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Clancy & Hourigan Family History & Tree
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Copyright by Wendy Louise Walker, 1985. Paul Hanly, 2000



Although it makes a real blockbuster of this newsletter, it seems appropriate to include the Page/Clancy family, Dad's mother's family along with his father's. They mostly lived in the Macleay and Hastings districts and their paths often crossed.  There were two marriages between the families, my grandparents' and that of Essie Page and John Cavanagh. The Cavanaghs and Downses were neighbours at Rawdon Island and note how Patrick Daniher J.P. witnessed the documents for probate of the will of my great grandmother, Mary (Clancy) Page.

Since Grandmother died 20 years before I was born and since dairy farming and relative poverty kept us from travelling about much when I was a child, I have met members of this branch of my family only since I began the history early in 1983. My efforts received a great boost when Bernice Delaney (grand daughter of John Downes and Honora Clancy, neice of Minnie Downes) told me to get in touch with the parents of Father John Andersen, himself currently in Peru. So last June on the way to Dunbogen, Geoffrey and I called on Bon (Ignatius) and Eileen Andersen at Ettalong. Bon and Eileen told me that John had been doing the White family history - Daniel White and Margaret Clancy are Bon's grandparents - and they lent me all his typed notes. I still have not contacted all the people mentioned but am working my way through. I share Daniel Clancy and Honora Hourigan as common ancestors with Bon Andersen and his offspring.


Between the early l840's and late l850's there was a veritable exodus of Clancy families from Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland. This includes the Clancy family of our Archbishop, Edward Clancy (I was cheeky enough to ask His Grace at the Vice Chancellor's cocktail party before Christmas which part of Co Clare his people came from and it was Killaloe). It is likely that others are related than just the children of Denis Clancy and Maria Sullivan, the parents of Daniel Clancy, my great great grandfather (see handwritten chart).

In the last newsletter I told that Daniel Clancy, 45 (son of Denis Clancy and Maria Sullivan, both dead) and his wife Honora Hourigan came with their six children Dennis (19), Mary my great grandmother (17), John (15), Bridget (12), Margaret (1~) and Honora (3) on the Hilton arriving as assisted immigrants on 2nd August 1855. Two brothers and 2 sisters had arrived earlier, Patrick and John, residence unknown, and Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Crotty of Newcastle.

Well, I have tracked down Patrick and John but not the girls.

Patrick and John and their families left Liverpool on 25.5.1841 on the "United Kingdom", a ship of 1267 tons which entered no ports and was not quarantined when she arrived in Sydney 7.9.1841 (SAO Reel 1338). On the voyage 1 woman, 8 infants and 31 children aged 1-7 years died. Diseases suffered were measles, diarrhoea, pleurisy, coughs and colds and frequent pulmonary inflammation. Divine services were held, there were lessons for the children and recreational activities for the adults. Among those dying was Sarah Clancy, daughter of Patrick.


Patrick was aged 37, an agricultural labourer, of good health, Catholic, unable to read or write. His baptism was certified by M. Clum P.P. and he was brought out by A.B. Smith and Co. He came with his wife Mary (formerly Hannan) and children Patrick (14), Mary (12), Martin (8) and Bridget (6). A daughter Sarah died on the voyage.

Patrick settled near Gunning and died on 29.8.1869 at Derons Creek after falling from a horse. He left 2 boys and 2 girls living. He is buried at Gunning. I will track down his descendants and find his grave.


John was aged 33 on arrival, was a farm labourer, of good health, could read and write and his baptism had been certified by M. Clum P.P. He came with his wife Bridget formerly Ryan, her son Michael by an earlier marriage and Mary 11 and Denis 9, the children of their marriage.

John and Bridget settled at Alick Swamp, near O'Connell, halfway between Oberon and Bathurst. Aunt Jo and I spent a few days in the district doing the maternal family history last November and went looking for Clancy graves as well. John's grave cannot be found. He died on 18.11.1897 of "old age". His son John was informant and I did find his grave at O'Connell. Bridget had died and John remarried (Catherine Callaghan) when he was about 51 but their only child died. John left Mary (68), Norah (56) and John (51) living and three males dead of the chidren with Bridget Ryan. His son Denis had died in 1893.

I also have the death certificate of Denis Clancy, son of John and grandson of Denis and Maria in Co. Clare. Denis died at Orange on 17.12.1893 of gastro enteritis of 7 days' duration. His sister Bridget (Clancy) Duffy was informant. Denis had married Catherine Byrnes at the age of 21 at Bathurst and his children are listed as Bridget (35), John (33), Rose Ann (30), Mary (28), Nelly (27), William (25), Catherine (23), Dennis (21), Michael (19), Charles (14) living.

Now I obtained this certificate only recently and it suggests that, when I go to the Orange, Bathurst and Molong areas for Mother's family history, and Goulburn, Wheeo, Gunning for Geoffrey's family history, I can track down Clancy descendants of my great-great-great-grandparents, Denis Clancy and Maria Sullivan of Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Only yesterday, at the Society of Australian Geneologists (19.1.1985) I found an obituary for Ellen Clancy (the "Nellie" on Denis's death certificate see above.) This confirms and adds to the information on the death certificate and sets out a group of the great grandchildren of Denis Clancy and Maria Sullivan.

"CLANCY Ellen - May 11 at Orange. Loved daughter of the late Denis and Catherine Clancy, "Avondale"' Cargo; fond sister of Bridget (Mrs. Duffy dec.) John (dec.) Rose (Mrs. Mackey, Petersham) Mary (Mrs. Harrington dec.) William, Charles, Denis (dec.) and Michael. In her 95th year.
Requiescat in Pace."

(Death notice in The Catholic Weekly, Sydney, Thursday June 28, 1956. From SAG Newspaper Cuttings Vol. A19, page 307 Col. 3 .)


Where Patrick and John went west, Daniel and Honora went north to the Macleay. The next time I find them mentioned is on the birth and death certificates of William, first child of their daughter Mary and Thomas Page, in l860 and 1861 at Callatina in the Macleay district. The baby had been ill from birth, Daniel as informant for the registration of the birth and Daniel and son Denis were witnesses to the burial.

On 9.4.1871 Honora Esther Page (who later married John Cavanagh) was born at Sherwood and Honora Clancy, grandmother of the baby, was midwife.

In Bailliere's Post Office Directory of NSW, 1867, Daniel Clancy and his eldest son, Dennis, were both listed as "farmer, Warneton". His brothers were listed as "Clancy, John, farmer O'Connell" and "Clancy, Patrick, farmer Wheeo."

From Bailliere's New South Wales Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1870, I found that Warneton was a post office and small community of perhaps a dozen leasing farming land from Mr. J. Warne, the owner of a huge holding of prime alluvial and gently undulating land on the North bank of the Macleay about 6 miles upstream from Kempsey.

Daniel died on 21st October l880 at Sherwood, probably at Penshurst, with one son, married at Mt Ousley, and 2 daughters, one in London.

(2) Margaret, married Fred Doran, the manager of Manly Ferries, who died off Africa. They had 3 children.
* Fred, a footballer who played for Australia. No children.
* Jack, who married the daughter of the Newcastle harbourmaster.
* Inez. Not married.

(3) Dan, not married.

(4) Tib was an Anzac killed at the 1st War, not married.

(5) Kathleen married James Lockhead, and they had a daughter Jean, living at Elizabeth Bay.

(6) Grace married Bert Rate an architect, and they had 3 children.
* The eldest daughter went to England.
* Another daughter was matron at a Sydney hospital and married a Chinese pianist.
* A son. Dorothy Rate, 98 Woniora Rd, Hurstville is a relative.

(7) Tom died unmarried.

(8) Norah married Ted Chisholm, lived at Gledswood, no children.

(9) Ted was engineer on HMAS Mattunga, captured in Germany. He had a son Ted who died from Air Force injuries, and a daughter.

(l0) Will had a son Tommy, not married.

(11) Lena married a Mr. Bishop, lived at Gladesville, no children.

(12) Possibly one other child."

(from "A Partial Account of the White Family", J. Andersen, Date unknown. Obtained from his parents, June 1984).


Mary, second child of Daniel Clancy and Honora Hourigan, was born at Killaloe, Co. Clare in about 1838 and arrived in Australia at the age of 17 in 1855. The family moved north, exactly when I do not know. On 31st January 1860 Mary married Thomas Page, who was born in Castletown Co. Tipperary, as was Mary's mother, Honora.

Thomas Page, my great grandfather, arrived with his sister Ellen, on the "Aloe" on 31st July 1857. His parents were Henry Page and Ellen Gavan, still living in Castletown, Tipperary. Two years earlier his brother William arrived with his wife, Bridget widow of Timothy Hogan and stepson Timothy Hogan aged 15, on the "Exodus". When Thomas arrived William was living at Bathurst, but Thomas went North and married Mary Clancy. In the last newsletter I outlined all the folklore about Thomas Page and I have heard no more yet. I put his will in that newsletter and commented that it was most unusual in those times to leave all property to the wife without even a remarriage clause.

In June last year on my Dunbogen holiday I found Thomas Page's grave at West Kempsey cemetery - a most imposing memorial in polished granite with a little yellow flowering plant clinging and blooming near the top. There was a really unusual feature -on the base Mary had had carved a love poem. The whole inscription reads:

In loving memory of
Native of Tipperary Ireland
Beloved husband of
Mary Page
Died 8th Sept. 1889
Aged 56 years.

Tis not the tear at the moment shed
When the cold turf has just been laid o'er head
That can tell how beloved was the husband that's dead
Or how deep in our hearts we deplore him.

Tis the tear through many a long day's pain 
Tis Life's whole path o'ershaded 
Tis the sorrow that will remain 
When all other griefs have faded.

On another side is the inscription:

Beloved wife of Thomas Page
Died 2nd June l908
Aged 67 years

Mary (Clancy) Page died at Warneton on 3rd June 1908 of "senile decay and cardiac failure". Her son Thomas was informant. Her children were listed on the death certificate as: Ellen (43), Margaret (41), Mary (39), Honora (37), Clara (35), Thomas (32) and William (29) living and one male dead. However on Thomas Page's death certificate (with very careful and accurate information given by his new son-in-law Patrick Roach) 2 boys and 3 girls were listed as dead. Thomas also got his mother's father wrong - it was Daniel Clancy (Thomas gave her grandfather's name, Denis Clancy,) and her age, which was 70 not 67.

I copied Mary's will at the Probate Divison of the Supreme Court. It was handwritten on heavy paper but not by her, the handwriting was almost certainly that of her solicitor, John Gilfillan. It would seem that Mary was ill, slipping and her solicitor probably went to her and wrote the will legibly but with signs of haste. Note that John Downes was executor and Patrick Daniher JP. (grandson of Patrick the convict) witness to the documents for probate. Patrick crops up in references to both sides of the family. Mary had all the property sold and divided among her children, with Mary (Page) Wills getting two shares. Mary's husband had been crippled in an accident. In this family there was certainly no unequal treatment for the girls.


Probate Index: Page, Mary, Macleay River, 44039/4 4.6.08 P.
Copied, Supreme Court, 1.8.84. Will handwritten but not by Mary.
Her signature was clear but very shakey.

"I Mary Page hereby revoke all wills and testamentary depositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last will. I devise and bequeath all my property real and personal, money and securities for money, goods and chattels and effects of or to which I may be seized possessed or entitled at the time of my decease to my trustee hereinafter named upon trust to sell and convert the same into money at his discretion with power to postpone any sale and out of succeeds to pay my debts and my testamentary and funeral expenses. And the sum of fifty pounds to the Rev. Father Durney of Kempsey for masses for the repose of the souls of myself and my dear husband and to divide the balance into eight equal shares or portions and to pay two of such shares or portions to my daughter Mary and one share or portion to each of my other children. I appoint my nephew John Downs of Rawdon Island to be the sole trustee and Executor of this my will and I also appoint my friend John Gilfillan of Kempsey solicitor to my estate in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this sixth day of March l908.

(signature) Mary Page

Signed by the said Mary Page as her will in the presence of us who at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto set our names as witnesses.

John Gilfillan

J.W. Neil

This is the document referred to in the annexed affidavit of John Downes Junior, sworn before me this 21 day of September, 1908.

P. Daniher JP"

Thomas and Mary Page's first child was William, born at Warneton in the Macleay district on l2.l2.1860. The birth was registered on 4.1.1861 by Daniel Clancy, the baby's grandfather. Thomas' occupation was farmer. Only 13 weeks later Daniel registered the baby's death.

Thomas and Mary must have then gone to live in Sydney. ELLEN was born on 1.7.1863 at South Head Road, Vaucluse and registered by Thomas, now a labourer. All I know about Ellen Page comes from John Andersen:

"Nell ... married Mr. Maher. They lived at Nimbin and had two children:

(1) Mary who married a Mr. Lavis. They live at 60 Leicester St. Lismore. They had at least six sons, one of whom, Eric, is living at 24 Monahan Ave., Banksia.

(2) Ignatius whose wife lives at Ballina. Their son Des lives at Frenchs Forest".

(from "A Partial Account of the White Family." J. Andersen.)

Their next child was my grandmother, MARGARET born on 11.12.1865 at South Head Rd., Vaucluse. Margaret's story is in the section of Patrick Roach. She maintained close links with her family and was with her sister Clara when she died. She was well spoken and well read and the older children benefited from this despite inaccessibility of formal schooling for Tom and Pat. With her earlier teaching, Tom was able to study for and pass teacher's examination in a lumber camp. I do not have a single photo of Margaret, my grandmother. Please try to find me one.

MARY THERESA was born at Sherwood on 22.8.1868. Thomas was now a Farmer. Mary was a school teacher and, when teaching at Bo Bo Creek, near Taree, married John Henry Wills at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Taree, on l8.5.1890, service conducted by Rev. Fthr. John Foley, John Franklin and Charlotte Gleeson witnesses. Mary Theresa was known as May and a number of members of the Roach family knew her. Uncle Tom.Roach and the elder members of his family (he was her nephew) lived not far away at Cundletown. Lizzie Clavin gave me the address of one of her daughters.

John Wills, a farmer, broke his back when thrown from a horse and lived for many years in a wheelchair. My cousin Madge (Roach) Hoye, May's great niece, told me May was a marvellous woman. Bernice Delaney (grand daughter of Honora (Clancy) Downes) went to school at Taree with one of May's grand daughters, Sheila Bidner. From John Andersen's notes on May Wills, I was able to contact one of her grandsons in Sydney, John Bidner, a retired engineer who has, would you believe, a daughter called Wendy Louise.

May Wills died on 19th June 1949, thus living to quite a ripe age. The children of May and John Wills were:

(1) Mary Irene Pearl Wills (called Pearl) born 4.8.1891 at Taree. She married Adam Joseph (Joe) Bidner, auctioneer, shopkeeper and builder. The home he built at Bo Bo Creek still stands. Joe died in 1939 and Pearl in 1973. Their children are Irene Sheila (Bidner) New, deceased; Mary Valeta (Bidner) Ray, Eva Thomasina (Bidner) Biden (that is not a typing error) and Alban John Bidner, married to Suneve Doris Lee, three daughters, Susan Lee, Wendy-Louise and Patricia Jane.

I now quote directly from Father John Andersen, listing the family of May and John Wills.

"(2) Eileen Wills married to John Christian living at 68 Anzac Ave., West Ryde, phone 80 4078.

(3) Olive Wills who married Mr. Clune. They lived at 55 Anzac Ave., West Ryde.

(4) Jack Wills married twice. The children of his first marriage are:

* John, married to Margaret, with children Helen and Jennifer, living at 7 Frances Lane, Taree.
* Pauline, secretary to the State Country Party, member at Lismore.

Children of the second marriage are:

* Norman living at Wingham
* Mary, married to Mr. Fishner, living in Sydney.
* Henry
* and another child at Wallsend.

(5) Tom Wills who had 5 children:

* John (Pop) formerly of Dungog, now in Newcastle. Jane is his daughter.
* Margaret, Married to Geoff Neilson and living at 6a Myles St., Dungog. Their children are Karen, Anne, Theresa and Anthony.
* Pat, married to Barbara, living at 48 Cumberland St., East Maitland. Their children are Karen, Anne, Theresa and Anthony.
* Colleen married to Ted Mate, living at Dunnedoo. Their children are Peter and Paula and another child died when young."

The next child of Thomas Page and Mary Clancy was HONORA (Essie) PAGE who was born on 9.4.1871 at Sherwood with her grandmother and namesake, Honora Clancy, as midwife. Honora Esther married John Cavanagh, son of Mary Roach and Peter Cavanagh, so you have read about her earlier in this newsletter.

The next child of Thomas and Mary was CLARA PAGE, whose birth I cannot find on the pre-l900 records on microfiche. Clara married Francis Monaghan and for quite a time they lived at Beechwood, five miles from the Roach farm at Pappinbarra where I spent my childhood. Clara was small, petite and had dark hair and brown eyes. When I talked with her daughters Trix and Edna (Bondi, June 1983) I gained the impression that Clara was the ruling factor in the house. I think Trix and Edna felt their mother was occasionally a bit stern with their father, whom they remembered as easy going and affectionate. They lent me a wonderful old photo (which I must return) of Clara, tiny and trim, looking straight at the camera, with her brood of 6 children all beautifully dressed for the photo. Trix looked especially gloomy and told me this was because she hated the way her mother had done her hair in long fair "sausage curls".

Clara was well spoken and refined like her father, Thomas Page. The children of Clara and Francis Monaghan were:

(1) Una married Cyril Mills, six children.

(2) Margaret married John Watson.

(3) Francis drowned early.

(4) Mary Winifred (Trix) married Desmond Barry, one son Richard.

(5) Thomas Patrick, two children Shona and Terence.

(6) Patrick, four daughters

(7) Edna married Michael James, one son Peter

(8) Edward Roy, a soldier in World War 1, died in Crete.

(9) Robert retired accountant.

I have found Frank's grave at West Kempsey; the inscription reads:

In loving memory of
Frank Monaghan
Died Jan. 7 1923
Aged 22 years

Frank was drowned in the Macleay River.

Aunt Clara had wanted to take my father Denny and the baby, Frank, when her sister (my grandmother) died but Grandfather would not hear of it. I think that Denny would have been rather better off if his Aunt Clara had reared him, as he was very intelligent and neither physically nor temperamentally suited to farming. I do not think he had the passion for land or the bush like, say, Big Pat. With quite a brood of her own, it was very loyal and generous of Aunt Clara to want the two little boys.

Clara outlived her husband and lived in Sydney for many years.

THOMAS PAGE, first surviving son of Thomas Page and Mary Page was born in about 1875 but I cannot find his birth on the pre-l900 microfiche records. Tom, according to Bernice Delaney, was very handsome, with beautiful brown eyes, but was a dreadful bender drinker and did not marry. When he died of pneumonia aged 71 he was living at 118 Cornwell St., Taree and was a commercial traveller. The informant for the death certificate was Eileen Wills, living at 43 Pulteney St., Taree. Tom Page had been in ill health (chronic myocarditis) for two years before his death.

WILLIAM JAMES QUISH PAGE was the last of the children of Thomas Page and Mary Clancy, born at Sherwood on 23.4.1879. William is the one who advertised the Page farm at Sherwood for sale in the Macleay Argus in January 1910 as required by his mother's will. Here is the advertisement:

Macleay Argus. January 19, 1910

Saturday 5th, February

"Valuable Maize and Dairy Farm.

John F. Small has received instructions from Mr. William Page to sell by auction at the Theatre Royal Kempsey on Saturday, 5th February at 2 pm sharp.

His farm at Sherwood containing l07 acres, 2 roods and 16 perches.

This is a model maize and dairy farm.

About 25 acres on the river frontage is as rich as anything on earth, and on the back portion there are about 15 acres of very good cultivated land.

All improvements are up to date and the instructions are to accept the best offer on day of sale as the owner is leaving the district. Mr. Page will be pleased to show interested buyer over the farm any day before the sale."

William married Mary Clarke (according to John Andersen) and lived in Griffith. Bernice Delaney told me they had 2 sons. Perhaps the "Quish" in Thomas' name was a tribute to the Rev. Fthr. Quish who buried Daniel Clancy.

So that is all I know of the families descended from my great grandparents, Thomas Page and Mary Clancy and we now return to the CLANCY family, to the six children who came from Kulaloe Co. Clare with their parents (my great-great-grandparents) DANIEL CLANCY and HONORA (HOURIGAN).

JOHN CLANCY was the third child of Daniel and Honora. John Andersen said he did not marry and I have no further information about him.

BRIDGET CLANCY was 12 when she arrived and I have no information at all about her. John Andersen did not have her listed. My only possible lead is that Minnie Downes (April 83) wrote that her mother (Honora Clancy) had one sister, Mary who married Tom Page, one Margaret who married Dan White and a third (whose name had slipped her mind) who married a Mr. Doyle.

MARGARET CLANCY fifth child of Daniel and Honora, married Daniel White, a widower, on 9.7.1873 at Kempsey, Rev. Father John O'Sullivan officiating and Lawrence and Bridget Rafferty as witnesses. His usual place of residence was given as Long Reach and hers as Kempsey.

The obituaries in the Macleay Argus for Daniel and Margaret are especially interesting and are legible reproduced from the original cuttings lent to me by Bon and Eileen Andersen. John Andersen wrote as follows about his great grandparents' descendants:

"Margaret Clancy married Dan White and they had ten children:

(1) Pat White who had four children

* Edna, married to Ron Howie, formerly at 8 Tyrone Ave., Forestville and now in a nursing home at Mona Vale.
* Alan White married to Lola living at 16 Todd Ave., Kingsgrove, one son Brian living at 2 Richard Lane, Bexley North.
* Bill White and his wife live (I think) at 14 Wyuna St., Kogarah.
* Linus White married Elaine and they live at 4 Owen St., Lindfield. Their children are Graham, married to Sue McNemara, with one child Peter living at 18 Doig St., Wentworthville; Malcolm living in Brisbane; Ian (R.I.P.) and Ashleigh.

(2) Vincent White who had three daughters:

* Margo White married to Bruce Saville, living at 100 Como Rd., Oyster Bay. Their children are: Joanne married to Gary Lawther, Mark, Bede, Barbara, Cathy married to Gary Weekley living at Sutherland and Pauline.
* Jocelyn married to Ray Cronan, with children Fiona and John, all living at 14 Boyd Ave., Lugarno.
* Maureen married to Ken Huckstepp, with children Kerrie; Brian married to Patricia Highland and living at Dulwich Hill; Robyn and Lisa. Maureen and Ken are living at 34 Flatrock Rd., Gymea Bay.

(3) Denny White not married

(4) Nora White not married, last of the family (R.I.P. 1978).

(5) Sis (Maggie) White not married, buried Frederickton.

(6) Johanna White born on l0th August 1875 at Long Reach, Macleay River and who married Henry Andersen, 5 children in the family:

* Jack, at present living at Martinis Creek, outside of Maitland.
* Olga (Sister Olga, F.M.M.) living at Our Lady of Consolation Convent, Rooty Hill. (17 years nursing lepers in Ceylon, then similar work at Pantome Island, off Townsville).
* Harry living at Halekulani near Budgewoi
* Mary living at 23 Tania Drive, Point Clare
* Ignatius (Bon) married to Eileen Hughes, living at 16 Palm St, Umina (043 4l 4421). Their children are John at present at St. Columban's College, Turramurra; Joan, married to Siegfried Kunze, with children Sophie and Andrew, and living at 28 Nepean Ave., Penrith; Jim living at 14/37 Forster St., West Ryde; Richard at108 Old South Head Rd., Bondi Junction; Marie living at Old South Head Rd., Bondi Junction and Margaret who died when young.

(7) Jack White who went to Queensland (Cooroy). A daughter was possibly Mary, married to a Mr. Burke, and possibly Matthew and Bill were Jack's twin sons somewhere in Brisbane.

(8) Dan White had three children

* Bill lived at 136 Camden St., Newtown. One of possibly three children was John, married to Val, living at 31 Marcia St., Toongabbie with children Carolyn, Debbie, Michael and Mandy.
* Ray and his wife Jean lived at 698 Bourke St., Redfern. Their daughter is Lola married to Gordon Byron, living at 73 Bolwarra Ave., West Pymble, with 2 daughters (possibly another child).
* Jack

(9) MICK WHITE married Eileen Bogan and lived at Telegraph Point. They had 2 children.

* Martin, a shearer, sometimes at Goulburn sometimes Queensland.
* Bill had 2 children, Peter working on the railways; Bernie married to Bill Bouffler, living at 29 Grenville Grove Baulkham Hills and with children Ian married to Judy, Karen, Marie, Susan and Justine."

(John Anderson: A Partial Account of the White Family).

I am enormously grateful to Father John Andersen. Without all his work I would have been floundering for years. I have quoted him verbatim but put in the numbers, underlining of names and added surnames to make it easier to follow for those not used to genealogy. I hope he does not find this editorial licence offensive. I cannot ask him as he is in Peru.

On the microfiche records of birth, death and marriage, I find the following children to Daniel and Margaret White: Of course, one can never be sure until the certificates are obtained and, as we found with Clara and Thomas Page, the records are not complete. The numbers are those on the microfiche, the first two reflect the year, ie 74 .... means 1874.
Daniel 7412992
Johanna D. 7513547
Patrick 7714174
John 7815247
Margaret 7916247
Patrick 8119616
Dennis 8321953
William 8526472
Christopher Vincent 9218l05

Bernice Delaney's mother, Nora Downes, used to stay with "Aunty White" as Margaret (Clancy) White was known in the family. Dan and Denny White used to work on Downes' farms at Rawdon Island, mostly working with Jack Downes. Mick White spent some time with Myles Downes.

I have Margaret (Clancy) White's death certificate. She died at Pelican Island on 2.1.1928 of heart failure, aged 80. She had been ill for a month. Her son Vince was informant and he got her father's name wrong - it was Daniel not Denis. Denis was her grandfather. The children listed on her death certificate are: Daniel (52), Johanna (50), Michael (48), John (46), Patrick (44), Dennis (42), William (40), Nora (37), Vincent (36) living. One female (Margaret) deceased.

Daniel and Margaret White are buried at Frederickton and I found their grave last June. The inscription on the rather imposing memorial reads:

In Loving memory of
Our dear father
Died Nov 11 1910
Aged 80 years 
Our dear mother
Died Jan 2 1928
Aged 79 years

Our dear sister
died Sept 30 1927
Aged 47 years

Requiescant in pace

Erected by their loving daughter Norah.

There is an extract from the Hastings Shire Gazette, September 2, 1976 about "Rawdon Island Post Office Closes…..Downes Family's 95 Years of Service" on the original page of Wendy-Louise's manuscript.


Little Honora was only three when the family of Daniel Clancy left Killaloe Co Clare and emigrated to Australia. At the age of 21 she married John Downes, farmer of Rawdon Island, at Kempsey. They were married on 15th September, 1873 by Rev. Father John O'Sullivan and Mary Anne Taylor and the ubiquitous Patrick Daniher were witnesses. Vernice Delaney, their granddaughter, told me that it was an arranged marriage and, as was all to often the case in those days, not entirely happy as John, though a very successful farmer, was a stern, unbending and very religious man (not that Vernice or I are implying that being religious makes you stern and unbending!)

When I was just beginning this history June 1983, I visited their daughter, Minnie Downes, and if I remember correctly, John Roberts (grandson of Honora and John Downes, brother of Bernice) had some papers relating to John Downes which, at the time I could neither copy nor cadge to copy! John Roberts, would you please either copy those papers by hand for me, or get them photocopied?

Like Peter Cavanagh, John Downes was a very successful farmer on the rich alluvial soil of Rawdon Island and he worked so hard and efficiently with the help of all the family including the girls, that each of the six sons was given a farm. As you will see from the newspaper cutting reproduced, John Downes was the first postmaster at Rawdon Island, the post office then being run by his widow Honora, then son Myles, then Minnie until it was closed in 1976.

Honora (Clancy) Downes died on 20.5.1930 at Rawdon Island and is buried at Port Macquarie. She had been ill for 7 years and her daughter Minnie (Aunty Min to the family) had looked after her. As well as being ill, Bernice Delaney felt that she had been depressed and withdrawn, speaking only on rare occasions. She had been very upset when Myles (her favourite son) went to America, married an American girl and began to drink.

The Downes family comprised six sons and two daughters:

(1) John Downes (born 1875), known as "Jack" was a farmer, a thoughtful and serious man with a keen interest in public affairs, a councillor on Port Macquarie Council with a street named after him in Port. It was John whom Mary (Clancy) Page, my great grandmother, appointed executor of her will.

John Downes married Sarah Bogan, they had no children but reared the first child of his brother Patrick and his wife Ellie as their own. Bernice Delaney wrote "They kept a good, up-to-date farm and a nice home and always looked prosperous."

(2) James Downes (born 1877) was a farmer and married Irene Levick. He met an early death when, driving a friend home (who was drunk) the car went off a culvert. According to Bernice, the intoxicated friend was unhurt and shambled off and Jim Downes was found dead in the car under the culvert the next day when a horse shied going over the culvert and the rider saw the car. Bernice writes of her uncle:

"Uncle Jim was a very nice man, always well dressed, loved the races. He was a very nice dancer. He was only in his early fifties when he was killed. He was a popular man with the public and not a drinker. Uncle Jim and Uncle Ambrose married sisters, Irene and Anne Levick." (Sept. 1984).

Last June, on my Dunbogen holiday, I found the grave of James Downes at West Kempsey cemetery, the inscription reads.

In loving memory
Died June 6th 1931
Aged 54 years.

The children of James Downes and Irene Levick are:

* Honor married to Hartley Patterson, they have three children and live in Scarborough, Western Australia. Bernice has given me Honor's address and when this newsletter is finished, I will write.

* James Raymond Downes who lives with his wife at Cronulla, whose address I have and whom I will contact.

* John who lives in Queensland.

(3) Myles Downes was born in 1881 (I have not ordered this set of birth certificates yet, but will when finances permit). Myles went to America during World War I and there married Catherine Ward, whom he brought back to Rawdon Island; the children used to call her Aunty Cass. Myles was a rather memorable bender drinker, a few days' bout often being instigated by a funeral. When this occurred, Aunty Min and Aunty Cass would be landed with the milking and other necessary farm work. Both Myles and Blue Eyes (Bill) were numbered among the drinking companions of my beloved late father.

Myles and Catherine had no children.

(4) Ambrose Downes was born in 1884 and married Anne Levick. They lived in the Macleay district and were not often seen by the children of the family at Rawdon Island. He was known as "Uncle Bro". When John Andersen wrote his history of the White family, Anne was still living at 29 Bett Street, East Kempsey. According to John Andersen: "Their children are:

* Inez, married to Mr. Cooper, living at 3/5 Prince Street, Randwick.

* Noel

* Mary married to Darcy Williams, with son Peter, living at West Kempsey. Darcy is the butcher at Telegraph Point.

* Audrey married to Mr. Kovalic, possibly living at Stanmore."

(5) Michael Patrick (Pat) was born in 1887 and married Ellie Dobbie. They farmed at Pelican Island, in the Macleay district. According to Bernice he was a very generous, gentle and kind man with a memorable Irish wit. He was very popular. Their children are:

* Marjory, married to John Krause, lives at Ryde, and has children: Greg married with three children; John married and living at Miranda, Chris and Mark.

* John living at Pelican Island

* Austin married to Neisha, living at West Kempsey, children Jenny, Kate and Peter.

(6) Minnie Downes born in 1889, did not marry and is quite a famous person in the Hastings District, being awarded a British Empire Medal in 1977 for service to the community. Aunty Min, as she was known was apparently always there when one of the family needed help. She had considerable involvement in the lives of the children of her sister, Nora and her nephew John Roberts now lives in a house close to her. She was always close to her brother Bill (Blue Eyes) and enjoyed going to the races with him and having the odd bet.

When I went to visit Aunty Min eighteen months ago, early in my historical ventures, it was pouring rain. Aunty Min was limping badly, after having broken her thigh some time before. Rita (Monaghan) Shaw, my cousin, came with me and John Roberts joined us. Aunty Min, tiny and frail, insisted on serving a quite delicious morning tea. She told me that the broken hip had knocked her about very badly, especially the anaesthetic and this is indeed the case with the very elderly. It was a great joy to meet this marvellous old lady, whose mother was my great grandmother's sister. She was about to celebrate her birthday a couple of days later, and then was going to her neice for a stay; I think she was going to Bernice's sister Carmen at Forster.

(7) William Downes (Blue Eyes) was born in 1891 and died three years ago at the age of 90. He was a farmer and butcher at Rawdon Island, and apparently the butcher's shop was sometimes the starting place of a jovial get-together by some of the Downes men. Bill married Margaret Healy, but they had no children. It was quite a story. Bill kept company with Margaret, three farms away, for years but eventually she went to Sydney, married and had a daughter. She divorced her husband and Bill married her, moving in to live in her home on Rawdon Island. However the marriage only lasted six months and Bill spent the rest of his life with Aunty Min in the old home at Rawdon Island.

Many people who knew Bill Downes well did not even know he had married.

(8) Nora Downes was the baby of the family, born at Rawdon Island (like all the others) on 1.12.1895. Nora married Hartwell Roberts, an English photographer, on 15.1.1918. Bernice wrote about her parents:

"He was a photographer all his life. To me he was wonderful, I just loved him always. He was a person who loved people and company. Their marriage possibly could have been good, but the depression came. My mother had 4 children in 2 years and 11 months. When the twins came, money was short and father lost his studio and had to go travelling around the country to make a living." (September, 1984).

Bernice said that her mother was left with most of the responsibility of rearing the five girls, with John spending most of the time with his aunt, Minnie Downes. Where Hartwell Roberts was sociable and outgoing, Nora was more quiet and centred her life on the home. She was, Bernice said, rather strict, but then all five girls turned out OK and that was quite a burden for her to carry alone. I have to write to all the family to get their descendants, but Hartwell and Nora had the following children:

* Bernice Dorothy Roberts, born Inverell 17.12.1919, married John Lennox Delaney on 12.6.1943 at St. Vincents's Church, Ashfield; her husband died on 31.3.1967; their children are: Brian John Delaney and John Hartwell Delaney, both single.

* Hartwell John Aloysius Roberts born at Taree on 5.6.1925, married to Maureen Hollis, lives at Rawdon Island. (Tom Houlihan told me John is keen on greyhounds when I showed him the two little whippets I had with me in the car when we dove to Sherwood. My dogs, Phoebe and Diana, are veterans of family history travelling now. I am sure I saw a pet greyhound when I called to see Aunty Min in June 1983). John and Maureen have (I think, I cannot find my notes) five children, Kerry, Margaret, Patrick, Michael and Peter. I am sure I saw Maureen pushing a grandchild in a stroller outside St. Vinnies in Wauchope June 83 when I was beginning the history.

* Ailsa Angela Roberts, born at Taree on 18.9.1926. She married Percy Delaney, lives at Alstonville and has children Christine and Robert.

* Carmen Marie Delores Roberts, twin, born Murwillumbah on 20.5.1928 married Bernie Dawson, lives at Forster, has son John.

* Colleen Monica Therese Roberts born at Murwillumbah on 20.5.l928, twin sister of Carmen, married Raymond Combe, lives at Dundas, children Stephen and Phillip.

* Marse Genevieve Roberts born 25.8.1932 at Murwillumbah, married William Coghlan, lives at Eastwood, children Andrew, Julie and William.


Well, dear members of my father's family, I have more or less reached the end. There are things I would like to ask of you, if you have the time and inclination to help.

NOTES ABOUT THE HISTORY OF YOUR OWN BRANCH OF THE FAMILY: Why not write down for me the story of your own life and that of your parents and grandparents? It can be just set out in note form, as thoughts come to you, just as long as I can read it. I have already done what I know of my father's life, but I took it easy and lay down in the backyard under a tree, dictating the story of Dad's life into a very neat little dictaphone! Please do not keep rewriting, or worry about the perfect English expression, otherwise you are never satisfied.

FAMILY GRAVES:. I am so tied up with work and family that I have very little time to travel up and down the coast "doing" the relevant cemeteries. Can you (or some energetic younger member of your family) spend an afternoon in the local cemetery and copy the inscriptions of all family graves for me. If a camera were at hand a photo of each headstone is very desirable. For instance, I have not been able to get to Port Macquarie Catholic cemetery, but I know from the death certificates that there are Cavanaghs, Danihers, Ward(e)s and possibly the occasional Roach. 0ther family names may be there. Or names of families into which we married, like Sheridan and Gaul. This is especially important to me for branches of the family more distant, like Mackay in Queensland.

PHOTOS, LETTERS AND ODDS AND ENDS: Please do what I have been doing with my Aunty Jo and with Mum's and Dad's records, find old letters, postcards, autograph books and so on and either copy the contents for me by hand or have them photocopied. If you lend me photos or send me copies, please write on the back the names of the people in the photo. I have had no trouble with certified mail, but if you do send old treasures for me to copy, please send them by certified mail to my work address at the university of Sydney. That is extra safe as the university has its own post office.

OUTCOME: Out of all of this, in four or five years, I promise two books, one on the Roach/Danaher and one on the Page/Clancy branch. Corrections you send to details in the newsletters will greatly help with the accuracy of the books. I will produce the books myself for members of the family who want them and for historical societies and libraries.

lots of love,


Please note that these addresses and phone numbers are NOT current


Associate Professor Wendy-Louise Walker Department of Behavioral Sciences in Medicine, The University of Sydney, N.S.W. 2006   Phone: 02 692 3225

14 Hammond Avenue,
Croydon, N.S.W., 2132.
Phone: 02 799 2023.

Family Tree

Daniel CLANCY (1810 Killaloe Co Clare - 21 Oct 1880 Sherwood) married c 1834 Ire Honora HOURIGAN (1813 Castletown Tipp - 31 Dec 1884 Long Reach, Macleay River)
Arrived 2/10/1855 aboard the 'Hilton'

(1) Denis CLANCY (23 Nov 1835 Killaloe Co Clare - 29 Mar 1902 Sydney)
married 26/11/1861 West Kempsey, Bridget WILKINSON (1835 Co. Cork - )
(1a) Mary Gertrude CLANCY (29/10/1862 Macleay River - ) 
married 23/1/1893 Pyrmont, John James O'CONNELL 
- James O'CONNELL (1894 - 1899)
- Herbert Francis DenisO'CONNELL (28 Jul 1896 - 2 May 1985) 
married Nell Charlotte MOORE (1916 - )
- Ruby M O'CONNELL (1904 - ) & Perc NEED 
(1b) Margaret Ann CLANCY (17/11/1866 Belligen River - )
married 24/6/1890 Ultimo, Frederick John DORAN (1864- )
- John George DORAN (1891 - 1936)
- Ernest E DORAN (1893 - ) & Amanda DIGRE 
- Inez C DORAN (1898 - )
- Frederick Graham DORAN (1903 - ) & Mary MULLIGAN 
(1c) Catherine 'Kathleen' CLANCY (14/12/1869 Bellingen River - ) 
(1d) Daniel CLANCY (1872 Macleay River - )
(1e) Thomas Aloysius CLANCY (20/11/1874 Ultimo - 12 Nov 1901 Sydney)
(1f) Nora CLANCY (1876 Sydney - ) & Edward G CHISHOLM (1865 - )
(1g) Lena CLANCY (29/11/1877 Sydney - ) & Rudolph J BISHOP 
(1h) Denis CLANCY (23/11/1881 Ultimo - )
(1i) William CLANCY (17/10/1884 Redfern - ) & Isabella CONNOR (1880 - )
- Thomas W CLANCY (1912 - )
(1j) Edward CLANCY (22/7/1886 Redfern - ) & Rose L DUNN 
- Edward D CLANCY (1912 - )
- Lena B CLANCY (1911 - ) & Adolph G MacDONALD 
(1k) Lillian Grace CLANCY (2/1/1889 Redfern - 1945) & Bertram L RATE
- Marcia D RATE (1911 - )
- Dorothy G RATE (1915 - )
- Laurence E RATE (1916 - 1916)

(2) Mary CLANCY (27 Jan 1838 Killaloe Co Clare - 4 Jun 1908 Warneton NSW)
married 31/1/1860 Macleay River
Thomas PAGE (1823 Castletown Tipperary - 8 Sep 1889 Sherwood NSW)
Arrived 31/7/1857 aboard the 'Aloe'
(2a) William PAGE (12/12/1860 Callatina - 5 Jan 1861 Callatina)
(2b) Ellen (Elena) Cecily PAGE (11/7/1863 Sydney - 30/9/1928 Lismore)
married 30/4/1893 Smithtown, 
James Ignatius MAHER (12/5/1873 Clarencetown- 9/10/1957 Alstonville)
- Thomas James Ignatius MAHER (11/4/1895 Sherwood-17/5/1966 Lismore) 
married 30/8/1915 Alice Josephine MILGATE (14/4/1898 - 26/1/1980)
- Mary Magdeline MAHER (19/10/1903 Sherwood - 3/2/1982 Lismore) 
married 21/4/1925 Claude Alfred LAVIS (1899 Moruya - )
(2c) Margaret (Maggie) Veronica PAGE (7/12/1865 Sydney - 7/4/1915) 
married 22/8/1887 Sherwood 
Patrick ROACH (20/2/1862 Wauchope- 25/7/1933)
- Thomas William ROACH (17/7/1888 - 24/4/1951) 
Married Veronica Elsie FURNER 
- Patrick James ROACH (26/2/1890 - 3/2/1959)
- John Leo ROACH (17/5/1892 - 9/8/1918)
- William Bede ROACH (18/11/1896 - 7/5/1905)
- Mary ROACH (5/11/1898 - ) & John Edward FARRELL 
- Johanna ROACH (20/1/1901 - 6/8/1959) & Noel Augustine MONAGHAN 
- Margaret Veronica ROACH (27/2/1904 - ) & Charles BRUCE 
- Denis Ashley ROACH (28/2/1906 - 15/8/1966) & Alma Ellen MOXOM 
- Francis Michael ROACH (27/3/1909 - 16/1/1969)
Married Johanna Margaret MOXOM 

(2d) Mary (May) Theresa PAGE (22 Aug 1868 Sherwood - 29 Jun 1947 Dawson)
married 18/5/1890 Taree John Henry WILLS 
- Olive WILLS 
- Mary Irene WILLS (22/8/1889 - 1973) & Adam Joseph BIDNER
- Thomas Macleay WILLS (26/4/1897 - 31/1/1964) 
Married Mary Margaret CLUNE (20/10/1906 - 24/1/1977)
- Eileen Esther WILLS (18/4/1903 - ) & Emmanuel 'John' CHRISTIAN 
- John WILLS (9/11/1904 - )
(2e) Honora Esther (Essie)PAGE (9 Apr 1871 Sherwood- 9 Mar 1909 Sherwood) 
married 19/4/1893 West Kempsey John CAVANAGH 
- Mary CAVANAGH (16/12/1893 - ) & Edward James BOURKE 
- Catherine CAVANAGH (18/1/1896 - 24/9/1965)
Married James Minden CUMMINGS 
- John CAVANAGH (2/11/1897 - 10/7/1938)
- Thomas CAVANAGH (18/2/1900 - ) & Mildred JONES 
- Anne CAVANAGH (31/3/1902 - 1987) & William David PITT 
- Peter CAVANAGH (9/10/1904 - ) & Eileen Louise KOFFEY 
- Elizabeth CAVANAGH (12/11/1906 - )
Married (1) Harry GAY (2) Jan WILLIAMS 
- Honora Esther CAVANAGH (23/2/1909 - 5/3/1912)
(2f) Clara Winifred PAGE (1873 Sherwood- 4 Sep 1954) 
married Francis MONAGHAN 
- Roy Edward MONAGHAN 
- Claire Edna MONAGHAN & Michael JAMES 
- Leo Bertrand MONAGHAN & Pearl SHERWOOD 
- Yvonne Irene 'Una' MONAGHAN (23/2/1896 - ) & Sylvester MILLS 
- Margaret Thelma MONAGHAN (10/9/1898 - ) & John WATSON 
- Francis MONAGHAN (1900 - 7 Jan 1923)
- Mary Winifred MONAGHAN (1902 - ) & Desmond BARRY 
- Patrick John MONAGHAN (24/4/1904 - ) & Jean 
- Thomas Patrick MONAGHAN (26/11/1905 - 10/10/1988)
Married Margaret Mary EGAN 
(2g) Thomas Henry PAGE (1874 Sherwood - 23 Jun 1947 Taree)
(2h) William James Quish PAGE (25 Apr 1879 Kempsey- 14 Jul 1966 Griffith) 
married 7/1/1903 Kempsey Mary Elizabeth CLARKE 
- Henry Patrick PAGE (19/11/1903 - 28/12/1951)
Married Florence Honora WYNNE 
- Desmond PAGE (14/2/1905 - 13/10/1957)
- Mary Anne Josephine PAGE (15/12/1910 - ) & John David CASEY 
- William James PAGE (23/10/1912 - 16/5/1985) & Edith LUCK
- Thomas Luke PAGE (18/10/1923 - 16/11/1980)

(3) John CLANCY (29 Apr 1840 Killaloe Co Clare - )

(4) Bridget CLANCY (6 May 1843 Killaloe Co Clare - ) 
married 5/3/1867 Kempsey Henry DAWB(E)Y
(4a) William DAWB(E)Y (24 Sep 1868 Christmas Creek - )

(5) Margaret CLANCY (31 Oct 1845 Killaloe Co Clare - 2 Jan 1928 Pelican Is) 
Married 8/7/1873 Kempsey Daniel WHITE (1845 Nenagh Tipperary - 1917)
(5a) Daniel WHITE (22/3/1874 Long Reach - 1910 Kempsey) 
Married 1903 Sydney Eva M BONES (1870 Kempsey - 1939 Katoomba)
(5b) Johanna Darril WHITE (10/8/1875 Long Reach - 8/12/1941 Sydney) 
Married 1906 Sydney, Henry Otto ANDERSEN (1882 - )
(5c) Patrick Michael WHITE (10/5/1877 Macleay River - )
Married 1912 Sydney, Eileen B WHITE 
(5d) John WHITE (13/9/1878 Long Reach - )
(5e) Margaret WHITE (15/10/1879 Long Reach - 30/9/1929 Macleay Rv)
(5f) Patrick WHITE (23/8/1881 Long Reach - ) & Veronica COUGHLAN 
(5g) Denis WHITE (2/6/1883 Long Reach - ) & Ethel R RODERICK 
(5h) William WHITE (24/8/1885 Long Reach - )
(5I) Nora WHITE (8/3/1888 Rainbow Reach - 1978)
(5j) Christopher Vincent WHITE (1/1/1892 Long Reach - 26/7/1976 Kogarah)
married Marjorie Gladys TUCKER (1906 - )

(6) Honora CLANCY (1852 Ireland - 20 May 1930 Pt Macquarie)
Married 15/9/1873 Kempsey John DOWNES (1838 West Meath Ire - 1913)
(6a) John Robert DOWNES (1/12/1874 Rawdon Is - 1942)
Married Sarah Ethel BOGAN
(6b) James DOWNES (5/1/1877 Rawdon Is - 6/6/1931 West Kempsey)
married Catherine Muriel LEVICK (6/4/1886 Taree - 30/7/1957)
- Honora Muriel DOWNES (6/12/1911 - 17/7/1987 Perth) 
Married 15/1/1937 Hartley PATTERSON
- John Patrick DOWNES (15/1/1913 Belmore Rv - ) & Gladys WILSHIRE
- James Raymond DOWNES (17/10/1923 Belmore Rv - ) & Mary RABY
(6c) Myles DOWNES (21/12/1880 Rawdon Is - ) & Catherine WARD 
(6d) Ambrose DOWNES (8/6/1884 Rawdon Is - ) 
Married Anne Helena LAVICK (6/9/1895 Taree - )
- Audrey Ann DOWNES (10/5/1915 Nanango Qld - ) & Martin KAWELIC
- Ambrose Austin DOWNES (8/6/1917 Nanango Qld - ) & Thelma COX
- Catherine (Mary) DOWNES (28/9/1919 Kempsey - ) & Darcy WILLIAMS
- Noel Francis DOWNES (13/9/1924 Smithtown - ) & Mary McGEE
- Inez Margaret DOWNES (1/9/1926 Smithtown - ) & Edward COOPER
(6e) Michael Patrick DOWNES (1/1/1887 Rawdon Is - ) & Ellen DOBB
- Mary Patricia(Marjorie)DOWNES (1917 - 25/12/1988) & John KRAUSE
- Austin DOWNES & Neisha
(6f) Minnie Josephine DOWNES (21/6/1889 Rawdon Is - 1985)
(6g) William Bede DOWNES (5/5/1891 Rawdon Is - 26/10/1981)
Married Margaret HEALY 
(6I) Nora Kathleen DOWNES (1/12/1894 Rawdon Is- )
Married Hartwell ROBERTS (20 Feb 1884 England - )
- Bernice Dorothy ROBERTS (17/12/1919 Inverell - ) & John DELANEY
- Hartwell John ROBERTS (5/6/1925 Taree - ) 
Married Maureen Margaret HOLLIS (12/3/1931 Wauchope - )
- Ailsa Angela ROBERTS (18/9/1926 Taree - ) & Percival DELANEY
- Carmen Marie ROBERTS(20/5/1928 Murwillumbah - ) & Bernard DAWSON
- Colleen Monica ROBERTS (20/5/1928 Murwillumbah - ) & Ray COMBE
- Marse Genevieve ROBERTS (25/8/1932 Murwillumbah - )
Married William COGHLAN

Email Maureen Crawley for more information on the Clancy/Hourigan Family Tree.

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