Tumbarumba (map) is a small town and local government area situated about 500kms southwest of Sydney (population circa 3,727). Located on the south west slopes of the Snowy Mountains, to the east of Mount Kosciuszko, the Shire's southern boundary is the Murray River. The community was established in the 1850s following the discovery of gold; gold mining petered out in the 1930s. The region now relies on agriculture and tourism with the timber industry dominating the Shire’s economy. It is thought that the name Tumbarumba may derive from the Wiradjuri dhamba dhamba, which means very soft.

Tumbararumba Shire incorporates the communities of Bago, Brinfenbrong, Bringenbrong Lower, Burra, Courabyra, Geehi, Glenroy, Green Hills, Greg Greg, Hardys Mill, Indi, Jagumba, Jagungal Wilderness, Jingellic, Khancoban, Kosciusko, Kosciuszko, Laurel Hill, Mannus, Maragle, Mount Kosciuszko, Munderoo, Murray Gorge, Murrays Crossing, Nurenmerenmong, Ogilvies, Ournie, Paddys River, Piolt Wildereness, Pound Creek, Rippling Water, Rosewood, Sue City, Taradale, The Glen, Tom Groggin, Tooma, Tumbarumba, Welaregang, Welaregang North, Westdale, Willigobung, Wolseley Park and Wolsley Park.

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