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Town Block Owners
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Town Block Owners :: the owners are arranged roughly from North to South and East to West in the relevant streets.

Bellingen Location Map from 1908 Town Map

Recreation & Flora 165, 166, 167, 168 River St
Anderson, David 164, River St
Matthews, F T 169, River St
Matthews, F T 170, 171 Hyde St
Waddell, W 163, 172
Allan, J 5 Short St
Waddell, William 6 Short St
Anderson, David 7 Short St
Mackay, Joseph 8, 9 Short St
McLoughlin, Austin 11
Raymond, H M C 10 Hyde St
Tyler, James 4
Bird, Samuel 3 Hyde St
Pulsford, T W 2 Hyde St
Roman Catholic Church 1 Hyde St
Police Hyde St
Public School Hyde St
Bennett, Henry 4, 5, 6, 7 Hyde St
Bird, Hudson 2, 3, Hyde St
Panton, F G 1, 8 Church St
Rigney, J 8 Hyde St
Bennett, Elizabeth 5 Hyde St
Presbyterian Church 4 Hyde St
School of Arts 3 Hyde St
Parsonage 2 Hyde St
Church of England 1 Hyde St
Moody, E H H 9 William St
Considine, Patrick 10 William St
McNally, Henry 12 William St
Anderson, P J 4 Hyde St
Vale, C E 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 William St
Watson, Edward 1 William St
Bennett, Henry 4 William St
Michell, F A 3 William St
Redstone, James 2 William St
McCarty, J F 1 William St
Piggott, S J 8 South St
McNally, Henry 9 South St
Anderson, D 10 South St
Considine, Patrick 11 South St
Vale, C E 12 South St
Anderson, D 13, 14 South St
Bennet, Henry 5 South St
Rigney, John 6 South St
Redstone, James 7 South St
McCarthy, J F 8 South St
McNally, Henery 6, 7 South St
Bird, Hudson 4, 5 South St
Mathews, F T 1, 2, 3 South St
Piggott, S J 3 South St
Grant, W H 2 South St
Goulding, Catharine 1 South St
Moody, E H H 8 Bowra St
McNally, Henry 9, 10 Bowra St
Hammond, M D 11, 12, 14 Bowra St
Considine, Patrick 13 Bowra St
Frisby, Janet 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Bowra St
Lovell, Theresa 381 Bowra St
Smith, R J 382 Bowra St
Jordan, R H 363, 364 Bowra St
Bennett, Rebecca 365, 366 Bowra St
Watson, Edward 367, 368 Bowra St
Moody, E H H 369, 370 Northcote St (?)
Kirkland, H W Bowra St (Recreation)
Cemetery Church St
Bellingen Park Church St
Wheatley, A J 382 Church St
Manusu, F H 383, 386 Church St
Neuhans, C G 384 Church St
Rigney, Sarah 387 Church St
Public Pound Church St
Hospital 267 Northcote St (?) & Bowra Rd
Winter, John P 412 Bowra Rd
Brown, James 266 Northcote St (?)
Moody, E H H 371 Northcote St (?)
Moody, Rebecca 372 nr Northcote St (?)

Much land on the immediate boundary of the Village area was owned by Patrick McNally (to the East) and E M Hammond and E H H Moody (to the South) and Janet Ide (to the West).

Bellingen Bowling Club were seeking part of a reserve in Bowra Street.

The Post Office and Fire Station sites were established in Hyde St.

Note that Hyde Street is from Boat Harbour in the West and from Fernmount in the East.

Contributed by: Paul Hanly

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