed at Canterbury & Chatham.

No. 3027 Private Michael Carney joined from Depot.

December 1854 - 20th June 1856.  Regiment stationed in the Crimea.

26th March 1855.  Awarded Crimea Medal

20th June-20th July 1856.  On board ship.

20th July 1856-22nd September 1857.  Regiment stationed at Curragh Camp,

22nd September 1857-8th February 1858.  Regiment on board steam transports "Princess Charlotte" and "Italian".  No. 3027 Private Michael Carney, prisoner 5th-11th December 1857.  No trial.  Offence not stated.

8th February 1858-April 1858.  Regiment at Poona, India. (but individual soldiers are found in units in various places, as follows:)

No. 3027 Private Michael Carney:

April-June 1858.  at Mount Nassick
July-September 1858.  at Jaulna
16 November 1858.  to Malligaum
February 1859.  at Bassim
March 1859.  en route to Asserghur
April-December 1859.  at Asserghur
January 1860.  at Arrivah
February 1860.  at Rahapoor
April 1861-February 1863.  at Secunderabad
March-May 1863.  at Poonamalle (1863, the Indian Mutiny times?)

13th May 1863.  No. 3027 Private Michael Carney discharged at Poonamalle.

No. discontinued or reduced in the Regiment:

Rank:  Pte.
Name:  Michael Carney
Date:  5 May 1863
Remarks:  To England, Time Expired.

There is no trace of him subsequently in the regimental muster rolls or in the muster rolls of the 18th Regiment Depot (at Buttevant, Ireland) up to March 1864.  Or in the muster rolls of the 2nd Battalion Depot, 18th Regiment. (WO. 12/3578).

In due course, Michael & Anne Carney had the following children:

        Mary Ann b. 19-9-1971
        William Henry b. 10-12-1873
        Emily Mary b. 12-1-1876
        George Fredric b. 9-4-1878
        Kathleen b. 12-4-1881
        Eleanor Lucy b. 4-9-1882
        Frederick Michael b. 18.12.1885

The Carney family settled in the Fernmount district, and by 1885, Michael was listed as holding 40 acres, and owning 2 head of cattle, and 6 pigs.

Michael Carney, whose occupation was listed as puntman, died at Fernmount 19 March 1893, and was buried in the Fernmount Cemetery.   He did not live to see George, his second son go off to the Boer War; or his youngest son become a Salvation Army officer, who was destined to die at Beersheba in World War 1; nor his daughters marry into local families such as the Picketts, the Suttons, the Martins, and the McCristals.

Michael & Ann Carney's son, George Fredric, was my husband's grandfather.  While undertaking family history research some years ago, I discovered from "The Raleigh Sun", and "The Northern Courier", details concerning grandfather Carney's Boer War service.  Not unexpectedly, his enlistment, and departure for South Africa, shortly after his 22nd birthday, had been reported. However, I was surprised to discover that his letters, written home to his widowed mother, had also been printed in the local paper.  Some
of these letters were lengthy, and contained a richness of information previously unknown to George's present-day descendants.

From the local papers, I compiled a 25-page booklet which documented Trooper George Carney's movements, and his experiences during an exciting stage of his life.  Sometimes news of George, or his contingent, would be gleaned from the letters of other Bellinger boys who wrote home from South Africa.
One such correspondent, Tim McCristal, was later to become George's brother-in-law, and a failed would-be politician.

Widow Carney must have heaved a sigh of relief when her adventurous boy safely returned to Fernmount in 1902.  Over the next few years, George settled down and helped older brother "Bill" work the family farm.  Then at a Sports Day at Valla, romance entered George's life when he met Miss Bertha Isabel Harris.  George & Bertha were married at the Harris family home, Eungai, on 10th April 1909 - the day after George's 31st birthday.

As Mr. & Mrs. George Carney went about the business of raising their family, war clouds loomed on the horizon.  With the outbreak of World War 1, George's sibling, Frederick Michael, enlisted.  How could the widow Carney know that this time, the fates would not be kind?  - that this time, "Teddy", her youngest child would not be among the servicemen to return home.

From: Australia's Fighting Sons Of The Empire -

Sergeant Frederick Michael Carney (5852), a son of the late Michael Carney and Mrs. A. A. Carney, of Fernmount, Bellingen River, was born at Fernmount and educated at Melbourne, and is 32 years of age.  He enlisted at Brisbane in December 1914, and was attached to the 4th Light Horse at Ennoggera Camp.
He was promoted to Corporal on leaving for Egypt in May, 1915, and was sent to Mena Camp for training.  He later went to Gallipoli with his regiment and after the evacuation went to Lemnos Island, where he was in charge of the A.M.C. Camp.  He finally went to Palestine and on returning to the Light Horse was promoted to Sergeant.  He went through the battles of Gaza and Roumani, and at Beersheba was killed by a bomb from an aeroplane.  His father went through the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny.

At the intersection of Hyde & Oak-streets, Bellingen, stands the town's War Memorial -  "Erected by the Citizens Of Bellingen Shire In Memory Of The Brave Who Fell In The Geat War 1914-1918.


FROM: an unknown newspaper ( Bellingen ?), dated Wednesday, December 15, 1920

Obituary : Mrs. Anne Carney
We sincerely regret to report the sudden death of Mrs. Anne Amelia Carney, of Fernmount, which occurred between 5 and 6 o'clock on Monday afternoon last.  Deceased who was 68 years of age, was found dead by her niece.  The old lady had been suffering from a heart affection for many years and death must have been instantaneous.  She had resided on the farm near Fernmount for over 30 years, and her husband predeceased her by many years.  The late Mrs. Carney was one of the highly respected Bushell family, and her aged mother (Mrs. Bushell, sen., of North Bank ), is still living.  Deceased was noted for her hospitality, and   "the milk of human kindness" was one  of her chief characteristics.  Some of the writer's earliest recollections are wound up with the late Mrs. Carney.  During his boyhood days the farm used to be a favourite rendezvous for the Fernmount youngsters, and the old lady was a second mother to many who have now reached manhood and womanhood.  Every visitor received a welcome that came from the heart and her influence for good has been a large factor in many lives.  Her piety was based on the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and with her passing the district loses one of God's good women.  Of her family two sons - Mr. William Carney, of Fernmount, and Mr. George Carney, of Warrell Creek - and two daughters - Mrs. Sutton, of Lower Bellinger, and and Mrs J. J. Martin, of Dorrigo - are still living.  One of the boys - the youngest son, Mr. Ted Carney - gave his life for his country in Palestine.  Great sympathy is felt locally for the family and the aged mother in their sad bereavement.  The funeral took place yesterday (Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Bulle...? (Methodist) being the officiating clergyman and Mr. J. S. White being in charge of the funeral arrangements.

Michael & Anne Carney's son, George, died at Macksville, 24 May 1954.  He is buried in the Macksville Cemetery beside his wife, Bertha, who died 12 March 1978.

Contributed by Rhonda Turnbull; email Rhonda to share information regarding the Bushell family.

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