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Cooper Family Tree
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Contributed and copyright by Glenda Manwaring

The children of George Cooper and Maryanne (Woods) were

JANE COOPER 1855 - 1864

GEORGE COOPER 1856 - 1864

ANN COOPER 1858 - 1862

JAMES Jarrett COOPER born 7 May 1861 at Gundurimba and died age 98 in the Kyogle Memorial Hospital on the 11 Mar 1960. James married 1881 Mary Sarah LOFTS who was born 1865 and died 6 Aug 1910 at Kyogle. Two children.

James childhood was spent at North Creek and Teven with a short sojourn on the Bellinger River.

After their marriage James and Mary took up a selection at Chilcott Grass and cleared and farmed the area. Then in 1901 they purchased a farm at Fairy Hill, sold out in 1906 and moved to the newly opened Kyogle district. It was whilst here that James lost his wife Mary. He then acquired a large holding at Horseshoe Creek by selection and purchased and farmed successfully there until 1924. He then moved to Fawcetts Plains and thence to Kyogle. James lived with his son Colin until his death.

James was a pioneer of the Richmond River. He was born into its early settlement and as one phase of its growth gave place for another he played a part. He worked the cedar, searched the beaches for gold, cleared the scrub, took cane in from the Big Scrub to the private sugar mills scattered through the bush. He then cleared the land with axe and brush hook to convert the land into prosperous dairy farms at Chilcott's Grass and Horseshoe Creek many years before the roads and railway came into being. He lent a helping hand wherever it was need and did his part with church and school work.
James was a keen horseman and a well known figure with his hunters and hacks on the local show and sports grounds.

1. Elsie Maud COOPER born 1885 died 1970 married Herbert SMITH born 1881, died 1916. Elsie and Herbert Smith had one child. (See also marriage to Robert D Carr). Elsie was educated at Goonellabah and Tregeagle schools. It was whilst the family was living at Horseshoe Creek that she married Herbert Smith. The couple participated in the new settlement at Horseshoe Creek and were active into the Church into the new community. The Smiths would take their portable organ by horseback along with their collection of hymn books to the various homes where the church services were being held. Elsie also established and ran the first school in the district.

After her husband died Elsie remarried to Robert D Carr and even after her remarriage kept up her active profile in the community. She took a leading role in the establishment of the local school which replaced the subsidised school conducted by herself. She was always keen to see and help in the improvement of the district. Elsie, with her family, helped establish monthly services of the Presbyterian faithful in Horseshoe Creek.

Elsie and Robert finally retired to Lismore but her good works would always be remembered by all the district folk.

1. Keith SMITH born 1910 married Olga YOUNG born 1920. Family of two

1.1. Graham Keith SMITH

1.2. Janet Olga SMITH married Alan RENTON. three children

1.2.1. Alana RENTON

1.2.2. George Andrew RENTON

1.2.3. Peta RENTON

1. Elsie Maud COOPER remarried in 1923 to Robert D Carr and had a further family of two.

1.3. Joan CARR married Ian SIEBERT

1.4. Norma CARR married Claude COOPER

2. Colin Jarrett COOPER born c.1887, died 21 Jan 1961 (73) buried with his father. Married 1912 to Amelia Victoria (Millie) SALES in Kyogle. Millie died 11 Mar 1954 (67) and was laid to rest with her husband and father-in-law. One child

2.1. Colin James COOPER (James) born 1914. Married Jean EASTMENT. One child

2.1.1. Jeanette Cooper

MARY ANN COOPER born 28 Jan 1863 Gundurimba died 14 Oct 1940 Lismore married 24 Dec 1884 in Lismore to Luke LOFTS who was born 17 Jun 1846 Duxford and died 20 Dec 1918. Luke and Mary are both buried Wollongbar Cemetery.

Luke Lofts was 12 years old when he came to Australia. He worked as a cedar cutter. Family of five.

1. Leslie William George LOFTS born 26 Nov. 1885 Chilcotts Grass died 28 May 1960 Brisbane. Married 12 Dec 1906 Emily Jane YOUNG born 12 Dec 1886 dau of Thomas & Mary Ann (Talk) Young.
Les worked in the scrub clearing land from an early age. He then had a cream carrying business from McKees Hill area to Lismore. He later bought a farm in this area. The family eventually moved to Cairns Qld. Known children

1.1. Leslie M COOPER born 1907

1.2. Kenneth Gregory COOPER born 1910 married Iris Lillian LOVEDAY born 1914 dau of Frederick T & Vera L LOVEDAY. Greg Cooper was a High School Teacher and taught at Ballina and St Marys College Lismore. Two children

1.2.1. Vera Lillian COOPER married John HATTON

1.2.2. Barry COOPER

1.3. Norman D COOPER born 1915

1.4. Phyllis COOPER married Major General Sir Ivan DOUGHERTY

2. Lydia Mary Emma LOFTS born 1 Aug 1888. Married 14 Feb 1912 Thomas Edward PAYNE born 1889 son of Solomon T & Daranda Payne

3. Lydia Elizabeth Lester LOFTS born 14 Feb 1892 Chilcotts Grass died 10 Nov. 1973 Cedar Grove. Married 18 Apr 1917 Albert MASLEN born 25 Aug 1895 Martinsville, Gosford, died 17 June 1963 Brisbane Qld son of George & Esther (Saul) Maslen.

In 1941 Albert and Louisa were farming at Tintenbar but they spent most of their live in Brunswick Heads. Albert and Louisa had one child.

3.1. Albert Russell MASLEN born 1 June 1927 Lismore married 15 Sept 1947 Beryl Eliza CROUCH. Four children.

3.1.1. Peter Geoffrey MASLEN born 11 Mar 1948 married Robyn Lynette PATMAN.

3.1.2. Linda Ann MASLEN born 1 July 1951 married Alan Henry MONTAGUE on 30 Sept 1972. Divorced 1978. One child. Antony John MASLEN born 7 Apr 1982

3.1.3. Alan John MASLEN born 31 July 1953 married Kaylene Ann WILLIAMS on 24 Feb 1973. Two children Kristy Ann MASLEN born 21 June 1977 Simon Thomas MASLEN born 29 April 1983

3.1.4. Brenda June MASLEN born 1 Aug 1961

4. Luke Alfred Ronald LOFTS born 8 June 1896 Cedar Grove married 16 Oct 1918 Else Constance PALMER born 1898 dau of George & Ada B Palmer.

5. Lamon Charles Raymond LOFTS born 20 Jul 1898 Chilcotts Grass married Florence May WILSON born
22 Sept 1920


William COOPER born 5 Dec 1864, bapt 30 Mar 1865 died 15 Feb 1957 age 92 in Lismore married Sarah Ann JORDAN born c.1875 dau of Fred & Julian (Noles) Jordan, died 23 Jul 1919 age 44 years. One son.

1. Wesley COOPER born 1912


Henry COOPER born 1867 Ballina died 2nd Aug 1950. Henry was buried 4 Aug 1950 in the East Lismore Cemetery. Married i Mary Ann LOADSMAN born 5 Jan 1873 at Armstrong Forest, Ulladulla dau of Thomas & Betsy (Headcroft) Loadsman. Henry and Mary Ann were divorced 30 Oct 1889.
After the divorce, Mary Ann Cooper nee Loadsman remarried in 1906 at Glen Innes to Walter A GEBERT and had a further family of five. These children were

- Edith V M GEBERT born Glen Innes 1901

- Walter W GEBERT born Glen Innes 1906

- Herman C GEBERT born Glen Innes 1909

- Catherine A GEBERT born Glen Innes 1910

- Grace E GEBERT born Glen Innes 1911

Henry Cooper and Mary Ann had a family of four children.

1. Eleathear Mary Elizabeth COOPER born 26 Aug 1890 Chilcotts Grass. Married 12 Nov. 1907 Methodist Parsonage Glen Innes to Frederick REINHARD born 9 Jul 1874 at Summerhill, Paterson son of Louis & Jane (Kimber) Reinhard. Frederick died 25 Jul 1953, buried Dungog. Two children

1.1. Frederick REINHARD born 23 Jan 1909 Glen Innes, died 5 Jul 1988 buried Stroud. Married 9 Apr 1934 Baptist Church Stroud to Mabel Edith DEE born Stroud 1912 dau of Arthur R & Edith E (Newell) Dee. Seven children

1.1.1. Ronald Wayne REINHARD born 28 Oct 1934 Stroud. Married 13 Apr 1963 Elaine Fay GRIFFIS born 30 Mar 1944 Nabiac. Three children Leslie Glen REINHARD born 9 Dec 1964 married 31 Oct 1993 Heidi Jane EVANS. Twin daughters Crystal Anne REINHARD born 9 Feb 1992 Alanah Jane REINHARD born 9 Feb 1992 Debbie Leanne REINHARD born 26 Sep 1966 married 3 Apr 1993 Martin DOWER Tanya Fay REINHARD born 27 Feb 1969 married 3 Nov. 1990 Barry William HORWOOD. One child Brenton Lee HORWOOD born 28 Mar 1990

1.1.2. Edith May REINHARD born 22 May 1936 Stroud. Married 13 Oct 1956 James Kenneth LAMBORNE born 25 Jun 1926 son of Harold William & Edith Alexandra (Slater) Lamborne. Five children Kenneth Wayne LAMBORNE born 14 May 1958. Mar 3 Mar 1984 Anne Catherine McGOVERN. Two children Tegan Ann LAMBORNE born 5 Nov. 1985 Adam Wayne LAMBORNE born 30 Jun 1987 Joanne Edith LAMBORNE born 23 Aug 1959. Married 30 Oct 1982 Mark Lewis EDWARDS. Three children Luke Mitchell EDWARDS born 25 Jan 1984 Jessica Joanne Edith EDWARDS born 13 Jan 1986 Sarah Jean EDWARDS born 19 Jul 1988 Sue-Ellen Gwenneth LAMBORNE born 11 Nov. 1960. Married 14 Feb 1981 Wayne Mitchell GREEN. Two children Nathan Andrew GREEN born 20 Sept 1983 Abbie Louise GREEN born 15 NOV. 1986 Vicki Denise LAMBORNE born 8 Apr 1962. Married 20 Sept 1986 Michael John HUGHES. One child Nicole Francis HUGHES born 9 Feb 1993 Patricia Joy LAMBORNE born 9 May 1964. Married 27 Mar 1993 Philip Alfred RICHARDSON

1.1.3. Gwenneth Elsie REINHARD born 21 Dec 1937, died 21 Dec 1937

1.1.4. Kenneth Lloyd REINHARD born 13 Jan 1939. Married 10 Feb 1962 Lola Mary KORSMAN born 2 Feb 1941 Raymond Terrace. Three children. Rodney Lloyd REINHARD born 15 Jan 1968. Married 12 Mar 1994 Susan Margaret BRINDLEY Diana Louise REINHARD born Feb 1971 Maitland Janene Edith REINHARD born 26 Apr 1973 Maitland

1.1.5. Alvin Howard REINHARD born 9 Jun 1942, died 29 Feb 1944 buried Stroud Baptist.

1.1.6. Victor Paul REINHARD born 15 Aug 1945. Married 6 Jan 1968 Marilyn WEISMANTLE born 12 Dec 1948, now divorced. Three children Stephen Paul REINHARD born 31 Jan 1969 Malcolm Scott REINHARD born 15 Jan 1970 Peter James REINHARD born 19 May 1973

1.1.6. Victor Paul REINHARD married ii Jan McCODEY

1.1.7. Dennis Frederick REINHARD born 16 Nov. 1948. Married 20 Dec 1969 Meryl Grace CHAPMAN born 12 Jan 1948. Three children Shane Andrew REINHARD born 3 Aug 1970 AaronDennis REINHARD born 30 Jan 1973 Kyle Anthony REINHARD born 12 Feb 1977

1.2. Adelaide May REINHARD born 8 May 1910, registered Glen Innes

2. Ethel Annie Maud COOPER born 27 Jun 1892 Chilcotts Grass, died 29 Jun 1892 buried Gundurimba

3. Lecester Thomas George COOPER born 30 May 1893. died 30 May 1893 buried Gundurimba

4. Henry COOPER born 13 May 1894, died 13 May 1894 buried Chilcotts Grass

5. Eileen Vera COOPER born 3 Dec 1895 Goonellabah, Lismore
Henry COOPER married ii in 1904 to Alice FALLS nee YOUNG born Learmonth Vic dau of Samuel Young. Died 17 Jun 1958 buried Christ Church Cemetery East Lismore. This was the second marriage for Alice as well. She was previously married to Robert FALLS. Henry and Alice had a family of one.

6. Edna A COOPER born 1906


Alfred COOPER born 1869 married in St Andrew Church Lismore 17 May 1905 to Maria HAINS born c.1873 dau of Delaney & Maria (Cockrane) Haines. Known children

1. Francis C. G. COOPER born 1906

2. Delancey C.J. COOPER born 1909


Charles Matthew COOPER born 1873 died 8 Jul 1899 age 26 years.
Charles died as a result of tree falling on him. He is buried at Wollongbar cemetery.


Joshua Jeremiah COOPER born 1876 died 11 Nov. 1956 age 81 years, buried East Lismore Methodist Cemetery. Married Mary Annie Eliza TAYLOR LITTLECHILD born c.1879 dau of Lydia Sophia (Taylor) Littlechild, died 17 Jul 1925 buried at Goonellabah aged 47 years. Joshua Jeremiah lived with his family at Horseshoe Creek, Kyogle. Family of four.


1. Millie Alma Verona COOPER born 2 Mar 1899 (registered Alma MV) Married Ernest HAYES in Kyogle. Family of two

1.1. Harold HAYES died as a child

1.2. Harold Douglas HAYES married Fay, family of four

2. Stanley Charles Frederick COOPER born 1901, died 19 Dec 1976 buried Byron Bay

3. Athol J.C. COOPER born 1913

4. Beryl M COOPER born 1913

**At Jeremiah and Ann (Wood) Saul's wedding Margaret Wood was a witness**Also at the wedding of Maryanne and George Cooper

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