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Nicholson Family Tree
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The Descendants of JOHN NICHOLSON

1. John NICHOLSON b. 14 Sep 1801, Sinclairtown, Fifeshire SCOTLAND,1 (son of Alexander NICHOLSON and Elizabeth Agnes ALLAN) ref: shipping 1833, occupation ShipBuilder, m. (1) 13 Dec 1822, in Burnt Island, Fifeshire SCOTLAND,2 Margaret BAIN, also known as: Margaret BAYNE b. 21 Apr 1799, Dysart, Fifeshire SCOTLAND,3 (daughter of John BAIN and Anna FLUCCARD) d. <1849, Scotland, and Ann STEPHENSON, b. 1819, d. 1870, Waterloo NSW AUS. Reg. Redfern NSW AUS,4 and Marianne MILLS, also known as: Mary Ann MILLS John died 9 Jul 1848, Stroud NSW AUS,5 buried: 13 Jul 1848, Old Cemetery, Raymond Terrace NSW AUS. John Nicholson built the ships 'Triton' renamed 'Benjamin Boyd' 12th Dec 1844 & 'Squatter' 18 Dec 1845 & 'Fanny Fisher' 9 Sept 1847 on the Manning River NSW 'Fanny Fisher' carried sugar and coal from Mauritius.Also went to Adelaide NSW AUS, Tasmania AUS. In 1840 John's abode was in Sussex St, Sydney NSW AUS. John was bankrupt in 1842 and was forced to sell. He drowned travelling in heavy rain which flooded the Nine Mile Creek near Karuah NSW AUS. Coroners inquest-Accidentially drowned. Margaret: It is believed that Margaret NICHOLSON nee BAYNE died in Scotland before John her husband came to Australia in 1833. Ann: Caroline Stevenson was mentioned on her daughter's death certificate. Ann at the time of her death was said to be 51 years old.
Children by Margaret BAIN:
i John NICHOLSON b. 7 Nov 1826, Burnt Island, Fifeshire SCOTLAND,6 19 Nov 1826, Burnt Island, Fifeshire SCOTLAND,7 d. <1841, Scotland ?.
2. ii Alexander Beattie b. 0 Mar 1827.
3. iii Ann b. 5 Sep 1829.
4. iv Andrew b. 10 Sep 1831.
Children by Ann STEPHENSON:
5. v Agnes Alexandrina b. 17 Feb 1840.
Children by Marianne MILLS:
6. vi John b. 17 Aug 1841.
7. vii Isaac David Mills b. 17 May 1844.

Second Generation

2. Alexander Beattie NICHOLSON (1.John1) b. 0 Mar 1827, Dundee, Angusshire SCOTLAND,8 6 Apr 1827, Dundee, Angusshire SCOTLAND,9 ref: "Rattler'<1849, occupation Goldmnr/Farmer, m. 1864, in Sydney NSW AUS,10 Emma BLAIR, b. 20 Apr 1847, Market Street, Sydney NSW AUS,11 22 Jun 1847, St Andrew's, C/E, Sydney NSW AUS, (daughter of James BLAIR and Elizabeth WARLTERS). Alexander died 1913, Granville NSW AUS,12 buried: 1913, Rookwood Cemetery NSW AUS. Alexander lived in Port Stephens NSW in 1849 according to his sister Ann who came out on the ship 'Diana' in 1849. Alexander came to Melbourne VIC AUS on the ship 'Catherine Jamieson' then maybe sail from Melbourne on the ship 'Rattler'. Alexander is believed to have given his property of South Bellingen NSW to his sister Mrs Ann Greer.
i Elizabeth V NICHOLSON b. 1865, Sydney NSW AUS,13 m. 1882, in Sydney NSW AUS,14 Frederick William BOWMAN, b. 1862, Patricks Plain NSW AUS,15 (son of Frederick William BOWMAN and Sophia BUNNETT).

3. Ann NICHOLSON also known as: Anne NICHOLSON (1.John1) b. 5 Sep 1829, Dundee, Angusshire SCOTLAND,16 20 Sep 1829, Dundee, Angusshire SCOTLAND,17 ref: 'Diana' 1849, m. 17 Sep 1849, in Shoalhaven NSW AUS,18 Presbyterian, Parish Church, Issac GREER, b. 23 Sep 1827, Belfast, Co.Antrim IRELAND,19 (son of Thomas GREER and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) occupation Carpenter, d. 16 May 1888, Sydney NSW AUS.20 Ann died 15 May 1917, Ashfield NSW AUS,21 buried: 19 May 1917, Rookwood Cemetery NSW AUS,22 Grave # 5466. Ann arrived at Port Jackson NSW on the 13th June 1849 as a housemaid. 'Diana' Microfilm reel no.2459
8. i John Thomas b. 15 Sep 1850.
9. ii Margaret b. 25 Apr 1852.
iii Alexander E GREER b. 5 Apr 1854, Jervis Bay NSW AUS,23 25 Apr 1854, C/E Shoalhaven NSW AUS.
iv Elizabeth GREER b. 31 Jul 1855, Bundannon nr NSW AUS,24 4 Sep 1855, C/E Shoalhaven NSW AUS.
10. v Janet C b. 1857.
vi Ellen A GREER b. 1859, Macleay River NSW AUS.25
11. vii Issac b. 1862.
12. viii Colin Pollock b. 1864.
ix Mark GREER b. 1867, Macleay River NSW AUS,26 d. 3 Dec 1872, Macleay River NSW AUS.27
13. x Varina Agnes b. 1869.
xi Grace N GREER also known as: Grace W GREER b. 1870, Macleay River NSW AUS,28 m. 1891, in Glebe NSW AUS,29 George W R BAILEY, b. 1867, Penrith NSW AUS,30 (son of William BAILEY and Elizabeth A UNKNOWN).
xii Reuben GREER b. 1873, Bellinger River NSW AUS,31 ref: Child, d. 20 Oct 1876, Bellinger River NSW AUS.32
14. xiii Lillian b. 1877.

4. Andrew NICHOLSON (1.John1) b. 10 Sep 1831, Dysart, Fifeshire SCOTLAND,33 25 Sep 1831, Dundee, Angusshire SCOTLAND, m. 1864, in Richmond River NSW AUS,34 Louisa HOSKINE, also known as: Louisa HOSKEN b. 1846, Sydney NSW AUS, 1846, St James C/E Sydney NSW AUS,35 (daughter of William HOSKEN and Louisa UNKNOWN) d. 1933, Grafton NSW AUS.36 Andrew died 28 May 1898, Grafton NSW AUS.
15. i Alfred b. 1866.
16. ii William b. 1868.
iii Ann NICHOLSON b. 1870, Macleay River NSW AUS.37
iv Alexander NICHOLSON b. 1872, Macleay River NSW AUS,38 occupation Goldminer, d. 1942, Grafton NSW AUS.39
v Albert NICHOLSON b. 1873, Bellingen River NSW AUS,40 d. 1940, Ryde NSW AUS.41
vi Edith B NICHOLSON b. 1876, Grafton NSW AUS,42 m. 1903, in Grafton NSW AUS,43 Robert F BALL, b. 1878, NSW AUS,44 (son of John BALL and Sabina UNKNOWN).
17. vii Andrew b. 1879.
viii David NICHOLSON b. 1881, Grafton NSW AUS,45 d. 1943, Drummoyne NSW AUS.46
18. ix Agnes May b. 1883.
x John NICHOLSON b. 1886, Grafton NSW AUS.47
xi Eve NICHOLSON b. 1888, Grafton NSW AUS,48 d. 1888, Grafton NSW AUS.49
xii George NICHOLSON b. c.1893, m. 1918, in Granville NSW AUS,50 Margaret H M BELL.

5. Agnes Alexandrina STEPHENSON also known as: Agnes Allen NICHOLSON (1.John1) b. 17 Feb 1840, Manning River, Taree NSW AUS,51 2 Aug 1840, St James C/E Sydney NSW AUS, m. 18 Mar 1858, in Numbaa NSW AUS,52 Presbyterian, Parish Church, Colin McCole POLLOCK, b. 1837, Strathaird,Glasgow,AYR SCOT, (son of John POLLOCK and Maria McCOLE) ref: shipping 1846, occupation Labourer & Farmer,53 d. 21 Apr 1916, Nana Glen NSW AUS,54 buried: 21 Apr 1916, Nana Glen Methodist Cemetery NSW AUS.55 Agnes died 11 Sep 1916, Yulgilbar, Copmanhurst NSW AUS,56 buried: 12 Sep 1916, Villiers St,Cem. Grafton NSW AUS.57 Agnes lived at BAMERANG,NSW,AUS before she married. Colin: It is believed Colin had a home built by the convicts called 'Strathaird' around Goulburn NSW AUS. Also had a home at Nana Glen NSW AUS called 'Strathmore'.
19. i Mary Anna Margaret b. 1859.
20. ii Margaret Christina b. 1861.
iii Agnes Caroline POLLOCK b. 1864, Goulburn NSW AUS,58 d. <1916.59
21. iv Louisa Alexandria b. 1866.
22. v Caroline Stephenson b. 1 Aug 1868.
vi Colin John Alexander Robert POLLOCK b. 1877, Forbes NSW AUS,60 d. 1889, Grafton NSW AUS.61
23. vii George Herbert Leslie b. 22 Mar 1881.

6. John NICHOLSON (1.John1) b. 17 Aug 1841, Sydney NSW AUS,62 11 Jan 1846, St James C/E Sydney NSW AUS, occupation Mstr Mariner/Farmer, m. 6 Nov 1914, in Redfern NSW AUS, Methodist, Residence of Mary Ann Clement, Mary Ann UNKNOWN, buried: Waverley Cemetery NSW AUS.63 John died 0 Mar 1924, Redfern NSW AUS,64 buried: Waverley Cemetery NSW AUS. John Nicholson Jnr owned land 1871 in South Bellingen in the Never Never Parish portion 48. He skippered the first sailing vessel 'S.S Avon' up to Fernmount & Raleigh NSW wharves where passengers and goods were landed from Sydney NSW AUS. At the time of John death at Redfern NSW AUS he was said to be 83 years old
i No Issue.

7. Isaac David Mills NICHOLSON (1.John1) b. 17 May 1844, Sydney NSW AUS,65 3 Oct 1847, St James C/E Sydney NSW AUS,66 ref: K/A David, occupation General labourer, m. 30 Jun 1877, in Jugiong Creek, Gundagai NSW AUS,67 C/E, St Thomas's, Catherine THOMAS, b. c.1862, (daughter of Henry THOMAS and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) d. 12 Oct 1928, Clarke St, Murrumbarrah NSW AUS,68 buried: 13 Oct 1928, C/E Cemetery Murrumbarrah NSW AUS. Isaac died 11 Sep 1905, Cootamundra NSW AUS,69 buried: 13 Sep 1905, Murrumbarrah C/E Cemetery NSW AUS.
i Margaret C NICHOLSON b. 1879, Burrowa NSW AUS,70 m. 1896, in Murrumburrah NSW AUS,71 William BONNETTE.
ii Ellen Agnes NICHOLSON b. 1881, Burrowa NSW AUS,72 m. 1902, in Murrumburrah NSW AUS,73 James TOUT, b. 1875, Young NSW AUS,74 (son of John TOUT and Eliza Ann HARCOMBE).
iii John David NICHOLSON b. 1883, Burrowa NSW AUS,75 m. 1907, in Young NSW AUS,76 Ann J M A WELTON, b. 1886, Young NSW AUS,77 (daughter of Benjamin WELTON and Mary A HADDON).
iv James NICHOLSON b. 1885, Burrowa NSW AUS,78 m. 1906, in Sydney NSW AUS,79 Annie E TAYLOR.
v Catherine Amelia B NICHOLSON b. 1888, Burrowa NSW AUS,80 ref: K/A Amelia, m. 1905, in Murrumburrah NSW AUS,81 Thomas F JOHNSTON, b. 1853, Whittingham NSW AUS.82
vi George H NICHOLSON b. 1890, Burrowa NSW AUS,83 m. 1913, in Sydney NSW AUS,84 Kate E ROWE, b. 1888, Wellington NSW AUS,85 (daughter of Unnamed UNKNOWN and Martha ROWE).
vii Richard M NICHOLSON b. 1893, Burrowa NSW AUS,86 d. 1917, Murrumbarrah NSW AUS.87
viii Florence G NICHOLSON b. 1894, Burrowa NSW AUS,88 m. 1913, in Murrumburrah NSW AUS,89 Hugh KIRK, b. 1883, Murrumburrah NSW AUS,90 (son of Hugh KIRK and Sarah A THOMPSON).
ix Francis W NICHOLSON b. 1898, Burrowa NSW AUS,91 m. 1921, in Murrumburrah NSW AUS,92 Ethel R SHALLICK, also known as: Ethel R SHALLICH b. 1899, Murrumburrah NSW AUS,93 (daughter of George J SHALLICK and Charlotte A LEMON).

Third Generation

8. John Thomas GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 15 Sep 1850, Shoalhaven NSW AUS,94 15 Sep 1850, St Peter's C/E Sydney NSW AUS, m. 1873, in Macleay River NSW AUS,95 Jane Louisa SULLIVAN, b. 1849, Port Macquarie NSW AUS,96 1849, St Thomas's C/E Port Macquarie NSW AUS, (daughter of William F SULLIVAN and Mary A J UNKNOWN) d. 13 Jul 1923, Bellingen NSW AUS,97 buried: Fernmount Cemetery NSW AUS. John died 1 Oct 1932, Annandale NSW AUS,98 buried: Fernmount Cemetery NSW AUS. Mentioned in the Raleigh Sun Newspaper dated 15th September 1933 John T Greer was the grandson of John Nicholson.
24. i Mary Ann J b. 1874.
ii Rhoda Ethel GREER b. 1876, Boat Harbour NSW AUS.99
25. iii Hector Oscar b. 1878.
26. iv Issac b. 1880.
v John Thomas GREER b. 1885, Macleay River NSW AUS,100 d. 12 Mar 1910, Bellinger River NSW AUS,101 buried: 1910, Fernmount Cemetery NSW AUS.

9. Margaret GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 25 Apr 1852, Shoalhaven NSW AUS, 29 Aug 1852, St Peter's C/E Sydney NSW AUS, m. 1873, in Bellinger River NSW AUS,102 John BOULTON, b. 1846, Houghton NSW AUS,103 1846, Wesleyan/Methodist Ch, Houghton NSW AUS, (son of William BOULTON and Caroline WHATSON) d. 1913, Kempsey NSW AUS.104 Margaret died 1894, Kempsey NSW AUS.105
i William BOULTON b. 1874, Bellinger River NSW AUS.106
ii John BOULTON b. 1875, Bellinger River NSW AUS.107
iii Caroline E BOULTON b. 1877, Bellinger River NSW AUS.108
iv John Bellenger BOULTON b. 1879, Bellinger River NSW AUS,109 d. 1912, Kempsey NSW AUS.110
v Isaac Greer BOULTON b. 1881, Bellinger River NSW AUS,111 d. 1883, Bellinger River NSW AUS.112
vi George E BOULTON b. 1883, Bellinger River NSW AUS.113
vii Roland M BOULTON b. 1887, NSW AUS.114
viii Grace BOULTON b. 1889, Boat Harbour NSW AUS.115
ix Male BOULTON b. 1894, Kempsey NSW AUS,116 d. 1894, Kempsey NSW AUS.117

10. Janet C GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1857, Shoalhaven NSW AUS,118 m. 1879, in Sydney NSW AUS,119 Joseph WATTERS. Janet died 1923, Canterbury NSW AUS.120
i Ellen Ann WATTERS b. 1879, Bellinger River NSW AUS.121
ii Lilian WATTERS b. 1883, Newtown NSW AUS.122

11. Issac GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1862, Macleay River NSW AUS,123 m. 1884, in Bellinger River NSW AUS,124 Vashti BOLTWOOD, also known as: Vashti BOULTWOOD b. 1866, NSW AUS,125 (daughter of James BOLTWOOD and Sarah A GOLDFINCH) d. 1945, Parramatta NSW AUS.126 Issac died 1943, Parramatta NSW AUS.127
i Unnamed GREER b. 1886, Bellinger River NSW AUS,128 d. 1886, Bellinger River NSW AUS.129
ii Sydney M GREER b. 1887, Bellinger River NSW AUS.130
iii Elsie A GREER b. 1888, Bellinger River NSW AUS.131

12. Colin Pollock GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1864, Port Macquarie& Macleay R NSW AUS,132 m. 1887, in Bellingen River NSW AUS,133 Sarah Ann E BENNETT, b. 1868, Macleay River NSW AUS,134 (daughter of Samuel BENNETT and Sarah TAYLOR). Colin died 1942, Kyogle NSW AUS.135
i Lillian P GREER b. 1888, Bellingen NSW AUS.136
ii Eliza I GREER b. 1891, Bellingen NSW AUS.137
iii Henry R GREER b. 1893, Bellingen NSW AUS.138
iv Phylis A GREER b. 1894, Bellingen NSW AUS,139 m. 1919, in Bellingen NSW AUS,140 Ernest W V WEDLOCK, b. 1894, Kempsey NSW AUS,141 (son of John WEDLOCK and Jessie UNKNOWN).
v Reuben B GREER b. 1903, Bellingen NSW AUS,142 m. 1921, in Bellingen NSW AUS,143 Lillian E H JORDAN.

13. Varina Agnes GREER also known as: Parina Agnes GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1869, Macleay River NSW AUS,144 ref: K/A Varrina, m. 1890, in Petersham NSW AUS,145 George CUDLIPP.
i Florence CUDLIPP b. 1891, Sydney NSW AUS.146
ii George J CUDLIPP b. 1893, Marrickville NSW AUS,147 m. (1) 1920, in Canterbury NSW AUS,148 Dudley L QUINN, m. (2) 1927, in Ryde NSW AUS,149 Eileen D BETTINI. George died 1933, Hurstville NSW AUS.150
27. iii James C b. 1895.
iv Harold W CUDLIPP b. 1898, Leichhardt NSW AUS,151 m. 1927, in NSW AUS,152 Elizabeth L HARVEY.
v Agnes F CUDLIPP b. 1901, Leichhardt NSW AUS.153
vi Olga CUDLIPP b. 1903, Annandale NSW AUS,154 m. 1927, in NSW AUS,155 George E HARVEY.

14. Lillian GREER (3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1877, Bellinger River NSW AUS,156 m. 1898, in Annandale NSW AUS,157 Herbert G SHORT.
i Edna L SHORT b. 1900, Annandale NSW AUS,158 m. 1933, in Annandale NSW AUS,159 James WEBSTER.
ii May Josephine SHORT also known as: Josephine May SHORT b. 1903, Annandale NSW AUS,160 m. 1936, in Young NSW AUS,161 William James BARRETT.
iii Malcolm SHORT b. 1909, Petersham NSW AUS,162 m. 1935, in Ashfield NSW AUS,163 Beryl N BROWNE, b. 1935, Ashfield NSW AUS.164
iv Gordon Herbert SHORT b. 1912, Petersham NSW AUS,165 m. 1937, in Sydney NSW AUS,166 Ellen Margaret PHILLIPS.

15. Alfred NICHOLSON (4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. 1866, Macleay River NSW AUS,167 1866, Wesleyan/Methodist Ch.,Kempsey NSW AUS, m. 1892, in Grafton NSW AUS,168 Catherine Wilhelmina Elizabeth HENKEL, ref: K/A Elizabeth.
i May Amelia NICHOLSON b. 1892, Grafton NSW AUS,169 m. 1917, in Grafton NSW AUS, William H THURSTON.
ii Alfred NICHOLSON b. 1895, Grafton NSW AUS.170
iii Solomon NICHOLSON b. 1899,171 occupation Dental Mechanic, m. 1919, in Grafton NSW AUS, Nellie Evelyn RIESON, b. 1901, Drake NSW AUS,172 (daughter of John RIESON and Annie PFINGST).
iv Moreah E NICHOLSON b. 1902.173
v Eileen NICHOLSON b. 1908.174
vi Eric Arthur NICHOLSON b. 1920, NSW AUS, m. 1942, in Grafton NSW AUS,175 Dorothy Rose WATTS.

16. William NICHOLSON (4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. 1868, Macleay River NSW AUS,176 m. 1892, in Grafton NSW AUS,177 Harrietta SHIPMAN, also known as: Harriet SHIPPMAN b. 1872, Berrima NSW AUS,178 (daughter of James SHIPMAN and Mary JURDAN) d. 9 Aug 1923, Grafton NSW AUS, buried: 0 Sep 1923, Grafton Cemetery NSW AUS. William died 1926, Grafton NSW AUS.179
28. i Herbert Donald b. 1893.
ii Alfred Leonard NICHOLSON b. 1895, Grafton NSW AUS,180 m. 1920, in Grafton NSW AUS,181 Gladys May PRITCHARD, b. 1897, Grafton NSW AUS,182 (daughter of John T PRITCHARD and Mary Anne COX). Alfred died 1936, Grafton NSW AUS.183
iii Mary Ellen NICHOLSON b. 1898, Grafton NSW AUS.184
iv Edith NICHOLSON b. 1902, Grafton NSW AUS,185 m. 1921, in Grafton NSW AUS,186 Albert Andrew GRAHAM, b. 1898, Grafton NSW AUS,187 (daughter of Andrew GRAHAM and Flora Ann Mary McLENNAN).
29. v Ernest J b. 1902.

17. Andrew NICHOLSON (4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. 1879, Grafton NSW AUS,188 occupation LorryDvr/TmbrWkr/Carrier, m. 1914, in Grafton NSW AUS,189 Amy Emma CASSON, b. 1897, Hillend NSW AUS,190 (daughter of Robert P CASSON and Emma Jane WARDMAN) d. 2 Jul 1974, Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,191 buried: Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS. Andrew died 9 Oct 1965, Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,192 buried: Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS, Presbyterian, Row 3, Lot 34, (res34).
i Myrtle M NICHOLSON b. 0 Jun 1915, Bellingen NSW AUS,193 m. 1933, in Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,194 Fred DUCK, b. 1911, Taree NSW AUS,195 (son of Herbert DUCK and Noami MATTAN) d. 14 Oct 1965, Royal Prince Alfred Hosp.CamperdownNSW A,196 buried: 16 Oct 1965, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS,197 Presbyterian, Section.
ii Ruby A NICHOLSON b. 0 Oct 1918, Bellingen NSW AUS,198 m. 1934, in Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,199 Reginald G HOFMEIER, b. 1914, Bellingen NSW AUS,200 (son of Henry HOFMEIER and Ethel S M COLLINS). In 1965 Ruby was living at 18 Valley Street, Coffs Harbour, NSW AUS.
iii Clyde Andrew NICHOLSON b. 0 Oct 1920, Bellingen NSW AUS,201 m. 1941, in Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,202 Betty Eileen WILLIAMS.
30. iv Heather Mareah b. c.1917.

18. Agnes May NICHOLSON (4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. 1883, Grafton NSW AUS,203 m. 23 Dec 1905, in Bellingen NSW AUS,204 Presbyterian, Parish Church, George Ethelbert GRAHAM, b. 1878, Maitland NSW AUS,205 (son of Edward GRAHAM and Sarah Jane UNKNOWN).
i John E GRAHAM b. 1906, Grafton NSW AUS.206
ii Keith Olroy GRAHAM b. 1908, Grafton NSW AUS,207 ref: Single, d. 1 Dec 1965, Coffs Harbour Dist.Hospital NSW AUS,208 buried: 3 Dec 1965, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS,209 Presbyterian, Section.
iii Lindsay Gordon GRAHAM b. 1910, Grafton NSW AUS.210
iv George S GRAHAM b. 1912, Bellingen NSW AUS.211
v Hiram F GRAHAM b. 1913, Bellingen NSW AUS.212
vi Kelvin K GRAHAM b. 1914, Bellingen NSW AUS.213
vii Lurline M GRAHAM b. 1917, Bellingen NSW AUS.214

19. Mary Anna Margaret POLLOCK also known as: Mary Annie Margaret/Maria POLLOCK (5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 1859, Goulburn NSW AUS,215 m. 1876, in Forbes NSW AUS,216 Thomas KINGSLAND, b. 1854, Alexandria NSW AUS,217 1854, Congregational Church, Sth Head NSW AUS, (son of Thomas KINGSLAND and Harriot UNKNOWN) d. 1938, Condobolin NSW AUS.218 Mary died 1942, Condobolin NSW AUS.219
i Thomasiana H Ann C KINGSLAND b. 1877, Cowra NSW AUS,220 m. 1899, in Condobolin NSW AUS,221 Charles WHITE.
ii John Thomas KINGSLAND b. 1879, Condobolin NSW AUS,222 m. 1928, in Manly NSW AUS,223 Marguerite T J HICKEY.
iii James W KINGSLAND b. 1882, Condobolin NSW AUS,224 m. 1909, in Condobolin NSW AUS,225 Olive M RIDLEY, b. 1889, Forbes NSW AUS,226 (daughter of William RIDLEY and Kate Mc GRATH).
iv George C KINGSLAND b. 1885, Condobolin NSW AUS.227
v Robert M B KINGSLAND b. 1887, Condobolin NSW AUS,228 m. 1909, in Condobolin NSW AUS,229 Annie E M McDONALD, b. 1894, Tenterfield NSW AUS,230 (daughter of John McDONALD and Margaret COWELL).
vi Mary G S KINGSLAND b. 1890, Condobolin NSW AUS,231 m. 1924, in Condobolin NSW AUS,232 Andrew MUNRO.
vii Ernest L KINGSLAND b. 1892, Condobolin NSW AUS,233 m. 1925, in Rockdale NSW AUS,234 Hazel E COLEMAN, b. 1903, Redfern NSW AUS,235 (daughter of Walter A A COLEMAN and Jane PEAKE).
viii Leon S P KINGSLAND b. 1896, Condobolin NSW AUS,236 m. 1923, in Forbes NSW AUS,237 Grace E MORRISON, b. 1902, Forbes NSW AUS,238 (daughter of William D MORRISON and Sarah Jane CHANDLER).
ix Lyle C A KINGSLAND b. 1898, Condobolin NSW AUS,239 m. 1932, in Marrickville NSW AUS,240 Lillian M PEDDIE, b. 1903, Leichhardt NSW AUS,241 (daughter of James H PEDDIE and Ada UNKNOWN).

20. Margaret Christina POLLOCK (5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 1861, Goulburn NSW AUS,242 m. 1886, in Condobolin NSW AUS,243 Samuel Charles WALLER, b. 1851, Sydney NSW AUS,244 1851, C/E St Andrew's Sydney NSW AUS, (son of John WALLER and Mary A MYERS) d. 1935, Dubbo NSW AUS.245 Margaret died 1930, Ashfield NSW AUS.246
i Hilda G L WALLER b. 1888, Condobolin NSW AUS.247
ii Evered C M WALLER b. 1895, Condobolin NSW AUS.248
iii Irene C M WALLER b. 1898, Condobolin NSW AUS,249 m. 1921, in Wellington NSW AUS,250 Horace W MOWER, b. 1897, Nyngan NSW AUS,251 (son of Arthur W O MOWER and Elizabeth FULLER).

21. Louisa Alexandria POLLOCK (5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 1866, Goulburn NSW AUS,252 ref: K/A "Lou", occupation Smstress Yulgilbar Castle, m. 12 Sept 1894, in Grafton NSW AUS,253 Richard Patrick HAMILTON, b. 1860, Tabulam NSW AUS,254 (son of John HAMILTON and Ellen SHANLEY) ref: K/A "Stan ", occupation Horse Groomsman/Shaufer, d. 1934, Grafton NSW AUS,255 buried: 1934, Villiers St ,Cemetery Grafton NSW AUS. Louisa died Grafton NSW AUS, buried: Villiers St ,Cemetery Grafton NSW AUS.
i Reginald HAMILTON b. c.1895.

22. Caroline Stephenson POLLOCK (5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 1 Aug 1868, 'Strathaird'Goulburn NSW AUS,256 occupation Housewife & Mother, m. 19 Jan 1886, in Condobolin NSW AUS,257 C/E, Church of All Saints, Thomas/Craig HEANEY, also known as: Craig HANNAH or Thomas HANNAH b. 26 Aug 1863, Kilmarnock AYR SCOT,258 (son of James HANNAH and Jane CRAIG) ref: K/A Tom, occupation Bdry Rider,Mnr,& Farmer, d. 11 May 1931, Nana Glen NSW AUS,259 buried: 12 May 1931, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS,260 Presbyterian, Presbyterian Section with wife. Caroline died 21 Mar 1949, Coffs Harbour Dist.Hospital NSW AUS,261 buried: 22 Mar 1949, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS,262 Presbyterian Section with husband. Thomas/Craig: Thomas came out on the ship 'Orontes' arriving at Port Jackson 19 August 1882 as Thomas Hannah aged 18 years from Renfrewshire Scotland.On his marriage certificate he was under the name of Craig Heaney. According to shipping records he had a sister Agnes Hannah. It is believed he was in the Eureka Stockade in VIC AUS. His favourite saying was" By the bloomin' ghost of Moses" heard by Harry Knight, Jean Knight's husband. Tom lived in old Morton's house and Austral Eden.
i Caroline HEANEY b. c.1886, Condobolin NSW AUS, d. c.1890, Dorrigo Mtn NSW AUS, buried: Unmarked grave on Dorrigo Mtn. Oral history says she rode a horse when the family was moving from Condobolin NSW to Nana Glen NSW and the horse threw her and dragged her along by foot in the stirrup. She died instantly and possibly buried on the Dorrigo Mtn NSW. Mentioned on Jane P. A. Heaney birth cert. 1907as two children being deceased.
31. ii Elsie Maud b. 31 Mar 1888.
iii Jane Phyllis Allen HEANEY b. 7 Jun 1889, Condobolin NSW AUS,263 d. 1889, Condobolin NSW AUS.264
32. iv James Craig Horrace b. 7 Jun 1890.
33. v Leslie Craig b. 25th Apr 1892.
34. vi Lillian Stella b. 12 Oct 1894.
35. vii Isabelle Caroline b. 7 Aug 1897.
36. viii Jane Phyllis Allen b. 2 Sep 1907.

23. George Herbert Leslie POLLOCK (5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 22 Mar 1881, Condobolin NSW AUS,265 ref: K/A Herb, occupation Farmer, m. 1906, in Bellingen NSW AUS,266 Elizabeth Anne ROLLINS, b. 1884, Parramatta NSW AUS,267 1884, Wesleyan/Methodist Ch Parramatta NSW AUS,268 (daughter of William ROLLINS and Priscilla PACKER) d. 1 Feb 1937, Nana Glen NSW AUS,269 buried: Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS,270 Methodist, Sec B, Lot 4..271 George died 7 Jul 1954, Nana Glen NSW AUS,272 buried: Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS, Methodist, Sect. B Lot 37.
i Colin Herbert POLLOCK b. 1907, Bellingen NSW AUS,273 ref: K/A Connie, m. 1938, in Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,274 Laura J FRANK, b. 1910, Bellingen NSW AUS,275 (daughter of Charles J FRANK and Isabella McGregor GRAHAM). Colin buried: 15 Feb 1983, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS, Cremated his ashes on father's grave.
ii David W POLLOCK b. 1909, Bellingen NSW AUS.276

Fourth Generation

24. Mary Ann J GREER (8.John3, 3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1874, Bellinger River NSW AUS,277 m. 1911, in Bellingen NSW AUS,278 John Bowie WILSON, b. 1875, Sydney NSW AUS,279 (son of John Bowie WILSON and Elizabeth GOWING).
i Jennie P WILSON b. 1912, Bellingen NSW AUS.280
ii Jack Bowie WILSON b. 1914, Bellingen NSW AUS.281

25. Hector Oscar GREER (8.John3, 3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1878, Bellinger River NSW AUS,282 m. 1907, in Bellingen NSW AUS,283 Ellen Margaret KENNY, b. 14 Feb 1879, Dungog NSW AUS,284 (daughter of Andrew D KENNY and Ellen UNKNOWN) d. 14 Feb 1962, Bellingen NSW AUS,285 buried: Fernmount Cemetery NSW AUS. Hector died 28 Jul 1965, Bellingen NSW AUS,286 buried: Fernmount Cemetery NSW AUS.
i Elma Marie Dorothy GREER b. 1908, Bellingen NSW AUS,287 m. 1937, in Bellingen NSW AUS,288 William LAVENDER, b. 1906, Bellingen NSW AUS,289 (son of William LAVENDER and Lily RADCLIFFE).
ii Holly J GREER b. 1911, Bellingen NSW AUS,290 m. 1940, in Bellingen NSW AUS,291 Raymond BLACKMAN, b. 1912, St Leonards NSW AUS,292 (son of Robert O BLACKMAN and Edith S RAYMOND).
iii Jack Kenneth GREER b. 1913, Bellingen NSW AUS,293 ref: Single, d. 22 Aug 1988, Bellingen NSW AUS,294 buried: Fernmount Cemetery NSW AUS.

26. Issac GREER (8.John3, 3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1880, Bellinger River NSW AUS,295 m. 1904, in Singleton NSW AUS,296 Evelyn M KIRKWOOD.
i Ruth Margaret GREER b. 1916, Petersham NSW AUS,297 m. 1942, in Marrickville NSW AUS,298 John Henry George ROFFEY.
ii Bruce John Kirkwood GREER b. 1914, Narrabri NSW AUS,299 m. 1940, in Marrickville NSW AUS,300 Dorothea Beaumont MARRETT.
iii Jean K GREER b. 1912, Petersham NSW AUS.301
iv Nancy M GREER b. 1909, Petersham NSW AUS,302 m. 1934, in Marrickville NSW AUS,303 Henry K THORNTON, b. 1908, Marrickville NSW AUS,304 (son of Edward THORNTON and Amelia E EASTON).
v Ronald GREER b. 1907, Moree NSW AUS.305
vi Gwendolen N GREER b. 1905, Moree NSW AUS.306

27. James C CUDLIPP (13.Varina3, 3.Ann2, 1.John1) b. 1895, Petersham NSW AUS,307 m. 1918, in Canterbury NSW AUS, Ethel RUFUS.
i Enid Rufus CUDLIPP b. 1920, NSW AUS.

28. Herbert Donald NICHOLSON (16.William3, 4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. 1893, Grafton NSW AUS,308 m. 1920, in Grafton NSW AUS,309 Florence Kathleen DAY, b. 1902, Quirindi NSW AUS,310 (daughter of John DAY and May TURNER).
i Joyce Florence NICHOLSON also known as: Florence Joyce NICHOLSON m. 1939, in Casino NSW AUS,311 Kevin Noore AYSHFORD, ref: K/A Bruce.
ii William George NICHOLSON m. 1944, in Waverley NSW AUS,312 Margaret Mary SHAW.
iii Jack NICHOLSON b. 30 Jul 1924, U/K,313 m. 7 Aug 1951, in Casino NSW AUS,314 Eileen Madge HUNTER. Jack died 1 Jul 1985, Brisbane QLD AUS.315
iv Patrick NICHOLSON b. 17 Mar 1926, Ballina NSW AUS,316 m. 6 Nov 1954, in Casino NSW AUS,317 Estelle Margaret CONNELL. Patrick died 17 Nov 1996, Morayfield QLD AUS.318
v Phyllis NICHOLSON m. Gordon ELLIOTT.
vi Sylvia NICHOLSON m. Andrew CARTOR.
vii Norma NICHOLSON m. Maxwell SHAW.
viii Robyn NICHOLSON m. Peter PAPEZ.
ix Stillborn NICHOLSON b. 1940, Casino NSW AUS.319

29. Ernest J NICHOLSON (16.William3, 4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. 1902, Grafton NSW AUS,320 ref: K/A Bo, occupation Police force, m. 1934, in Grafton NSW AUS,321 Jane JEFFERIES. He owned Freemason Hotel, Prince St, Grafton NSW AUS.
ii Female NICHOLSON.

30. Heather Mareah NICHOLSON (17.Andrew3, 4.Andrew2, 1.John1) b. c.1917, Bellingen NSW AUS, m. 1945, in Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,322 Leslie L MC CANN, also known as: Leslie Mc CONN b. 1889, Kempsey NSW AUS.323
i Dennis MC CANN occupation Motor Mechanic.

31. Elsie Maud HEANEY (22.Caroline3, 5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 31 Mar 1888, Dulbodmy Station,Condobolin NSW AUS,324 m. c.1916, Leslie James PONT, b. 1893, Grafton NSW AUS,325 (son of David PONT and Charlotte E SHIPMAN) d. 14 Feb 1978, Brisbane QLD AUS.326 Elsie died 10 Jun 1966, Brisbane QLD AUS.327 In 1929 Elsie was a grew fruit trees to sell a the harvest at the local market
37. i Irene b. c.1912.
38. ii Arthur b. 1917.
iii Myrtle PONT b. 1920.
iv Alexander PONT b. 1922.
v May PONT b. 1924.
vi Jean PONT b. 6 May 1926, Grafton NSW AUS, m. Alvino BASTIANI.

32. James Craig Horrace HEANEY also known as: Leslie Colin Horrace HEANEY (22.Caroline3, 5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 7 Jun 1890, Coen Down,Mt Hope NSW AUS,328 ref: K/A "Horrie", occupation Boxing Champion&Police Det, m. 1922, in Glebe NSW AUS, Seleania E . LUCK, also known as: Selma E LUCK b. 1901, Blayney NSW AUS,329 (daughter of Peter LUCK and Elizabeth PATRICK) ref: K/A" Jean", d. 1980, Albury NSW AUS, buried: Albury NSW AUS. James died 5 Jan 1972, Albury NSW AUS,330 buried: Albury NSW AUS.
i June HEANEY.
ii Craig HEANEY.

33. Leslie Craig HEANEY (22.Caroline3, 5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 25th Apr 1892, North Yarra,Mt Hope NSW AUS,331 ref: K/A "Les", occupation Bridge Engineer& Farmer, m. 23 Jun 1920, in Grafton NSW AUS,332 Presbyterian, St Andrew's, divorced 1934, Irene Ida Jean CAMERON, also known as: SONJA DOUGHERTY b. 6 Feb 1898, Copmanhurst NSW AUS,333 (daughter of Ewen CAMERON and Marion Matilda MURRAY) ref: K/A "Rennie", occupation Housewife and mother, d. 5 Sep 1977, Coffs Harbour Dist.Hospital NSW AUS,334 buried: 6 Sep 1977, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS,335 Presbyterian, Section 8 Row K No.77. Leslie died 5th Jun 1969, Port Macquarie NSW AUS,336 buried: 6th Jun 1969, Port Macquarie NSW AUS,337 Presbyterian, Section 5 Row N No.15. Private Leslie Craig Heaney No.3412,49th Battlion.Enlisted on the 18th Dec 1916 and Returned 15th January 1919 as a Lewis Machine Gunner No.1. Irene: Irene changed her name by deed poll.
39. i Jack b. 25th Apr 1921.
40. ii Edna b. 24th May 1924.
41. iii Colin b. 10 Jun 1929.

34. Lillian Stella HEANEY (22.Caroline3, 5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 12 Oct 1894, Bobadak, Nymagee NSW AUS,338 ref: K/A "Stella", m. 4 Jul 1914, in Grafton NSW AUS,339 James HENRY, b. 26 Sep 1889, Boat Harbour NSW AUS,340 (son of James HENRY and Ellen Margaret CLARKE) d. 20 Nov 1919, Battles Select. Malanda QLD AUS,341 buried: 21 Nov 1919, C/E Section, Atherton Cemetery QLD AUS. Lillian died 4 Oct 1974, Ipswich QLD AUS,342 buried: Queensland AUS.
i Eva May HENRY b. 23 Dec 1914, Kilcoy QLD AUS,343 ref: K/A Ena, m. (1) divorced, Carodog William PARRY, b. 1902,344 d. 1973,345 m. (2) divorced, Roylance PARKER, b. 1919.346 Eva died 0 Feb 1986, Caloundra QLD AUS.347
ii Lillian Caroline HENRY b. 17 Jun 1917, Kilcoy QLD AUS,348 m. 30 Jan 1937, in Ipswich QLD AUS,349 Basil TUCKER, b. 15 Nov 1915, Ipswich QLD AUS, (son of David TUCKER and Matilda WALL) d. 21 May 1986, Ipswich QLD AUS.350 Lillian died 10 Nov 1996, Ipswich QLD AUS.351

35. Isabelle Caroline HEANEY (22.Caroline3, 5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 7 Aug 1897, 'Strathmore' Orara River NSW AUS,352 ref: K/A Honey/Bella, m. 1917, in Bellingen NSW AUS,353 Raymond Erile James HOLLAND, b. 1892, Gosford NSW AUS,354 (son of James Mima HOLLAND and Elizabeth HENRY) ref: K/A Ray, occupation Timber worker, d. 19 May 1964, Lowanna NSW AUS, buried: Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS, Presbyterian, Row 10 Lot 34. Isabelle died 7 May 1981, Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,355 buried: 8 May 1981, Coffs Harbour Hist.Cemetery NSW AUS.356
i Phyllis Lenore HOLLAND b. 1918, Grafton NSW AUS,357 m. (1) 1938, in Coffs Harbour NSW AUS,358 Lance Edwin PEDDELL, b. 1917, Armidale NSW AUS,359 (son of Walter Charles PEDDELL and Ina WHIPPS) d. 26 Oct 1956, NSW AUS,360 buried: Laurieton Cemetery NSW AUS, Anglican, Section 10 no.37, m. (2) Robert TRANTER.
ii Lyle HOLLAND b. c.1920, ref: K/A Boy, m. Unnamed DAWSON.
iii Bernadette HOLLAND b. c.1922, m. Esmond Grafton TRANTER, b. 27 Oct 1927, Grafton NSW AUS, (son of George Henry TRANTER and Annie Madeline HOLMES). Bernadette died c.1985.

36. Jane Phyllis Allen HEANEY (22.Caroline3, 5.Agnes2, 1.John1) b. 2 Sep 1907, Grafton NSW AUS,361 m. 1935, in Grafton NSW AUS, Eric WATTS, b. 1898, Annandale NSW AUS,362 (son of Charles E WATTS and Annie B LAUGHTON). Jane died 1 Sep 1995, East Hills,Sydney, NSW AUS.363
42. i Craig John b. c.1936.
43. ii Carol Phyllis b. c.1938.
44. iii Janice Margaret b. c.1940.
45. iv William Allan b. c.1950.

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Contributed by: Jeanette Egan

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