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Grafton Electoral District 1880 (by surname)
Electoral Roll transcribed from The Clarence and Richmond Examiner. Saturday, September 4th 1880 (contains 1854 names).

Transcription completed by Tim O'Sullivan (email); Tim is interested in the PEOPLES family who settled in the Clarence area in the 1870s.

Hint: Use the 'Find in this page' function on your browser to find the surname you are interested in. 


Aarons Isaac (Grafton)
Adam Joseph F (Grafton)
Adams John (Grafton)
Adams Sydney (Buccarumbi)
Adrian Stephen (Great Marlow)
Adrian Lewis (Great Marlow)
Ah How Jimmey (Grafton)
Aish Thomas (Orara)
Alderson William Henry (Grafton)
Alison James (Grafton)
Allen G.S. (Great Marlow)
Allen John S (Grafton)
Allen John (Orara)
Allen Frank (South Grafton)
Amos Thomas (South Grafton)
Amos Edward (Orara)
Amos William senior (Ulmarra)
Amos William (Southampton)
Amos James Henry (Southampton)
Anderson James (Grafton)
Anderson John F. (Great Marlow)
Anderson Arthur (Great Marlow)
Andrews J.K. (South Grafton)
Andrews Charles (Orara)
Appleby William (Grafton)
Archer Robert (Grafton)
Arkey Edward junior (Grafton)
Arkey Thomas (Grafton)
Arkey Edward senior (Grafton)
Armstrong George (Waterview)
Arnold John (Southgate)
Arnold Richard (Grafton)
Arnold Thomas (Copmanhurst)
Arnold William M (Sydney)
Asberry H sen (Great Marlow)
Asberry H jun (Great Marlow)
Ashwood George (Orara)
Ashwood George jun (Ramornie)
Ashburn Charles (Nymboida)
Atkinson George (South Grafton)
Attwater William (Grafton)
Auld Julian C. F. (Grafton)
Auld Robert T. (Grafton)
Auld Robert (Grafton)
Austin Frank (Orara)
Austin George (Orara)
Austin Lewis (Grafton)
Austin Thomas (Chambigne)
Austin W. Charles (Ramornie)
Austin Joseph (Ramornie)
Austin William (Great Marlow)
Austin George L. (Grafton)
Avery George (Grafton)
Avery Charles (Kangaroo Creek)
Avery Daniel (Grafton)
Avery Samuel (Grafton)
Avery John D. (Kangaroo Creek)
Ayers Robert (Clarenza)
Ayers Augustus (Clarenza)
Bache Benjamin (Grafton)
Backus Charles (Grafton)
Bacon Charles (Grafton)
Baillie David (Copmanhurst)
Bailie Hugh (Copmanhurst)
Bailey John (Great Marlow)
Bailey George (Ulmarra)
Bailey Edwin (South Grafton)
Baker John (Grafton)
Baker George W. (Grafton)
Baker John (Kangaroo Creek)
Baker John H (Maclean)
Baker John junior (Sydney)
Baker Edwin jun (Kangaroo Creek)
Baker Edwin sen (Kangaroo Creek)
Baker Walter (Eatonsville)
Baldock Henry (Ramornie)
Baldwin George (Grafton)
Bale Philip senior (Grafton)
Barclay John (Southampton)
Barker Hugh (Sutton Forest)
Barley William (Southampton)
Barnes Ellis (South Grafton)
Barnier Claudius (Great Marlow)
Barnier James (Great Marlow)
Barnier Joseph (Great Marlow)
Barnier William (Great Marlow)
Barnier Samuel (Great Marlow)
Barnier John (Carr's Island)
Barnier Nicholas (Great Marlow)
Barnier Alfred (Great Marlow)
Barnier Frederick (Great Marlow)
Barnier John E (Great Marlow)
Barnier Robert (Great Marlow)
Barrett Daniel (Grafton)
Barrett John (Queensland)
Barret Richard (Grafton)
Barry John (Orara)
Bartels Henry C (Grafton)
Barton Joseph (South Grafton)
Bateman William (Grafton)
Batho John (Grafton)
Bates Robert (Buccarumbi)
Battersby Angus (Great Marlow)
Batty Albert G (South Grafton)
Batty Henry J (South Grafton)
Batty Thos jun (South Grafton)
Batty Thomas (South Grafton)
Bawden Thomas (Grafton)
Beam Alexander F (Grafton)
Beard Thomas (Great Marlow)
Beathel Thomas (Great Marlow)
B(Eaton) Donald (Copmanhurst)
Beatson Donald (South Grafton)
Beatson John (South Grafton)
Beatson Duncan (South Grafton)
Beavers Richard (Clifton)
Beckman Jacob (Grafton)
Beckman Paul (Ramornie)
Beecher Richard F (Grafton)
Beel Thomas (Waterview)
Belfield Francis junior (Grafton)
Beggs John (Ramornie)
Bale Isaac (Grafton)
Bell Samuel (Grafton)
Bell George (Southampton)
Bell Charles (South Grafton)
Bellamy Joseph (Southampton)
Bellamy William (Southampton)
Bellamy W jun (Southampton)
Bellamy John (Southampton)
Belfield Francis (Grafton)
Bender John (Great Marlow)
Bender John Philip (Grafton)
Bender D.L. (Grafton)
Bender J.V. jun (Great Marlow)
Bender Edward (Copmanhurst)
Benson William (Grafton)
Berry William (South Grafton)
Berry Robert (South Grafton)
Bevan William P. (Grafton)
Bibo Antonio (Great Marlow)
Birmingham Michael (Ramornie)
Birmingham John (Ramornie)
Birkinshaw Edward (Grafton)
Bishop James (South Grafton)
Blatchley George (South Grafton)
Blind Gutlip (Grafton)
Blint Frederick (Grafton)
Blizard Charles (Grafton)
Blore John (Ramornie)
Boadle John jun (Grafton)
Boadle John sen (South Grafton)
Boehm Joseph (Grafton)
Bollard John T (Grafton)
Bondfield Samuel (Grafton)
Bondfield William J F (Grafton)
Booth Henry (Grafton)
Borden George (Halfway Creek)
Bosworth Joseph (Grafton)
Bowen William (South Grafton)
Bowler C E (Grafton)
Boyce James sen (Lavenstrath)
Boyd William (Great Marlow)
Boyle John (Ramornie)
Bracken Patrick (South Grafton)
Brady John R (South Grafton)
Brady James (South Grafton)
Braham John (South Grafton)
Braham David (Grafton)
Braham James (South Grafton)
Bramfit James (Teatree Creek)
Brandy John (Grafton)
Bratfield George (Grafton)
Bratfield Joseph (Grafton)
Breach George (Grafton)
Brennan Richard (Grafton)
Brennan John (Kangaroo Creek)
Brewer W Thos (Great Marlow)
Briggs Thomas (Cedar Scrub)
Briggs James (Bostrobic)
Bright George (South Grafton)
Brindle David (Grafton)
Brindle Richard (Grafton)
Brislin Frank (Nymboida)
Broderick Daniel (Southampton)
Brodie Thomas (Great Marlow)
Brock John (Grafton)
Brooks John (Grafton)
Brown John (South Grafton)
Brown Henry (Glenreagh)
Brown James (South Grafton)
Brown James (Eaton)
Brown John (South Grafton)
Brown Abraham (Coaldale)
Brown Joseph (Coaldale)
Brown Robert (Barretts Creek)
Brown John (Eatonswill)
Brown William J (Grafton)
Brown George (Blick's River)
Brown John (Bald Hills)
Brown Thomas (Grafton)
Brown Isaac D (Cloud's Creek)
Brown Charles (Cedar Scrub)
Brown Alfred (Ramornie)
Brown Edward (Teatree Creek)
Buchan Edward John (Grafton)
Buchan Stephen (Nymboida)
Buckland William (Great Marlow)
Buckland T. jun (Great Marlow)
Buckley James (Grafton)
Bugby Richard (Clarenza)
Billivant Job (Grafton)
Bultitude Willaim (Great Marlow)
Bultitude William (Clarenza)
Burdekin James (South Grafton)
Burgess George (Southampton)
Burgess F E (Grafton)
Burke James J (South Grafton)
Burkhardt Carl (Grafton)
Burkhardt Robert (Grafton)
Burkhardt Richard (Yamba)
Burnell S C (Grafton)
Burns John (Southampton)
Burns James (Grafton)
Burns John (Grafton)
Burrows George (South Grafton)
Burrows J L (O.B.X. Creek)
Burrows William (Orara)
Burton William (Great Marlow)
Burton George (Grafton)
Burton W jun (Great Marlow)
Cain Thomas (South Grafton)
Caldwell Robert (Ramornie)
Cameron Alex (Southampton)
Cameron Duncan (South Grafton)
Cameron John P (Grafton)
Cameron Alex (Great Marlow)
Cameron Donald (Great Marlow)
Cameron Alex (Southampton)
Cameron Allen (Great Marlow)
Cameron Angus (Grafton)
Cameron Hugh (Southampton)
Cameron J. jun (Copmanhurst)
Cameron John (Orara)
Cameron John (Copmanhurst)
Cameron John (Southampton)
Cameron James (Copmanhurst)
Cameron John (Grafton)
Cameron John P. (Grafton)
Cameron Dugald (Southampton)
Cameron Hugh (Eatonsville)
Cameron J jun (Copmanhurst)
Campbell Archibald (Orara)
Campbell W.J. (Grafton)
Campbell W.B. (Sydney)
Campbell Francis (Clarenza)
Campbell Archibald (Grafton)
Campbell Albert (Grafton)
Campbell William (Grafton)
Canham Neve (Grafton)
Canham Crome (Grafton)
Carey John (Eatonsville)
Carey Patrick (Eatonsville)
Carlton Daniel (Orara)
Carney Michael (Clarenza)
Carr Richard (Ramornie)
Carrell John (Grafton)
Carroll Thomas (Copmanhurst)
Carroll Benjamin (Orara)
Carroll Joseph (South Grafton)
Carroll John (Grafton)
Carson John B (Grafton)
Carson John (Grafton)
Carter James (Grafton)
Carter George (Orara)
Cartmill Thos (Blaxland Swamp)
Carton John (Kangaroo Creek)
Carton Hugh (Grafton)
Casey George (Billy's Hill)
Casey Francis (Grafton)
Cassidy Francis (Grafton)
Casson John (Coaldale)
Casson Mark (Coaldale)
Catt George (Grafton)
Cavanagh Thomas (Copmanhurst)
Cavanagh Dennis (Copmanhurst)
Cavanagh John (Copmanhurst)
Cavanagh T jun (Copmanhurst)
Chadwick Samuel (((Riverston)))
Chapman J.E. Regent's Park
Chapman F.W. (Grafton)
Chapman J jun Regents Park
Chapman Edward (Southampton)
Charleston Charles (Grafton)
Charleston Olive (Grafton)
Chaseling Joshus (Grafton)
Chaseling William (Southampton)
Chaseling John (Southampton)
Chaseling Edward (Eatonville)
Chauvel C.H.E. (Tabulam)
Chevelley Alphonse (Eaton)
Child Benjamin (Clifton)
Childs Samuel (Clarenza)
Claffey Patrick (South Grafton)
Clare William (Grafton)
Clark Alfred (Tea Tree Creek)
Clarke Henry (Waterview)
Clarke William (Grafton)
Clancy Timothy (Grafton)
Clarerir John (South Grafton)
Cleary Martin (Sydney)
Cleaver Alfred D (Grafton)
Clements Henry (Great Marlow)
Clifford Frederick (Grafton)
Clifford Charles H (Grafton)
Clogher Michael (Nymboida)
Cochrane William (Grafton)
Cockedge Charles (Smith's Creek)
Coghill Harry (Grafton)
Coghlen Daniel (Cedar Scrub)
Coghlen John (Nymboida)
Coghlen James (Cedar Scrub)
Cole William (Stockyard Creek)
Collard Edwin (Gordon Brook)
Collet Joseph (Ulmara)
Collins Daniel (Great Marlow)
Collins Robert (O.B.X. Creek)
Colyer Thomas (Waterview)
Conneghan B. (Great Marlow)
Connell John (Copmanhurst)
Connor Angus (Clarenza)
Connor John (Clarenza)
Connor Angus (Clarenza)
Connor Matthew (Clarenza)
Connor Patrick (South Grafton)
Connolly James (Orara)
Conroy Martin (Deep Creek)
Considine Mat (Great Marlow)
Contilly Francis P (Eaton)
Cook Edward (Grafton)
Cook George J (Grafton)
Cook James W (Grafton)
Cook James H (Grafton)
Cook Thomas (Grafton)
Cooper William H (Grafton)
Cooper George (Grafton)
Cooper Solomon (Great Marlow)
Cooper William (South Grafton)
Cooper John K (Great Marlow)
Cooper Thomas M (Grafton)
Cooper John (Grafton)
Corbet Patrick (Grafton)
Corcoran John J Lawrence
Corcoran W.J. (Grafton)
Corcoran John (Copmanhurst)
Cork Robert J (Grafton)
Corrigan Peter Prosser (Grafton)
Coulter William (Grafton)
Coulter John (Grafton)
Coulter Archibald (Grafton)
Couper John (South Grafton)
Cowan William (Kangaroo Creek)
Cowan James (South Grafton)
Cowan John (South Grafton)
Cowan Wm. J. (Kangaroo Creek)
Cowan Jock (Clarenza)
Cowling John (Orara)
Cowling Chas. (Deadman's Creek)
Cowling John (Deadman's Creek)
Cowling Thomas (Orara)
Cowling A.E. (Blaxland Swamp)
Cox Edwin (Grafton)
Cox Edwin James (South Grafton)
Cox Rodger (South Grafton)
Coyle Daniel (Grafton)
Crabb Richard (Kangaroo Creek)
Crabb Walter (Copmanhurst)
Craig Thomas (Matters Creek)
Cramp William (Orara)
Crampton Claude Hamilton (Orara)
Cranstone Henry (Southampton)
Cranstone Walter H (Rushforth)
Cranstone Edward (Southampton)
Crawford George (Orara)
Crawford George (Grafton)
Creer Edward (Grafton)
Creer Henry (Grafton)
Creighton David jun (Grafton)
Creighton Alexander (Grafton)
Crispin John sen (Great Marlow)
Crispin John jun (Great Marlow)
Crispin George (Great Marlow)
Crispin William (Great Marlow)
Cromack Thomas (Grafton)
Crouch Frederick G (Casino)
Crouch William (Great Marlow)
Crowley Timothy (Great Marlow)
Crowley Daniel (South Grafton)
Crowther Samuel (Great Marlow)
Cubes John (Ramornie)
Culleton Patrick (Eatonsville)
Cumming James (Grafton)
Cumming James jun (Grafton)
Cumming Henry (Cedar Scrub)
Cunneen Peter (Ramornie)
Curran George (Grafton)
Curtes John (South Grafton)
Curtan James (Grafton)
Cusack Michael (Grafton)
D'arney George (Grafton)
Dalbey Hamlet (Grafton)
Daley Patrick (Buccarumbi)
Daly James (South Grafton)
Daniels Livi (Orara)
Darcy Thomas (Grafton)
Dargue Joseph (Matter's Creek)
Davies John (Grafton)
Davies Thomas (Nymboida)
Davis William (Grafton)
Davis Edward (O.B.X. Creek)
Davis Thomas (Buccarumbi)
Davis Edward (Grafton)
Davison William (Copmanhurst)
Davison Abraham (Clifton)
Dawson William (Coaldale)
Day Michael (Glenreagh)
Dean Horace (Grafton)
Dean Harry (Grafton)
Dean Frank (Grafton)
Decourcey Daniel (Gordon Brook)
Deery James (Grafton)
Deery Patrick (Grafton)
Deeves Richard (Great Marlow)
Dellow Thomas (Grafton)
Denning F.G. (South Grafton)
Denning Henry (South Grafton)
Dickey Conly (Grafton)
Dietz Francis (Grafton)
Dietz George (Great Marlow)
Dillon F.B.R. (Cedar Scrub)
Dix Henry (Great Marlow)
Dixon James (Southampton)
Dixon Robert (Great Marlow)
Dixon Daniel (South Grafton)
Dixon John A. (Grafton)
Dobbin Nicholas (Southampton)
Doberer Frederick (Grafton)
Docherty George Smith's Creek
Donaldson Patrick R. (Grafton)
Donaldson James (Grafton)
Donally Thomas (Ramornie)
Donnally Thomas (Grafton)
Donnally Thomas (Grafton)
Donohoe Philip Glenugie
Donohue Patrick (Waterview)
Donohue Mat (Halfway Creek)
Donoughy J (Great Marlow)
Donoughy James (Buccarumbi)
Donovan william (Grafton)
Douglas George (Sydney)
Douglass Joseph (Grafton)
Dougherty Patrick (Waterview)
Dougherty Daniel (Orara)
Dougherty Bernard (Waterview)
Dougherty Owen (Orara)
Dousling John (Grafton)
Driscoll John James (Grafton)
Drury Thomas (Blaxland Swamp)
Duffy Isaac (South Grafton)
Duggan Cornelius (South Grafton)
Duggan John (Great Marlow)
Duggan Michael (Great Marlow)
Duggan Murty (Great Marlow)
Duggan William (Great Marlow)
Duggan cornelius (Grafton)
Dunn Richard A. (Grafton)
Dunn John (First Falls)
Durrington Thomas (Southampton)
Durrington Rich (Southampton)
Dwyer Thomas (South Grafton)
Eagles Wm. Thomas (Grafton)
(Eaton) William sen (Grafton)
(Eaton) Richard (Grafton)
Eccleston George (Grafton)
Edgar Edward (Copmanhurst)
Edwards Edward Bastrobie
Edwards George (Cedar Scrub)
Edwards William (Cedar Scrub)
Egan John (Great Marlow)
Egan Thomas (Great Marlow)
Eggins William (Great Marlow)
Eggins Albert (Great Marlow)
Eggins Herbert (Grafton)
Eggins Herbert (Great Marlow)
Eggins James (Great Marlow)
Eggins Thomas (Great Marlow)
Eggins Wm. sen. (Great Marlow)
Eggins Wm. jun. (Great Marlow)
Eggins Wm. (Deadman)'s Creek
Elder Henry (Grafton)
Elg Christopher (Grafton)
Ellegood W. (Teatree Creek)
Ellem William (Southampton)
Ellem George jun. (Southampton)
Ellem John jun (South Grafton)
Ellem Richard (Great Marlow)
Ellem Frederick (Southampton)
Ellem John sen. (South Grafton)
Ellem James (Eaton)
Ellem George (Southampton)
Ellem Reuben (Great Marlow)
Ellem James jun. (South Grafton)
Elliot William (Copmanhurst)
Elliot James (South Grafton)
Elliot James W. (Waterview)
Ellis George (Nymboida)
Ellis Joseph (Nymboida)
Ellis Thomas (Nymboida)
Ellis William (Nymboida)
Ellis Charles (Deadman Creek)
Ellis Matthew (Sandy Creek)
Ellis Robinson (Deadman Creek)
Elm Richard (Great Marlow)
Elphick Charles (Grafton)
Elwyn H.F. (Ramornie)
Emert Philip (Grafton)
Emery Thomas (Grafton)
Emmet John (Gordon Brook)
Engert Martin (Great Marlow)
Engert Philip (Grafton)
Engert Valentine (Great Marlow)
Englert Thomas (Grafton)
Erickson A. (Fee Gee Island)
Essex William (Lillypool)
Eugene Louis (Grafton)
Eugene William (Grafton)
Evans William (Great Marlow)
Evans William (Grafton)
Evans John (Orara)
Everingham M.J. (Kangaroo Creek)
Everingham G.E. (Orara)
Everingham A. (Kangaroo Creek)
Everingham William (Orara)
Everingham G. (Kangaroo Creek)
Everingham E. (Gordon Brook)
Everingham William (Orara)
Everingham A (Gordon Brook)
Everingham Andrew (Orara)              
Everingham F.H. (Orara)
Ey August (Grafton)
Fahey Thomas (Gordon Brook)
Fairweather Alexander (Grafton)
Fairbairn George (Grafton)
Farmer Henry (Bald Hills)
Farrell Hugh (Fortus Creek)
Farrell John (Great Marlow)
Farrell Thomas (Coaldale)
Farquhar John D. (Grafton)
Faulks John (Orara)
Faulks Joseph T. (Orara)
Faulks James (Clarenza)
Fegan John M. (Grafton)
Fergeson James (Eaton)
Fergeson Edward (Grafton)
Ferguson Campbel (Grafton)
Ferguson Wm. L (Grafton)
Fewry Patrick (Waterview)
Fiddaman Frederick (Grafton)
Fielder Samuel (Grafton)
Fincham John (Orara)
Finn Edward (Grafton)
Fischer John (Grafton)
Fischer George (Grafton)
Fischer August (Grafton)
Fisher Jacob (Grafton)
Fisher Thomas (Sydney)
Fisher Hamilton (Grafton)
Fisher George (Grafton)
Fitzgerald William (Southampton)
Fitzgerald Arthur (South Grafton)
Fitzgerald Michael (Grafton)
Flanders John (Grafton)
Flannery G.H. (Ramornie)
Flatcher John (South Grafton)
Flintoff Thomas (Grafton)
Flynn John (Broadwater)
Folbigg Simon (Grafton)
Foley Thomas (South Grafton)
Foott George (Grafton)
Foran J.F. (South Grafton)
Foran J.J. (Deadman)
Ford John (Orara)
Ford John (Great Marlow)
Ford William (Great Marlow)
Ford Thomas (Great Marlow)
Ford Henry (Great Marlow)
Ford James (Grafton)
Foster William (Eatonsville)
Foster John (Eatonsville)
Frame Jas. jun. (O.B.X. Creek)
Francis Edwin (Grafton)
Francis Philip (Eaton)
Fraser James (Grafton)
Fraser Patrick L. (Grafton)
Fraser William (Grafton)
Frederickson J. (Southampton)
Freeman William (Guy Fawkes)
Freeman Donald (Deadman Creek)
Freeman Thomas (Guy Fawkes)
Freeny John (Copmanhurst)
Frewin Jeremiah (Grafton)
Friar James (South Grafton)
Frier William (Southampton)
Fry George (Grafton)
Fuller R.W. (Great Marlow)
Fuller George (Great Marlow)
Fuller John (Buccarumbi)
Gaffan T. (Stockyard Creek)
Gale Ehud (South Grafton)
Gale G.W.W. (South Grafton)
Gallagher Thomas (South Grafton)
Garrety Michael (Grafton)
Gear Reuben (Great Marlow)
Geary Morris (First Falls)
Geary Joseph jun. (Grafton)
Geary Michael (First Falls)
Geddes George (Grafton)
Gentle Willaim (Tea Tree Creek)
George Samuel (Grafton)
George Charles (Grafton)
Gerrard George (Copmanhurst)
Gerrard Henry (Great Marlow)
Gerrard Joseph (Copmanhurst)
Gibson Edmund (Grafton)
Gibson James (Grafton)
Giese John (Grafton)
Giese Caspar (Grafton)
Giese John jun. (Grafton)
Gill Henry (Grafton)
Gill Thomas (Grafton)
Gill James (Grafton)
Gillet Henry jun. (Ulmarra)
Gillett Edward (Middle Creek)
Gillet John (Middle Creek)
Gillis William (Orara)
Giovanelli Joseph (Grafton)
Giovanelli William (Grafton)
Giovanelli John (Grafton)
Giovanelli George (Grafton)
Girard Leopold (Riverston)
Girard alfred (Waterview)
Glazier Henry (South Grafton)
Glenister Stephen (Grafton)
Glinn Thomas (Buccarumbi)
Glynn John (South Grafton)
Godbee John (Great Marlow)
Goddard William (Grafton)
Godiing James (Grafton)
Goodenough John (Grafton)
Goodger Charles (Grafton)
Goodwin Charles (Buccarumbi)
Goodyear Albert (Grafton)
Graham Andrew (Nymboida)
Graham James (Nymboida)
Graham John senior (Nymboida)
Graham John junior (Nymboida)
Graham Edward W (Grafton)
Graham Thomas (Nymboida)
Grant John (South Grafton)
Gray James D (Grafton)
Gray George A (Great Marlow)
Gray James (Deadman's Creek
Greaves C. Percival (Southgate)
Greaves W.A.B. (Sydney)
Greaves E.A. (Newbold)
Grebert Michael (Clifton)
Greebert Lawrence (Clifton)
Green Stephen (Ulmarra)
Green Frederick (South Grafton)
Green John (Grafton)
Green William senior (Grafton)
Green John (Grafton)
Greenaway George (Grafton)
Greenway Charles C (Grafton)
Greentree George (Grafton)
Gregg John (Grafton)
Gregg John (Grafton)
Gregor John senior (Clarenza)
Gregor Donald (Clarenza)
Gregor William (Clarenza)
Gregory Arthur G (Grafton)
Gregory Augustus (Grafton)
Gribble William (Ramornie)
Griffin Hugh (Orara)
Griffin Patrick (Waterview)
Griffiths Henry (Copmanhurst)
Grohs George (Grafton)
Grohs Jacob (Grafton)
Gulliford William (Great Marlow)
Gunning Robert (Grafton)
Gunson John Tyringham
Gunthorp henry (Grafton)
Gurd Frederick (Buccarumbi)
Hackett John (Copmanhurst)
Hackett John (Serpentine Creek)
Hadfield T. jun (Great Marlow)
Haines John H. (Great Marlow)
Haines William (Great Marlow)
Haining Thomas (Grafton)
Hale William (Eaton)
Halcup James (Grafton)
Hall William (Grafton)
Hallahan James (Orara)
Hamer Arthur J. (Grafton)
Hamel John Levenstrath
Hammil George (Grafton)
Hampe Godfred (Grafton)
Handcock William (Grafton)
Hankinson Thomas (Orara)
Hanley James (Copmanhurst)
Hann William (Grafton)
Hann Joseph (Grafton)
Hann John (Wintervale)
Haney James (Southampton)
Hannen George (Grafton)
Hansford George (Ramornie)
Hardy John (Grafton)
Harkness Edward (Grafton)
Harman Wm. (Deadman's Creek)
Harman Henry (Grafton)
Harps Jesse (Coaldale)
Harrington John (Grafton)
Harrington Timothy S. (Grafton)
Hart William G (Grafton)
Hartley John (South Grafton)
Hartley Abraham (South Grafton)
Harvey Thomas L. (Grafton)
Hattersley William G. Marlow
Hattersley George sen. (Grafton)
Hattersley George jun. (Grafton)
Hattersley Frederick J. (Grafton)
Hawthorne Adam M.S. (Grafton)
Hawthorne Alexander S. (Grafton)
Hawthorne Timothy S. (Grafton)
Hawthorne Wm. J.S. (Grafton)
Hay John (Kangaroo Creek)
Hay James (Ramornie)
Hayes Frederick (Cedar Scrub)
Hayes John (Blaxland Swamp)
Hayes William (Grafton)
Hayes John jun. (Blaxland Swamp)
Hayes Richard (Blaxland Swamp)
Hayes John (Great Marlow)
Haynes Edwin (Grafton)
Hazzard William (Fiddler's Creek)
Heilman Leopold (Grafton)
Healy Jeremiah (Grafton)
Healey Patrick (Grafton)
Heldt George (Clifton)
Holdt Nicholas (Clifton)
Helmich John (Grafton)
Hemmings Thomas (Grafton)
Henderson James (Grafton)
Henderson David (Grafton)
Henderson Patrick H (Sydney)
Henson Thomas (Grafton)
Hendy R. John (Stockyard Creek)
Henkel Kasper (Grafton)
Hewitt Andrew (Grafton)
Hewitt Thomas G. (Grafton)
Hewitt R. Henry (Great Marlow)
Hickey William (South Grafton)
Hicks Richard (Grafton)
Hicks George (Grafton)
Higgins William (Southampton)
Higham George (Southampton)
Higham Thomas (Southampton)
Hill John (Grafton)
Hills Stephen (Clarenza)
Hindmarsh Walter (Grafton)
Hockey Edmund (Grafton)
Hodge Charles (South Grafton)
Hodgkinson Thomas (Ramornie)
Hoffman John (Grafton)
Hoffman Philip (Grafton)
Hoffmeir John (Great Marlow)
Holland Henry (Grafton)
Holmes James (Southampton)
Holmes Richard (Southampton)
Holmes Michael (Southampton)
Holmes Thomas (First Falls)
Holmes William (Orara)
Holmes Jonathan (Orara)
Holmstein J.A. (Sydney)
Holt Henry (Grafton)
Holt Henry J. (Grafton)
Hooker Samuel (Grafton)
Horne William Thomas (Grafton)
Hoskius Robert (Ramornie)
Hoskius William (Grafton)
Hoskins John (Gordon Brook)
Howard Henry (Grafton)
Howell William (Orara)
Howes James (Grafton)
Houison James (Grafton)
Hudson George (Southampton)
hudson Robert (Grafton)
Huffer john (Grafton)
Hughes Francis (Orara)
Hume David senior (Orara)
Hume David H. (Orara)
Hune James (Orara)
Humphrey John (Great Marlow)
Hussey John (Grafton)
Hutchins Thomas (South Grafton)
Hutton Robert (Kangaroo Creek)
Hyde Arthur (Grafton)
Hyde William J. (Grafton)
Hyde John H. (Grafton)
Hyland Thomas (Grafton)
Hynes Owen (Grafton)
Immery William (Kangaroo Creek)
Ilg John (Great Marlow)
Irwin W.A. (Grafton)
Ivory Thomas (Grafton)
Jackschon John Godlib (Grafton)
Jackschon John G. jun. (Grafton)
Jackson Alfred (Grafton)
Jackson Edward (Grafton)
Jacobs Lewis (Grafton)
James John (Grafton)
James William (Grafton)
James Henry (Great Marlow)
James John (Grafton)
Jeffrey John (South Grafton)
Jenkins John (Great Marlow)
Jervaulx Reginald (Southampton)
Jerrold John (Grafton)
Jerrold John (Glen Reagh)
Johnson Edward (Orara)
Johnson Henry (Grafton)
Johnson William (Grafton)
Johnston Isaac (Orara)
Jones William Harwood Island
Jones William (Great Marlow)
Jones William (Grafton)
Jones Alfred E.D. (Nymboida)
Jones Henry (Grafton)
Jones William junior (Grafton)
Jordan George A. (Grafton)
Jordan John P. (Grafton)
Jordan Charles (Copmanhurst)
Jordan Thomas (Waterview)
Kane Michael (Grafton)
Kane Thomas (Great Marlow)
Kay William (Grafton)
Kean James (Grafton)
Kearney Samuel (South Grafton)
Kegan Francis (Southampton)
Kelly Frederick (Glen Reagh)
Kelly James (South Grafton)
Kelly William (Grafton)
Kelly Morgan (Clarenza)
Kelly George (South Grafton)
Kelly William (Glen Reagh)
Kemp Charles (South Grafton)
Kemp Caleb (South Grafton)
Kemp Joseph (Kangaroo Creek)
Kemp Charles R. (South Grafton)
Kemp Thomas (Grafton)
Kemp Charles R. (South Grafton)
Kempnisch Joseph (Grafton)
Kempnisch Anton (Grafton)
Kempnisch Jacob (Grafton)
Kempton Adolphus (Grafton)
Kennedy John (Eaton)
Kennedy Patrick (South Grafton)
Kennedy Isaac (South Grafton)
Kennedy John (South Grafton)
Kenning Francis (Grafton)
Kenning Henry (Grafton)
Kenning Albert (Grafton)
Kett James              
Kieley Michael (Clarenza)
Ki Koon (Grafton)
King Samuel (Grafton)
Kingsmill Henry (Grafton)
Kinnear William (Grafton)
Kipping Henry (Grafton)
Kirkpatrick John (Cedar Scrub)
Klaus Lewis (Great Marlow)
Klaus Charles (Great Marlow)
Klaus Valentine (Great Marlow)
Klaus John (Grafton)
Klaus Valentine junior (Grafton)
Kleindienst Christopher (Grafton)
Klein William (Grafton)
klohr John (Grafton)
Knott William (Grafton)
Koch George (Grafton)
Koch Adam (Grafton)
Koph John H. (Southampton)
Koyle Daniel (Grafton)
Krack John (Grafton)
Kratz Henry (Great Marlow)
Kratz L.K. (Great Marlow)
Krieger Matthew (Grafton)
Kritsch Sebastian (Grafton)
Lacey George (Nymboida)
Laidley Joseph (Southampton)
Laing Robert (Grafton)
Laing James (Grafton)
Laing Henry (Orara)
Laird James (Grafton)
Laird Robert (Tenterfield)
Laird David (Grafton)
Laman Edward J. (Grafton)
Lamb Thomas (Grafton)
Lambert William (Sydney)
Land Thomas (Newbold)
Land John (Newbold)
Landrigan Jeremiah S. (Grafton)
Landrigan john S. (Grafton)
Lane Thomas (Rushforth)
Lang Daniel (Copmanhurst)
Lange Christian (Grafton)
Lange John (Grafton)
Langham Edward (Grafton)
Lardner Alfred (Grafton)
Lassiter Frederick (Sydney)
Lawrence Frederick (Grafton)
Lawrence Frederick (Grafton)
Lawson Henry A. (Grafton)
Laycock J.C. sen (Camelback)
Layton Frederick (Grafton)
Layton Thomas (Grafton)
Layton J.G. (South Grafton)
Layton Edward (Grafton)
Lee Richard (South Grafton)
Leighton David (South Grafton)
Leonard William (Great Marlow)
Leonard Irwin (Great Marlow)
Leonard Arthur (Great Marlow)
Leonard John (Grafton)
Leonard John (Grafton)
Lewington E.C. (Grafton)
Leyburn Peter (South Grafton)
Lilbach George (Copmanhurst)
Lilbach John (Copmanhurst)
Lilbach Peter (Copmanhurst)
Lilbach Jacob (Copmanhurst)
Lilbach Joseph (Copmanhurst)
Lindt J.W. Melbourne
Lipman Abraham (Grafton)
Livermore John (Levenstrath)
Livingstone A (Great Marlow)
Livingstone Allan (Clarenza)
Livingstone Hugh (Clarenza)
Llewellyn John (Grafton)
Llewellyn William (Grafton)
Llewellyn George (Great Marlow)
Llewellyn William (Grafton)
Llewellyn John (Clifton)
Lodge Barton (Grafton)
Logan P.A. (Southampton)
Logan Thomas (Southampton)
Loewenthal Lewis S. (Grafton)
Long George (Teatree Creek)
Long Josiah (Grafton)
Loram William (Grafton)
Lord Thomas (Grafton)
Lourm William C (Grafton)
Lowe Frederick (South Grafton)
Lowe Walter (Grafton)
Lunny Andrew (Great Marlow)
Lunny Henry (Grafton)
Lynch John (Southampton)
Lynch Michael (Southampton)
Lynch James (Southampton)
Lynch David (Great Marlow)
Lynch Michael (Grafton)
Lynch William (South Grafton)
Lyons Samuel C (Grafton)
McAlpin Dugald (Grafton)
McAlpin John (Grafton)
McAughey H (Great Marlow)
McAulay William (Grafton)
McAulay Donald (Grafton)
McAuley John (Clifton)
McAuley James (Grafton)
McBrian J. junior (Southampton)
McBrian James (Southampton)
McBrian Micheal (Carr's Creek)
McCabe John (South Grafton)
McCabe William (Southampton)
McCarthy Timothy (Waterview)
McCaughey J. junior (Nymboida)
McCaughey David (Nymboida)
McCaughey James (Nymboida)
McClare Edward (Clifton)
McConnell James (Copmanhurst)
McConnell William (Grafton)
McCooey Henry (Grafton)
McCooey John (Ramornie)
McCormack M. (Gordon Brook)
McCormack M. (Great Marlow)
McCraw William (Ramornie)
McDermid D (South Grafton)
McDermid Patrick (Copmanhurst)
McDermid John (Copmanhurst)
McDonald Hugh Grreat Marlow
McDonald John (Grafton)
McDonald Alex (Grafton)
McDonald Allen (Grafton)
McDonald John (Great Marlow)
McDonald John (Grafton)
McDonald John G. (Great Marlow)
McDonald Donald (Grafton)
McDonald Philip (Ramornie)
McDonald David (Grafton)
McDonald R.M. (Grafton)
McDonald John (Grafton)
McDonald Allen (Grafton)
McDonald John Alex (Grafton)
McDonald John (Buccarumbi)
McDonough Martin (Grafton)
McDougall Andrew J. (Nymboida)
McDougall J.S. Sherwood
McDougall N.H. (Grafton)
McDougall Allen (Grafton)
McDougall A.L. (Grafton)
McElwaine Manesses (Grafton)
McFadden John senior (Grafton)
McFadden Charles (Grafton)
McFadden Frank (Grafton)
McFadden Philip (Grafton)
McFarlane Duncan (Great Marlow)
McFarlane Duncan (Ulmarra)
McFarlane J. sen (Great Marlow)
McCowan George (Newbold)
McGown William (Ramornie)
McGrade John (Great Marlow)
McGrath Bernard (Orara)
McGrath John (Orara)
McGrath Peter (Buccarumbi)
McGrath James (Grafton)
McGregor Alex (Kangaroo Creek)
McGuren Francis (South Grafton)
McInerney Patrick (Ramornie)
McInerney Thos (Great Marlow)
McIntosh James A. (Grafton)
McIntosh Thomas (Orara)
McIntyre Hugh (Grafton)
McKay Hugh (Southampton)
McKay John (Southampton)
McKay Alexander (Grafton)
McKee Charles (Copmanhurst)
McKee James (Copmanhurst)
McKee John senior (Copmanhurst)
McKee John (Copmanhurst)
McKee John (Copmanhurst)
McKee Julius (Copmanhurst)
McKee Thomas (Copmanhurst)
McKee William (Copmanhurst)
McKee William (Copmanhurst)
McKee George (Copmanhurst)
McKenna Lawrence (Orara)
McKenzie Charles (Gordonbrook)
McKenzie John (Grafton)
McKenzie Thomas F (Newbold)
McKenzie Douglas (Grafton)
McKenzie William (Grafton)
McHugh Peter (Clifton)
McKinnon Samuel (Grafton)
McKinnon Alexander (Clarenza)
McKitterick John T.S. (Grafton)
McLachlan Donald (Ulmarra)
McLachlan Duncan (Ulmarra)
McLachlan Hugh (Great Marlow)
McLaughlan John (Copmanhurst)
McLaughlan John (Copmanhurst)
McLean Allan (Great Marlow)
McLean Norman (South Grafton)
McLean John (Great Marlow)
McLean Lauchlin (Great Marlow)
McLean William (Ramornie)
McLennan Far. (Turnback Creek)
McLennan Donald (South Grafton)
McLennan John (Orara)
McLennan Alexander (Orara)
McLennan George M. (South Grafton)
McLennan Roderick (Orara)
McLennan Alph (Great Marlow)
McLennan Donald (Turnback Creek)
McLennan Kenneth (Orara)
McLennan Alexander (Grafton)
McLeod John (Woodford Island)
McLeod William (Ulmarra)
McLymont Martin (Eatonsville)
McLymont James (Waterview)
McMahon Denis (Great Marlow)
McMenemy B.A. (South Grafton)
McNamarra Denis (Grafton)
McNamarra Patrick (South Grafton)
McNamarra Michael (Grafton)
McNally Francis (Grafton)
McNamarra F. (Southampton)
McNaughton Jas. M. (Grafton)
McNish Hugh (Rocky Mouth)
McPhail Archibald (Orara River)
McPhee Alexander jun (Clarenza)
McPhee Donald (Clarenza)
McPhee Alexander (Grafton)
McPherson Hugh (Orara)
McPherson John (Orara)
McPherson John (Clarenza)
McPherson Alexander (Orara)
McPherson Donald (Levenstrath)
McPherson Dougald (Orara)
McReynolds T. (Armidale Road)
Mace Charles (Great Marlow)
Mackay Isaac (Grafton)
Mackie Charles (Grafton)
Mackney Alfred (Grafton)
Mackney William M. (Grafton)
Madgwick Edward C. (Grafton)
Madgwick William M. (Grafton)
Mahoney Peter (South Grafton)
Malcolm David (South Grafton)
Maloney James (Orara)
Maloney James (Orara)
Maloney Edward (Orara)
Maloney James (Orara)
Maloney Edward (Newbold)
Maloney John (Buccarumbi)
Maloney Denis (Cedar Scrub)
Mann William B (Grafton)
Mannawell George (Great Marlow)
Mannawell John (Great Marlow)
Manning John (Grafton)
Manning Patrick (Grafton)
Manning Peter (Grafton)
Manning William (Grafton)
Manning James (Grafton)
Manning Charles (South Grafton)
Manning Benjamin (Buccarumbi)
Manning James (Great Marlow)
Mansfield C.S (Grafton)
Mapp George Thomas (Grafton)
Marcolino Paul (Grafton)
Marriot Joseph (Cedar Scrub)
Marriot Samuel J. (Grafton)
Marshall James A. (Grafton)
Marshall J.W. (Grafton)
Marshall William T.M. (Grafton)
Marshall Henry (Tea Tree Creek)
Martin John (Gordonbrook)
Martin Michael (South Grafton)
Martin David (Great Marlow)
Martin George (Great Marlow)
Martin George L. (Great Marlow)
Martin John (Grafton)
Martin Thomas (South Grafton)
Martin Joseph Till (Clarenza)
Martin Samuel (Carr's Creek)
Massey James (Coaldale)
Matheson Kenneth (Copmanhurst)
Mathienus L.W. (Grafton)
Matterson Charles (Orara)
Matterson William (Orara)
Matthews Charles (South Grafton)
Matthews William (Grafton)
Maurice Henry (Grafton)
Maxted John W. (Grafton)
Maxwell James (Kangaroo Creek)
Maxwell Thomas (Kangaroo Creek)
Mellis David (Grafton)
Mellion Joseph (Grafton)
Merifield John (Grafton)
Meskil John (Southampton)
Meskil Edward (Orara)
Meston Alexander sen. (Grafton)
Merryfield John (Grafton)
Meston Alexander jun. (Ulmarra)
Michall Alexander (Copmanhurst)
Michall Finlay (Copmanhurst)
Milgate Philip (Southampton)
Millar John senior (Grafton)
Millar John Junior (Grafton)
Miller John (Southampton)
Miller John jun. (Ulmarra)
Mills John James (Teatree Creek)
Mills Thomas (Kangaroo Creek)
Mills George (Teatree Creek)
Mitchelhill James (Grafton)
Moloney Martin (Southampton)
Moran Patrick (Clarenza)
Moran John (Nymboida)
Moran John (Southampton)
Morgan Edward (Eaton)
Morgan Joseph (Eaton)
Morgan Joseph (Eatonsville)
Morgan John (Southampton)
Morgan David (Eatonsville)
Morgan David (Eaton)
Moriarty Francis (South Grafton)
Morris Jesse (Grafton)
Morris Jesse jun. Geergarrow
Morris Henry F. (Grafton)
Morrison William (Copmanhurst)
Morrison W. jun. (Copmanhurst)
Morrison Roderick (Copmanhurst)
Morrison Alex (Copmanhurst)
Morrisey Thomas (First Falls)
Morrisey Timothy (Grafton)
Morrisey Patrick (Eatonsville)
Morrisey Thomas (South Grafton)
Morrisey Patrick (Waterview)
Morrow Thomas (Ramornie)
Morrow William jun. (Ramornie)
Morrow Frederick (South Grafton)
Morrow William (Ramornie)
Morton James (Grafton)
Mosely Josiah (Grafton)
Moyes Daniel (Gordon Brook)
Moyes James (Grafton)
Mudd James (South Grafton)
Mueller Henry (Grafton)
Muirhead Robert (Grafton)
Mulholland James (Grafton)
Mulholland Henry (Copmanhurst)
Mullane Patrick (Grafton)
Mullane Timothy (Grafton)
Mullane Denis (Grafton)
Mullane Daniel (Grafton)
Mulligan P. jun. (Southampton)
Mulqueeny M (Kangaroo Creek)
Mulqueeny P (Kangaroo Creek)
Munns George S. (Buccarumbi)
Munro Donald (Clarenza)
Munro Duncan W. (Grafton)
Munro John H. (Grafton)
Munro Hugh (South Grafton)
Munt Charles (Grafton)
Murphy James (Grafton)
Murphy John (Grafton)
Murphy James Edward (Grafton)
Murphy Thomas (Waterview)
Murphy William (Great Marlow)
Murphy Walter C. (Great Marlow)
Murphy Henry (Grafton)
Murphy Michael (Grafton)
Murphy W. (Great Marlow)
Murphy James (South Grafton)
Murphy Patrick (Southampton)
Murphy James (Southampton)
Murphy Martin (Southampton)
Murphy Thomas (Grafton)
Murray Archibald (Grafton)
Murray James (Orara)
Murray W.J. (Skinners Swamp)
Myler William J. (Grafton)
Neale Thomas (South Grafton)
Neal Patrick (Glen Reagh)
Neale George (South Grafton)
Neale W.H. (South Grafton)
Neale William (South Grafton)
Neale John (O.B.X. Creek)
Nelson Andrew C (South Grafton)
Nelson Charles E. L. (Grafton)
Nennan John (Orara)
Nester James (Grafton)
Neward M. (Great Marlow)
Newall James (Grafton)
Newman James (Orara)
Nicholson J (Blackland Swamp)
Nicholson Andrew (Teatree Creek)
Nicholson Malcolm (Ramornie)
Niland Thomas jun. (Ramornie)
Niland Andrew (Grafton)
Niland Patrick (Ramornie)
Niland Patrick J. (Ramornie)
Niland Thomas (First Falls)
Noonan John (Grafton)
Noonan Frank (Grafton)
Norman Alfred (Clifton)
Norman Robert (Grafton)
Norman John (Great Marlow)
Norman Henry F. (Ramornie)
Norman Freeman (Great Marlow)
Norrie Frank (Grafton)
North Mildred (Maclean)
Noud William (Clifton)
O'Brien Daniel (South Grafton)
O'Donnell Neil (Stockyard Creek)
O'Donnell C. (Stockyard Creek)
O'Donnell John (Stockyard Creek)
O'Hehir Patrick (Grafton)
O'Keeffe John (Great Marlow)
O'Keeffe James (Grafton)
O'Keeffe Patrick (Ramornie)
O'Keeffe James (Southampton)
O'Keeffe Michael (South Grafton)
O'Meagher John K. (Grafton)
O'Meally Timothy (Great Marlow)
O'Meally John (Grafton)
O'Neil Robert (South Grafton)
O'Neil Andrew (South Grafton)
O'Neil Andrew James (South Grafton)
O'Neil Thomas (Chambigne)
O'Shea Patrick (Stockyard Creek)
O'sullivan John (Grafton)
Oakes Augustus J (Orara)
Oakes Henry A. (Orara)
Oakes Willam M. (Orara)
Oakes Alexander (Grafton)
Oberfixhuber A Coldstream
Oliver Edward (Grafton)
Olson William (South Grafton)
Onslow Simon (South Grafton)
Onslow George (First Falls)
Orchard William (Grafton)
Orr David (South Grafton)
Orr George (South Grafton)
Osborne Thomas (Grafton)
Osborne Charles (Buccarumbi)
Page John (Grafton)
Page Thomas (Southampton)
Page Thomas (Grafton)
Page Charles (Grafton)
Page Charles (Grafton)
Page Robert (Grafton)
Paine James sen. (Great Marlow)
Paine James jun. (Great Marlow)
Paine Edward (Great Marlow)
Paine Benjamin (Great Marlow)
Paine Stephen (Great Marlow)
Palmer Richard (Grafton)
Palmer Frederick (Grafton)
Park Charles (Grafton)
Parker John (South Grafton)
Parker John (Grafton)
Parker Joseph (Buccarumbi)
Parkinson Edward (Great Marlow)
Parkinson David (Buccarumbi)
Parrot Robert (Grafton)
Parry W.H. (Carr's Creek)
Patrick Edward H (Grafton)
Petterson John jun. (Grafton)
Paul John (Copmanhurst)
Payne Richard (Grafton)
Payne George (Grafton)
Payne W.P. (South Grafton)
Pearce William (Grafton)
Pearce William (South Grafton)
Pearce Patrick (South Grafton)
Pearson William (South Grafton)
Pearson Jonathan (South Grafton)
Pemberton W. (Gordon Brook)
Penfold Richard E. (Deep Creek)
Peoples Charles Smith's Creek
Perkins R (Deadman)'s Creek
Perkins Reuben (Deadman)'s Creek
Perring George (Southampton)
Perring John (Southampton)
Perritt Walter (Kangaroo Creek)
Perritt David (Deadman)'s Creek
Perritt John (Blick's River)
Perritt Isaac (Blick's River)
Perritt Joseph H. (Blick's River)
Perry George (Cloud's Creek)
Pert David (Grafton)
Peters James Cornelius (Sydney)
Peterson Charles P (Grafton)
Petersen Peter (Grafton)
Petersen Jorgen W. (Grafton)
Peterie John William (Grafton)
Phemister Charles (Eaton)
Phemister Alex. (Copmanhurst)
Phemister John (Copmanhurst)
Philips Thomas (Ramornie)
Philips albert (Cedar Scrub)
Philpot T. sen (Great Marlow)
Philpot T. jun. (Great Marlow)
Philpot William (Great Marlow)
Pitchard Harry (Ramornie)
Pitkin Thomas (Kangaroo Creek)
Pocock George (Stockyard Creek)
Polson John (Copmanhurst)
Polson Hugh (Waterview)
Powell Samuel (Grafton)
Powell William Mateer's Creek
Powell Thomas (Ramornie)
Powell Richard (Grafton)
Pratt Henry (Great Marlow)
Pratt Thomas (Newbold)
Preston Joseph (South Grafton)
Priddice James (Grafton)
Prindible Daniel (Great Marlow)
Prindible William (Waterview)
Pritchard John (Southampton)
Proctor Joseph (Clarenza)
Proctor John (Copmanhurst)
Prosser George (Grafton)
Purcell John (Copmanhurst)
Purdie Robert (Grafton)
Purves John M. (Sydney)
Putt Henry (Orara)
Quailey Patrick (Grafton)
Quailey John (Grafton)
Quincel Robert (South Grafton)
Quinn James (Waterview)
Quinn John sen. (Great Marlow)
Quinn John jun. (Great Marlow)
Quinner Charles (Ramornie)
Quirk Thomas (Grafton)
Ranger George (Grafton)
Ramsay James (Grafton)
Ramsay William (Grafton)
Rankin Frederick (Orara)
Rankin George (Clifton)
Rankin David (Grafton)
Rankin Frederick (Grafton)
Ratton Thomas (South Grafton)
Ratton Thomas (Clarenza)
Rauter George (Grafton)
Raymond Peel (Sydney)
Rea John (Grafton)
Read Henry (Orara)
Reese Richard T. (South Grafton)
Reese Thomas (South Grafton)
Reece John (Great Marlow)
Reeves James (Copmanhurst)
Reid Charles (South Grafton)
Reid Henry (Deep Creek)
Reimer Conrad (Grafton)
Renche A.B. (Grafton)
Reynolds James (Orara)
Reynolds Robert H. (Sydney)
Reynolds George (Orara)
Rhodes William (Gordon Brook)
Rhodes William (O.B.X. Creek)
Rhodenbach Henry (Grafton)
Richards George (Grafton)
Richards Charles (Grafton)
Riely Martin (Grafton)
Rieley George Benyabba
Rieley Edward (Stockyard Creek)
Risley John (Grafton)
Risley William (Grafton)
Ring James (Grafton)
Roache Thomas (Copmanhurst)
Roach Michael (Eaton)
Roach P. sen. (Copmanhurst)
Roach P jun. (Copmanhurst)
Roach William (Copmanhurst)
Roach Michael (Southampton)
Roberts Peter (Buccarumbi)
Roberts John (Blaxland Swamp)
Roberts Henry (Grafton)
Roberts Frank (Southampton)
Roberts George (Clarenza)
Robertson William (Queensland)
Robertson Alexander (Grafton)
Robertson William (Grafton)
Robinson George (Great Marlow)
Robinson Charles (Grafton)
Robinson Joseph (Nymboida)
Robinson Robert (Grafton)
Robinson Thomas (Grafton)
Robinson Thomas (Grafton)
Robinson George (Gordon Brook)
Robinson John (Gordon Brook)
Robinett Samuel (Great Marlow)
Roche David (Grafton)
Rooke James (O.B.X. Creek)
Rose Henry (Grafton)
Rose George (Clifton)
Rose George (Grafton)
Rose Henry (South Grafton)
Ross James (Grafton)
Ross James (Grafton)
Ross Colin Glen Innes
Ross Arthur (Grafton)
Ross William Tea-tree Creek
Ross Charles C. (Grafton)
Rothery Anson (Gordon Brook)
Rothschild Arnold Armidale
Rout James (Nymboida)
Routledge George (Orara)
Rowlands Thomas (Grafton)
Rowles George (Orara)
Rowley James (Grafton)
Rowley Thomas (Grafton)
Rowling Donald (Grafton)
Rudd Thomas Aloysus (Grafton)
Rush Michael (Maclean)
Ryall James (Grafton)
Ryan Edward M. (Waterview)
Ryan Thomas West Camp
Ryan Patrick (Kangaroo Creek)
Ryan Michael (Orara)
Ryder Jacob (Great Marlow)
Sabien Charles (Great Marlow)
Sabien E. sen. (Great Marlow)
Sabien E. jun. Paroo River
Samson E.P. (Grafton)
Sanaville Marius (Grafton)
Sanders William (Grafton)
Sanders Charles (Grafton)
Sanders Charles jun. (Grafton)
Sanders Frederick (Grafton)
Sanders William (Grafton)
Sanders Henry (Grafton)
Sanders George (Grafton)
Sanderson John (Clifton)
Sanderson John (Great Marlow)
Sands Patrick (Grafton)
Sare William (Orara)
Saul Richard (South Grafton)
Sault Henry F. (Grafton)
Savill Alfred (Grafton)
Saxon James (Newbold)
Schaeffer F.W.C. (Grafton)
Schaeffer Herman (Grafton)
Schaeffer Frank (Carr's Island)
Schaeffer Rudolph (Grafton)
Schaeffer R. jun. (Great Marlow)
Schaupp Robert (Grafton)
Schaupp William (Grafton)
Schmidt John C. (Grafton)
Schmidt Philip (Grafton)
Schneider John (Grafton)
Schneider Martin Tea-tree Creek
Schumacher J.M. (Rushforth)
Schumacher G.J. (Rushforth)
Schumacher Philip (Rushforth)
Schumacher Henry (Rushforth)
Schumacher John (Southampton)
Schwinghamer C.T. (South Grafton)
Scott G. Walter Smith's Flat
Sedgewick James (Grafton)
See Samuel (Grafton)
Sellers Thomas F. (South Grafton)
Sellers George (Grafton)
Selman Charles (Great Marlow)
Selman D.B. (Great Marlow)
Selman G.a. (Grafton)
Sharpe Edward (Glenreagh)
Sharpe Henry (Narna Creek)
Sharpe robert (Grafton)
Shea James (Grafton)
Shea Denis (Grafton)
Shea Denis (Waterview)
Shea Peter (Kangaroo Creek)
Shea Michael (Kangaroo Creek)
Shea P. jun. (Kangaroo Creek)
Sheean Patrick (Grafton)
Sheean James (Great Marlow)
Sheean Daniel (Ramornie)
Shemblar Joseph (Copmanhurst)
Shepherd George (Brushgrove)
sheriff John D. (South Grafton)
Shore Thomas (Grafton)
Shore George (Grafton)
Shore Samuel (Grafton)
Shoveller Thomas (Grafton)
Silby George (Grafton)
siebenick Philip (Grafton)
Simeon Nicholas (Grafton)
Simms James (Clarenza)
Simpson Robert H. (Grafton)
Simpson William (Ramornie)
Simpson Walter (Ramornie)
Sinclair William (Cedar Scrub)
Skane Michael Levenstrath
Skead William (Grafton)
Skinnear James (Buccarumbi)
Skinner Alfred (Buccarumbi)
Skinner Gabriel (Buccarumbi)
Slade Felix (South Grafton)
Slavien Charles (Great Marlow)
Slavien Thomas (Great Marlow)
Slavien James (Great Marlow)
Slavien Francis (Great Marlow)
Sleeman William (Grafton)
Smail James (South Grafton)
Smail Robert (Kangaroo Creek)
Small Thomas Arthur (Orara)
Small William Swan Creek
Small William (Copmanhurst)
Smidt Charles A. (South Grafton)
Smith John sen. (Grafton)
Smith John (Grafton)
Smith John (Grafton)
Smith Conrad (Grafton)
Smith Thomas jun (Ramornie)
Smith James (Ramornie)
Smith W. jun. (Great Marlow)
Smith Robert (Grafton)
Smith Edward (Great Marlow)
Smith James (Grafton)
Smith John (Great Marlow)
Smith John Govette (Grafton)
Smith John I. (Grafton)
Smith J.S. (Great Marlow)
Smith Stephen S. (Grafton)
Smith William (Great Marlow)
Smith Charles (Great Marlow)
Smith Thomas (Orara)
Smith T.H. (Gordon Brook)
Smith James (South Grafton)
Smith John F. (South Grafton)
Smith Henry (Great Marlow)
Smith Albert A. (Grafton)
Smith Matthew Smith's Creek
Sneath Andrew Wombah
Sneath James (Ramornie)
Sneath William (Ramornie)
Sneath Robert (Ramornie)
Snodgrass John R. (Orara)
Solomon Lewis (South Grafton)
Southien Charles (Grafton)
Spalding David (Grafton)
Spence William (Grafton)
Spokes William (Cedar Scrub)
Spring William (Grafton)
Spring William J. (Grafton)
Spring James (Grafton)
Stacey Henry G. (Grafton)
Stacey Henry (Grafton)
Statham E.J. (Grafton)
St. Clair James (Grafton)
Steel Alexander (Grafton)
Stelzer George (Grafton)
Stelzer Peter (Grafton)
Stephinson W.G.R. (Grafton)
Stevens Charles (Great Marlow)
Stevenson Richard (Sydney)
Stevenson Josiah (Grafton)
Stevenson Thomas (Grafton)
Stevenson James (Gordon Brook)
Stevenson Harry (Grafton)
Stevens W.L. (Grafton)
Stelsebrry John James (Coaldale)
Stewart Alex (South Grafton)
Stewart James (Great Marlow)
Stokes George (Grafton)
Stokes Alfred (Grafton)
Stokes Benjamin P. (Sydney)
Stokes Joseph (Grafton)
Strauss John (Grafton)
Strauss Peter (Grafton)
Strokarck John G. (Sydney)
Stuart John (Ramornie)
Stucley Thomas (Grafton)
Stucley William (Grafton)
Stuhlert Ludwig F.D. (Grafton)
Stuart John (Great Marlow)
Stuart Robert (Grafton)
Styles George (Nymboida)
Sullivan Henry (Glen Reagh)
Sullivan Thomas (Grafton)
Sullivan Henry (Grafton)
Sully Robert (Ramornie)
Somerset H.P. (Ramornie)
Summers George (Clarenza)
Summers Joseph (Clarenza)
Summers Richard (Clarenza)
Sunley Thomas (Grafton)
Sutton Albert (Great Marlow)
Sutton Charles (Orara)
Sutton William (Nymboida)
Sutton Arthur (Grafton)
Sweeney James (Glen Reagh)
Sweeney Owen (Grafton)
Swindells Thomas s. (Grafton)
Switzer Frederick (Grafton)
Sykes Henry (Grafton)
Tanner William (Grafton)
Tapper William (Great Marlow)
Tarrant William (Grafton)
Taus Alexander (Grafton)
Taylor C.E. (Orara)
Taylor J. senior (Copmanhurst)
Taylor J. junior (Copmanhurst)
Taylor John (Great Marlow)
Tebbel Edward (Grafton)
Terry Matthew (Grafton)
Terry Alfred (Grafton)
Terry William (Grafton)
Terry Matson (Grafton)
Thearle J.R. (Grafton)
Thomas Albert (Ramornie)
Thomas Thomas H (Southampton)
Thomson James (Clarenza)
Thomson Frank (Grafton)
Thompson John (Grafton)
Thompson T. (Grafton)
Thompson J. (Southampton)
Thompson James (Copmanhurst)
Thompson J. (South Grafton)
Thompson John (Grafton)
Thompson W. (Copmanhurst)
Thorald J. Sm(Eaton) (Grafton)
Thorald William C. (Grafton)
Thorp Henry (Grafton)
Tierney John (Blaxland Swamp)
Tierney Michael (Grafton)
Tierney Edward J. (Grafton)
Tindall C.G. (Ramornie)
Tindall C.F. (Ramornie)
Tombs John (Grafton)
Tombs George John (Grafton)
Tomison William (Grafton)
Tomson William H. (Grafton)
Tracy William S. (Grafton)
Transon Charles (Grafton)
Tranter James (Grafton)
Trent James (Grafton)
Trollope F.J.A. (Grafton)
Turnbull Henry (Grafton)
Tyrell John (Copmanhurst)
Van Epin (Copmanhurst)
Venator Francis (Grafton)
Volckers H.A. (Grafton)
Wade George (Grafton)
Wadge Richard B. (Grafton)
Wadham Henry (Grafton)
Waghorn A. (Great Marlow)
Wagner Philip H. (Grafton)
wladon George (Southampton)
Waldon Job (Great Marlow)
Waldon Henry (Waterview)
Walker C.J. (England)
Walker Patrick Copmahurst
Walker Walter (Ramornie)
Walker James (South Grafton)
Walker Charles (Cockatoo)
Walker Henry P. (Buccarumbi)
Walker Patrick (Gordon Brook)
Wall Henry senior (South Grafton)
Wall James (South Grafton)
Wallbank T (Great Marlow)
Walsh Patrick (South Grafton)
Walsh John jun. (South Grafton)
Walsh John (Grafton)
Walsh John E. sen. (South Grafton)
Walters Francis (Grafton)
Want Edward (Clarenza)
Want William (Clarenza)
Ward John (Nymboida)
Ward William (Grafton)
Ward James (Nymboida)
Ward Thomas (Nymboida)
Ward William (Waterview)
Ware David (Clifton)
Waters Alex (Orara)
Waterhouse W.H. (Grafton)
Waterman E.g. (Buccarumbi)
Watkins W.w. (Grafton)
Watson Benjamin (Grafton)
Watt George (Moville)
Watt Robert (Moville)
Watts Charles (Grafton)
Waugh A.W. (South Grafton)
Weatherstone S. (Orara)
Weatherstone Adam (South Grafton)
Weatherstone John (Orara)
weaver William (South Grafton)
Webb James A. (Grafton)
Webb Samuel (Grafton)
Webb David W. (Grafton)
Welch Walter T. (Grafton)
Weller James (Mattier's Creek)
Weller John (Mattier's Creek)
Wells James (Orara)
Wells Isaac (Orara)
Wells Robert (Orara)
Welsh John (Orara)
Welsh Michael J. (Orara)
Welsh Joseph (Orara)
Welsh William (Orara)
Wenebery August (Grafton)
West William (Coaldale)
West James (Coaldale)
Whalley Francis E. (Grafton)
Whelan Richard (Smith's Creek)
Whelan john (Grafton)
Whetham William H. (Grafton)
White Edward (Grafton)
White J.A. (Ramornie)
White William (Great Marlow)
White Robert H. (Grafton)
White Ducket (Ramornie)
White George (Cedar Scrub)
Whitford Henry (Grafton)
Whiteman W. (Ramornie)
Whiteside Alex (Coaldale)
Whitton James (Ulmarra)
Wickness Samuel (Halfway Creek)
Wicks Robert (Grafton)
Wigglesworth G. (Copmanhurst)
Wild Edward (South Grafton)
Wilcox J.F. (South Grafton)
Wilcox F.W. (South Grafton)
Wilcox William (Orara)
Wilkinson W.M (Grafton)
Wilcox W. (Clarenza)
Williams George (Grafton)
Williams William (Grafton)
Williams J.H. (Great Marlow)
Williams Edward (Southampton)
Williamson J. Glenfarnick
Wills Samuel (Southampton)
Wilson Charles (Grafton)
Wilson Henry (Eaton)
Wilson Joseph H. (South Grafton)
Wilton Charles (Ulmarra)
Wingate Robert (Grafton)
Winkler Charles (Rushforth)
Winter George (Ramornie)
Winter Joseph (Orara)
Winter James (Orara)
Winter Joseph jun (Orara)
Woods William (Blaxland)
Woods Thomas C. (Great Marlow)
Woodward John (Great Marlow)
Wornbold C. (South Grafton)
Wright R. (South Grafton)
Wunderlich John (Grafton)
Wunderlich George (Grafton)
Wunderlich Charles (Grafton)
Wunderlich C.F. (Grafton)
Wunderlich Fredk. (Grafton)
Wyatt George (South Grafton)
Wyatt Charles (South Grafton)
Yarday William (Deadman Creek)
Yates John William (Grafton)
Yates George J (Grafton)
Yeoman George (South Grafton)
Young George Isaac (Grafton)
Young John (Grafton)
Young John (Grafton)
Young William (South Grafton)
Young William (Southampton)
Zeitsch John junior (Grafton)
Zeitsch John senior (Grafton)
Zeitsch Jacob junior (Grafton)
Zeitsch Michael (Grafton)
Zuill William junior (Southgate)
Zuill John (Blake's Creek)
Zuill William senior (Brushgrove)
Zwanizie Peter (Grafton)

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