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Clarence Electoral District 1880 (by surname)
Electoral Roll transcribed from The Clarence and Richmond Examiner. Tuesday, September 7th 1880 (contains 1924 names). 

Transcription completed by Tim O'Sullivan (email); Tim is interested in the PEOPLES family who settled in the Northern Rivers area.

Hint: Use the 'Find in this page' function on your browser to find the surname you are interested in. 


Addison Robert H. (Chatsworth)
Adgar Edward (Chatsworth)
Ahern P (Goodwood Island)
Albert Adam (Cowper)
Albert Andrew (Cowper)
Allen Thomas (Ashby)
Allen Thomas (Ulmarra)
Allen Thomas George (Ulmarra)
Allison George (Ulmarra)
Allison John (Ulmarra)
Allison John senior (Ulmarra)
Amos John (Ulmarra)
Amos Robert (Woodford Island)
Amos William (North Arm)
Amos William senior (Ulmarra)
Anderson Alexander (Warregah)
Anderson David (Brushgrove)
Anderson James (Ashby)
Anderson James (Chatsworth)
Appleby James (Ulmarra)
Archer David (Brushgrove)
Archer James (Woodford Island)
Archer John (Woodford Island)
Archer Robert (Grafton)
Archer W. junior (Woodford Island)
Archer W. senior (Woodford Island)
Archibald William (Ulmarra)
Arnold Edward (Southgate)
Arnold John (Southgate)
Arnold Richard (Grafton)
Asher Frank (Cowper)
Ashton Joseph (Harwood)
Atkins E.S. (Palmers Channel)
Attewell S. (Goodwood Island)
Auckland William (Ulmarra)
Austin George (Ulmarra)
Austin Strathan J. (Ulmarra)
Ayers Sydney (Ulmarra)
Backus Charles (Ulmarra)
Badcock James (Woodford Island)
Bailey Andrew (Ulmarra)
Bailey George (Ulmarra)
Bailey George (Ulmarra)
Bailey Joseph (Ulmarra)
Bailey Robert (Harwood Island)
Bailey Robert (Ulmarra)
Bailey Thomas (Cowper)
Bailey Thomas (Lawrence)
Bailey Thomas (Ulmarra)
Bailey William (Ulmarra)
Baillie Samuel (Chatsworth)
Bainles John (Harwood)
Baker Henry (Micalo Island)
Baker James (Harwood Island)
Baker Thomas S. (Ulmarra)
Baker William (Rornaiko Island)
Baker William (Ulmarra)
Baker William junior (Ulmarra)
Baker William Robert (Maclean)
Balchin James (Flying Horse)
Bale George (Yamba)
Bale Isaac (Grafton)
Bale John (Wombah)
Bale Philip (Lawrence)
Bale Thomas (Lawrence)
Bale Walter (Chatsworth)
Bale William (Chatsworth)
Bamford Federick (Cowper)
Banfield H. (Maitland)
Barclay Edward (Iluka)
Barker Samuel (Woodford Island)
Barnes Henry Latter (Harwood)
Barnes William (Chatsworth)
Barney Patrick (Lawrence)
Barrett David (Chatsworth)
Barry James (Woodford Island)
Barry Richard (Palmer's Island)
Bassett Thomas (North Arm)
Bathgate James (Southgate)
Bathgate John (Ashby)
Bathgate Simon (Lawrence)
Battersby L.C. (Chatsworth)
Bawden Thomas (Grafton)
Beale T.C. (Harwood)
Beatson James (Ulmarra)
Beaumont Frederick (Chatsworth)
Beckman Michael (Chatsworth)
Beeston John (Maclean)
Bell Dalway (Maclean)
Bennett Robert (Ashby)
Benson John (Yamba)
Benson Richard (Tyndale)
Berry Thomas (Southgate)
Berry Thomas junior (Southgate)
Bertie Robert A (Yamba)
Biddle Thomas (Tyndale)
Biddle Thomas (Woodford Island)
Biram Edward (Chatsworth)
Bjorkland Alfred (Harwood)
Black Walter (Woolli) (Woolli)
Blackadder James (Slevenemon)
Blackadder Thomas (Ulmarra)
Blackmore John (Southgate)
Blain Robert (Maclean)
Blain Robert (Maclean)
Blake H.S. (Maclean)
Blakeney Edward (Iluka)
Blanch A. (Woodford Island)
Blanch A.G. (Ulmarra)
Blanch Edgar G. (Ulmarra)
Blanch F.G. (Ulmarra)
Blanch George (Ulmarra)
Blanch Isaac (Wombah)
Blanch John (Ulmarra)
Blanch Samuel (Palmer's Channel)
Blanch William George (Ulmarra)
Blanche Robert (Woodford Island)
Bloomer Edward (G(Ulmarra)d)
Bolton Charles (Harwood)
Boorman J junior (Southgate)
Boorman J. senior (Southgate)
Boorman Walter (Southgate)
Boorman William (Southgate)
Booth John (Yamba)
Boothby Thomas (Southgate)
Bourk John (Woodford Island)
Bourke Malachi (Broadwater)
Bourke Michael (Yamba)
Bourke Thomas (Ulmarra)
Bowen James (Brushgrove)
Bowen William (Woodford Island)
Bowling John (Ulmarra)
Bowling Thomas (Sydney)
Boyd Alexander (Iluka)
Boyd Robert M (Chatsworth)
Boyle David (Lawrence)
Boyle James (Iluka)
Boyle James jun. (Lawrence)
Boyle James sen. (Lawrence)
Boyle Patrick (Brushgrove)
Boyle Robert (Lawrence)
Bradley Samuel (Woodford Island)
Braham David (Grafton)
Branix Stephen (Brushgrove)
Bratfield Joseph (Palmer's Island)
Bratfield Matthew (Palmer's Island)
Bray James (Chatsworth)
Bray John (Brushgrove)
Brenann John (Goodwood Island)
Brennan James (Yamba)
Brich Richard (Iluka)
Bridger James (Maclean)
Brodderson Peter (Brushgrove)
Brook Henry (Southgate)
Brook S.W. (Lawrence)
Brown Henry (Ulmarra)
Brown James (Chatsworth)
Brown James (Ulmarra)
Brown Joseph (Harwood)
Brown Joseph (Harwood)
Brown Michael (Ulmarra)
Brown Robert (Goodwood Island)
Brown Robert J. (Goodwood)
Brown Thomas (Broadwater)
Brown Thomas jun. (Ulmarra)
Brown Thomas sen. (Ulmarra)
Brown William (Chatsworth)
Brown William (Lawrence)
Brown William (Serpentine Ck.)
Brown William (Ulmarra)
Brown William J (Chatsworth)
Brownjohn Abraham (Chatsworth)
Brownjohn Thomas (Southgate)
Bruggy John (Palmer's Island)
Bruggy Stephen (Palmer's Island)
Bryant Jesse (Chatsworth)
Buchanan Arthur R. (Southgate)
Buchanan Colin (Woodford Island)
Buchanan Donald (Ulmarra)
Buchanan George (Ulmarra)
Buchanan Hugh (Woodford Island)
Buchanan James (Woodford Island)
Buckley Henry (Lawrence)
Buddle William (Maclean)
Bulwinkle Charles (Harwood)
Burgess Edmund (Maclean)
Burgess James (Chatsworth)
Burghardy William (Yamba)
Burke Alexander (Chatsworth)
Burkhardt Richard (Grafton)
Burleigh John (Chatsworth)
Burns Arthur (Ulmarra)
Burns Edward (Cowper)
Burns John (Palmer's Island)
Burns John (Ulmarra)
Burns Robert (Ulmarra)
Burns Thomas John (Southgate)
Buse William (Chatsworth)
Bush George (Wombah)
Bush George jun. (Wombah)
Butcher John (Woodford Island)
Butler Martin (Yamba)
Butters William (Southgate)
Byrnes James (Chatsworth)
Byrnes Thomas (Chatsworth)
Byron Daniel (Harwood)
Byron John (Harwood)
Cameron Alexander (Maclean)
Cameron Alexander (Palmer's Island)
Cameron Allan (Harwood Island)
Cameron Allen (Southgate)
Cameron Allen (Taloumbi)
Cameron Angus (Ulmarra)
Cameron Duncan (Palmer's Island)
Cameron Duncan (Woodford Island)
Cameron Duncan (Woodford Island)
Cameron Finlay (Taloumbi)
Cameron Hector (Maclean)
Cameron James (South Arm)
Cameron John (Chatsworth)
Cameron Walter (Maclean)
Campbell Alexander (Brushgrove)
Campbell Alexander (Palmer's Island)
Campbell Allan (Woodford Island)
Campbell Bradshaw (Coldstream)
Campbell Donald (North Arm)
Campbell Donald (South Arm)
Campbell Donald (Woodford Island)
Campbell Donald (Woodford)
Campbell Edward C. (Woodford) Is.
Campbell Hector (Woodford) Is.
Campbell James (Chatsworth)
Campbell John (Woodford) Is.
Campbell John (Woodford) Is.
Campbell John S. (Woodford) Is.
Campbell Richardson (Coldstream)
Campbell William (Serpentine Creek)
Campbell William (Ulmarra)
Campbell William (Woodford) Is.
Capp James (Coldstream)
Capp William (Ulmarra)
Carey Arthur (South Arm)
Carey James (Woodford Island)
Carey Patrick (Shark's Creek)
Carey Patrick (Warregah)
Carle Charles (Harwood)
Carlton James (Ulmarra)
Carlton John B. (Ulmarra)
Carlton Stephen (Ulmarra)
Carlton Thomas (Ulmarra)
Carr Abraham (Palmer's Island)
Carr Abraham jun. (Palmer's Island)
Carr Denis (Harwood)
Carr Frederick (Southgate)
Carr James (Ashby)
Carr James (Palmer's Island)
Carr John (Palmer's Island)
Carr John (Palmer's Island)
Carr William (Palmer's Island)
Carroll John (Yamba)
Carroll Thomas (Chatsworth)
Carson Alexander (Palmer's Island)
Carter Charles (Palmer's Channel)
Carter John (Palmer's Channel)
Carter Josiah (Southgate)
Carton Hugh (Grafton)
Case William (Warregah)
Casey James (Chatsworth)
Casey James jun. (Chatsworth)
Casey John (Wombah)
Casey Thomas (Chatsworth Island)
Cassile William (Iluka)
Castle Thomas (Palmer's Channel)
Casy John (Chatsworth)
Catt Alfred (Maclean)
Catt George (Taloumbi)
Causely Samuel (Harwood)
Cavanagh James (Cowper)
Cavanagh James jun. (Woodford Island)
Cavanagh James sen (Woodford Island)
Cavanagh Joseph (Woodford Island)
Cavanagh T. jun. (Woodford Island)
Cavanagh T. sen. (Woodford Island)
Cavanagh Thomas (Copmanhurst)
Cavanagh Thomas (Ulmarra)
Cave John (Ulmarra)
Cave John sen. (Ulmarra)
Cave Robert (Ulmarra)
Cave William (Ulmarra)
Champion George (Ulmarra)
Champion George sen (Ulmarra)
Chant Frederick (Southgate)
Chant John (Ulmarra)
Chapman Charles W. (Southgate)
Chapman F.W. (Grafton)
Chapman William T (Maclean)
Chard George James (Ulmarra)
Childs Charles N (Sportsman's Ck)
Childs Edward (Ulmarra)
Childs George (Sportsman's Ck.)
Chisler Jacob (Ulmarra)
Chisler Matthew (Ulmarra)
Choune Chas. (Woodford Island)
Chowne Charles (Harwood)
Clancy Patrick (Taloumbi)
Clark David (Ulmarra)
Clark John (Ulmarra)
Clark Michael (Palmer's Island)
Clark Thomas (Woodford Island)
Clarke James (Ulmarra)
Clarke Joseph (Woodford Island)
Clarke Thomas (Woodford)
Clarke Thomas sen. (Ulmarra)
Clarke William (Yamba)
Claton William T. (Flying horse)
Clifford Charles H. (Palmer's Island)
Cloghessy John (Southgate)
Clooney Michael (Harwood)
Cloquhoun Daniel (Harwood)
Cloquhoun Henry (Harwood)
Clotty Lewisy (Woodford Island)
Coffee John (Ashby)
Cohen Barnett (Taloumbi)
Cohen Michael (Glenugie)
Cohen Samuel (Ulmarra)
Cole Benjamin (Chatsworth) Is.
Coles Thomas (Woodford Island)
Colfax James (Maclean)
Collett Joseph (Ulmarra)
Colley James (Southgate)
Collie James T. (Southgate)
Collie Robert J. (Lawrence)
Collies Thomas (Ulmarra)
Collins Charles (Maclean)
Collins George (Ulmarra)
Collins George H. (Ulmarra)
Collins Joseph (Chatsworth)
Collins Samuel (Palmer's Island)
Colnan Owen (Serpentine Creek)
Comerford Denis (King's Island)
Comerford Thomas (King's Island)
Conlan Peter (Maclean)
Connolly Patrick (Warregah)
Connoly Matthew (Ulmarra)
Connor Angus (Cowper)
Connor Cornelius (Woodford Island)
Connor Dugald (Coldstream)
Connor George (Ulmarra)
Connor Hugh (Ulmarra)
Connor Hugh (Ulmarra)
Connor James (Cowper)
Connor James (Ulmarra)
Connor James jun. (Ulmarra)
Connor John jun. (Ulmarra)
Connor Matthew (Clarenza)
Connor Michael (Harwood)
Connor Patrick (Woodford Island)
Connor Robert (Coldstream)
Connor William (Cowper)
Connor William (Ulmarra)
Conway Thomas (Woodford Island)
Conway Thomas (Yamba)
Cook James (Harwood)
Cook John W. (Harwood)
Cooney James (Chatsworth)
Cooney James (Ulmarra)
Cooney John (Cowper)
Cooney Malachi (Cowper)
Cooney Michael (Harwood)
Cooper James B. (Goodwood Island)
Cooper Samuel (Ashby)
Cooper Samuel (Southgate)
Cooper Thomas (Tyndale)
Cooper William (Tyndale)
Cooper William (Weegolga)
Corbatt Patrick (Harwood)
Corbett James (Goodwood)
Corbett John (Woodford Island)
Corbett Michael (Woodford Island)
Corbett Patrick (Chatsworth)
Corbett Timothy (Shark's Creek)
Corcoran James (Lawrence)
Corcoran John J. (Lawrence)
Cormack Alexander (Tullymorgan)
Cormack John (Tullymorgan)
Cormack Michael (Tullymorgan)
Corrigan William (Ulmarra)
Cosgrove John (Chatsworth)
Cosgrove Patrick (Warregah)
Cosgrove Thomas (Warregah)
Cotton Alfred (Sportsman's Creek)
Cotton R.G. (Ulmarra)
Cottrell Robert (Yamba)
Coulter Archibald (Ulmarra)
Coulter William (Ulmarra)
Coulter William sen. (Ulmarra)
Cousins John (Palmer's Island)
Cowan Joseph (Chatsworth)
Cowper Thomas (Tyndale)
Cox George (Southgate)
Cox Richard (Southgate)
Coyle Dominick (Maclean)
Coyle Hugh (Maclean)
Crabb James B. (Maclean)
Creer Edward (Grafton)
Creer Henry (Grafton)
Creighton David (Yamba)
Creighton Edward (South Arm)
Creighton Edward (Ulmarra)
Creighton James (Ulmarra)
Creighton William (Ulmarra)
Cressy James (Cowper)
Cressy James jun (Cowper)
Crockett George (Chatsworth)
Crook William (Palmer's Island)
Cross Robert (Chatsworth)
Crowley Cornelius (Taloumbi)
Crowley Cornelius (Tyndale)
Crowley Cornelius (Woodford Island)
Cruikshank William (Harwood)
Cullen Hugh (Shark's Creek)
Cummings James (Taloumbi)
Cummings joseph (Palmer's Island)
Curran James (Woodford Island)
Curry R. Charles (Maclean)
Cusack William (Palmer's Island)
Daley Daniel (Iluka)
Daley James (Woodford Island)
Daley John (Cowper)
Daley John (South Arm)
Daley Patrick (Southgate)
Daley Philip (Cowper)
Daley Thomas (Cowper)
Davidson John (Coldstream)
Davidson John (Ulmarra)
Davis Alfred (Ulmarra)
Davis Charles (Palmer's Island)
Davis George (Chatsworth)
Davis George (Cross Roads)
Davis George (Taloumbi)
Davis James (Palmer's Island)
Davis James (Ulmarra)
Davis John (Taloumbi)
Davis John (Woodford Island)
Davis Joshua (Palmer's Island)
Davis Lavender (Taloumbi)
Davis Peter (Woodford Island)
Davis Samuel (Ulmarra)
Davis Thomas (Brushgrove)
Davis William (Iluka)
Davis William (Woodford Island)
Davison A.W. (Lawrence)
Davison George (Lawrence)
Davison S.G. (Sydney)
Dawson Anderson (Chatsworth)
Dawson William (Iluka)
Day William (Coldstream)
Dee John Vincent (Harwood)
Dempsey R. (Woodford Island)
Denning Henry (Woodford Island)
Dennis George (Ulmarra)
Dennis John senior (Ulmarra)
Devoy Joseph (Ulmarra)
Dick Derrick M (Woodford Island)
Dicky Conly (Grafton)
Dillon john (Iluka)
Divine John (Palmer's Island)
Divine Matthew (Wombah)
Divmand William (Yamba)
Dixon alfred (Maclean)
Dixon John A (Ulmarra)
Dobbin Charles B. (Lawrence)
Dobbin Charles S. (Lawrence)
Doerr Lewis (Cowper)
dogherty Anthony (Goodwood)
Dogherty Charles (Shark Creek)
Dolan John (Harwood)
Donaghue M. (Serpentine Creek)
Donaldson Patrick R (Grafton)
Donally J. (Chatsworth Island)
Donally J. (Woodford Island)
Donally John (Chatsworth)
Donally Joseph (Harwood)
Donohoe M. (Serpentine Creek)
Donohoe M. senior (Serpentine)
Donohoe Richard (Southgate)
Doran Thomas (Goodwood)
Dorrington Thomas (Harwood)
Dougherty D. (Palmer's Channel)
Dougherty Edward (Chatsworth)
Dougherty Patrick (Taloumbi)
Doughorty Philip (Palmer's Channel)
Doust David (Southgate)
Drake Edward (Palmer's Channel)
Drew Thomas (Woodford Island)
Driscoll Cornelius (Maclean)
Drummond James (Ulmarra)
Drummond John (Ulmarra)
Drummond P. (Sportsman's Creek)
Duckworth William (Ulmarra)
Duggan Michael (Maclean)
Dwyer Patrick (Goodwood)
Eaton Edward (Ulmarra)
Eaton John (Ulmarra)
Eaton William junior (Ulmarra)
Eaton William senior (Grafton)
Ebling Henry (Palmer's Channel)
Eddleston Richard (North Arm)
Edmondson J (Palmer's Island)
Edwards John (Taloumbi)
Egan Michael F. (Chatsworth)
Egan Patrick J (Maclean)
Eggert Augustoff (Tyndale)
Eggert Henry (Tyndale)
Eggert Henry senior (Tyndale)
Eggerton Bernard (Woodford Island)
Eggins Edward (Ulmarra)
Eggins W. junior (Southgate)
Eglinton Bernard (Woodford Island)
Eglinton F. (Woodford Island)
Elder William (Palmer's Island)
Ellem George (Cowper)
Ellem Richard junior (Southgate)
Ellem Samuel H (Ulmarra)
Ellis James (Yamba)
Ellis William (Palmer's Island)
Elphick William (Ulmarra)
Elphinstone W.E. (Iluka)
Engert John (Wombah)
English J (Woodford Island)
Ensby Charles (Southgate)
Ensby John (Southgate)
Ensby William (Southgate)
Epborn William (Ulmarra)
Essex Giles (Lawrence)
Essex Moses (Taloumbi)
Essex William J. (Taloumbi)
Evans Charles (Iluka)
Evans George (Ashby)
Evans Henry (Harwood Island)
Evans Joseph (Harwood)
Evans William (Iluka)
Everest Thomas (Harwood)
Everingham (Ulmarra)
Everingham Cyrus (Ulmarra)
Everingham George H. (Ulmarra)
Everingham George senior (Ulmarra)
Everingham Josiah (Ulmarra)
Everingham W. (Sportsman's Creek)
Everingham William (Ulmarra)
Everson William (Iluka)
Fagan Patrick (Harwood)
Fahey James (Woodford Island)
Fahey John (Warregah)
Fahey M. (Cormack's Creek)
Fairgrieve Andrew (Harwood)
Fairwather J (Woodford Island)
Farlow William (Tyndale)
Farlow William R. (Tyndale)
Fawcett Joseph (Harwood)
Fawcett Roland (Harwood)
Fegan (Lawrence) H. (Iluka)
Ferguson john (Iluka)
Fernance Charles (Ulmarra)
Fernance John (Ulmarra)
Fernance Joseph (Ulmarra)
Ferncience Joseph (Ulmarra)
Finlay George (Southgate)
Finlay John (Yamba)
Finlayson Alexander (Ulmarra)
Finlayson John (Ulmarra)
Finnessey Patrick (Shark's Creek)
Firth Charles (Coldstream)
Firth Frederick (Coldstream)
Firth Henry (Tyndale)
Firth William (Tyndale)
Firth William senior (Coldstream)
Fischer Godfry (Rocky Mouth)
Fischer William (Wombah)
Fisher Edward (Ulmarra)
Fitzhenry John (Palmer's Island)
Fitzpatrick J. (South Arm)
Fitzpatrick T. (Palmer's Channel)
Flanagan John (Goodwood)
Flanagan T. (Chatsworth Island)
Flatley T. (Woodford Island)
Flower T.F. (Maclean)
Fluter F.J. (Benyabba)
Flynn John (Broadwater)
Foggo T.H. (Brushgrove)
Folbigg J. (Wombah)
Folbigg R. (Wombah)
Folbigg S. (Wombah)
Foott George (Grafton)
Forbes A (Harwood)
Ford A. (Woodford Island)
Ford George (Harwood Island)
Forsythe John (Ulmarra)
Foster Frank (Coldstream)
Foster Peter (Iluka)
Frame J. senior (Taloumbi)
Frame William (Maclean)
Francks Francis (Woodford Island)
Francks James (Woodford Island)
Francks William (Woodford Island)
Franklin John (Ulmarra)
Franklin T. (Coldstream)
Franze Henry (Yamba)
Frape Henry (Maclean)
Frazer Donald (North Arm)
Frazer Farquhar (North Arm)
Frazer George (Chatsworth Island)
Frazer J.F. (Southgate)
Frazer John (Palmer's Island)
Frazer Malcolm (Lawrence)
Frazer Neil (Chatsworth)
Freeburn J.P. (Woolli)
Freeburn John (Woolli)
Freeney Edward (Chatsworth Island)
French F. (Harwood Island)
French James (Harwood Island)
French John (Rocky Mouth)
French Joseph (Iluka)
Frost John (Woodford)
Fry James (Ulmarra)
Fuller George (Ulmarra)
Fuller Harry G. (Ulmarra)
Fuller Robert (Ulmarra)
Gard Daniel (Harwood)
Gard E. junior (Taloumbi)
Gard E. senior (Harwood)
Gard John (Harwood)
Gard Patrick (Taloumbi)
Gard Philip (Harwood Island)
Gard William (Harwood)
Garrett R.C. (Wombah)
Garretty James (Lower (Southgate))
Garretty John (Lower (Southgate))
Garvin A.H. (Palmer's Island)
Garvin A.T. (Palmer's Island)
Garvin J.H. (Palmer's Island)
Garvin J.M. (Palmer's Island)
Gayne Ben (Iluka)
Geary Patrick (Ulmarra)
Gibbons Charles (Maclean)
Gibson Charles (Tyndale)
Gibson Joseph (Harwood)
Gibson William (Maclean)
Gibson William s. (Palmer's Island)
Gilbert William (Ashby Island)
Gill Thomas (Grafton)
Gillespie James (Woodford Island)
Gillespie Peter (Woodford Island)
Gillett H. junior (Ulmarra)
Gillett Richard (Coldstream)
Gillies A. (North Arm)
Gillies Augustus (South Arm)
Gillies C. (Harwood Island)
Gillies Daniel (North Arm)
Gillies Donald (Tyndale)
Gillies Donald (Woodford Island)
Gillies John (Tyndale)
Gillies Kenneth (Tyndale)
Gillies William (Tyndale)
Gilmour David (Ulmarra)
Gilmour John (Ulmarra)
Girard Leopold (Riverston)
Gladdle Thomas (Chatsworth)
Glisson Thomas (Maclean)
Glossin Samuel (Tyndale)
Glover John (Lawrence)
Goddard T.A. (Maclean)
Goldie George (Maclean)
Gollan James (Chatsworth)
Goodger W. junior (Ulmarra)
Goodger W. senior (Coldstream)
Goodrich Robert (Lawrence)
Goodson Alfred (Ashby)
Goodson Archibald (Chatsworth)
Goodwin W. (Harwood Island)
Goos Joseph (Lawrence)
Gordon James (Southgate)
Gorman C. (Rocky Mouth)
Graham Murdoch (Lawrence)
Graham William (Ulmarra)
Grainger Henry (Ulmarra)
Grainger John (Ulmarra)
Grant William (Brushgrove)
Gray Alexander (Ulmarra)
Gray G.J. (Warregah Island)
Gray James (Ulmarra)
Gray S.J. (Palmer's Island)
Gray Thomas (Palmer's Island)
Gray Thomas (Ulmarra)
Greaves C.P. (Southgate)
Green Archibald (Woodford Island)
Green Edward (Southgate)
Green Edward (Ulmarra)
Green George (Palmer's Channel)
Green John (Ulmarra)
Green John (Ulmarra)
Green Stephen (Ashby)
Green Stephen (Ulmarra)
Green Syrus (Woodford Island)
Green Walter (Southgate)
Green William (Ulmarra)
Greentree A.C. (Woodford)
Greentree Henry (Woodford)
Gregg Frederick (Chatsworth)
Gregg Frederick (Rocky Mouth)
Gregor Donald (Lawrence)
Gregor George (Woodford Island)
Gregor John junior (Ulmarra)
Gregor William (Serpentine Creek)
Gregory A.G. (Lawrence)
Gregory William (Yamba)
Grieg Emerson (Maclean)
Griffiths William (Yamba)
Gruer Charles (Maclean)
Hackett James (Chatsworth Island)
Hackett John (Serpentine Creek)
Hackett Patrick (Chatsworth Island)
Hackett Philip (Taloumbi)
Hailey Michael (Harwood)
Hall Henry (Lawrence)
Hall William (Palmer's Island)
Hamblyn Walter (Chatsworth)
Hamilton Alex. (Palmer's Island)
Hamilton George H (Maclean)
Hamilton Henry (Iluka)
Hanley James (Micalo)
Hanley John (Maclean)
Hannah David (Southgate)
Hannah George (Woodford Island)
Hannah James (Palmer's Island)
Hannah John (Brushgrove)
Hannah John (Southgate)
Hannah Thomas (Southgate)
Hannah William (Southgate)
Harris Robert N. (Tyndale)
Harris William (Rocky Mouth)
Harrison George F. (Harwood)
Harrison John (Southgate)
Harrison John jun. (Southgate)
Harrison Joseph (Ashby Island)
Harrison William (Lawrence)
Harry Richard (Iluka)
Harry Richard, jun. (Iluka)
Hart John (Iluka)
Hartley Robert B. (Ulmarra)
Hartnell R. (Palmer's Island)
Harvey Walter (Harwood)
Harvey William (Harwood)
Hattersley Edmund (Maclean)
Hayes John (Rocky Mouth)
Hayley Ed. W.S. (Southgate)
Haynes George T. (Woolli)
Hayward Geo. (Woodford Island)
Hayward Henry (Woodford Island)
Heaney W. (Palmer's Channel)
Heathcote James T. (Harwood)
Heffernan W. (Palmer's Channel)
Henderson A. (Great Marlow)
Henderson Dugald (Southgate)
Henderson James (Chatsworth)
Henderson Robert (Harwood)
Henderson Robert (Yamba)
Henderson William (Chatsworth)
Hendry James (Maclean)
Henty John (Broadwater)
Hickey James (Yamba)
hickey John (Yamba)
Hickey Pat (Iluka)
Hills Stephen (Clarenza)
Hinchey Denis (Goodwood)
Hinchey Patrick (Maclean)
Hinchy Michael (Southarm)
Hines John (Palmer's Island)
Hiphorse William (Ulmarra)
Hishen john (Maclean)
Hitchens William (Southgate)
Hobbs Alfred (Southgate)
Hobbs James (Southgate)
Hobbs William (Southgate)
Hockard John (Iluka)
Hodgkinson Jas. (Rocky Mouth)
Hodgson William (Rocky Mouth)
Hogan John (Micalo Island)
Hogart John (Chatsworth)
Holland Henry (Grafton)
Holton Edward (Goodwood)
Home Martin (Chatsworth Island)
Hone Alfred (Chatsworth)
Horn George (Chatsworth)
Horne Elijah (Woodford Island)
Hough John (Tyndale)
House William (Warregah)
Houston H.H. (Palmer's Island)
Howard Charles F. (Palmer's Island)
Howard Thomas E (Palmer's Island)
Hughes James (Chatsworth)
Hughes James (Ulmarra)
Hughes John (Woodford Island)
Hughes William (Brushgrove)
Hughes William C. (Maclean)
Hume Robert (Palmer's Island)
Hunter Edward (Maclean)
Hurley John (Harwood)
Hurley M. (Palmer's Channel)
Husband H. Blair (Maclean)
Hutch john (Iluka)
Ingram Wm. (Palmer's Channel)
Inman George (Ulmarra)
Inman John (Ulmarra)
Ireland Wm. (Goodwood Island)
Irons James (Palmer's Island)
Jackman John (Palmer's Island)
Jackman Thomas (Harwood)
Jackson Christopher (Ulmarra)
Jackson James (Palmer's Island)
Jackson William (Ulmarra)
Jaggers Thomas H. (Lawrence)
James Henry (Clifton)
James Henry (Great Marlow)
James William G.j. (Ulmarra)
Jardine William (Ashby)
Jenkins John (Harwood)
Jensen Lars P (Woodford Island)
Jessup Robert (Chatsworth)
Jeurgenson Frederick (Iluka)
Johnson Alfred (Cowper)
Johnson Charles (Tyndale)
Johnson George (Tyndale)
Johnson Herbert R. (Maclean)
Johnson James (Palmer's Island)
Johnson M. (Woodford Island)
Johnson Oliver (Tyndale)
Johnson Pat (Woodford Island)
Johnson Robert (Ashby)
Johnson Silas (Palmer's Channel)
Johnson William (Shark's Creek)
Johnson William (South Arm)
Johnson William (Southgate)
Johnston Alexander (Iluka)
Johnston Benjamin (Ulmarra)
Johnston Frederick George (Palmer's Island)
Johnston George (Ulmarra)
Johnston Geroge (Palmer's Island)
Johnston Peter (Maclean)
Johnston Wm. (Palmer's Island)
Johnstone Samuel (Ulmarra)
Johnstone William se. (Ulmarra)
Jones Benjamin (North Arm)
Jones Benjamin (Wombah)
Jones Daniel (North Arm)
Jones George (Chatsworth)
Jones Henry (Chatsworth)
Jones John (Lawrence)
Jones Joseph (Harwood Island)
Jones William (Chatsworth)
Jones William (Harwood Island)
Jones William jun (Harwood Island)
Jones William jun. (Iluka)
Jones William sen. (Yamba)
Kayess W.H.T. (Chatsworth)
Kean Bartly (Rocky Mouth)
Kearnes Thomas (Goodwood)
Kearnes Wm. (Woodford Island)
Kearns john (Woodford Island)
Keating John (Palkmer's Island)
Kellett Thomas (Harwood)
Kelly James (Maclean)
Kelly John (Ulmarra)
Kelly Thomas (Chatsworth)
Kelly William (Ulmarra)
Kempnisch Francis (Wombah)
Kempnisch Jacob (Wombah)
Kempnisch O.V. (Palmer's Island)
Kempnish Antony (Palmer's Island)
Kempnish Joseph (Wombah)
Kennedy Alex (Palmer's Island)
Kennedy E. (Richmond River)
Kennedy John (Chatsworth)
Kennedy John (Yamba)
Kennedy K. (Palmer's Island)
Kennedy Michael (Ulmarra)
Kennedy Robert (Harwood)
Kennedy Thomas (Ulmarra)
Kennewell John (Chatsworth)
Kenny J. sen. (Warregah Island)
Kenny James (Warregah)
Kenny John (Tyndale)
Kenny John jun. (Wombah)
Kenny Michael (Warregah Island)
Kenny William (Iluka)
Kenny William (Warregah Island)
Kent Thomas (Woodford Island)
Kentspear John (Brushgrove)
Kentspear John sen (Woodford Island)
Keogh John (Ulmarra)
Kidd Hector (Harwood Island)
Kidd Thomas (Woodford Island)
Kilkelly Peter (Ulmarra)
King James (Yamba)
King Joseph (Warregah)
Kingsley Henry H. (Ulmarra)
Kingsmill H. (Woodford Island)
Kinnealy John (Palmer's Island)
Kinnear Donaldson (Palmer's Island)
Kinnear William (Grafton)
Kirby Michael (Harwood)
Kirk David (North Arm)
Kirk James (Chatsworth Island)
Kirk W. (Chatsworth Island)
Klaus Charles (North Arm)
Knight Elisha (Ulmarra)
Knight John (Southgate)
Knox Edward (Harwood)
Knox James (Ulmarra)
Knox James M. (Harwood)
Knox William (Ulmarra)
Kosten Charles (Chatsworth)
Kratz Henry (North Arm)
Kratz Philip (Wombah)
Krause William (Yamba)
Kruse Peter (Harwood)
Kyle Thomas (Maclean)
Lamy Theodore (Maclean)
Landrigan Michael (Palmer's Island)
Landrigan T. jun. (Palmer's Island)
Landrigan Thomas (Palmer's Island)
Lang William (Palmer's Island)
Langham James (Ulmarra)
Langley William (Chatsworth)
Larrisey William (Coldstream)
Latter John (Woodford Island)
Lattermore Thomas (Southgate)
Lattimer George (Ulmarra)
Laufer Ludwig (Harwood Island)
Law Charles (Harwood Island)
Law George (Harwood)
Law Henry George (Lawrence)
Law James (Lawrence)
Law John sen. (Lawrence)
Lazar William (Harwood)
Lee Charles (Southgate)
Lee John (Goodwood Island)
Lee John (Goodwood)
Lee John (Ulmarra)
Lee John J. (Woodford Island)
Lee John James (Ulmarra)
Lee John sen. (Southgate)
Lee Joseph (Southgate)
Lee Terah (Woodford Island)
Lee Terrah (Southgate)
Lee Thomas (Ulmarra)
Lee Walter (Southgate)
Lee William (Ulmarra)
Leeson Christopher (Southgate)
Leeson George (Woodburn Road)
Leeson Robert (Southgate)
Leeson Robert jun. (Southgate)
Leeson William (Southgate)
Leeson William (Ulmarra)
Leonard John (Grafton)
Levy Francis (Sportsman's Creek)
Lewis John (Yamba)
Liardet W.E. (Wombah)
Lickess Charles (Southgate)
Livingstone Hugh (Clarenza)
Livingstone Hugh (Harwood)
Lloyd Richard (Chatsworth)
Lobban Donald J. (Palmer's Island)
Loney John (Harwood)
Loughman John (Shark's Creek)
Loughman Thomas (Shark's Creek)
Love Joseph (Woodford Island)
Lowe James (Palmer's Island)
Loy James (Palmer's Island)
Luke Henry (Lawrence)
Lunny Andrew (Chatsworth)
Lynch Joseph (Chatsworth)
Lynch Michael (Chatsworth)
Lynch William (Ulmarra)
Lynn John (Harwood)
Lyons George (Maclean)
Madgewick J.H. (Maclean)
Maguire M. (Woodford Island)
Maher Denis (Goodwood)
Maher John (Yamba)
Maher Patrick (Harwood)
Maher Philip (Chatsworth)
Maher Richard (Harwood)
Maher William (Goodwood)
Malone Daniel (Tyndale)
Malone John (Maclean)
Manawell George (Lismore)
Manawell John (Lismore)
Manson A. (Woodford Island)
Marchant J. sen. (Palmer's Channel)
Marchant John jun. (Palmer's Channel)
Marke E. (Goodwood Island)
Marles James (Rocky Mouth)
Marsh Giles (Iluka)
Marsh J. (Palmer's Channel)
Marsh W. (Palmer's Island)
Marsh William (Yamba)
Marston Frank (Chatsworth)
Martin Charles (Lawrence)
Martin George (Chatsworth)
Martin George (North Arm)
Martin George (Ulmarra)
Martin Henry (Ulmarra)
Martin Reuben (Ulmarra)
Matherson John (Southgate)
Maund James (Coldstream)
Mawhinney Samuel (Ulmarra)
Mawks Thomas (Lawrence)
McAlister Charles (Chatsworth)
McAllister James (Rock Mouth)
McAulay Angus (North Arm)
McAulay Donald (Maclean)
McAulay Donald (South Arm)
McAulay Farquhar (North Arm)
McAulay John (Snizort)
McAulay John N. (North Arm)
McAulay Malcolm (Chatsworth)
McAulay Neil (Chatsworth Island)
McAuley Alex (Chatsworth Island)
McAuley Alex jun. (Chatsworth)
McAuley Donald (North Arm)
McAuley Donald (Warregah)
McAuley John (Chatsworth Island)
McAuley John jun. (Chatsworth)
McAuley Lachlan (Serpentine Creek)
McAuley R. sen. (Harwood)
McAuley Roderick (Harwood)
McAuley William (Harwood)
McBride A. Douglas (Lawrence)
McBride D. McInnis (Lawrence)
McBride D.D. jun. (Lawrence)
McBride David D. (Lawrence)
McBride John F. (Lawrence)
McCall John (Iluka)
McCallum Alex jun. (Ulmarra)
McCallum Alexander (Ulmarra)
McCallum James (Ulmarra)
McCallum John (Ulmarra)
McCallum Thomas (Ulmarra)
McCarthy Daniel (Harwood)
McCarthy James (Harwood)
McCartney Alexander (Tyndale)
McClare Edward (Clifton)
McClaren James (Harwood)
McClinchy Neil (Southgate)
McClinton William (Iluka)
McColl Duncan (Iluka)
McCowan A. (Palmer's Channel)
McCowan A. junior (Palmer's Channel)
McCowan A. sen. (Palmer's Channel)
McCowan Duncan (Palmer's Island)
McCridden Hugh (Yamba)
McCrorarly Thomas (Harwood)
McDermid A. (Palmer's Channel)
McDermid A. (Palmer's Island)
McDermid D (Palmer's Island)
McDermid H (Palmer's Island)
McDermid H.S. (Chatsworth)
McDermid John (Wombah)
McDonal A. (Chatsworth)
McDonald A. (Woodford Island)
McDonald A. junior (Taloumbi)
McDonald A.M. (Ashby)
McDonald A.S. (Ashby)
McDonald A.W. (Southgate)
McDonald Allen (Ashby)
McDonald Allen (Southgate)
McDonald Angus (Taloumbi)
McDonald Arch. (Warregah Island)
McDonald Archibald (Palmer's Island)
McDonald Colin (Palmer's Channel)
McDonald D. (Warregah Island)
McDonald David (Grafton)
McDonald Donald (Palmer's Island)
McDonald Donald (Taloumbi)
McDonald Donald (Woodford Island)
McDonald Duncan (Ashby)
McDonald Duncan (Ashby)
McDonald Duncan (Woodford Island)
McDonald Hugh (Southgate)
McDonald J. senior (Iluka)
McDonald J.H. (Maclean)
McDonald James (Ashby)
McDonald James (Chatsworth)
McDonald James (Palmer's Channel)
McDonald John (Ashby)
McDonald John (Harwood)
McDonald John (Palmer's Channel)
McDonald John (Palmer's Island)
McDonald John (Serpentine Creek)
McDonald John (Shark's Creek)
McDonald John (Southgate)
McDonald John (Southgate)
McDonald John (Taloumbi)
McDonald John (Woodford Island)
McDonald Lachlan (Southgate)
McDonald Michael (Shark's Creek)
McDonald Neil (Warregah)
McDonald Peter (Goodwood Island)
McDonald Roderick (Warregah)
McDonald S.A. (Palmer's Island)
McDonald W. (South Arm)
McDougal A.k. (Ulmarra)
McDougal R. (Chatsworth)
McDougall A.L. (Grafton)
McElroy Edward (Palmer's Channel)
McFadden Donald (Maclean)
McFadyen A. (Harwood)
McFadyen Donald (Harwood)
McFadyen H. (Harwood Island)
McFarlane A. (Southgate)
McFarlane Donald (Lawrence)
McFarlane Duncan (Ulmarra)
McFarlane George (Ulmarra)
McFarlane Hannibal (Chatsworth)
McFarlane J. (Woodford Island)
McFarlane J. junior (Ulmarra)
McFarlane J. senior (Ulmarra)
McFarlane M. (Lawrence)
McFarlane M. junior (Ashby)
McGill Robert (Chatsworth)
McGilvery D. (Woodford Island)
McGilvery Donald (Palmer's Island)
McGilvery James (Grafton)
McGimes A. (Woodford Island)
McGinnis A. (Woodford Island)
McGinnis Allan (Woodford Island)
McGinnis Angus (Woodford Island)
McGinnis Hugh (Woodford Island)
McGinnis John (Woodford Island)
McGinnis Neal (Woodford Island)
McGovern E (Ulmarra)
McGrath Daniel (Iluka)
McGrath Henry (Ulmarra)
McGrath Patrick (Southgate)
McGrath Robert (Southgate)
McGrath Rody (Ulmarra)
McGrath Thomas (Southgate)
McGregor Dugald (Ulmarra)
McGregor Duncan (Ulmarra)
McGregor John (Ulmarra)
McGregor John (Ulmarra)
McGregor William (Woodford Island)
McGregor William (Woodford Island)
McGuire A (Woolli) (Woolli)
McGuire James (Woodford Island)
McGuire Michael (Woodford Island)
McGuire T. (Shark's Creek)
McGuire T. (Warregah)
McInnes Angus (Taloumbi)
McInnes Duncan (Maclean)
McInnes Hugh (Ashby)
McInnes John (Ashby)
McInnis A. (Warregah)
McInnis Allan (Warregah)
McInnis Allen (Woodford Island)
McInnis D. (Woodford Island)
McInnis Hugh (Chatsworth)
McInnis John (Harwood)
McInnis Ronald (Ashby Island)
McIntosh David (Ulmarra)
McIntosh Donald (Ulmarra)
McIntyre Donald (Harwood)
McIntyre Dougal (South Arm)
McIntyre Hugh (Harwood)
McIntyre James (North Arm)
McIntyre John (Taloumbi)
McKaughan Charles (Chatsworth)
McKay A. (Palmer's Channel)
McKay Alexander (Woodford Island)
McKay Angus (Broadwater)
McKay Charles (Woodford)
McKay Donald (Harwood)
McKay Donald (Woodford Island)
McKay Hugh (Woodford Island)
McKay J.G. (Harwood)
McKay M. (Chatsworth Island)
McKay M. (Palmer's Island)
McKay Peter (Woodford Island)
McKay Samuel (Palmer's Channel)
McKay Thomas (Maclean)
McKay W. (Palmer's Channel)
McKele Henry (Iluka)
McKell William (Harwood)
McKellum Matthew (Shark's Creek)
McKenna Henry (Chatsworth)
McKenna W. (Woodford Island)
McKennie Francis (Rocky Mouth)
McKenzie A. (Palmer's Channel)
McKenzie John (Iluka)
McKenzie John (Palmer's Island)
McKenzie R. (Palmer's Island)
McKenzie W (Chatsworth)
McKenzie W. (Grafton)
McKertney A. (Tyndale)
McKinnon Allan (Woodford Island)
McKinnon Archibald (South Arm)
McKinnon D. (Woodburn Road)
McKinnon H. sen. (Chatsworth)
McKinnon Hugh (Chatsworth)
McKinnon Lachlan (Woodford Island)
McKinnon W. (Woodford)
McLachlan Allan (Ulmarra)
McLachlan Donald (Ulmarra)
McLachlan Duncan (Coldstream)
McLachlan Duncan (Ulmarra)
McLachlan John (Rocky Mouth)
McLachlan Nathaniel (Harwood)
McLaughlan J. jun. (Maclean)
McLaughlan John (Chatsworth)
McLaughlan John (Harwood)
McLaughlan Lachlan (Ulmarra)
McLaughlin Duncan (Maclean)
McLean Hector (Palmer's Island)
McLeay A. jun. (Palmer's Channel)
McLeay Alexander sen. (Palmer's Island)
McLennan William (Palmer's Island)
McLennan William (South Arm)
McLeod A. (Palmer's Island)
McLeod Alexander (Ashby)
McLeod Alexander (Woodford Island)
McLeod Angus (Ulmarra)
McLeod James (Maclean)
McLeod John (Ashby)
McLeod John (Southgate)
McLeod John (Woodford Island)
McLeod Norman (Ulmarra)
McLeod W. (Woodford Island)
McLeod W.A. (Woodford Island)
McLeod William (Ulmarra)
McLucas A. (Woodford Island)
McMah Joseph (Harwood)
McMahon John (Cowper)
McMahon Martin (Snizort)
McMahon Michael (Ulmarra)
McMahon Patrick (South Arm)
McMahon Patrick (Woodford Island)
McMahon Thomas (Cowper)
McMillan Alex. (Serpentine Creek)
McMillan Alexander (Ulmarra)
McMillan Angus (Harwood)
McMillan Archibald (Ulmarra)
McMillan Donald (Harwood)
McMillan Donald (North Arm)
McMillan Donald (Serpentine Creek)
McMillan Duncan (Ulmarra)
McMillan Duncan (Woodford Island)
McMillan Hugh (Woodford Island)
McMillan J. jun (Woodford Island)
McMillan James (Harwood Island)
McMillan James (Harwood)
McMillan John (Ulmarra)
McMillan John (Woodford Island)
McMillan John (Woodford)
McMillan Kenneth (Harwood Island)
McNaughton John (Harwood)
McNaughton S. (Rocky Mouth)
McNeil Colin (Serpentine Creek)
McNeil Hugh (Serpentine Creek)
McNeil Ludovic (Serpentine Creek)
McNish Hugh (Maclean)
McPhee A. sen. (Lower (Southgate))
McPhee Alexander (Ulmarra)
McPhee Alexander (Ulmarra)
McPhee Allen (Southgate)
McPhee Angus (Tyndale)
McPhee Donald (Southgate)
McPhee Duncan (Palmer's Channel)
McPhee Hugh (Southgate)
McPhee Hugh jun. (Southgate)
McPhee John (Harwood)
McPhee John (Southgate)
McPhee John (Ulmarra)
McPhee Thomas (Ulmarra)
McPhee William (Ulmarra)
McPherson Alexander (North Arm)
McPherson Angus (Ashby)
McPherson Angus (North Arm)
McPherson Hugh (Lawrence)
McPherson James (Lawrence)
McPherson James (Southgate)
McPherson John (North Arm)
McPherson John T. (Chatsworth)
McPherson Murdoch (Lawrence)
McPherson R. (Warregah Island)
McPherson William (North Arm)
McQuarrie Daniel (Yamba)
McQuarrie Walter E. (Yamba)
McRae John (North Arm)
McRae William (Palmer's Channel)
McSwan A. sen. (Woodford Island)
McSwan Angus (Woodford Island)
McSwan James (Woodford Island)
McSwan John (Woodford Island)
McSwan John sen. (Woodford Island)
McSwan Malcolm (Woodford Island)
McSween C. (Cormack's Creek)
Mee George (Chatsworth)
Meillon Joseph (Grafton)
Meliford Patrick (Harwood)
Mercer James (Chatsworth)
Merchant James (Lawrence)
Meskill James (Chatsworth)
Meston Alex. jun. (Ulmarra)
Meston Alexander (Grafton)
Middleton Charles (Cowper)
Miller David (Harwood Island)
Miller David (Ulmarra)
Miller F.E. (Woodford Island)
Miller Hugh (Ulmarra)
Miller John jun. (Ulmarra)
Miller John sen. (Ulmarra)
Miller William (Ulmarra)
Minchell W. (Palmer's Island)
Mitchel James (Palmer's Island)
Mitchel John (Shark's Creek)
Mitchel John (Warregah)
Mitchell Edward (Harwood)
Mitchell James (Southgate)
Moore Alfred (Chatsworth)
Moorehead John (South Arm)
Moroney Michael (Maclean)
Morris Benjamin (Southgate)
Morris George (Ulmarra)
Morris J. Arthur (South Grafton)
Morrisey Charles (Yamba)
Morrison George (North Arm)
Morrison John (North Arm)
Morrison Thomas (Ulmarra)
Morrison Wm. (Palmer's Channel)
Morten Frederick (Micalo)
Moth William (Ulmarra)
Muir James (Maclean)
Mullens George (Ashby)
Mulligan James (Woodford Island)
Mulligan Patrick (Woodford)
Munro Alexander (Woodford Island)
Munro Alexander (Woodford Island)
Munro Angus (Woodford Island)
Munro Hugh (Woodford Island)
Munro John H. (Grafton)
Munro Kenneth (Rocky Mouth)
Murphy Daniel (Yamba)
Murphy Edward (Cowper)
Murphy Francis (Palmer's Island)
Murphy John (Palmer's Island)
Murphy John (Southgate)
Murphy Patrick (Palmer's Island)
Murray James (Harwood)
Muter Robert (Iluka)
Nabb John (Woodford Island)
Naghten Michael (Harwood)
Nagle Richard (South Arm)
Napper Edmund (Ulmarra)
Nason George (Harwood)
Naylor John (Maclean)
Neale Robert (Woodford Island)
Neary Michael (Iluka)
Nelson Charles (Harwood)
Nesbia William (Yamba)
Nestor James (Ulmarra)
Nettleton Hugh (Wombah)
Newby John (Palmer's Island)
Newby William (Rocky Mouth)
Newman Patrick (Ulmarra)
Newport James (Ulmarra)
Newport John (Warregah)
Nichol John (Ulmarra)
Nicholson Angus (Harwood)
Nicholson Archibald (Harwood Island)
Nicholson Donald (Southgate)
Nicholson Duncan (Harwood)
Nicholson John (Harwood Island)
Nicholson William (Harwood)
Night Elijah (Ulmarra)
Nightengale Robert G. (Lawrence)
Niland Andrew (Cowper)
Niles John W. (Yamba)
Nipper Robert (Tyndale)
Nippress Thomas (Maclean)
Nixon William (Harwood)
Nolan J. sen. (Palmer's Island)
Nolan John junior (Palmer's Island)
Noonan J.F. (Woodford Island)
Noonan James (Chatsworth)
Noonan James (Woodford)
Norley Stephen (Maclean)
Norman Alfred (Clifton)
Norrie Frank (Grafton)
Norris Frederick (Chatsworth)
North Mildred (Rocky Mouth)
North William (Ulmarra)
Northcott Henry (Ulmarra)
Northcott John H. (Southgate)
Northcott Thomas (Ulmarra)
Northcotte Joseph (Ulmarra)
Northcotte Theophilus (Ulmarra)
Noud John (Ulmarra)
Nunn Arthur (Tyndale)
Oberfixhuber A. (Coldstream)
O'Brien Cornelius (Cowper)
O'Brien Denis (Southgate)
O'Brien James (Chatsworth)
O'Brien James (Maclean)
O'Brien John (South Arm)
O'Brien John (Ulmarra)
O'Brien Michael (Ulmarra)
O'Brien William (Harwood)
O'Connor Gerald (Lawrence)
O'Connor James (Lawrence)
O'Connor James (North Arm)
O'Connor M. (Sportsman's Creek)
O'Connor Michael (Harwood)
O'Connor Pat (Woodford Island)
O'Connor Patrick (Harwood)
O'Connor William jun (Iluka)
O'Connor William sen. (Iluka)
O'Connor William T. (Lawrence)
O'Day James (Palmer's Island)
O'Donnell Denis (Harwood)
O'Flynn James (Chatsworth)
O'Grady Patrick (Ulmarra)
O'Hara James (Ulmarra)
Oliffe Henry (Chatsworth)
Olive Edwin William (Crossroads)
Olive William (Crossroads)
Oliver James (Harwood)
O'Mahar Timothy (Harwood)
O'Mara James (Shark's Creek)
O'Neil Cornelius (Woodford Island)
O'Neil Edward (South Arm)
O'Neil Owen (Tyndale)
Ore James (Chatsworth)
Orr William (Palmer's Island)
Osborne Dugald (Ulmarra)
Osborne Elijah (Ulmarra)
Osborne Samuel (Ulmarra)
Osbourne John (Yamba)
Outerbridge Stephen (Chatsworth)
Pacol John (Yamba)
Paine Richard (Southgate)
Paine William (Southgate)
Park William (Ulmarra)
Parker John (Rocky Mouth)
Parker Thomas (Maclean)
Parkinson W. (Palmer's Channel)
Parnell John (Rocky Mouth)
Parnell Thomas (Southgate)
Parsons William (Ulmarra)
Partington Joseph (Chatsworth)
Partridge James (Cowper)
Pashley James (Harwood)
Pateman James (Lawrence Road)
Pateman John (Ulmarra)
Patterson Edward (Palmer's Island)
Patterson J.D. sen. (Lawrence)
Patterson James (Sleeper Island)
Patterson John jun. (Woodford)
Patterson Michael (Palmer's Island)
Patterson Thos (Woodford Island)
Pattinson Andrew (Iluka)
Peady Joseph E. (South Arm)
Peck George (Cowper)
Peck William J (Cowper)
Pegus A. Hood (Woolli)
Peoples George (Iluka)
Peoples James (Iluka)
Peoples Patrick (Yamba)
Peoples Robert (Iluka)
Peoples William (Iluka)
Petrie John (Coldstream)
Phelps Edward G. (Southgate)
Phelps George (Southgate)
Phelps John (Ulmarra)
Phelps Simeon (Ulmarra)
Phelps William (Palmer's Channel)
Philip Alexander (Southgate)
Philip Robert (Southgate)
Philips George (Chatsworth)
Philips John (Wombah)
Philips Samuel (Lawrence)
Philips Walter (Palmer's Island)
Phillis George (Harwood)
Phipps Paul (North Arm)
Phipps Silas A. (Wombah)
Pierce Michael (Harwood)
Pilgrim William (Chatsworth)
Plater Charles (Taloumbi)
Plater Thomas (Taloumbi)
Plater Thomas jun. (Taloumbi)
Plummer Henry (Ulmarra)
Polson Peter (Harwood)
Pondry W.G. (Woodford Island)
Pooley James (Taloumbi)
Porter James F. (Lawrence)
Powell Edward (Harwood Island)
Powell George R. (Tyndale)
Powell Pierce John (Lawrence)
Powell Thomas Alex. (Tyndale)
Pratchell Thomas (Chatsworth)
Pratt Robert (Snizort)
Preddice James (Wombah)
Price John (Harwood)
Price Louis Marshall (Chatsworth)
Pringle Thomas (Lawrence)
Pritchard T. (Woodford Island)
Pullen Henry (Cowper)
Pullen William T. (Cowper)
Purcell Patrick (Iluka)
Purcell Robert (Palmer's Island)
Pyers Robert (Southgate)
Quayle William (Ulmarra)
Quayle William A. (Ulmarra)
Quigley Michael (Yamba)
Quinlan Patrick (Ulmarra)
Quinn Connor (Chatsworth)
Rabjohn James (Ulmarra)
Raevell George (Ulmarra)
Ramsden Theodore (Lawrence)
Randall W.H. (Palmer's Island)
Rankin Robert (North Arm)
Rayner Thomas (South Arm)
Rayner Thomas (Ulmarra)
Rayner Thomas sen. (Ulmarra)
Rayner W.T. (Woodford Island)
Read John (Chatsworth)
Reardon John (Palmer's Island)
Reardon Owen (Southgate)
Reavell john (Harwood)
Reddacliff Robert (Cowper)
Redmond Thomas (Ulmarra)
Reece Frederick (Iluka)
Reilly David (Ashby)
Reilly Robert (Ashby)
Reilly William (Taloumbi)
Rennix E. Joseph (Maclean)
Reynolds C. (Sportsman's Creek)
Reynolds Dominick (Harwood)
Reynolds George (Brushgrove)
Richards John (Iluka)
Rieley George (Benyabba)
Ring John (Ulmarra)
Rippon George (Southgate)
Rippon William (Southgate)
Robertson Angus (Ulmarra)
Robertson Donald (Coldstream)
Robertson F. (Woodford Island)
Robertson G. (Woodford Island)
Robertson J.L. sen. (Coldstream)
Robertson John (Iluka)
Robertson William (Ulmarra)
Robinson Angus (Ulmarra)
Robinson Donald (Ulmarra)
Robinson Duncan (Cowper)
Robinson F. (Palmer's Island)
Robinson James (Ulmarra)
Robinson James A. (Chatsworth)
Robson Thomas (Harwood)
Rogers Ambrose (Chatsworth)
Rollans John (Harwood)
Rose John (Iluka)
Ross Alexander (Palmer's Island)
Rowlands John (Ulmarra)
Rowles William (Maclean)
Rush John (Iluka)
Rush Michael (Maclean)
Rush Thomas (Rocky Mouth)
Russell S (Woodford Island)
Rutherford William (Iluka)
Ryan (Lawrence) (Southgate)
Ryan John (Shark's Creek)
Ryan Michael (Harwood)
Ryan Michael (Southgate)
Ryan Patrick (Rocky Mouth)
Ryan Patrick (Snizort)
Ryan Thomas (Shark's Creek)
Ryan William (Palmer's Island)
Ryan William (Yamba)
Sadlier Charles (Cowper)
Sager Robert (Maclean)
Samson E.P. (Grafton)
Savage Matthew (Yamba)
Sawyer George (Tyndale)
Scadden James (Maclean)
Schafer George (Chatsworth)
Schafer George John (North Arm)
Schawerner Frederick (Yamba)
Schipp Charles (Palmer's Channel)
Schipp Frederick (Palmer's Channel)
Schipp George (Palmer's Channel)
Schipp John (Palmer's Channel)
Schipp Joseph (Palmer's Channel)
Schipp M. sen. (Palmer's Channel)
Schipp Martin jun. (Palmer's Channel)
Schurr Felix (Palmer's Island)
Schwartz Antony (North Arm)
Schwonberg F.H. (Maclean)
Schwonberg N.J. (Maclean)
Scott Alex. (Palmer's Channel)
Scott David (Chatsworth)
Scott William B. (Chatsworth)
Searle Henry S. (South Arm)
Secomb John (Woodford)
Secomb W. (Woodford Island)
See David (Southgate)
See John (Sydney)
Selman George A (Wombah)
Settle David (Iluka)
sexton Michael (Warregah)
Seyers Henry (Yamba)
Shane Patrick (Great Marlow)
Shannon Thomas (Ulmarra)
Sharpe F.T. (Lawrence)
Shaw Donald (Lawrence)
Shaw Henry (Iluka)
Shaw John (Warregah Island)
Shaw John (Woodford Island)
Shaw John (Woodford Island)
Shaw Malcolm (Ulmarra)
Shaw Peter (Warregah)
Shea John (Chatsworth)
Shearer Donald (Ashby)
Shearer John (Ashby)
Shearer William (Ashby)
Sheather Henry (Palmer's Island)
Sheather Richard (Maclean)
Sheehan Cornelius (Lawrence)
Sheehan John (Chatsworth)
Sheehan Thomas (Lawrence)
Sheehan William (Chatsworth)
Sheehan William (Lawrence)
Shepherd Francis (Ulmarra)
Shepherd George (Brushgrove)
Shepherd George (Ulmarra)
Shepherd George jun. (Ulmarra)
Shepherd John (Southgate)
Shepherd Samuel (Ulmarra)
Sherry Denis (Cowper)
Sherry John (Cowper)
Sherry Patrick (Cowper)
Shields Edward (Lawrence)
Shorey Thomas (North Arm)
Short John jun. (Woodford Island)
Short John sen. (Southgate)
Short Samuel jun (Southgate)
Simms Richard R. (Brushgrove)
Sinclair William (Ulmarra)
Sinnot Francis (Ulmarra)
Sketchley William (Ulmarra)
Skinner Thomas (Palmer's Island)
Slattery James (Chatsworth)
Small F.A. (Pillar Valley)
Small George (Lawrence)
Small Henry (Tyndale)
Small John F. (Woodford Island)
Small John F. jun. (Woodford Island)
Small John sen. (South Arm)
Small Thomas (Ulmarra)
Small Thomas A. (Ulmarra)
Small W.H. (Pillar Valley)
Small William (Swan Creek)
Small William (Yamba)
Smith Archibald (Harwood)
Smith Archibald (Iluka)
Smith Benjamin (Rocky Mouth)
Smith Frederick (Iluka)
Smith Frederick (Iluka)
Smith George (King's Creek)
Smith Henry (Chatsworth)
Smith James (Chatsworth)
Smith John (Chatsworth)
Smith John (Yamba)
Smith John Leslie (Lawrence)
Smith Thomas (Iluka)
Smith Thomas (Ulmarra)
Smith Thomas (Yamba)
Smith W. (North Arm)
Smith W. (Palmer's Channel)
Smith W. (Southgate)
Smith W. (Sportsman's Creek)
Smith W.A. (Chatsworth)
Smith William (Iluka)
Smythe Charles (Ulmarra)
Sneesby James (Ulmarra)
Sneesby John (Ulmarra)
Sneesby Joseph (Ulmarra)
Somerville Andrew (Chatsworth)
Sommerville James (Warregah)
Stack John (Tyndale)
Stanton James (Ulmarra)
Starr Edmund (Woodford Island)
Starr Thomas (Ulmarra)
Starr Thomas (Woodford Island)
Stephens C.N. (Harwood Island)
Stephenson Richard (Tyndale)
Stephenson Titus (Woodford)
Stewart Andrew (Harwood)
Stewart Donald (Lawrence)
Stewart Donald (Southgate)
Stirling John (Chatsworth)
Stirling John (Tyndale)
Stokes David (Tyndale)
Storit Alexander (Woodford Island)
Storit William (Woodford Island)
Stuart John (Palmer's Island)
Studdart Henry (Goodwood Island)
Sturgeon Andrew (Manero)
Sturt C (Woodford Island)
Sturt Thomas C. (Brushgrove)
Sullivan Timothy (Ashby)
Summers N (Chatsworth)
Summers Thomas (Harwood)
Sutherland G. (Palmer's Island)
Sutton Malcolm (Cowper)
Sutton Malcolm (Cowper)
Swaggart C (North Arm)
Swain W. (Palmer's Island)
Swanson Peter (Chatsworth)
Sweeney James (Glenugie)
Swinfield Alfred (Harwood)
Syme James (Broadwater)
Tate Stanger (Chatsworth)
Tate William (Wombah)
Taylor Andrew (Ulmarra)
Taylor James (Ulmarra)
Taylor James K. (Ulmarra)
Taylor John (Ulmarra)
Taylor Thomas (Ulmarra)
Taylor William (Ulmarra)
Thomas John (Yamba)
Thomas Joseph (Yamba)
Thomas Samuel (Palmer's Island)
Thomas Thomas (Iluka)
Thompson Frederick (Harwood)
Thompson John (Ulmarra)
Thompson Thomas (Ulmarra)
Thompson Thomas G. (Ulmarra)
Thompson W.H. (Woodford Island)
Thomson James (Chatsworth)
Thomson James H. (Woodford Island)
Thomson John (Ulmarra)
Thomson Peter (Ulmarra)
Thomson Thomas A. (Lawrence)
Thomson W.H. (Woodford Island)
Thomson William (Brushgrove)
Thomson William (Ulmarra)
Thorley Charles (Ulmarra)
Thorley Edmund (Chatsworth)
Thornton George (Ulmarra)
Tibbs William (Ulmarra)
Till Richard (Maclean)
Timbs Thomas (Harwood Island)
Tinker David (Southgate)
Tinkman Samuel (Harwood)
Tisdell A. (Chatsworth)
Tolbert John jun. (Ulmarra)
Tolbert John sen. (Ulmarra)
Tollow Thomas (Yamba)
Tomlinson James (Ulmarra)
Tomlinson William (Ulmarra)
Torney Michael (Chatsworth)
Torrens Thomas (Woodford Island)
Townsend William (Broadwater)
Tree H. Frederick (Ulmarra)
Tree Henry (Ulmarra)
Trotter Moses (Ulmarra)
Truscott William H. (Yamba)
Tucker Robert (Chatsworth)
Turbet Francis (Palmer's Island)
Turnbull Frederick (Ulmarra)
Turner John (Iluka)
Turner William (Harwood)
Turner William (Palmer's Island)
Turnie James (Chatsworth)
Turrant E.B. (Chatsworth)
Twyford G.W. (Lawrence)
Underry R. (Chatsworth Island)
Venuell Thomas (Chatsworth)
Wade Patrick (Palmer's Island)
Wagner D (Woodford Island)
Walden Job (Ulmarra)
Waldron George (Yamba)
Walker Charles (Chatsworth)
Walker Samuel (Chatsworth)
Walker William (Yamba)
Wall Edmund (Ulmarra)
Wall John (Ulmarra)
Wallan George (Maclean)
Wallan John (Iluka)
Wallan Joseph (Wombah)
Wallbank Thomas (Wombah)
Wallwork Albert (Woodford Island)
Wallwork John (Woodford Island)
Wallwork Joseph (Woodford Island)
Wallwork W.S. (Woodford Island)
Walsh Frederick (Shark's Creek)
Walsh J. (Woodford Island)
Walsh Ross (Chatsworth)
Walters Francis (Grafton)
Walz Andrew (Ulmarra)
Walz Andrew (Ulmarra)
Want Edward (Clarenza)
Want George (Woodford Island)
Want James (Palmer's Channel)
Want John (Tyndale)
Ward John (Maclean)
Ward Patrick (Goodwood)
Ward Thomas (Brushgrove)
Ward Thomas (Woodford Island)
Ward William (Lawrence)
Ware David (Clifton)
Watkins David (South Arm)
Watkins Edward (Chatsworth)
Watkins John (Woodford)
Watson Edward (Chatsworth Island)
Watson George (Woodford Island)
Watson Henry (Iluka)
Watson Henry (South Arm)
Watson James (Woodford)
Watson R.B. (Maclean)
Watson William (Ashby)
Watson William (Woodford Island)
Watson William (Yamba)
Watt Alexander (Ulmarra)
Watt Charles (Grafton)
Watt David (Brushgrove)
Watt David (Ulmarra)
Watt George (Clifton)
Watt George (Maclean)
Watt Robert (Clifton)
Watt William (Tyndale)
Watt William (Woodford)
Watterson Allen (Palmer's Island)
Watterson James (Palmer's Island)
Webb Christopher (Palmer's Island)
Weebb A.H. (Goodwood)
Weekes John Wye (Maclean)
Weekly Francis (Woodford Island)
Weir Joseph (Lawrence Road)
Weir Joseph (Sportsman's Creek)
Weldan James (Palmer's Channel)
Wells Isaac (Woodford Island)
Welsh (Lawrence) (Ulmarra)
Welsh Frederick W. (Shark's Creek)
Welsh James (Palmer's Island)
Werey John W. (Southgate)
Werry John (Chatsworth)
Wert Arthur J. Coaldale
Wert Charles (Cross Roads)
Wert Charles (Lawrence)
Werth Ludwig (Harwood)
Weston Henry (Serpentine Creek)
Weston James (Serpentine Creek)
Weston Samuel (Cowper)
Weston Thomas (Serpentine Creek)
Whalan J. sen. (Sportsman's Creek)
Whalan James junior (Southgate)
Whalan John (Harwood)
Whalan John (Yamba)
Whelan Edward (Maclean)
Whelan J.A. (Sportsman's Creek)
Whelan John (Rocky Mouth)
Whelan Peter (Tyndale)
Whelan Peter junior (Lawrence)
Whelan Robert (Lawrence)
Whitby James (Southgate)
White John (Palmer's Island)
White John (Yamba)
White William Thomas (Ulmarra)
Whitehead H.M. (England)
Whitton James (Ulmarra)
Wiblen John T (Wombah)
Wilcox Thomas (Ulmarra)
Wilkinson Edward (Harwood)
Williams Daniel (Chatsworth)
Williams David (Chatsworth)
Williams David (Woodford Island)
Williams John (Iluka)
Williams John (Palmer's Channel)
Williams Thomas (Ulmarra)
Williams William (Yamba)
Willis Charles (Maclean)
Willis Samuel (Tyndale)
Wilson Charles (Warregah)
Wilson James (Ashby)
Wilson John (Brushgrove)
Wilson Ralph (Palmer's Island)
Wilson Robert (Chatworth)
Winnfield John (Brushgrove)
Winnfield John (Ulmarra)
Winnfield William (Ulmarra)
Wiseman Thomas (Chatsworth)
Wiseman Thomas (Ulmarra)
Woodcock George (Goodwood)
Woodcock George (Maclean)
Woodgate Robert (Chatsworth)
Woods John (Southgate)
Woolead Thomas (Woodford Island)
Wright Benjamin S. (Goodwood)
Wright James (Maclean)
Wright Thomas (Maclean)
Wyatt John (Maclean)
Wyness James (Chatsworth)
Yeager Christian (Brushgrove)
Yeager George (Ulmarra)
Yeager John George (Brushgrove)
Yoole Edward (Maclean)
Young Alfred (Ulmarra)
Young James W. (Ulmarra)
Young Robert (Ulmarra)
Zannelli Angelo (Ulmarra)
Zuill John (Blake's Creek)
Zuill William junior (Southgate)
Zuill William senior (Brushgrove)

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