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Thomas Landrigan

Thomas Landrigan came out as a Bounty Immigrant with his wife Margaret and one year old son Jeremiah. They arrived on the Alfred on the 6 January 1839; everyone on the ship were brought out by a Captain John T. E. Flint, who had two different plots of land in Melbourne (but only had them for a short time and then sold them).  It is unlikely that Thomas worked for him as he had children registered in Maitland. I don't know where he got the money to pay the bounty money as it was fifty one pounds which was a lot at that time.

Thomas had a farm on Palmers Island, plots 45 and 46. His sons Thomas and John were not married but Jeremiah (mine) and Michael were. John is buried at Deep Creek Cemetery. His mother, Thomas' wife, is buried at Maclean. I think Michael's wife must of had an accident as she died of fractured femur and Acute Septic Pneumonia and a dilated heart. She left a young family. Her family must of came from Palmers Island as well, her name was Hannah Mary Jackman; on her death certificate her brother's name was J. F. Jackman of Palmers Island.  I am waiting on his and his wife's death certificates.

That all I know at the moment

By: Lorraine Collier

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