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Cemeteries & Burial Records
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Dorrigo Burials (1927-1937)

The following entries are listed according to the entry no. name, age - date of death - date of burial - religion - cemetery - witnesses - cause of death - notes.  To search for the surname you are interested in use the Edit/Find function of your browser.

1. Samuel James SHORT, aged 53 years died 29th May, buried 31st May 1927, Church of England portion Dorrigo Cemetery. alongside F.C. Stennett (left)

2. Betty Edna June MARTIN aged 4 days, infant daughter of William A. Martin Cascade, died and buried 17th June 1927. Roman Catholic portion Dorrigo Cemetery - second little grave on left hand side of Sid Caseys little girl.

3. Arthur Henry PROBERT, aged 74 years died 17th June, buried 19th June 1927, Methodist portion Dorrigo Cemetery. Beside Wilsons little boy. Rev Gray.

4. Edna May WILLETT aged 18 years 11 months died 22nd July buried 23rd July 1927. Church of England portion. Witnesses W.G. Francis, F. Jarrett. Alongside Mrs.Bailey (Grandmother) left.

5. Elizabeth GIDDINS, aged 75 years died 25th August, buried 26th August 1927. Church of England portion. Witnesses Jas Kirkland, E. Brown. - left side Sam Short.

6. Jean Alberta WALKER aged 52 years died 5th September buried 6th September 1927. Church of England portion. Witnesses R.R.Blair, C.E.Harrigan - left side Mrs. Giddins.

7. Baby FRIEND, hour old died 13th September buried 14th September 1927. Roman Catholic portion.

8. Baby SHADEL, stillborn, 8th October buried 9th October, child of Thelma Claver Shadel

9. Timothy MALONE aged 31 years died 16th October buried 17th October 1917. Roman Catholic Portion. Witnesses J. McCann, F. Owen

10. Eileen Ann GRAY aged 18 years, died 30th January 1928, Church of England portion. Witnesses E. Brown, H. Marks. Left side of her mother (Mrs. Bill Smith)

11. Shirley HUTTON-COGHLAN aged 8 months infant daughter of Frank Hutton-Coghlan died and buried 8th February 1928. Roman Catholic portion. Witnesses J. Howard, G. Spokes.

12. Archibald James PERRY, aged 41 years, drowned in Kirtons Creek, Leigh, in flood on Sunday 19th February, found on Monday, corpse forwarded from Raleigh to Lismore on Tuesday 21st February 1928. Church of England - interred Lismore

13. Ronald Thomas JAMES, stillborn, infant of J.T. James. born 26th February, buried 27th February 1928. Methodist portion T. Farmer and J.T.James witnesses. No. Infant grave. Rev G. Gray.

14. Elizabeth BOXWELL, aged 59 years died Bellingen hospital 4th March, Buried 5th March, 1928 Church of England portion. J. Cottell, L. Fredericks witnesses. Left side of Mrs. S.T.Walker. Rev Alexander

15. Margaret HILL, aged 81 years, died 22nd buried 23rd April 1928 Bellingen cemetery Church of England. W.C.Maher, R.B.Rose witnesses. Cannon Madden

16. Ann RICE aged 64 years, died 29th April at Tyringham, buried 30th April, 1928 Church of England, Dorrigo cemetery, J.H. Jones, P. Earea (witnesses) (diabetes). Left side of Mrs. E. Boxsell. Rev.Alexander.

17. Lavinia Ann TUTING aged 73 years, died 25th April, 1928 buried 28th April. Non Sectarian. Witnesses I,(?) McFarland, W.Bain, G. Baker. First grave right hand side of Mr. and Mrs. Johnston. (senile decay) G. Baker

18. Ethel Maud DILLON aged 31, died 31st May, 1928, buried 1st June, 1928. Church of England. Witnesses F. Scott, A. Griffith. side her sister Ida McGeorge. (consumption) Rev. Alexander.

19. Baby FRANCIS, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Francis, stillborn and buried 13th July, 1928. Witnesses H.W.Francis, E.A.Murray. No. 2 infant grave Methodist. Rev. Mr. Marsh.

20. Noreen Florence FREDERICKS, infant daughter of Harold Fredericks, aged 4 months, died 6th August buried 7th August, 1928 Witness A. Fredericks. (pleurisy) In J. Stevensons grave. Rev Alexander.

21. Maurice James PRICE, infant son of W.A.Price, Fernbrook, aged 3 months, died 28th September, buried 29th September, 1928, Church of England. Witness W.H.Price. (gastro interitis) at foot of Fredericks. Dgo side of Murrells headstone. Rev Alexander.

22. Florence Nellie HILL, aged 12 years died and buried 10th October, 1928. Witnesses W.H.Maher, E. Brown. (paralytic stroke heart seizure). No 3 Methodist grave. Mr. Marsh.

23. Annie RYAN, aged 45 years, died 27th January, buried 28th January, 1929. Witnesses, James Towell, S.J.Cork (heart trouble and fit) down from tree. Father McDonnell. Roman Catholic.

24. Charles Donald WILSON, aged 65 years died 16th February, buried 17th February, 1929. Witness A.Black. (heart failure). Church of England next fence, end of row near gate. Rev. Alexander.

25. Patrick RYAN, aged about 60 years. died midnight buried 11th March 1929. Witnesses W.Bullen, Pat Moriarty (cancer) Father McDonnell. Roman Catholic.

26. Richard John KERRISON, aged 7 months died 21st buried 22nd March, 1929. Witnesses Cecil W. Turner, S. Cormish (gastro interitis) next to Hutton baby. Father McDonnell, Roman Catholic.

27. Irene GRAY, aged 12 years died 1st in Grafton, buried 2nd May 1929. Witnesses H. Smith, W. Bullen. (heart trouble) near Mrs. Dillon Iron railing. Church of England Rev. Alexander.

28. Richard WARBY, aged about 32 years found shot 6th, buried 7th June 1929. Witnesses Gus Stickney, John D. Ryan. General portion. Mr.H.L.Marsh.

29. Eric Ceceil PARKER, aged 3 years 7 months, died 14th buried 15th June, 1929. Witnesses Theo Maker, W.J.Ebbs. (Laryngeal Diptheria). Dgo side Irene Gray. Church of England. Rev. F.G.Alexander.

30. Robert Joseph CHALK, aged 49 years, died 17th buried 18th June 1929. Witnesses Uegn Wang, Geo Anderson. (heart - cronic endoraditis?). Dgo side of Mrs. Ryan. Father McDonnell, Roman Catholic.

31. Donald James MCGUIRE, aged 45 years 11 months died 26th buried 27th July 1929. Witnesses W.A.Shephard, H.A.Kirkland. (cerebral emboliam) near "Wooddlands". Captin Houghton. Salvation Army, Methodist portion.

32. Donald Herbert BROOKS, aged 7 days, died 29th buried 30th July 1929. Witnesses F.V.Brookes, H.L.Marsh. (premature) - in sisters grave No. 7 Methodist. Rev H.L.Marsh.

33. Elizabeth Josephine DEVINE, aged 12 years and 10 months died 22nd buried 24th August 1929. Witnesses John S. Frazer, H.M.Fredericks (cronic endoratitis) Roman Catholic portion. Father Fry of Kempsey.

34. James MCCANN, aged 65 years found dead 24th November , buried 25th November 1929. Roman Catholic portion. Witnesses James McCann John McCann. Father Nicol

35. Marie Jean SMITH, aged 14 months died 10th December, buried Fredericton 12th December 1929. Methodist, W.T.Smith Moroia Witnesses C.E.O'Dell, S.Wedlock (acute gastrointeritis - meningitis) Rev.G.A.Knight

36. David John JONES, aged 78 years died 3rd April buried 4th April 1930 Methodist portion. Witnesses Fred Long, James Towell -Mrs. James father. (asthma, myocarditis) Mr. H.L. Marsh

37. Eunice Bertha INSKIP, aged 14 years died 19th April buried 21st April 1930 Church of England portion. Witnesses G.R.Brooker, C. Harris (poisining) - beside Connie Dillon - Rev Alexander

38. Aileen Elizabeth Booth CANNON, aged 2 years died 28th June buried 29th June 1930. Roman Catholic portion. Witnesses J. Howard, S. Smyth (Pneunocoical meningitis (Bellingen hospital) Father McDonnell Con. Booth's child next to "Chalk"

39. Baby WADLING, stillborn 19th July buried 21st July 1930, Church of England portion. Witnesses C. Wadling, G. Edwards. Rev. Alexander.

40. William Frederick COTMORE, aged 72 years died 10th August, buried 11th August 1930. Church of England. Witnesses Geo Keft. R.G.Connor (angina pectoris, cronic endorarditis) Tyringham. Rev F.G.Alexander

41. Heather May SIMPSON, aged 1 year 10 months died 10th August buried 11th August 1930. Church of England. Witnsses G.R.Brooker, J.S. Kelloway. (Diptheria) Trailstony. Rev. F.G.Alexander. W.G. Simpson.

42. Elizabeth HARRIGAN, aged 16 years died 13th September buried 14th September 1930. Methodist portion. Witnesses. A.A.Nelson, H. Fredericks (fracture base skull) No. 21 Methodist. Mr. H.L.Marsh.

43. Mary Jane TAYLOR, aged 71 years died 25th September buried 26th September 1930. Church of England. Witness R. Grace, M.A.G. McKay. (senility and heart) Rev F.G.Alexander

44. William JACKSON, aged 59 yars died 16th March buried 16th March 1931. Church of England. Witnesses J.R.Bernie, P.C.Sellers (acute myocarditis) Rev. F.G.Alexander

45. Edward GRAHAM, aged 71 years died 17th March, buried 18th March, 1931. Methodist portion. Witnesses J. Pamiell, E.A.Murray. (carbuncle of neck) No. 18 Methodist reserve 19. Mr. H.l.Marsh.

46. Baby FRIEND, stillborn 10th May buried 11th May 1931. Witnesses A.C.Friend, F.N.Hill - Roman Catholic portion.

47. Roy Thomas DALE, died 18th June buried 19th June 1931. Witnesses B.T.Dale, V. Barton (imbeile) Church of England. Rev. Alexander. Bellingen side Jackson

48. Charles Edwin ELKS, aged 32 years died 22nd August buried 23rd August 1931. Witnesses J. Snell, J.F.McCarthy - Ebor Cemetery. Rev F.G.Alexander, Church of England (suicide, strychnine)

49. Lloyd Richard BOWERN, aged 16 years and 3 months died 31st August, buried 1st September 1931. Witnesses S.J.Cook, James Noble. Church of England (cronic rheumatic endocarditis) Rev. F.G.Alexander - Bell side Roy Dale.

50. Thomas WRIGHT, aged 75 years, died 11th September buried 12th September 1931. Church of England. Witnesses Cyril H. Turner, P.J.Marsden. (broncho pneumonia) Top row, above Mrs. Neaves, reserve grave Dgo side.

51. Allan William SMITH, aged 14 months died 2nd October buried 3rd October 1931, non sectarian. Witnesses F. Gibson. A. Wright - Miss Morgan, Evangelist (broncho pneumonia)

52. George BRADFIELD, aged 51 years died 18th December buried 19th December, Church of England. Witnesses John A. Devine. Fred K. Stallard. (carcinoma of stomach) Rev. F.G.Alexander - behind Grace.

53. John George DIETZ, aged 76 years died and buried 22nd December 1931. Witnesses T.W.Frewin, W. Blackley. Church of England (cerebral thrombosis)

54. Gloria Marline LULHAM, gaed 10 months daughter of Thomas Daniel Lulham died 25th buried 26th December 1931 Witnesses Thomas Lulham. W.G.Hilder. Roman Catholic. Father MacDonald. Bell side Mrs. Ryan. (mongolism, congenetal)

55. John CAISLEY, aged 73 years died 17th February and buried 17th February, 1932. Witnesses T. J. Coultan, P. Sellers. Church of England. Rev. F.G.Alexander (accident followed by pneumonia)

56. June TOMS, aged 7 days, died and buried 10th March 1932 (twin) Witnesses Arthur Dale, Lillian Brown. Rev. Alexander (premature)

57. Joan TOMS, aged 9 days, died and buried 12th March 1932 (twin) Witnesses L. Bennett, K.F. Dale. Rev Alexander (premature)

58. Baby PERKINS, (girl) aged 3 days died 8th buried 9th April, 1932 Witnesses Lottie Cavanaugh. G.S.Cooper. Church of England. Rev. Alexander (epileptic convulsions).

59. Joseph JENNINGS, aged 77 years died 18th buried 19th April 1932. Witnesses A.McFarland, H.T.Shaw. Nonsectarian. W. M. Bain

60. Donald James WASHINGTON, aged 1 year 10 months died 30th buried 31st May 1932. Witnesses C.J.Blyth. S.W.Greigg. Church of England. Bell side Baby Jenkins. (Laryngitis)

61. James Lindsay SMITH, aged 66 yers died 8th June buried 9th June 1932. Witnesses H. Francis, M. Smith. Church of England. Rev. Alexander. (erebral haemorrhage)

62. Mary Ann PROBERT, aged 74 years died 21st buried 22nd June, 1932, Witnesses James Towell, James Edwards. Methodist. Rev.E.T.Walker. Dgo side Mr. Probert. (senile dementia)

63. James EDWARDS, aged 64 killed 24th buried 26th June 1932. Witnesses S.J.McMinn, V. Barton. Methodist. Rev. E.T.Walker. Dgo side of Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston. (accident, tree)

64. Ellie WALKER, aged 46 years died 8th July 1932 buried 9th July 1932. Witnesses Bruce Miller. John Mullen. Ebor Church of England. Rev. F.G.Alexander (cancer of stomach)

65. Charles Henry Edwards LLOYD, aged 62 yers died 13th July, buried 15th July 1932 Wtnesses H. Jansenn, V. Barton. Church of England. Rev. Alexander (heart seizure)

66. Robert James RIDLEY, aged 4 days died 2nd August buried 3rd August, 1932. Son of W.R.W.Ridley Cascade. Witness R. Ridley. F. Hill. Church of England. Rev. Alexander (premature).

67. Bruce METCALF, aged 7 days died 14th August buried 15th August, 1932. sonof Ernest Leslie Metcalf Megan?. Witnesses T.D.Metcalf, M. Chapman. Church of England. Rev Alexander (atelactasis from mincons accumulations)

68. George Crisp EDWARDS, aged 82 years died 14th October, 1932 buried 15th October 1932. Witnesses L.Gilligan, H. Sly. Church of England. Rev. Alexander (old age)

69. Peter Gordon DURIE, aged 32 years died 14th Octobr buried 16th October, 1932. Witnesses R. Cook, R. Lee. No. 22 Coramba cemetery. Rev. E.T. Walker (hanging).

70. Charles INSKIP, aged 64 years died 26th December buried 27th December 1932. Witness H. Fredericks. H Sly. Rev. Alexander (sarcoma of liver)

71. Fay FREDERICKS, infant daughter of A. Fredericks aged 9 months died 18th buried 19th February 1933. Witnesses A. Wright, C. Graham. Rev Alexander in Mrs. Boxall's grave. (sporadic cerebro spinal meningitis.

72. Winifred Jessie PARANCE, aged 7 years died 20th buried 21st March 1933. Witnesses A.J.Simpson, M.V. Vidler. Rev. Alexander. (heart).

73. Thomas METCALFE, aged 78 years died 9th buried 10th May 1933. Witnesses W.W.Mark, J.R.Durie. Rev Alexander

74. Brian BRIGGS, 1 day old ied 12th May buried 13th May, 1933. Witnesses G.L.Briggs, G.L.Briggs Snr. (premature) Rev. Alexander, Church of England.

75. Owen William FLEMING, aged 47 years died 3rd buried 4th April, 1934. Witnesses C.A.Morris, V. Fleming. In Williamsons enclosure. Rev. Alexander Church of England.

76. Margaret Catherine PAUL, stillborn daughter of James and Isobel Paul, born 7th buried 9th July, 1934. Witnesses Wm.Bain, W.T.Paul. Open section. W.Bain officiated. Beside George Bain.

77. Albert Edward MOORE, aged 59 years died 19th July, buried 20th July, 1934. Witnesses H. Shervey..Macindole ?Macindoe.. (Suicide, shooting). Rev. Alexander Church of England.

78. Eberhardt Gustav STOECHERT, aged 57 years died 27th November buried 29th November 1934. Witnesses G.R.Brooker, James Walmsley. Rev Alexander Church of England (heart failure).

79. Albert William WILLIAMS, aged 28 years died 28th November 1934. removed to Guyra for burial (result mill accident)

80. Charles William NOBLE, aged 44 years died 26th January buried 27th January 1935. Witnesses H.T.Short, W.H.Woodroof. Methodist Rev C.C.Cashin (chronic edocarditis)

81. Mary Ellen GIDDENS, aged 46 years died 13th February buried 14th February 1935. Witnesses S.J.Cork, J.Parnell (?Powell). Rev F.G.Alexander (cerebral hemorrhage) 

82. Joseph HALLETT, aged 71 years died 20th buried 23rd May 1935. Witnesses H.T.Short, A.J.Dale. Methodist Rev C.C.Cashin (accident Sydney Hospital)

83. Enos Alexander MURRAY, aged 65 years died 25th buried 27th May 1935. Witnesses H.T. Short, E.W.Cork, Methodist No. 6 Rev. C.C.Cashin (peruetious anaemia??).

84. Mary Ann INSHIP, aged 65 years died 31st August buried 1st September 1935. Witnesses E.Brown, H. Sly. Church of England Rev.F.G.Alexander - in family enclosure (cerebral haemorrhage - stroke)

85. John WILLIAMSON, aged 88 years died 1st September buried 2nd September 1935. Witnesses A.H.Peake, H.Sly. Church of England - beside family enclosure. Rev F.G.Alexander (senile decay)

86. Tryphena SHORT, aged 93 years died 21st January buried 22nd January 1936. Witnesses H.T.Short, Hedley Doust. Methodist Rev.C.C.Cashin (senile decay).

87. Baby Arthur TYLER, infant of R. Tyler, Tyringham, 3rd March 1936. Methodist near Reid baby.

88. Daniel INSKIT, aged 71 years died 3rd June buried 4th June 1936. Witnesses W.H.Shaw, R. Grace. Church of England. Rev. Alexander (senile decay).

89. Kathleen Florence DALE (DOLE?), AGED 44 YEARS DIED 21ST June, buried 22nd June 1936. Witnesses N. McCarthy, T. James. Rev F.G.Alexander (surgical operation).

90. John Henry RICHARDS, aged 14 months. North Dorrigo died 27th buried 28th September, 1936, Witnesses F.W.Hewitt, H.W. Haydon. Church of England. Rev F.G.Alexander. Bellside of G. Edwards Senior.

91. Charles William FRANCIS, aged 73 years died 4th buried 5th November 1936. Witnesses R> Grace, R. Noble. Methodist portion near C Noble. Captain Davies.

92. Francis Lachlan ELKS, aged 19 years died 10th November buried 12th Novembr 1936. Witnesses J.K.Sales, J.R. Mowle (accidental drowning) Rev Alexander Ebor cemetery.

93. Dorothy Winifred BAKER, aged 15 years died 21st November, buried 23rd November 1936. Witnesses M. Owen, J.R.Paul (pneumonia) open portion near Mrs. Tuting. Mr. R. Renfrew

94. William George PHILLIPS, aged 63 years died 3rd February buried 4th February 1937. Witnesses W.E.Knight, T.G.Riley, Father Bradley, Roman Catholic side of mother (stroke)

95. June Elizabeth MC KENZIE, aged 1 month died and buried 21st June, 1937. Witnesses R.R.Stinson, P.N.McKenzie, Church of England, Rev. Alexander third from G. Edwards.

NOTE: Stewart had

Mr. Johnstone June 1927
Jack Schmidt October 1927
Mrs. Farmer November 1929
Bill Curran April 1930
Mrs Ryan April 1930
Jimmy Joyce May 2 1930
Mrs. Sharp June 17 1930
G. Kennedy (Bryants) June 27 1930
Mrs. P.Smith (Maynards) August 1 1930
Mrs. Donaghue (J.S.White) May 15 1930

Contributed by Gwen Lamie

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