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Greentree Family History
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HENRY GREENTREE; 1842-1905 - carpenter, shipwright

Parents: George Greentree: born 1810 Warblington, Hampshire
Married: Mary Ann Douglass - 5 Nov 1832, Lower Hawkesbury
Died: 27 Feb 1880, Grafton. Buried Grafton cemetery

Mary Ann Douglass: born 14 Nov 1814, Hawkesbury
Died: 6 June 1873, Grafton. Burried Grafton cemetery

Sarah Greentree - born 3 Dec 1833, Lower Hawkesbury
Jane Greentree - born 8 May 1835, Lower Hawkesbury
Mary Ann Greentree - born 31 Jan 1837, Lower Hawkesbury
George Greentree - born 1840, Pitt Town, Hawkesbury
Henry Greentree - born 26 May 1842 - Lower Hawkesbury *
Reuben Greentree - born 7 June 1844, Mangrove Creek
Emma Greentree - born 1847, Mangrove
Alfred Charles Greentree - born 1849, Lower Hawkesbury

In 1870 George and Mary Ann Greentree moved from the Lower Hawkesbury area to the Clarence River with several members of their family. They were Henry, Alfred, George (Jnr) and his wife Emma Maria and their 3 children.

George Greentree and his sons (particularly son George) built boats, coaches and fine furniture in Grafton.

Henry Greentree left the Clarence River and moved south, probably after his father's death. He worked in Coffs Harbour for a while as a shipwright.

He spent some time in Nana Glen, perhaps fossicking for gold. It was here that he met Mary Ann Wood/Percey (see Wood family history on this site). Mary Ann was a widow with 8 children. Henry and Mary Ann married 11 May 1882 at Boat Harbour.

Thereafter, Henry and Mary Ann Greentree lived at Fernmount where Henry worked as a carpenter and shipwright. They had three children:
Sarah Adelaide (Clara) Greentree: born 1 Feb 1883 at Boat Harbour
Married: 9 May 1904 to Alfred Ernest Wunderlich

Died: 24 May 1957, Coff's Harbour. Burr. Coff's Harbour cemetery

Alfred Reuben Greentree: born 1884, Boat Harbour. Died 1938

George Henry Greentree: born 1890. Died 1948

Henry Greentree died 1 October 1905 at Fernmount and was buried in Fernmount cemetery.

Mary Ann Wood/Percey/Greentree died 20 Oct 1928 in Newington Hospital, Sydney

Contributed by: Helen Reichenbach

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