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The first newspaper to be founded in the Bellingen, Nambucca & Coffs Harbour district was The North Coast Times. It was established on 26 November 1886 by Joseph Mackay at Fernmount, which at that time was the largest community between the Macleay and the Clarence Rivers. It was followed by The Northern Courier  established at Fernmount in 1889 by Henry Boultwood. The North Coast Times ceased production in 1890 and was replaced by The Raleigh Sun  in 1892. In time The Raleigh Sun merged with the The Northern Courier to form The Bellinger Courier-Sun, which has continued to this day as a weeky publication much valued by the local community.

For a full history of the Bellinger River newspapers and their proprietors see:  And here is the news - from the Bellinger Valley : 100 years of local newspapers, by Norman Braithwaite (Bellinger Valley Historical Society, 1989).


Bellingen Shire Library - no microfilm holdings of early newspapers

Bellinger Valley Historical Society - the Society has a microfilm reader/copier available at the museum for use by researchers on Tuesdays from 10am to 4pm - other days by prior arrangement.  Holdings include indexes to subject and personal name mentions in various publications and local newspapers.  Microfilm holdings are :

The North Coast Times  Dec 7, 1888 to Nov 15, 1889
The Raleigh Sun  Jan 7, 1898 to Dec 6, 1940 (not held Jun 1918 to Jan 1924)
The Northern Courier & County of Raleigh Advocate  Sep 7, 1897 to Dec 25, 1907 (not held Jan 1901 to Jan 1903)
The Nambucca News Jan 8, 1909 to Dec 15, 1911
The Nambucca & Bellinger News Jan 12, 1912 to Dec 12, 1919 (not held for 1916 & 1917)
The Coffs Harbour Advocate Jan 2, 1918 to Dec 14, 1918

Coffs Harbour City Library - a microfilm reader/copier is available.  Microfilm holdings are :

The North Coast Times Dec. 7, 1888 to Nov. 15, 1889
The Raleigh Sun  Jan. 7, 1898 to Dec. 21, 1906 (gap Dec 26, 1902 to Jun 9, 1903)
The Coffs Harbour Advocate Apr. 9, 1907 to May 29, 1999

Nambucca Shire Library - no microfilm holdings of early newspapers

NSW State Reference Library - Microfilm holdings are :

The North Coast Times Dec. 7, 1888 to Nov. 15, 1889
The Raleigh Sun Jan. 7, 1898-1906; 1898-1918; 1924-1926; 1931
The Northern Courier & County of Raleigh Advocate Sept. 7, 1897-Dec. 25, 1907 ; Aug 3, 1921-Dec. 21, 1926; 1931; Aug. 3, 1892
The Bellinger Courier-Sun Feb. 1952-1994

University of New England - Dixon Library - details of newspaper holdings not available


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