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Graham Family Tree
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Thomas Graham +Ann Ross (1834-1909)

First child of Thomas and Ann and his family:

Alexander Graham 1856-1936
+Mary Ann Ryan 1865- 1931
Un-named Graham 1883-1883
Alexander E.J. Graham1884-1884
Ann Elizabeth Graham1886-1969
+James Moran 1875-1956 this info for their family is in the Moran Family Tree
Alice Graham 1887
+Edwin J Shales
    Albert E Shales
    Mary H Shales1908
    +Kendall I Bradley
        Iris Bradley
        Glenn Bradley
        Ted Bradley
        Carl Bradley
Mary Ann Graham1887
+Edward J Smith
    Alexander J Smith
Alexandria Graham 1894-1894
Alexanderena Elizabeth Graham1896-1897
Thomas Graham 1898

Second son of Thomas and Ann and his family:

Thomas Graham 15 July 1863-23 Oct 1941
+Harriett Agnes Argent
William 3 Jan 1899- 20 Nov 1974
+Gladys May Cooper
Alexander Baden Graham 21 April 1900- 18 Oct 1975
+Lillian Mottly
Thomas Maxwell Graham 17 July 1906-1989
+Nellie Irene Goodwin
Boy 1911
Jean Isabell Graham19 Sept 1909-25 Oct 1999
+Arthur Charles Hoschke
Ivan Stuart Graham 31 May 1912- 14 June 1914

Third Child of Thomas and Ann and his family:

David Graham 4 May 1871- 1 Oct 1912
+Mary Eliza Allan
David Griffith Graham
+Esme Ethel McDonald
Cathrine Ann Elizabeth Graham 1906- 1998

Fourth and last Child of Thomas and Ann:

Catherine Ann Elizabeth Graham 5 April 1873 died 1900

Contributed by: Jenny Jones

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