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The following surnames were listed on the Clarence Valley GenWeb Message Board (old site) as at September 2006.  Messages have been transcribed 'as is' (errors have been included to preserve message integrity):

Surname: Davis
Comments: My grandfather George Davis, married Mary A Nipperess in the year 1897, he died in the year 1930. They came from the Maclean area maybe Ulmarra. His fathers name was John....I think. I would be most greatful for any information on George Davis and his family tree.

Thank you

Sent By: Carolyn
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Saturday, September 30th 2006 - 02:31:28 AM
Surname: Baker
Comments: Elizabeth Baker married my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Bailey. I am trying to located a marriage date and any other relative information on Elizabeth Baker and her family tree.
Sent By: Brian Jones
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Tuesday, September 26th 2006 - 05:32:24 PM
Surname: Bailey
Comments: Thomas Bailey married Elizabeth Baker lived in the Urara area at one time about 1873 - 1883. I believe he operated a punt on the Clarence River. Any information would be appreciated.
Sent By: Brian Jones
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Tuesday, September 26th 2006 - 05:28:40 PM
Surname: crabbe / crabb
Comments: Has anyone any information on Faithful , Elizabeth and Martha Crabbe / Crabb. They lived in the Clarence Valley in the 1840's.
Sent By: jan
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Tuesday, September 19th 2006 - 03:49:22 PM
Surname: foggo
Comments: Hello:
I just discovered that some of my family immigrated to Australia from Scotland in 1870. Does anyone have information about Thomas Foggo b 1847 in Haddington, Scotland and his wife, Mary Warrell? They had sons Thomas and George and William who survived into adulthood. I would be interested in learning more about this family.
Sent By: Gail
E-mail: here
Tuesday, August 29th 2006 - 04:23:19 PM
Comments: Can anyone please help with these family names who settled on the Clarence River during the 19th century? Place names are Ulmarra, Woodburn, Maclean, Grafton. I am descended from Charles Newman Child and his wife Emma Hazlewood and also George Everingham and his wife Keturah Stubbs. On the Bale side my great grandmother's father was George Bale.
Sent By: Janelle Evans
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Friday, August 25th 2006 - 10:36:20 AM
Surname: STEWART
Comments: DEBORAH STEWART I would like to correct AN ERROR in my previous email.JOSEPH GERRARD STEWART´S wife: ANN CATHERINE STEWART´s maiden name was COUTTS. I think the MONTGOMERY ALLAN or ALLEN were the Irish surnames of the previous generation.An apology for any confusion caused. By the way, JOSEPH GERRARD STEWART was born August,20th, 1857 at EASTERTILLYGARMOND, PARISH OF BIRSE.
Sent By: Deborah Stewart
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Friday, August 25th 2006 - 07:41:08 AM
Surname: Harwood
Comments: I am seeking information on Frederick Herbert Harwood (my grandfather). He was in charge of the Broadwater ferry for about 20 years (1930's to 1950's). I am currently researching my family history and I have hit a 'brickwall' so any information about him and/or his family would be greatly appreciated.
Sent By: Kath Harwood
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Sunday, August 20th 2006 - 03:04:13 AM
Surname: STEWART
Comments: I would like to hear from any descendants of JOSEPH (Gerrard) STEWART & ANN CATHERINE (maiden name:ALLEN MONTGOMERY). They had 11 children, the youngest being my father: HAROLD MANLY STEWART born in SYDNEY,N.S.W. on July,29th,1905.JOSEPH was born in TILLYGARMOND,ABERDEENSHIRE,SCOTLAND and Catherine´s father was from CO.TYRONE, IRELAND.HAROLD died in New York City in 1970.That´s where I was born.Joseph had a haberdashery shop by the name of `JOSEPH STEWART & SONS´in Sydney.Congratulations on the site! Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me.
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Friday, August 18th 2006 - 07:00:12 PM
Surname: STEWART
Comments: I would like to hear from any descendants of JOSEPH (Gerrard) STEWART & ANN CATHERINE (maiden name:ALLEN MONTGOMERY). They had 11 children, the youngest being my father: HAROLD MANLY STEWART born in SYDNEY,N.S.W. on July,29th,1905.JOSEPH was born in TILLYGARMOND,ABERDEENSHIRE,SCOTLAND and Catherine´s father was from CO.TYRONE, IRELAND.HAROLD died in New York City in 1970.That´s where I was born.Joseph had a haberdashery shop by the name of `JOSEPH STEWART & SONS´in Sydney.Congratulations on the site! Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me.
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Friday, August 18th 2006 - 06:59:37 PM
Surname: Atkinson / Maxwell
Comments: Eliza Atkinson married James Maxwell @ Clarence River Church 1855. James died there in 1877 his death cert noted Thomas Maxwell as his father. Im interested in any information about this couple and in particular Thomas Maxwell the father of James
Much thanks
Sent By: Joy -Kiwi in Germany
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, August 7th 2006 - 12:00:00 AM
Surname: Everest / Molyneaux
Comments: I am trying to fnd out more about the Everest family who moved to the northern rivers of NSW circa 1850 from Tasmania. My gg grandfather's name was Thomas Everest. He died in 1901 and is buried in Tweed Heads cemetary. I have determined that several of his sons are also buried in the area, including Casino, so its seems that the family was quite settled there. Thomas and Elizabeth had several daughters; one of them being my great grandmother Bella Everest. She married John Molyneaux and one of their many children, Stella, was my grandmother.

I am especially interested to know more about the lives of the Everests who moved to the northern rivers district of NSW, including of course when they first arrived there and how they lived.

I am also trying to detemine if Bella Everest met John Molyneaux in that Clarence region. They were married in Sydney in 1883. John was born in Tasmania around 1857. according to his marriage certificate his father's name was Andrew and his mother was Mary Wilmot.
Sent By: Colleen Blums
E-mail: Click Here
Sunday, August 6th 2006 - 10:31:31 PM
Surname: Dwyer
Comments: I am keen to get more information on my GF James Joseph Dwyer who married Ellen Jane Law of Kings Creek. Whilst I have marriage certificate; family history of Ellen Jane Law; death certificate, nowhere can I locate his exact birthday, in Cork Ireland, approximately 1864.

Without this , I cannot get his correct history, as there are many James Dwyer in the Cty Cork.

Is there somewhere in Lawrence, where I can look at, perhaps work records that may have his details. He was a ferryman on the barge on the Clarence River. Died 1920.

Thanks, Ann Rusher (Flynn/Dwyer/Law)
Sent By: Ann Rusher
E-mail: Click Here
Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 09:27:06 PM
Surname: O'Connell/Funnell
Comments: I have recently found some information regarding the funnell side but am looking vigorously into the O'Connell side.

Leslie John O'Connell moved from Lithgow with his wife Gwendoline Mary (nee Funnell) and their children, Barbara Ann and Gary Raymond. Barbara was born in 1942 and Gary was born in 1945. Gary is my father-in-law and would like some more information regarding the O'Connell's
Sent By: Sally
E-mail: Click Here
Wednesday, July 12th 2006 - 07:06:02 PM
Surname: Reilly/Rielly?Riley
Comments: Frances Reilly & Clara Scully married Sydney 1846

would like to know any connections abouts family

My G G Grandparnets.Descendent from Agnes Reilly 1858-1928
Sent By: Lynn Westmore
E-mail: Click Here
Tuesday, July 4th 2006 - 09:14:21 PM
Surname: Charles Windsor/Rebecca Green
Comments: Charles Windsor was my great grandfather, born in England abt 1836 and died 1909 in Nth N.S.W. He married Rebecca Green in 1865. Can anyone help me with Charles English lineage. Any help appreciated.
Sent By: Earl Bentley
E-mail: Click Here
Friday, June 23rd 2006 - 09:14:53 PM
Surname: WINKLER and COLES
Comments: I have been researching the Winkler family in Australia for about 10 years. We had a reunion at the Grafton Show Ground in 1998, which marked the 140th anniversary of the family arriving in Australia. Karl Winkler and his wife Frederica arrived in Sydney on the "Armin" in November 1858.Their first child Caroline was born on the ship around June of 1858. Sadly she died in January 1859 and was buried in St. Ann's Church Yard at Ryde. They lived in Hunter's Hill, Sydney for about 7 years, where they had 4 more children Caroline 1859, Elizabeth 1860, Charles 1863 and John 1864. Somewhere between July 1864 and August 1866 the family moved to Grafton. They settled at the Ramornie Meat Works, where Karl was employed as a Gardener. They went on to have 3 more sons Phillip 1866, William 1869 and John 1873. (Sadly they lost their first son John in 1867 from Whooping Cough.)
The 2 girls married Schumacher brothers and 3 of the brothers married March/Marsh sisters and the other son William married Mary Ann Coles, I am a decendant of this last couple.
Karl and Frederica are both buried in the Ramornie Pioneer Cemetry at Ranornie.

The Coles family is another story.....William Coles was born c1834/6 in England. I am not sure how he got to Australia the only William Coles who could be a possibility is a William Coles who deserted from the "Earl of Elgin" in 1854. The jury is still out on this.
His wife Elizabeth Graham is another unknown... She was born somewhere around 1840 posssibly in Sydney with a father named William. This is the only information I have been able to find about her. The only possiblity I can find is an Elizabeth Graham born to William Graham and Mary Hanly in Maitland. However there is no further mention of this child in any of the that family's following certificates.
William and elizabeth were married in 1868 at Grafton Registry office. They had 4 children Mary ann 1870, Harriett 1873, died 1876, Robert 1874, died 1875 and George 1879. Elizabeth was burned to death when she fell into an open fire whilst in an Epeliptic fit. Even though there was a coroners inquest into this there is not a lot of personal information about Elizabeth on her death certificate, does not even refer to being married let alone children or parents etc.
If anyone is interested in this family or the twigs on the tree please get in touch with me.
Good researching.
Sent By: Annette Tollis
E-mail: Click Here
Thursday, June 22nd 2006 - 11:30:32 PM
Surname: Long/Rhodes
Comments: I am looking for information on the family of George Long and Ellen Rhodes.George is the son of George Long and Hannah Shea and Ellen is the daughter of William Rhodes and Sarah Andrews. George and Ellen had 4 children. Two of the children Mary Ann and William Ernest were born in Grafton in 1877 and 1879
Sent By: Jullie Campbell
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Sunday, June 18th 2006 - 12:05:13 AM
Surname: Scharkie
Comments: Looking for any connections of the Scharkie family (other spelings are Sharkie and Sharkey) who arrived in 1859 on the " Wilhelm Kirchner". I think they first went to the Grafton area but later settled in Morpeth, Maitland. A Wilhelm Kirchner was an immigration agent for Germany and brought out many german citizens, he also had various businesses in Grafton.
Sent By: Shirley Moat
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Monday, June 5th 2006 - 09:49:00 PM
Surname: McGrath
Comments: My Grandfather, Thomas McGrath, was born in Grafton, NSW, AUS int 1880 and his siblings were born in Ulmarra. His father, Roderick McGrath, emigrated from Knockroe, Moycarkey, Tipperary, Ireland about 1864 and was employed as a carriage maker/wheelwright. I am wondering if I have any McGrath relatives in the Clarence River area. The family eventually moved to Cairns but am curious if some returned to your area. Best to all, Bonnie
Sent By: Bonnie MacRaith
E-mail: Click Here
Thursday, June 1st 2006 - 06:56:36 PM
Surname: walker
Comments: Hullo All,
Searching for information about great grandmother Blanche Walker born abt 1887-1890 Clarence River,Copmanhurst,No record found of her birth. Blanche died; 23-9-1934 Lidcombe Hosp,NSW. Aboriginal,stated on hospital death records,widowed and married Grafton at age 17 to Harry Walker .Could not find any marriage which suits . In 1912 & 1913 she produced 2 daughter which were declared as
illegitimate. Thank you for any help given on Blanche we have hit a brick wall.
Sent By: Michelle Evans
E-mail: Click Here
Thursday, June 1st 2006 - 06:49:36 PM
Surname: Charles Newman Child
Comments: Charles Newman Child/Emma Hazelwood are my ggg grandparents
they resided in 1860,Lawrence on the Clarence River.The tree goes,the had Charles Newman Child,m.Ada Hayward(1880)had Mable Child 1891,m.James Fraser(1914)had Ada Fraser b.(1919)
who m.Sydney Race 1941 who had Noeline Race b.1942 m.Pete Cruzado(1964)who had me Peter Cruzado,is there any Relatives of mine that still live in the Clarence River area?
Sent By: Peter Cruzado
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, May 29th 2006 - 06:09:44 AM
Surname: Thompson
Comments: Seeking reference to David Singer Thompson who spent 5 years at Grafton Experimental Farm from 1914. David was Poultry Manager at Hawkesbury Agricultural College in the early 1900's, where he successfully bred Ostriche's. David is to be listed as a "Bright Sparc" on the Australian Science & Technology Heritage Centre at the University of Melbourne. David was my husband's GGrandfather. If anyone has any information on his time in this area, would appreciate contact.

Christine Thompson
Sent By: Christine Thompson
E-mail: Click Here
Saturday, May 20th 2006 - 03:20:41 AM
Surname: Muter
Comments: I am looking for information on my maternal grandmother. Her name before marriage was Florence Muter. I have a list of all her brothers and sisters but cannot find any information on her mother Julia Cormick and father Robert Muter (born in Cumberland England)
Sent By: Lesley Johnson
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Monday, May 15th 2006 - 11:08:39 PM
Surname: Kelly
Comments: I am trying to locate information on the above Family; Elizabeth Kelly was born c1883 at Southgate, Clarence River. Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, May Evelyn at Armidale in 1912; May was brought up by a family named Schmidt at Kempsey.
Any help would be appreciated
Sent By: Lyne Richardson
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, March 13th 2006 - 02:26:57 PM
Surname: larkin and kain
Comments: Delia Kain from Galway Ireland was sent to live with uncle Mr. J. Larkin, Clarence River... approx. 1895-1920... she was about 13 on arrival.

Any one know of Mr. J. Larkin?
Sent By: lynne perry
E-mail: Click Here
Sunday, February 26th 2006 - 03:37:02 PM
Surname: Fisher
Comments: Looking for the families descended from Samuel Fisher & Jane McBride of Paddington NSW. Samuel Fisher was the son of James Fisher & Ann Bradley of Londonderry Northern Irelad and Jane McBride of AllSaints - Donegal - Northern Ireland. They came to Australia in 1841 on the Ship - Helen. They had the following children:

Jane Fisher: Who was born in Paddington in 1847 and came to Victoria and married twice - 1865 to Martin Borserio and in 1892 to Giovanni Pianto.

Sarah Ann Fisher - She married Charles Stacey at Woollarah and she died in 1909 in NSW.

James Fisher - He died in 1940 in Granville in Sydney.

Samuel Fisher - Junior - 1851 in Paddington - NSW - He died in 1939 in Grafton NSW - He is buried in the South Grafton Cemetery - He married Emma Hill ? and several children were born and died in the Grafton area including a Violet Fisher and Harold Ray Fisher.

If any one can help with any information please email me at danielpianto@yahoo.com or please write to me at
Daniel Pianto
1/54 Smith Street
North Bendigo - 3550 - Victoria - Australia.
Sent By: Daniel Pianto
E-mail: Click Here
Tuesday, February 14th 2006 - 03:59:38 AM
Surname: BENDER
Comments: I am trying to locate information on the above family, believed to be from the Clarence River/Brushgrove area and later Casino area where SARAH CATHERINE CLARA BENDER (m. GEORGE CHARLES SANDFORD REYNOLDS)later resided at.

Any information on the BENDER family (originally from Germany) would be greatly appreciated.
Sent By: Helen Edwards
E-mail: Click Here
Thursday, January 19th 2006 - 04:20:41 PM
Surname: Austen
Comments: Am trying to find information on austen family. At present only know that there is connection with Howell Island. Cecil Austen possibly could have been born in this area. Any help would be appreciated
Sent By: Katrina Griffiths
E-mail: Click Here
Friday, January 6th 2006 - 05:16:45 PM
Surname: McLeay and Young
Comments: Researching the decendents of Alexander McLEAY bn 1837 in Ireland. Esp Edward Alexander McLEAY, bn 17 Nov 1866 Palmer Island.

Also family of Edward and Sarah YOUNG.

The McLEAY and YOUNG families moved from Maitland/Raymond Terrace area to the Maclean area in the early 1860's.
Sent By: Tarranne Bryan
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, January 2nd 2006 - 06:29:55 PM
Surname: Todd
Comments: I am looking for decendents of Robert & Julia Todd nee Todd thay had 5 sons Andrew Peter Robert Henry John a daughter Elizabeth thay were {M} northumbland England 1860 came to Australia sometime after that
Sent By: Colin F Balzer
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, January 2nd 2006 - 06:20:01 PM
Surname: Maurice
Comments: Trying to find information on Law Maurice - "Johnny Law Ching Foy", Harry Law Maurice, Annie Jane Maurice nee Smith remarried Neindorf or Meindoff in 1890. Law Maurice a dentist in Grafton Pound Street with a partner Attwell.
Sent By: Wendy Shields
E-mail: Click Here
Sunday, December 25th 2005 - 08:44:08 PM
Surname: Evans , Oberfuchshuber
Comments: I am trying to find my paternal grandfathers ancestors mostly originating from the grafton , Ulmarra districts. I have limited information and any would be greatly appreciated.
Sent By: Shelley Evans
E-mail: Click Here
Friday, December 16th 2005 - 01:05:11 AM
Surname: McCARTHY
Comments: We have hit a dead end.
John Patrick known as 'Jack' McCarthy died in Grafton 1939 No: 21144/1939 and this is the history of his family as far as we know. We would like to join forces with a researcher from his family to combine resources.

There were at least 3 children in the McCarthy family possibly more as was usual in the day. Baptised Roman Catholic and according to family legend unregistered. The order of the boys birth is unknown. At least one born in the Parramatta area

John died in Armidale district had worked in the Hillgrove area and his father is listed as John on his death transcription. No: 7478/1918.
John had a number of children
Another brother known as Mick? is reported in Family legend to have died in the Bulli Mining disaster of 1887. He may have been using or have had another surname?
There is an entry for a John McCarthy on the Memorial of the disaster but he is John and we already appear to have our John.
Entries for 1887 show
John S father John S mother Mary A Sydney No: 1943/1887.
John 48 years died Ashfield. 2666/1887
John father Jeremiah mother Anne 9633/1887 this gent died Wonoona and that is a fairly common entry for the disaster notices.

Only one death notice is for a Michael in the registrations and there is only one McCarthy name on the disaster memorial ???? No birth notice for this Michael registered.

The last brother was Patrick Joseph Mccarthy who died Bellingen 1942. He married a Mary Hopkinson and had a number of children
Their son John Patrick known as 'Jack' died in Grafton 1939 No: 21144/1939
Trying to unravel this puzzle.
Would appreciate being able to eliminate some of this information or contact some of the 'other family lines' who may have the key.
All the best :-) Alicia.
Sent By: Alicia Mrakovcic
E-mail: Click Here
Saturday, December 10th 2005 - 12:05:31 AM
Surname: McPherson
Comments: McPherson McPhee family researchers. ARE THESE FOLK YOUR FORBEARS?? because they are mine and maybe we can help each other.
Family of John McPherson.
They came out on the Midlothian in 1837 as part of the bounty passenger scheme organised by Dunmore Lang.
They were natives of Kilmuir on the Isle of skye and casualties of the clearances.
The family consisted of John, his wife Ann and their 2 children Sarah ( Flora? on some transcriptions) 3 years and Malcolm 18months, known as Colin in Australia. ( Callum is I'm told the diminutive for Malcolm on Skye? and if that is the case it is easy to see how the name Colin was used here)
Colin is interred at Lismore 7745/1920.
Sarah is interred at 'Redbank cemetery' Taree With her husband Richard Ainsworth
(Sarah and Richard named a son John McPherson Ainsworth and in the 1940's he lived in the Newcastle area?
His death registration .8411/1954 Richard and Sarah Jane Bondi.)

The ship arrived in Sydney in December 1837. Rations were issued and the family went to Liverpool to work for a gentleman by the name of Weston. John was a ploughman and guardian to a:
Catharine McPhee aged 19 and her brother ? Edmond during the voyage.
I am finding it very difficult to sort out which are my John and Anne on the BDM's fo NSW. Can any of you help with an elimination??
All help appreciated. :-) Alicia

Sent By: Alicia Mrakovcic
E-mail: Click Here
Friday, December 9th 2005 - 11:56:56 PM
Surname: MacPherson
Comments: Tracing descendants of Alexander MacPherson who left Scotland in 1838 with his family. He is buried in Maclean cemetary with two of his sons. Thye farmed on Waregah Island for many years. Alexander is my G.G.Grandfather. Also anybody descended from Ralph Ried, my G.Grandfather and Descendants of Robert Bird who is buried in Scone cematary
Sent By: Robert Bird
E-mail: Click Here
Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 12:55:28 PM
Comments: Searching for information on Christopher Webb & Lucinda (Lucy) McCann. Married in South Grafton in 1886. Christopher died in 1929 & Lucinda in 1899. Both are buried in Church of England section of Ulmarra cemetry. They were farmers and owned a property called "Waterview". Both originally from County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

They had several sons - youngest was my Grandfather. They had relations in Clarence River region - James Anderson, William (Willie) Graham and Joanna Graham (nee Redmond).
Sent By: Lucinda
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, December 5th 2005 - 12:18:18 AM
Surname: Cook, Niblett
Comments: Nathaniel James Cook born in Casino NSW 1925, son of Sydney Henry and Margaret Gordon(Niblett) descended from Benjamin Cook convict died en route to Aust 1800.
Siblings, Joseph, John, Alice, Sidney, Hilton, Vera, Mona, Daphne, Joyce, Vera, Gordon and Florence.
Sent By: jeff Cook
E-mail: Click Here
Friday, November 18th 2005 - 02:08:43 AM
Surname: Spencer
Comments: I am researching the Decendants of the Spencer family. Would like to make contact with decendants of Joseph Spencer, brother of Julian Francis Spencer
Sent By: Joan Barker
E-mail: Click Here
Wednesday, November 9th 2005 - 12:04:41 AM
Surname: Wenzel
Comments: I am interested in any information on the Wenzel family. My grandmother was Emily Caroline Wenzel and her Parents were Christain(peter) Wenzel and harriett Coleman.
Sent By: Joan barker
E-mail: Click Here
Tuesday, November 8th 2005 - 11:56:51 PM
Surname: richards




Sent By: helen
E-mail: Click Here
Tuesday, November 1st 2005 - 08:23:37 AM
Surname: Garven
Comments: I am researching Reverend John Hill Garven and his 3 wives and many children. Rev John Hill was born in Scotland but settled on the Clarence River In about 1834.
There is sugar cane named after the family - I think it is called Black Garven.
I am particularly interested in one of his children from his 2nd wife, James Muir Garven, b. 1865, Illawarra.
Sent By: Amanda Beavis
E-mail: Click Here
Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 09:34:41 PM
Surname: Garven
Comments: I am researching Reverend John Hill Garven and his 3 wives and many children. Rev John Hill was born in Scotland but settled on the Clarence River In about 1834.
There is sugar cane named after the family - I think it is called Black Garven.
I am particularly interested in one of his children from his 2nd wife, James Muir Garven, b. 1865, Illawarra.
Sent By: Amanda Beavis
E-mail: Click Here
Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 09:33:47 PM
Comments: I am looking for relatives of Charleston in the Grafton area. My grandfather was Mervyn Alexander who married Ellen Martin in the 1940's. He died in 1972. I am interested in Mervyn's family - I believe he had a brother Alfred and two sisters Thelma and Dulcie.
Sent By: Fiona
E-mail: Click Here
Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 01:54:21 AM
Surname: Chapman
Comments: I am interested in finding any decendants of John Edward Chapman. He married Mary Robertson in 1848 and then Immigrated to Australia from London, England around 1850-51.
John and Mary settled in Grafton where John became the first Lord Mayor of the city in 1859. They had 8 maybe 9 nine children. His children were Isabel,Jane,John,Edward,Mary,Richard,William & Frances. I also think they had another child that was deceased before they immigrated.
My Grandfather William Chapman is a son of Richard Chapman.
I dont have alot of information about the Chapman family but would be very interested to learn more.
Sent By: Noleen Brookfield
E-mail: Click Here
Friday, September 30th 2005 - 08:08:01 AM
Surname: Blore
Comments: Daniel James (aka James Daniel) Cooper Blore, born 15th April, 1872 at Orara, Clarence River, Grafton to John and Ann (nee Hall) Blore

Married Louisa Bacon in 1901 but she died in 1902.
In 1902 married Sophie (Sophy) Bray (mother's name was Graves)
Sent By: Marilyn Healy
E-mail: Click Here
Monday, September 26th 2005 - 04:29:36 AM
Comments: If anyone has connections to the above families from the Grafton area please contact me.
Sent By: Tracie
E-mail: Click Here
Wednesday, September 21st 2005 - 04:32:13 AM
Surname: Arthur
Comments: Trying to find connections to Thomas Sydney Arthur - born Brisbane 1892. Sister Irene ("Queenie") McQuaid(Mcquade?) lived Dandenong Mountains, Victoria. Her family had a hotel in Melbourne.
Father's name - Sydney Alexander Arthur - mother unknown.
Sent By: glenys arthur
E-mail: Click Here
Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 - 01:12:07 PM
Surname: CANNELL
Comments: I am looking for relatives of Eric Wilfred CANNELL who lived at Pound Street, Grafton around 1971-1972. He was killed at a railway crossing in Casino in April 1972 and buried there.
Sent By: Maggi Shaw
E-mail: Click Here

Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 04:11:02 PM

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