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Duff Family History
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The Australian Families:

In Southern New South Wales:
Various New South Wales records provide records of Thomas Duff II and Mary nee McIntosh, of Shoalhaven, NSW, [both born 1830, he to *Thomas and Nancy Duff, Cobbler, of Maxwelltown, and she in Drysdale, and married 20th September, 1852, Lockirby, all in Dumfrieshire]. The NSW immigration records provide father Peter dead; mother Nancy at Ower, Dumfriesshire? A daughter, Margaret, was born in Lockerbie 27th March 1853, and the small family emigrated from Ower on the 1S.V. "Stamboul" ex London, arriving in Sydney on 31st October 1854. Then William (1855, in Sydney), Elizabeth (27.8.1856 in Shoalhaven/d.25.7.1862 at Brundee; buried Numba), Thomas (1858), James (September 1860; d.7 April 1861 Pyree, buried Numba), Agnes Elizabeth (1862), James (1863), John (1865), Charles (1867/1905), David (1869), George Arthur (1872/d.1893 North Creek, Ballina), Alfred Ernest (1875), and Mary Ann (1878), all born at Shoalhaven, NSW. [13 children in total] 1The "Stamboul" was some 890 tons, owned by Imrie & Tomlinson of Liverpool, and departed London on 22nd July 1854, a voyage of some 131 days.

[Thomas II died in Ballina Hospital in 1917, and Mary McIntosh in 1910, *Pimlico, Tintenbar Shire, Ballina. Daughter Elizabeth died nearing her sixth birthday; son James at eight months, both at Shoalhaven, and buried at Numba; Nowra. Arthur George at 21 years at Ballina, North Coast. Mary McIntosh is buried under the name of McDuff in the Presbyterian section, Wardell cemetery (no separate stone or grave found for Thomas but Casino family advise he is buried next to Mary). Wardell is some 16 kilometres South of Ballina.]

Little is specifically known of the family's life around *Shoalhaven, but is known that Thomas II leased 15 acres from the Berry Estate, Shoalhaven, in 1856. The property was situated in the Dry Run districts, Pyree, St. Vincents County, so-called because the district was less susceptible to flooding. This lease cost 101 Pounds 5 shillings for seven years, averaging 14 Pounds, 9 shillings and 3 pence per year. This estate of 120,000 acres was granted to 5Alexander Berry and Edward Wollstonecraft in 1822, south of the Shoalhaven River. It included the present town of Berry and Nowra. *First sighted by Captain Cook in April 1770. Originally named "Shoals' Haven" by George Bass in 1797 on his southern voyage of exploration to Bateman Bay.7

Numbaa, Pyree and Brundee:
Some eight miles east of Nowra on the Terara road is Numbaa, the site of Shoalhaven's first farm. The area was developed by Alexander Berry. The name is of aboriginal origin and means "broad-leafed tea-tree." Once a thriving community, boasting a hotel, churches, a court and a racetrack, there is now little to indicate this. Numbaa is now dominated by the dairy industry and feature pleasant rural drives. A short drive east and south of the Numbaa cemetery [located in a cow paddock on private property] brings you to Brundee and Pyree, some of Shoalhaven's oldest farming settlements and are still involved in dairying today. Brundee was originally known as "Berellan" but the name was changed in 1910. Pyree was once known as "swamp paddock," the name Pyree comes from an aboriginal word meaning "a place of box trees." Alexander Aberdeen took the first lease in the area in 1852, and even today both areas are still sparsely populated. It is possible the Duff children attended the Pyree School, now the meeting place of the Shoalhaven Family History Society.7 There are indication of at least one child dying at Brundee and David Duff gives Brundee as his birthplace on his 1916 AIF enlistment.

Northern Coast, New South Wales:
It is understood the family remained at Shoalhaven until at least 1878 (Mary b.1878), and may have moved North when the State Government opened new blocks of land for settlement around Casino? Little is specifically known of the Ballina district years, prior to the deaths of Thomas and Mary, and son Thomas and Emily Shepherd, and the other children, other than birth, marriage and death details found in the NSW Registry records. In the *1890-91 Richmond River Electoral Roll, Thomas Duff (No. 1418) held a lease on North Creek; son Charles (1419) held a residence also there. The family farm was at North Creek and Jim Duff, Lismore, advises the family members used to pan for and gain alluvial gold off the beach there. [Arthur George died in North Creek, which is off the main road, a few miles North of Ballina in 1893.] *Also Edward Duff (1420) having an East Wardell residence?

[From the Shoalhaven Telegraph, 19th March, 1910: 
"There passed away on Saturday, at Wardell, an old South Coaster in the person of Mrs T. Duff. The deceased was 85. She resided for many years in Shoalhaven prior to going to the Richmond." 

[The Richmond refers to the Richmond River district opened up by the NSW Government in the early 1890's. The above family material researched for us by the Nowra Library Family History Society, 1998, and Margaret Kennedy, Ballina.] Contact with some descendants of first and second generation children in many parts of NSW now established. 

First Australian-born Generations:
Because of the commonality of many Duff family names, ongoing research has been difficult due to non-release of NSW Registry birth records after 1918 (online after 1905).. The following information is taken from the NSW Registry records without proving linkages by obtaining all the appropriate certificates. Female lines not yet fully researched. 

Margaret Duff (b.1853) 
The first child, born in Scotland, and emigrated with her parents. Married Alfred Tylee Stephens [bachelor, *born London; clerk. His father Henry, gentleman; mother Harriet Tylee] in Sydney, 29 April, 1876, and they had four children: Harriet Tylee (1876), m. Thomas Snow, 1891; children Leo. T. 1893/17073; m.Elsie M. House 1919/5147; Theo. S. 1894/16327; d.1914/7631; Basil G. 1896/22154; m.Alma W. Baxter 1924/14602; Esma L. 1899/`12584; d.1903/1996. Alfred T. H. (1882); Sydney Walter (1885: NFK); and *Madge J. (1888) (no marriages for other Stephens children found but there is a marriage for Margaret J. Stephens to Valentine Satchell 1910/257; d.1916/19769? Parents James and Charlotte; he not in NSW birth records). Margaret' son Alfred was born deaf and later lived at Ballina with Alfred Ernest Duff. Alfred Tylee Stephens does not appear to have remarried, and he died in Redfern in 1916. *Madge is a variant name for Margaret. There is a late marriage (1945/4646) of Margaret Jean Stephens to Frederick Phillip Pavey?

This Duff/Stephens marriage was dissolved in 1893 and Margaret then married *Guy Chamberlyn Cory [bachelor, born Calais, France], a Physician and Surgeon, of Dudley, Newcastle, NSW. [His parents were W. G. Cory, Physician, and M. Chamberlyn. NFK] At the date of this marriage, 5th April, 1893, Margaret was living at Greens Road, Paddington. *Cory death not found in NSW records to 1945. 

Margaret is a widow on the marriage registration of Margaret Cory to John James Xavier Stewart, 1904/254, Sydney? This marriage was at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, February 3, 1904. She gives her age as 36 (was 52?) with private means, living at "Hazeldean," Avenue Road, Mosman, at this date. John Stewart was a 31 year old (b.January 10, 1871 Launceston, Tasmania) dental practitioner, of 69 Hunter Street, Sydney. His father William Stewart was a deceased medical practitioner and his mother was Annie Roulston (NFK). The Margaret and John Stewart deaths not found in NSW records to 1945. 

Heather Mary Duff, Goonellabah, NSW, advises Margaret and her daughter (at least) "went to America" and she is believed to have died in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (Jean Attewell, Casino). Not in official death list as Cory/Stewart/Duff. NFK. 

William Duff (b.1855) 
Married Rose Ann McKee in 1892. Their children: William Thomas (1892) m1. Kate Sexton 1915, Lismore; m2 Amy M. Owen 1929, Casino (son Thomas E. d.1932); Heather L. (1895) Casino, m. Mountford Beh 1915; David J. (1903) m. Lydia Stanford 1926, Casino (eight children*); Mary G. (1908) m. Richard O. Patch 1925 (son of Charles Patch and Laura Olive): nine children; Margaret Isabel m. Daniel Patrick Owen (seven children). William d.8.3.1942 Casino; Rose d.26.9 1940/19788 Casino. (both in West Casino cemetery; research continuing.) Although he celebrated his birthday on March 14 each year, his baptism registration provides a birth date of February 24, 1855, so Mary was carrying him on the voyage to Australia. In the Shoalhaven as a young man he had a bakery business which he later sold; he was a farmer at Cowra when he joined the NSW Police (No. 5706: .January 17 1889-March 20, 1889). When the Duff family moved to Pimlico, William joined them soon after. He took up farming at Camp Creek where he met and married Rose Ann McKee., 1892, Casino. William selected a block of land at Ellangowan, Casino, February 1892 (the first of two), built a slab cottage, growing corn for sale. William pioneered the Ellangowan mail run to Myrtle Creek on horseback; Rose ran the Post Office, sorted the mail, and operated the telephone exchange; they and their neighbours paid a teacher (Rose's sister, Isobel) to educate local children in their barn and later built a school on their land, donating land for the horse paddock, the teachers living with the Duff family. The school operated until 1918, until moved to a new location despite objections from William. (Great-grandchildren still attend the present Ellangowan school.) Rose was a seamstress, travelling from property to property, making and mending clothes, staying at the properties of the people she worked for. She was staunch member of the St. George Anglican Church, Ellangowan, teaching the Sunday School, and walking to and from Church in all weathers. William and Rose retired to property they owned at Casino, where William died in 1942, and Rose 1940; both are buried in the Anglican section of the old Casino cemetery.

Rose McKee was the daughter of John Ceasar McKee and Margaret Warren Phemister (m.1864/2117), one of their eight children, born in Smith's Flats (now Copmanhurst), NSW, March 26, 1865/9146? Other known children: Ruth Isabella, 1879/14315; Edith M., 1884/19784; Elizabeth I., 1888/5424; Mary, d.1883/9296 (also other unnamed children in records). Margaret Phemister arrived in NSW with her parents and family on board the "Asia," 10 May 1839, after a horror voyage that started in Cromarty, Scotland, on 17 September 1838. On the way a son Peter died at Plymouth where the ship was undergoing repairs, and a daughter Jane was born in the Bay of Biscay. [Jane was christened in the St. Andrew's Scots Presbyterian Church, Sydney, 1839.] A son James G. was born in Denbie Parish, Hunter District, 1840. Margaret's parents were George Phemister (d.1867/5213), and Margery Warren Grant (b.March 30, 1806; d.1877/5515, daughter of Peter Grant and Beatrice Warren, Scotland. They married February 10, 1805, Kingussie, Scotland. Margery Warren Grant had a number of name variations over time, May, Marsley, and Margery, the original appearing to be Marsley and she was born March 30, 1806, in Killiehuntly Kingussie/Insch, Scotland. [Chris Harris]

John Ceasar McKee was the son of John McKee (b.1796 Kilkenny, Ireland, d. August 15, 1888 Smiths Flat) and Lydia Caesar (b.Apr 1810 Tipperary, Ireland, d.June 23, 1872, Smiths Flat). John and Lydia were married on July 16, 1828, and arrived in the Colony on board the "Thomas Lowery" on April 16, 1840. John Caesar was the youngest of 6 children, born in 1840 either in Ireland or on board ship, and christened in Sydney on July 14, 1840. His brother, Julius McKee (b.1833 Butterwick, Tipperary, d.January 13, 1910 Grafton) married Margaret's sister, Margery Phemister. [Chris Harris]

George Phimister was baptised on February 4, 1793 in Duffus, Moray, and was the son of John Phimister (son of William Fimister and Jean Jack) and Isobele Sutherland (daughter of John Sutherland and Jannet Fraser). Margaret and Margery's siblings were Beatrice, John, Isabella, Peter, Jane, Ann, Charlotte, Charles and Alexander They are associated with the following family names Hickey, Havinden, Cavanagh, Donnell, Dwyer, Simpson, McLaughlin and, of course, McKee. The Phemister family that arrived in 1839 were the only family of this name in NSW to 1885 at least. Children: Alexander William, m.Ellen McLaughlin 1877/2976; Ann m.Robert Simpson 1861; Charles George m.Alice E. Havinden 1878; Isabella m.Thomas Cavanagh 1856; *Jane m.Martin Donnell 1858; John m.Louisa J. Havinden (sister to Alice) 1876; Margaret m.John McKee 1864; Margery m.Julius McRae 1865; *James m.Frances J. B. Sullivan 1882. (Seventeen children to these couples by 1887.) *NSW born. [Chris Harris]

George Stanford married Hannah Smith, December 25, 1790, in Great Wishford, Wiltshire England. Their son William Stanford b.August 7, 1813, in Stapleford, Wiltshire, d.April 7, 1868 in Kempsey, N.S.W. He married Elizabeth Dowdell in Wiltshire England, daughter of Job Dowdell and Christian Cannings. Elizabeth was born November 27, 1815 in Wylye, Wiltshire and died in Kempsey January 8, 1892 as Elizabeth Carter after marrying John Carter after William's death. William and Elizabeth arrived in Australia, September 15, 1838, aboard the "Woodbridge". William was an agricultural labourer; they were both Methodists and could read and write. Their fifth child, second son, Charles Henry, b.June 25, 1843, McLeay River near Kempsey, N.S.W., d.June 26, 1926, Lismore, N.S.W; m.May 3, 1864, Susan Golding who was b.November 13, 1848.

*The children of David John Duff and Lydia Stanford were: Maxwell b.Jan 1927; d.16.12.1927; Hazel Jean (m. ? Attewell) b.14.3.1929; Dorothy Fay b.23.11.1931; Neville Stanley b.3.4.1933; d.8.7.1979; Alan David 
b.28.8.1934; Pauline Eliza b.14.6.1939. They advise the William Duff family farm, 80 acres at Ellangowan, outside of Casino, is still being farmed by descendants David Attewell, Christopher Duff, and cousin Ron Franey, renting from Alan Duff (research continuing in Ballina, Casino and Lismore).

Richard Patch was a descendant of John and Phoebe Patch, from Somerset, England, who arrived in NSW on the "Washington Irvine" in 1857. 

Mountford Beh not found in NSW birth records but possibly a descendant of Charles (12) or Adam Beh (4), who arrived in Australia on the "Peru" on May 23, 1855. Their parents were Charles (40), a vinedresser, and Barbara Beh , from Grossbottwar, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. However, "Times Subjects" (Greenhalgh) also suggests other Beh family members may have arrived later.

Elizabeth Duff (b.1856)
Born August 27, 1856 in Shoalhaven; died July 25, 1862 at Brundee; buried in an unmarked grave in the Numba cemetery, outside Nowra). Death at five months due to teething convulsions.

Thomas Duff (b.1858) 
Married Emily Shepherd, daughter of William Shepherd and Mary Egan Cooper, in Nowra 1879, and they did not go to the North coast with other Duff family; their development is detailed in full following. (see Shepherd/Duff family material).

James Duff (b.1860)
Born 1860/12207; died 1861/4745 Pyree, Shoalhaven. Buried at Numba cemetery in an unmarked grave. Death at nine months due to teething convulsions.

Agnes Elizabeth Duff: (b.1862) 
First daughter born following the death of Elizabeth (1862); Agnes appears to have also been known as Elizabeth when she married Robert Edward Vick, 1980/1482 Sydney; children: John Walter, 1881/21692 Casino; died 1914/4304; Ballina married 1910/4625 Casino, Lorna Roberts (she re-married Edwin Hockey, 1915/5900 Casino); children: Keith E., 1910; Walter Ernest, 1912, both Ballina (marriages found); Robert Edward, b.1883/24432 Rylestone; died 1941/1231; married 1911/11781 Sydney, Ruby F. Conroy; one known child, Edward R., 1912, Waterloo; *Arthur E., 1886/17421 Carcoar; *Minnie E., 1888/18318 Carcoar; married 1907/3763 Ballina, Robert G. Brawn; children: Cecil R. J., 1908; Dorothy E., 1910; Harold T., 1913 (all Ballina: no marriages or deaths to 1945 found); (twins) Olive M., Lilly M., 1890/9758-59 Nowra; died 1890/2635-6; Edith Margaret 1892/18422, Albion Park, Wollongong; died May 20, 1965, Ballina married 1913/5559 Ballina, Edward John Ryan, born Jun. 14, 1882, Woonona, Wollongong; died Sep. 3, 1961, Ballina: one child, Victor. At the date of marriage at the Sydney Registry Office, Agnes (22) was living in Surry Hills, Sydney, and Robert (21: teacher) was at Riley Street, Surry Hills. *Nothing further found. [Victor: four marriages in NSW records, 1930-40?]

Robert Edward's parents were John Walter Vick, also a teacher/tailor (died 1909/8228: parents Walter and Eliza) and Margaret Dowell (died aged 87, Ashfield, 1922/1556 parents: Dowell?). John Walter was a son of Walter Vick and Eliza Wood, married Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, 1828; children: *Robert, Sep. 20. 1829; [Frederick, Jul. 20, 1831; John Walter, Nov. 17, 1833 (infant death?); [John Walter 1834/35?]; *Frederick, Oct. 18, 1835; *Emily, Nov. 5, 1837; Fanny, 1843 (all Stroud, Gloucestershire)]. Two possible Eliza Wood in IGI; three possible Walter Vick. Marriage for John Walter and Margaret Dowell not found, England or NSW. They emigrated in 1864 on the #SV "Ida,"(arrived January 18): John (29/31: age incorrect?), Margaret nee Dowell (28), daughter of Samuel Dowell and Sarah Pavey (daughter of William and Mary), with Robert (4) and William (2), both born Stanley, Gloucestershire, to Ulladulla where they had another four children (daughter Emily E. died Ulladulla 1870). *Prospective marriages found in IGI. Fanny (21) emigrated in 1866 on the #SV "Africa," and married in NSW, Benjamin Brook, 1872/3613. Proven by her death, 1925/922, parents Walter, mother Woods. No children found. Benjamin born NSW, 1849, his parents, Benjamin and Mary, family of six? #"Ida," fully-rigged ship, 1157 tons; "Africa," 1474 tons (little found on both). [A Margaret Hawker Dowell died Stroud, Gloucestershire, March quarter, 1893, 6a/232?] The Vick family fully researched to 1530 by Arthur (Stan) Vick, Hurricane, Utah, USA.

Ruby Conroy, born 1884/14606, was a daughter of Martin Conroy and Mary Jane Donovan, married 1880/5140; three children: Edith M. Ruby; William J. (nothing further known). Edward James Ryan was one of thirteen children born to William Ryan and Jane Butler, he was the ninth child. William and Jane were married November 20, 1868 at the residence of the Rev. Roger McKinnon, Wollongong, N.S.W. William Ryan was a miner, so with his work they went where the work was, and they moved to the Newcastle area for a number of years where the first five children were born; then they went back to the Woonona, N.S.W area, where they had a further eight children. They didn't have a lot of luck with their children as five died in infancy and their first born was killed in a mine disaster. The family moved to the Northern Rivers about 1893 where they settled at Cowlong, which is in the Lismore area. Both William and Jane are buried at Wollongbar Cemetery. William's parents were John Ryan and Eliza Edmondson. William was the first child born to William and Eliza. William's father John came to Australia in 1838 on board the ship "Portland" (he came free as a twenty four old, born 1814 County Limerick, Ireland.) Eliza was a widow with two children when John married her and she also came from Ireland. [Provided by Bev. Ryan, Queensland.] Edwin Hockey born 1887/34565, was a son of John Hockey and Mary Perkins, married 1865/2308; John in turn was a son of John Hockey and Mary Steel, married 1839. Nothing further found for Robert G. Brawn.

James Duff (b.1863) 
Married Sarah MacDonald in Lismore 1891. Sarah, born 1862/7113 was the daughter of Angus and Isabella MacDonald (m.1858/1626)? Children: Christina F. (1892) Lismore, m. James Gilmore, 1912 Lismore; Ethel M. (1894) Casino, m. Sydney J. Nolan, Paddington 1927 (son of Patrick J. Dellow and Norah Fitzpatrick); Mary L. (1896) Lismore, m. Ernest E. Sharp, Woollahra 1932; Arthur G. (1898/nothing further found) Ballina; Pearl (1900) Lismore, m. George E. Ward, 1924 Sydney (son of Ernest W. Ward and Elizabeth Sims); Mary McIntosh (1905) Lismore, m Gordon E. Montgomery, 1928 Lismore; Dorothy B. (1909) Lismore, m. Maxwell C. Waldie, 1935 Paddington. 

John Duff (born 1865) 
Died in Queensland November 23, 1920 and buried in Toowong cemetery. Based on photos of children supplied by Jean Attewell, Casino, and other NSW records, it appears John married Bridget Jones, about 1895, and was in the Lismore/Casino districts for some time: children: Arthur G., 1895/23635 Lismore; (died Lismore 1895/8873; Alma M., (Margaret?) 1896/22712 Lismore; Mary I. V., (Vera) 1897/29100 Ballina; John T. McIntosh, 1899/13133 Lismore; died Brisbane aged 25, and buried in Toowong cemetery with his father, March 31, 1925; Wilfred H. McIntosh, 1903/31283 Lismore (died of TB at Waterfall Sanitorium December 30, 1925); Alfred E. McIntosh, 1906/33326 Casino. A Margaret Duff died Annandale, 1942/24515; Vera may have married Timothy Waltho, Drummoyne, 1919/12082. Parents marriage and Bridget's birth to be found. Research continuing.

Charles Duff (b.1867) 
Married Lavinia Ophelia Thornton in 1895, and no further family development found in NSW records. Charles Duff (32), station labourer, near The Common, Walgett, died 7.10.1905 by his own hand. He is buried in the Presbyterian cemetery, Walgett. There were no children found to these parents or remarriage of wife in the NSW records. Lavinia was the daughter of James T. and Bridget Thornton, born 1877/5894 (three siblings).

David Duff (b.1869) 
Married Edith A. Millard in Ballina 1903/3100? (No children found to 1905 and little further known. At the date of this marriage he was a creamery manager at Kyogle. A witness was his youngest brother, Alfred. A creamery was established at Kyogle by 1899 and the NSW Creamery & Butter Co., Casino, opened a milk depot there. The local farmers received nine gallons of milk and a gallon of cream for each 10 gallons of milk supplied, the cream being transported to the NSW Creamery & Butter Co., Casino, for butter-making. By March 1905, the Kyogle Dairy Co. opened a butter factory serving some 45 local farmers, and the cream separator, in the north-east corner of the saleyards at Kyogle Road and Ettrick Street, was closed. It appears the manager of the upgraded factory at that date (1905) was not David Duff. (sources available) No Duff burials recorded in Kyogle cemetery. Jean Attewell, Casino, has provided a picture of David, enlisted in the AIF, WW1. 3573 Private David Duff, 54th Battalion(?). On enlistment gave his age as 40 years, 6 months, occupation: butcher; NOK: Edith Duff, 120 O'Connor Street, Haberfield. Enlisted November 21, 1916, Sydney Showground camp, and trained with the 9th Reinforcements for the 1st Pioneer Battalion; embarked at Sydney per A68 "Anchises," January 24, 1917; arrived Wymouth, Dorset; marched into Pioneer Training Battalion, Fovant, Wiltshire, transferred to the 54th Battalion, (14th Pioneer Training Battalion), Hurdcott, Wiltshire, July 11, 1917; September 26, 1917, embarked on A30 "Burda" to return to Australia, medically unfit (chronic rheumatism); discharged February 23, 1918. No deaths for David and Edith to 1945 in NSW records. Research continuing.

Edith Annie, born 1874/20304 to Joseph Millard (b.1851 Urswick, Lancashire) and Mary Ann Fowler, married Ulladulla 1874/3997; she had a twin brother, Wilfred Jesse, 1874/20303.) Joseph Millard (8) arrived in NSW, March 3, 1859 on the SV "Hornet," parents Jesse (39), b.1819, Chalford, Gloucstershire, and wife Elizabeth Taylor Morris (37), b.1821, Kidderminster, Worcestershire; nine children. Jesse appears to have been accompanied by a brother (?) Andrew (31) and his wife Martha (33) and their family of two daughters; Andrew at least was from Chalford, Gloucestershire. Entry films (2138/2479). In the 1890-91 Electoral Roll the Joseph Millard family were at Alstonville; and Joseph was the proprietor of a hotel in Rous, outside Ballina, at the date of Edith's marriage. Rous was the site of private sugar mills by 1870, and a sugar Company mill by 1872. Joseph d.1930/11584 Ashfield; Mary Ann d.1944/9498 Hornsby. Brother Willard married Florence Edna Emery, Jan. 27, 1900, Murwillumbah. Two children found. Millard research ongoing and family history on file.

Based on NSW Death records, Mary Ann Fowler, b.1851Dapto/Wollongong, was the daughter of George Fowler and Maria Eggleton, m.1846, Campbelltown, one of 11 children. Maria was the daughter of William and Sophia Eggleton, b.1828 Campbelltown, one of five children (first born Sydney 1818). George Fowler, b. 1823, Henfield Sussex, England, (son of Henry Fowler and Mary Potterton) occupation Blacksmith, m. 1 Sep 1846, in St Peters Cambelltown NSW, Maria Eggleton, b. 10 Nov 1828, Airds, NSW, (daughter of William Eggleton Junior and Sophia Ruggless) d. 1908, Petersham Sydney NSW. George Fowler died 20 Apr 1892, Milton NSW. Arrived 1832. Burrell: 1885: owned 3 acres, Milton. Research ongoing.

Links to the First Fleet, 1788 . . .
William Eggleton Senior was born in 1756 in Kingston, Herefordshire, England and died in 1828 in Bargo, NSW, Australia. He was a convict - trial at Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, March 23, 1786 for theft of clothing with a value of 39 shillings - age 31 years occupation labourer - sentence 7 years - arrived with the 1st fleet on the ship "Alexander," January 19, 1788. [The convict transport ship "Alexander" - 452 tons, 114ft. x 31ft., a fully barque- rigged ship, built in Hull 1783 - Master Duncan Sinclair - Surgeon William Balmain - sailed with 195 male convicts; loaded at Woolwich and Portsmouth, and departed Portsmouth, May 12/13, 1787 and arrived January 19, 1788 - a journey of 251 days.] William received a 60 acre land grant at Prospect Hill in 1796, and was later farming at Concord. He became a juror in 1826. In the 1828 Muster he is recorded but with no details, nothing later is known. At times he is known to have resided with Sophia Browne [1806], who was classed as his wife in 1814. William had married *Mary Dickenson, also a convict, on February 17, 1788 in Sydney Cove, NSW, one of ten marriages [the first in Australia] conducted that day by the Chaplain, Rev. Richard Johnston. Mary was born about 1761 in Southwark, London, England and died on September 25, 1799 in Sydney, NSW. Children from this marriage were: Sarah, born on December 25, 1788 in Sydney Cove, died in 1886 in Temora, NSW. First son, William, was born on October 16, 1791 in Prospect, NSW, and died on June 5, 1792 in Prospect, NSW. Elizabeth, born February 18, 1796 in Prospect, NSW, Australia, died on 20 January 20, 1849 in Campbelltown, NSW, and buried at Campbelltown, NSW. William Eggleton Junior was born on May 12, 1793 in Sydney Cove, NSW, and died on March 23, 1858 in Avondale, Dapto, NSW. William married Sophia Rugglass, daughter of *Thomas Rugglass and *Mary Armstrong, on May 30, 1814 in St John's, Church of England, Parramatta, NSW. Sophia was born on March 10, 1798 in Parramatta, NSW, died on April 10, 1887 in Milton, NSW, and was buried in Milton, NSW. Their daughter, Maria Eggleton, mother of Edith Millard, was born on November 10, 1828 in Airds, Campbelltown, NSW, and died in 1908 in Petersham, NSW. *Mary Dickenson, a barrow woman, aged 26 years, sentenced for seven years at Southwark, 1787, for the theft of waistcoats, also arrived in 1788, on the convict transport "Lady Penhryn" (333 tons fully rigged ship, bult 1786, 103ft x 27ft; 101 female convicts; Master William Sever); Thomas Ruglass arrived in 1796 on the "Active," sentenced in London, 1790, for seven years; Mary Armstrong arrived 1796, on the "Indispensable," aged 17 years, sentenced in Cumberland, 1795, for seven years. Research ongoing. [Provided by Linda Eggleton, and family tree from Peter Moore, Australia. Following extracts contain some additionalinformation.]

William Eggleton (also known as Bones): He was sentenced to transportation for seven years and left England on the 'Alexander' aged about 31 at that time. His occupation was listed as labourer. The actual value of the goods stolen was 135 shillings. [The 'Alexander' was built in 1783 at Hull and was 452 tons. It sailed on May 13, 1787 from Portsmouth and 251 days later arrived in Sydney Cove on January 21, 1788 as part of the First Fleet. The ships master was Duncan Sinclair and the surgeon was William Balmain.] Late of St. Saviors Parish, Southwark. Was sentenced with a companion to transportation for seven years at Kingston upon Thames on March 22, 1786 on charges of breaking into a house and stealing a padlocked box containing a quantity of clothing. Received on the "Ceres" hulk aged 30. he was delivered to 'Alexander' on January 6, 1787. At Port Jackson his name was usually recorded as Eggleton and on February 17, 1788 he married Mary Dickenson, both signing with mark. Sarah baptised December 25, 1788. Son William at Parramatta on October 16, 1791 lived only till June 1792. By April 1793 Eggleton was settled on 60 acres at Prospect Hill and a year later leased seven acres at Petersham. By 1800 he sold the lease to Thomas Laycock and had sold his Prospect Hill grant for 60 guineas in July 1794 to Thomas Daveny. On August 25 1799 he lost his wife who left him three children. In 1802 he held 80 acres at Field of Mars by purchase; 70 acres were cleared; 10 sown in wheat with eight ready for maize; he owned nine hogs and held 20 bushels of maize. The household comprised of himself, three children and one free servant, all off stores. By 1806 he was one of the more successful landholders with 10 of his 80 acres in grain 11/4 in vegetables, orchards and gardens; 383/4 acres for his sheep, two goats and 10 hogs. The remaining 30 acres were fallow. He was still with out a wife with three children. In August 1815, a deed of mortgage on a farm at Airds was signed transferring the title from Eggleton and his son to Samuel Terry, including 6 horned animals (cattle) for 23 Pounds. The 1822 muster shows him employed by his son in law in the Liverpool District. He may have been the William Eggleton recorded without details in the 1828 census but no later record was found. [From "The Founders of Australia," by Mollie Gillan.]

George Arthur Duff (b.1872) 
Died accidentally young at North Creek, Ballina. Jim and "Molly" Duff, Lismore, have a minister's handwritten notes [Edmund Ross, Ballina] outlining that he conducted a graveside service at St. Mary's Church of England, Ballina, May 7, 1893, "for a young man named Duff residing at North Creek, aged 20. Caused by the blade of a penknife he was using, cutting the cap of his knee when trimming a horse's tail, producing blood poisoning."

Alfred Ernest Duff (b.1875) 
Married May Annie Rodgers June 29, 1910, at her father's residence, Pimlico, and she died in 1919; Children: Alfred Cecil (1911; d.Nov. 28, 1962) m. Amy M. Johnson 1932; James Thomas (1913) m. Heather Mary "Molly" Littlechild 1942. May Rodgers' parents were John Rodgers and Catherine Carr, married 1888; her siblings: John Thomas, 1888/35584 Nowra; May A. 1890/19682 Liverpool; William N. 1891/20030 Liverpool; Hester N. 1893/5018 Ballina. There is a death for a Catherine Rodgers, Lismore, 1944/0015, but not found in Lismore Cemetery records; neither is John Rodgers, May Duff? Parents for Catherine Rodgers were Thomas and Mary (nothing further known). James Thomas and (H)Ester Rodgers were the Duff marriage witnesses. Alfred died in 1954 and was buried at Lismore. He had settled at Three Chain Road, South Lismore, for the previous 24 years, Following the death of May Rodgers Duff, Alfred Duff then married Marjorie Hollingworth in 1921 (no further children). (Additional family development provided by Jim and "Molly" Duff, Goonellabah, Lismore). 

Alfred and Mary were sugar cane farmers at Pimlico, a few miles North of Wardell, on a farm owned by her uncle. He had promised to sign this over to her but died in Sydney before he was able to do so; the property was subsequently taken over by other Rodgers family members. Alfred then went to work on brother William's farm at Casino. He was the registrant for the death of his father, Thomas, and at that date (1917) was at Empire Vale, between Ballina and Wardell. This could suggest that Thomas and Mary Duff lived with them at Pimlico and she was buried at Wardell cemetery, a few miles away? Thomas appears to have lived with Ernest and May at Empire Vale until his death in 1917? Alfred "Dick" Duff died Lismore, August 19, 1954. 

Margery Hollingworth, b.1880/23655, was the first child of Edward Barrett Hollingworth and Barbara Cormie Elder. Little known of the Hollingworth family other than the children of Edward and Barbara Hollingworth in the NSW records: Margery Elizabeth, b.1880/23655; Albert E., 1882/27340; Florence A., 1885/32018; Horatio E., 1888/34990. Barbara Elder was a daughter of Henderson Elder and Mary/Marjery Leitch, who appear to have emigrated to Victoria pre-1856, where a son, John Leitch Elder, was born The Leigh, Victoria, 1856/5362. Daughter Barbara Cormie Elder was born at Tablum, NSW, 1858/12341, and these are the only two children found in the records. Henderson died 1905/478, parents John and Elizabeth; Mary/Marjery died 1899/566, parents John L. and Elizabeth (both Ballina). John Leitch Elder married Elizabeth Ann McDonald, 1880/4811; children: Elizabeth Ann 1881/26342, Christina L. 1883/29640; Henderson, John and Edward Hollingworth appear in the 1890-91 Electoral Roll for the Richmond Police District, at Pimlico. Henderson at Wardell in 1901. No death record for Edward and Barbara Hollingworth in the NSW registry records to 1945? Christina Elder appears to have married in Mudgee, 1906/10503, Lazarus, b.1884 [a son of Lazarus and Elizabeth Hickson]. Their son Roderck A. S. Hickson died Portland, 1916/11601. Nothing further found for the John Leitch Elder family. Lazarus and Elizabeth Hickson had eight children, first in 1869, and were at one time on the Tambaroora western goldfields, Meroo.

Mary Ann Duff (b.1878) 
Married Walter Ephraim Esgate (b.March 3, 1869,Terrington, St. Clement, Norfolk, England) at the North Creek residence of the bride's father in Ballina in 1896, and their deaths not found in NSW records to 1945. In the 1890-91 Electoral Roll, Walter was living at Wardell. Their children: Elsie M. McIntosh (1897) m. John W. Wenban, 1929 Waverley; Catherine D. V. (1899) m. Eric J. Dellow, 1925 (son of Thomas H. Dellow and Sarah J. Martin), Lismore; Lavina I. (1902) m. Frederick M. Rogers, 1929 Waverley (son of Maylen G. Rogers and Avice R. Taylor); Walter Keith (1904) m. Delia Douglas, 1939 Burwood; Phyllis M. (1907): marriage and death not found in NSW records. Mary attended her brother Alfred's funeral in Lismore in 1954, aged 76.

Walter E. Esgate Jnr., hurrier at coal pit, was a son and fifth child of Thomas Esgate, b.Norfolk, England, 1834, d.1909 NSW: not found in 1851 census), an agricultural labourer, and Catherine Howard (b.1831, d.1913, NSW), married 1857, Norfolk, daughter of William Howard and Blythe Bonnett. Catherine not found with these parents in the 1851 census but a daughter Mary Ann, same age, was at home. These parents were agricultural labourers at Collinscroft Ford, Wisbech, Walpole St. Peter, Wisbech.). He was one of five sons, six children, who, with the parents, and grandchildren, sailed on the "Duke of Westminster," June 1883, for Australia. The ship finally docked at Brisbane on May 26, 1884, following a six-month quarantine spent off Cooktown, Queensland, due to a smallpox outbreak. The Esgate family finally settled in the Katoomba area of New South Wales; a number of Esgate family members also farmed around Ballina by the 1890's.


(1) Civil registrations did not commence in Scotland until 1855; all research prior to this date is available mainly through Parish registers where these exist. Lockerbie/Lockerby, Dryfesdale/Drysdale, appear on different sets of records. The 1841?1891 Scottish Census records for Dumfrieshire and Kirkcudbrightshire are also available for further research. No Thomas/Peter and Nancy Roddan Duff entries found in all local Scottish census records and parish registers searched to date. Ower, Dumfriesshire, not yet located.

(2) ALEXANDER BERRY (Thomas Duff Senior's landlord): 5Also a Scot, from Cupar, Fife. He had studied medicine and signed on as a ship's surgeon on a clipper on the China run. This changed his life forever because he was sickened by the brutal floggings which the sailors had to endure and the injuries sustained which he was supposed to mend. With part of his share in the "City of Edinburgh," he explored the Pacific in the early 1800's, taking part in 1809 in the rescue of a handful of survivors - a woman [Mrs Morley], two children [a girl, Broughton], and a cabin boy [Davies] - from the "Boyd" massacre of more than 70 passengers and crew. This ship, en route from Sydney to the Cape of Good Hope with a cargo of NZ spars, had been overrun by a Maori war party while taking on fresh water at Whangaroa harbour in the north of New Zealand, an infamous incident in the early Maori-settler relations. Berry made various trading ventures but in 1812 the "City of Edinburgh" sank off The Azores. From 1819, with his partner Edward Wollstonecraft, he was based in Sydney and within months was being described as an 'eminent merchant.' **His warehouse for sandalwood, wool. and whale oil, was at George Street and No. 6 Macquarie Street, formerly the Reiby Store, a Customs House, and first Bank of NSW, 1817. He had a house at Crows Nest, Sydney, and Coolangatta at Shoalhaven. He appears to have married Elizabeth Wollstonecraft in 1827. In 1822 Berry had explored the district for a month, and he and Wollstonecraft then selected a block of 10,000 acres on the north bank of the mouth of the Shoalhaven One block near the Shoalhaven was extremely swampy but undaunted, Berry, using convict labour, had a canal dug. His relationship with the transported prisoners was an interesting one. Berry found that many of them had been transported for relatively minor offences and if properly treated were prepared to work well. *"He had them sow crops, graze sheep and cattle, and cut cedar. He ordered his men to eat porridge for breakfast and to practice temperance but not abstinence. He encouraged the convicts to become tenant farmers on his estate at the end of their servitude, but refused to build a town or provide any amenities of a town, because he believed an industrious agricultural population was preferable to a crowd of starving town or village workers who were drawn to evil courses by herding together." By 1840 he had expanded the estate at Coolangatta [NSW] to 32,000 acres by purchases from the Crown and from private owners. He was later [1843?] accused by John Dunmore Lang of reducing his tenants to the status of serfs and of flogging the convict cedar cutters to within an inch of their lives! Having survived shipwreck and the strain and stress of the early settler/ trader's life, and as a NSW legislative councillor, Berry lived to the fine old age of ninety-two, and died in 1873. 

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