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Bellingen Public School Girls Knitting League
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The Bellingen Public School Girls Knitting League was formed on 11 February 1917 with an initial membership of nine girls, which grew by 1st August to number sixty-six, of whom twenty-one were boys. Each member paid a subscription of one penny.

In addition to raising £15 8s 0d from a street stall held on France's Day 21st July 1917, used to purchase clothing dispatched to the French-Australian League of Help, during the year on behalf of the "Boys at the Front" the League made for individual soldiers and the Red Cross: 152 pairs of socks, 12 pairs Mittens, 8 Balaclava Caps, 2 Mufflers, 32 Eye bandages, 1 pr Kneecaps, 12 Pillow slips, 6 Shirts, and 16 Christmas Parcels.


Anderson, Dorris
Anderson, Lily
Bennett, Dot
Boultwood, Beryl
Boultwood, Ray
Cobcroft, Florence
Cobcroft, Kitty
Cook, Gladys
Cook, Mabel
Craig, Alma
Falconer, Bessie
Foster, Hughie
Foster, Maud
Franks, Eva
Franks, Laura
Franks, Wilfred
Hammond, Dorothy
Hammond, Laura
Hammond, Thelma
Higgens, Marie
Hooker, Lena
Hughes, Elma
Huthnance, Frank
Huthnance, Jack
Huthnance, Winnie
Jordon, Ettie
Jordan, Roy
Ken, Donald
Knight, D
Knight, Marjory
Kethel, Eva
Kethel, Mrs.
Lavender, Jack
Lavender, May
Lavender, Molly  
Lavender, Willie
Lean, Miss.
McCristal, Ivy
McEwan, Enid
McEwan, Mrs.
McGilvray, Lorna
McIlvenie, Jessie
McIlvenie, Lawrence
McIlvenie, Roy
Miles, Cecil
Miles, Harry
Moody, Edna
Moody, Mavis
Moody, Tom
Mosman, Eric
Piggott, Rita
Raymond, Harry
Raymond, Lilian
Raymond, Rene
Rowe, Ida
Rose, Hermoine
Shorter, Eileen
Tarrant, George
Walker, Annie
Watson, Nina
Watson, Noel
Webb, Noreen
Winter, Harry
Winter, Ivan
Wunderlich, Maisie
Yeoman, Eddie

Source: Extracted for GenWeb by John Raymond from the Knitting League's Record Book.

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