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Convict Records


Historical Records NSW

Historic Records Clarence River
Clarence River: Personal Papers of Prime Minister Page; Speeches by Sir Earle Page (re visit to Africa, referendum, decentralisation, local development, Clarence River hydro-scheme, National Health and Services Bill)
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Clarence River: Premier's Dept NSW; Development of Clarence River for Hydro Electric Generation, Town and Rural Water Supplies, and Flood Mitigation, 1949.
National Archives: series MP61/1; control 2/3/237; barcode 444460
Clarence River: Official log book, 16 May 1946 - 14 October 1946
National Archives: series SP290/2; barcode 3276036
Hardwood Island: Request received from Mr D K Beckman, Harwood Island, Clarence River for telephone facilities, 1935-1936
National Archives: series MP33/1; control NSW1935/36; barcode 
Iluka: Map showing the town of Iluka at the mouth of the Clarence River - CU1227/1 (1950)
National Archives: series A8139; control volume 8; barcode 8286552
Cemetery Transcripts
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Surname Interests
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Societies & Associations
Clarence River Historical Society
Schaeffer House
190 Fitzroy St
Grafton NSW 2460
PH: (02) 6642 5212
Maclean District Historical Society Inc
Cnr Wharf & Grafton Streets
PO Box 257
Maclean NSW 2463
PH: (02) 6645 3416
Yamba Family History Group
Box 53
Chatsworth Island NSW 2460 
Census Records 

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Military Records

Service Records

Barry, Owen Cressy - WWI
SN72; Barry Arthur Cressy (father)
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Cameron, Allan Gordon - WWI
SN96333; Allan Cameron (father)
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Carr, David - WWI
SN4114; J Carr (father)
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Christian, Lloyd Stanley - WWI
SN89063; Henry Christian (father)
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Castle, Henry Fisher - WWI
SN4414; Thomas Castle (father)
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Dhu, Alexas Jessica - WWII
SNQ142383; DOB 19 Dec 1922, Clarence River; Lionel Dhu (next of kin)

National Archives: series B883; barcode 4463947 (can request copy)
Jay, John - WWI
SN19304; Kathleen Jay (wife)
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Landrigan, William - WWII
SNNX19848; DOB 25 Nov 1902, Clarence River;  Philomenia Landrigan (next of kin)
National Archives: series B883; barcode 4618924 (can request copy)
Morris, Milton - WWI
SN5147; Lydia Morris (sister)
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Nelson, Leslie Clarence - WWII
SN134896; DOB 30 Dec 1924, Rocky River NSW; Earl Nelson (next of kin)
National Archives: series A9301; barcode 5357719 (can request copy)
Ramsay, John - WWI
A. Phillips (guardian)  
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Sheehan, Robert - WWI
SN2688; M. E. Sheehan (mother)
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Shields, Thomas Edward - WWI
SN6120; Hughie McKenna Shields (father)
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Strong, Clarence Henry - WWI
SN3121; Albert Strong (father)
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Warne, George Herbert - WWI
SN31040; Emma Warne (mother)
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Weston, Reginald Roy - WWI
SN4852; Mary Weston (mother)
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