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In 1873, Mr. Rogers was sent to open the first school at Wardell, although in those days it was known as Blackwall. Mr. Rogers’s appointment lasted three years.

There are no records available of the teachers between 1876 and 1890. It was during this period, on March 20, 1885, that Wardell was proclaimed a town.

The school children of those times would have seen the graceful sailing ships inching their way up the river to load timber which the husky cedar-getters had felled.

Mr. Fraser, with three assistants, Miss McIntosh, Miss Burgess and Mr. Duncan, was teaching at Wardell from 1890 to 1898.

Mr. Cousins, who was appointed to Wardell in 1898, had two assistants, Mr. Costello and Mrs. Duncan. In those days, Wardell could boast a resident doctor, three stores, two hotels, two sawmills and a cream factory. It seems that at this stage school enrolments reached a peak - the numbers being in the vicinity of 150 pupils.

Mr. Cousins described the school in which he taught in the following terms: "The school consisted of one long room for four classes, and a smaller class-room adjoining this. These were separated by a wall from the residence, which in the early nineties contained two rooms and two skillions. Then came a detached kitchen, but no bathroom or laundry."

The above was where the present day residence now stands, Mr. Cousins continues.


"In the mid-nineties the site of the present school was added to the old site, which in the early nineties was very low-lying and nearly half swamp until a considerable part of it was filled in, making it usable but still leaving swamp at the lower end. It was the home of millions of mosquitoes and many snakes. Much of the land was likely to be flooded. In the late nineties one flood brought the water right to the verandah of the residence and the teacher was able to take his wife and children all over the playground in a boat".

One teacher in the nineties claimed that "Wardell school children were the champion spellers of N.S.W."

Mr. J. H. Connor was appointed to the school in 1900 and had two assistants, one of whom, the late Mr. J. Mallett, was an ex-pupil of this school. A pupil who attended school under Mr. Connor showed me a certificate she received at that time. It reads:

"I hereby certify that Florence Bartlett, Wardell Public School, has been educated up to the standard of education required by the Public Instruction Act of 1880. Dated at Wardell the fourth day of August, A.D. 1898. - Sgd. P. Board, Inspector".

In the nineties Wardell School was in the Casino Inspectorate. It was not until some fifteen years later that it came under Lismore and finally under Ballina.

Pupils attending school at the turn of the century who wanted higher education were confronted with many problems. For instance, the late Mr. W. Rudgley, who won a bursary from this school, had to take it out at Maitland High School.


Sport was as dear to the heart of the pupils of those times as it is today. A tennis court was erected in the school grounds and many and keen were the players. Football and Wardell seem to be synonymous, for it was here that many of the side-stepping hard-tackling stars of the past cut their football teeth.

In July, 1904, Mr. Connor left and Mr. G. Klein was welcomed as the new headmaster. Until his term of office ended in 1911 he had two assistants and the enrolments did not fall below 100.

Ex-pupils speak of Mr. Klein in the most glowing terms. One ex-pupil remarked that he could not recall a year that one of Mr. Klein's pupils did not win a bursary.

Two of those who so ably assisted Mr. Klein were Miss L.White and Miss Isabelle Drake.

Children attending this school prior to World War 1 were expert at cream and milk testing. In those days there was a machine at the school for testing milk and there is a communication in the records which states that in one of the tests hook-worm was discovered.

In 1913, Mr. N. McLeod was appointed. Some of the assistants who served under him were Miss Rita Shea, Miss Ellem Holmes, Miss Jessie Benson and Miss Wilkinson.

In 1914, Mr. McLeod must have been filled with pride as he witnessed 100 ex-pupils from Warden Public School volunteer for service with the first A.I.F. Many of these courageous and noble young men paid the supreme sacrifice.

Post-war era saw the advent of Mr. Stanley Johnson (1921) as headmaster with one assistant. The numbers by this time had dropped considerably and the school was hard put to maintain its assistant, Miss Lancaster.

When Mr. K. Bongers arrived in 1933 Wardell was a one-teacher school. Mr. Bongers' stay at Wardell is the longest on record-1933-1950.

As Mr. McLeod had done previously, Mr. Bongers witnessed the generous sacrifice on behalf of the country by Wardell ex-pupils. Similarly many of these paid the supreme sacrifice.

Mr. W. Heugh arrived in 1950. He had at one stage the unenviable task of teaching 42 children by himself. During Mr. Heugh's term a new residence was built and extensive renovations and repairs were carried out in the school. The school building is externally the same as it was in 1900 when it was first built. Internally, the old tiered seating has been replaced by modern posture furniture.

The present teacher, Mr. B. G. Whelan, finds that the school still services the same district as it did in 1890, but with far fewer pupils. Enrolment in 1890 was approximately 150 with the enrolment in 1959 at 29 pupils.

Parents and citizens of Wardell have manifested an interest in their school since its infancy. In the early
nineties while Mr. Cousins was headmaster many delightful concerts were held. In the organisation and presentation of these he was ably assisted by his musically gifted assistant, Mr. Costello. Some may recall the staging of "Cinderella" and "Robin Hood", which were highly successful. It was at this stage also that an effort was made to beautify the establishment by the planting of trees, some of which still stand today.

Empire Day is an annual function which has always been well supported. A subscription list for Empire Day in 1914 shows that a sum of £2/12/- was collected. Through the generous efforts of post-war P. and C. Associations much valuable equipment has been added to the school supplies. Recently the P. and C. purchased a motor mower worth sixty guineas.

Wardell Public School can lay claim to citizens who have served their fellow men honourably in all walks of life.

Wardell School Enrolments

Please note - while we have made every effort possible we cannot guarantee that this is a full listing of all enrolments - also due to uncertainty about privacy laws we have cut off the date at 1929.

1888: Norah Troy, Eglantine (?) McIntyre

1889: Oliver Bartlett, Martin Kane, Malcolm McIntyre

1890: May Robins, Esther Taylor, Fanny Otterbridge, Kate Roddan (?), Louisa Bartlett, Florence Bartlett

1891: Maude Soorley, Maud McIntyre, Lucy Otterbridge, Elizabeth Roddan (?), John Mallet, Thomas Mallet, John Elliot

1892: Kate Lovett, Clara Soorley, Alfred Taylor, Edward Rudgley

1893: Elizabeth Griffin, Mary Ann Kane, Clara McIntyre, Ethel Bartlett, Ada Byrnes, Edward Reardon (?), Michael Owens, Elder Hollingworth, ------ Reid, ------ Elliot, Robert Phipps, John Collyer

1894: Edith Undery, Violet McIntyre, Annie Harris, Minnie Fernance, Flora Jones, Winifred Bartlett, Elizabeth Jones, Charles Undery
------ Harris

1895: Minnie Underly, Magdalen Taylor, Clara Taylor, Bessie Heugh, Agnes Heugh, Georgina Miller, Ammy Miller, Kate Griffin, Ruby Robins, Rachel McIntyre, ----- Reid, ----- Costello, Michael Kane, ----- Bartlett, ----- Harris, Arthur Otterbridge, Alfred Griffin, Alex Cooper, Daniel Griffin

1896: Mary Roddan (?), Alia Ryan, Mary Ryan, Annie Dwyer, Emily Moseley, Georgina Taylor, Elizabeth McGrath, Ida Jones
Elizabeth Elder, Lillian Byrnes, Mary Owens, Louisa Lunaley (?), O'Enone (?) Cousins, Handerson Hollingworth, Herbert Otterbridge
John Elder, Arthur Phipps, Herbert Bartlett, Alex Elder, Duncan McIntyre, Fred Greig, -----d McIntyre

1897: Mary Greig, Blanche Bartlett, Davina Smith, Louisa Smith, Ethel Moasy (?), Janet Roddan (?), Ella Tyler, Jane Fernance, Hilda Cooper, Maybell Mallem (?), Phyllis Kiss, Jessie McDonald, Clarence Reid, William Undery, Robert Johnston, Percy Marlowe
George Marlowe, Oliver Marlowe, Rodger Marlowe, William Tyler, John Griffin, John Tyler, William Soorley, Arthur Fernance
Thomas Hollingworth, Harry Sharpe

1898: Rose Druitt, Mary McGrath, Stella Eyles, Janet Greig, Charlotte Weaver, Ellen McGrath,, Luther Bartlett , Hugh Taylor
Hunter Elliot, William Smith, Ray Lumley, Patrick Meaney, Joseph Meaney, Frank Reardon, Arthur Maosey, George Esgate
Arthur Fernance, Ray Rudgley, Robert Wingfield, George Eyles, Frank Meaney, William Muloena (?), Henry Muloena (?)

For now we seem to be missing 1899 - 1901 - we will endeavour to find these enrolments on our next trip to Ballina - apologies for any inconvenience!

1902: Rebecca Childs, Mary Childs, Dorothy Childs, O'Enora Cousins , Dorothy Meaney, Winifred Meaney, Lucy Benson
Sarah Litherland, Clara Ryan, Ella Tyler, Christina Duff, Florrie Greenhalgh, Amy Morgan, Annie Morgan, Thomas Hollingworth
Ray Bartlett, Edward Reardon

1903: Elizabeth Brown , Regina Brown, Florence Rudgley, Caroline Law, Ros Tyler, Annie Rolfe, Minnie Undery, Ellen Law
Edith Thomas, John Carney, William Beard, Archie Troy, John Soorley, Thomas Carney, Leo Thomson, Arthur Brown
Claude Reg Smith, Edward Tyler, Augustine Rolfe, Alexander Rolfe, Ronald Rolfe, John Bonser, Charles Law, Fred Humpheriss
John Daorey, Joseph Baker, George Sladden, Eric Thomas

1904: Blanche Bartlett, Alice Thomas, Mary Carney, Chrissie Duff, Myra Handley, Alice Owens, Amy Brown, Bertha Brown
Mysie Rolfe, Una Lumley, May Joyce, Eilein Joyce, Elsie Esgate, Ina Tyler, Isabel Tyler, Henrietta Moseley, Mary Walsh
Daisy Moseley, Elsie Joyce, May Jones, Lillian Soorley, Sarah Brown, Emily Bartlett, Arthur Davis, Arthur Tyler
Percy Bartrim, Dennis Holmes, William Baker, Alfred Esgate, John Brown, Frank McLean, Thomas Joyce, John Joyce
Sidney Benson, Gordon Law, Harry Black, Keith Klein, Robert Moseley, henry Esgate, Jack Walsh, Edward Dwyer, Lawrence Jones, Harold Jones, Fred Sladen, George Sladen, Alfred Sladen, Arthur Sladen, Gladstone McIntyre, Norman Mulhearn
Roy Bartlett

1905: Christina Duff, Jessie Benson, Daisy Brown, May Devney, Sarah Beard, Leila Bartrim, Una Lumley, Mona McDonough
Sadie Lumley, Laurette Rolfe, Ivy Hollinhworth, Martha Anderson, Isobel Anderson, Ivy Byrnes, Amy Bonsor, Jessie Hollingworth
Elizabeth Dawson, Ruth Randle, Dolly Moseley, Gwen Rudgley, Stalla Sneesby, Gertrude Sneesby, Lillas Soorley, Nellie Fitzpatrick, Violet McDonald, Winnie Meaney, Ruby Holmes, Hazel Meaney, Jessie Benson, Ellen Sladen, Sadie Lumley
Una Lumley, Elsie Eyles

1906: Robert Troy, John Troy, Leo Gaudron, Leo Thomson, James Thomson, Stanley Socks, Eric Simpson, William Undery
Thomas Maroney, Alister Starbo, James Thompson, Charles Lewis, Albert Milgate, Victor McRoberts, Ellis Miles, George Hart
R. Lesley Lindsay, Herbert Roberts, Willie Roberts, Gwen Rudgley, Jessie McIntyre, Mary Walsh, Bride Walsh, Nita Gaudron, Ada Gaudron, Lillas Soorley, Irene Walsh, Esther Sneesby, Amy Duncan, Clarace McIntyre, Margaret Stobo, Kathleen Ryan
Mary Collyer, Nellie Stobo, Vera Bryant

1907: Jack Ormond, Vince McDonough, Keith Brown, William Batt, Leonard Payne, Arthur Payne, Stanley Payne, Thomas Carney, John Moriarty, John Daly, Ray Lumley, Maurice Reardon, Patrick McGou****, Michael O'Connell, Francis Nicolia
Cecil Lumley, David Simond, Oliver Pye, Arthur Benson, Levi Dawson, David Dawson, Thomas Dawson, Harold Maloney
George C. Barrow, Walter Freeman, George Jones, Ray Bartlett, William Jackson, Richard Walsh, James Walsh, Morris Walsh
Carl Herman, Herbert Byrnes, George Rippon, Don Mercey, Edward Kapeen, William Woolley, Roy Brown, Victor Brown
Jack Cooke, Pierce Freeman, Jack Freeman, Arthur Brown, Frank Roberts, Rod McIntyre, Jack Moriarty, Walter Kapeen
Oliver Rippon, William LIndsay, Leslie Rippon, Cecil Watkins, James Ormond, Kenneth Dwyer, Phill Prendible, Claude Smith
John Dawson, Beatrice Warby, Linda Warby, Mone Garrett, Tamar Robinson, Irene Walsh, Elsie Pearson, Olga Esgate
Katie Sutherland, Omega Arthur, Nora Reardon, Jessie Benson, Kathleen Reardon, Nellie Stobo, Eleanor Reardon, Nellie Holmes
Jessie McIntyre, Lizzie Dawson, Catherine Anderson, Marion Maloney, Violet Beard, Marjorie Elder, Lillie Benson, May Lindsay
Kate Florence Barrow, Esther Rogers, Letitia Maloney, Maude Jones, Leila Bartrim, Bride Walsh, Ruth Jackson, Caroline Casey
Elizabeth Casey, Bertha Rippon, Ruby Woolley, Daisy Brown, Pearl Monkman, Esther Rogers, Lillie Rogers, Amy Minnie Cook
Polly Kapeen, Kate Kane, Amy Robinson, Ettie Robinson, Mary Milgate, Jessie Ormund

1908: Cyril Smith, George McMullen, Willie Byrnes, Sidney Bonsfield, Fred Balt, Stewart Mallet, Phill Prendible, Joshua Rolfe
Herbert Gray, Fred Wootton, Aubrey Jurd, Walter Freeman, John Soorley, Phillip Griffins, Pat Walsh, Alfred Osborn
Walter Osborn, Charles Deoney, Victoria Bartlett, Vera Meaney, Pearl Brown, Emily Sladen, Eva McMullen, Ida Anderson
Bertha Bartlett, Ruth Jackson, Lilly Benson (?), Nellie Trute, Victoria Blanch, Madeline Hewson, Ethel Maroden, Annie Osborne, Gertrude Sneesby.

1909: Peter Owens, Arthur Leeson, Herbert Leeson, Arthur Grune, Laurence McNamee, Richard Jones, Charles Brown (?)
Stewart Mallett, Claude Phipps, Willie Burns, Cyril Smith, Jack Smith, Waller Leeson, Elis Miles, Richard Murphy, Frank Roberts, Clement Murphy, John Dawson, Florena Deoney (?), Kathleen Ryan, Kathleen Sutherland, Murial Esgate
Winnie McDonough, Doris Clunes, May Jones, Eglentine Benson, Olive Jones, Julia Joyce, Jessie Dwyer, Ida Anderson
Emily Burns, Nellie Tyler, Netta McElliott, Elsie Rolfe, Elizabeth Leeson, Lottie Leeson, Lottie Roberts, Kate Vaughan
Maggie Vaughan, Rita Wilkins, Phyllis Murphy, Elsie Allison.

1910 : James Carney, Roy Harman, Francis Walsh, William Garretty, Albert Anderson, James Brown, Laurence Milgate
Stanley Ellis, Leslie Ellis, Cecil Davis, George Davis, Percy Lumley, Alfred Don, James Kirkby, Dercy Cook, John Devney
William Thompson, Allan Lee, Norman Mulhearn, Charles Tyler, James Osmond, James Dwyer, Bennett Lumley
Henry Land,. Arthur Jones, Cecil Lumley, Hugh White, Winnie Holmes, Ruby Sneesby, Maggie McGarrety, Gladys McGarrety
Annie Beard, Ivy Byrnes, Annie Sladen, Annie Don, Una Lumley, Kate Kirby, Violet Foggo, Verna Cummins, Hazel Brown
Ethel Forster, Amy Forster, Elinice Tyler, Amy Sneesby, Alice Dark, Lottie Roberts, Clara Anderson, Rita Lang, Mabel Lumley, Theresa Keevers, Loring Fletcher, Dulcie Dagg

1911: Pat White, Vincent Romans, John Ormond, Edward McElligot, William McElligott, Aubrey Benson, Clarence Leeson
Jack Stanford, Michael Holmes, Cecil Devney, John Dwyer, Edward Wilson, Peirce Freeman, Kevan Troy, George McDonald
Albert Stanford, Marshal Black, John Black, James Thompson, John Watkins, Harold Watkins, Hunter Watkins
Ralph Bowen, Vincent Hayes, Sam Attewell, James Flanagan, John Flanagan, Francis Flanagan, Andrew Flanagan
Willie Gibson, John Walsh, Felia Woolley, Thomas Cordwell, Walter Woolley, Herbert Sladen, Ethel Marsden, Doris McDonald
Lottie Leeson, Susan Stanford, Lidie Stanford, Maggie Andrews, Elsie Shepherd, Mary Kenny, Margie Cocacivich
Grace Cook, Julia Cook, Ivy Anderson, Stella Black, Lucy Walsh, Rose Cordwell, Dulcie Cordwell, Edna Watkins, Ivy Hayes
Margaret Flanagan, Sarah Vaughan, Kathleen Thompson, Vera Thompson, Reva Duffy, Mona Diffy, Irene Law, Minnie Law
Winnie McDonough, Mary Moylan, Elsie Shepherd

1912: Eugene Mulhearn, Vincent McDonogh, Douglas McLeod, Arthur Ford, Keith Payne, John McNamara, Frank McNamara
Richard Walsh, Albert Leeson, Norman Payne, Chas Crawley, Ernest Perkins, Denis Carney, Jack Blair, Cecil Watkins
George Leeson, Archie Elliott, Archie Lumley, Clement Murphy, Leslie Watkins, Chas Anderson, Frank Hall, Fred Hughes
Leslie Blanche, Ray Woolley, Ivy Byrnes, Edna Watkins, Vera Dagg, Irene Leeson, Dulcie Williamson, Ivy Leeson
Ada Cooper, Sadie Lumley, Susan Stanford, Rose Flood, Alia Anderson, Alia Charlton, Susan McGrath, Gladys Blanch

1913: Ray Collyer, Vince Murphy, Richard Murphy, John Robson, Frank Watkins, Kenneth Duffy, Arthur McLeod
Norman McLeod, Donald McLeod, Bernett Lumley, Tudor Webster, Charles Soward, John R Smith, Harold Sneesby
Gordon Mallett, Gordon Lees, Irwin Palmer, James Robson, David Lumley, William Williams, Ray Thomson, Victor Smith
Clarice Ford, Ada Dagg, Jean Dwyer, Victoria Blanch, Minnie Soward, Kathleen Smith, Ivy Lees, Dorothy Lees
Murial Sneesby, Ethel Sladen, Murial Watkins, May Lindsay, Hazel Brown, Lily Law, Elsie Shepherd, Bessie Hunter
Gladys Moorehead, Enid Dwyer, Bertha Phipps, Edna Wilson, Lizzie Schuck, Dora Hooker, Gladys Way, Nancy Routanstein
Murial McClair

1914: Edward Smith, Frank Smith, Walter Woolley, Fred Phipps, Claude Elliot, Edmund Bowers, Charles Bowers, Arch Hooker
Hector John Ford, Arthur Smith, Fred Rippon, Willie McClair, Charlie McGill, Reg Woolley, Harold Sneesby, Clarance Lumley
Athol Thomson, Arthur Collyer, John Hurst

1915: George Leeson, James Thomson, Willie Gruer, Clarence Jones, Alex Cooper, Alfred Way, Edmund Charlton
John Walsh, John McAndrew, Erle Yabsley, Stuart Marsden, Herbert Sladen, John Dawson, Daisy McKillop, Ivy Leeson
Vera Leeson, Ruby Sneesby, Amy Sneesby, Ivy Byrnes, Bertha Brown, Margaret Legge, Mary Lege, Annie Gruer
May Joyce, Dorothy Meaney

1916: Ralph Law, Reg Bailey, Jack Bailey, Mark Bailey, Bert Vardy, Daisy Lees, Linda Watkins, Elfeda McAndrews, Mona Silk, Ruby Collyer, Annie Sladen, Thelma Combs, Louisa Leeson, Beryl Petrie, Evelyn Payne, Eunice Payne, Amelie Bailey
Charlotte White, Rosie Cimbs, Dolly Payne

1917: William McElligott, Edward McElligott, Peter McElligott, William Ormond, Fred Dawson, Alfred Bailey, Keith Yabsley
James Dwyer, Clive Axford, Will Cooper, Doreen Reardon, Lily Reardon, Netta McElligott, Molly McElligott, Clara McElligott
Margaret Dawson, Mary Dawson, Mabel White, Gwen Rudgley, Jeanette Ramsay, Florence Ridgley, Ethel Dark, Doris Dark
Olga Dark, Nellie Everingham, Mary Dwyer, Lucy Dwyer, Daisy McKellip, Rita Wilson, Dorris Duffy, Mona Duffy Ena Everingham, Ruby Cooper, Yvonne Mallett

1918: Ken Duffy, Robert Duffy, Ian Rudgley, Earle Watkins, Leslie Sansom, Bade Mallet, Fred Williams, George Anderson
May Ramsey, Florence Watkins, Joan Rudgley, Lily Hayes, Eileen duffy, Cassie Watkins, Irene Watkins, Annie Louth
Stella Sansom, Elsie Collyer, Lyle Mallett, Edith Williams, Dorothy Williams

1919: Bruce Ford, Jack Collyer, Fred Phipps, Cecil Lovett, William Simpson, Eunice Simpson, Chas H Lovett, Thelma Runtree (?), Maisie Lumley, Philis Sadler, Beatrice Fox, Ivy Charlton, Ruby Jones, Grace Harris, Ethel Lovett
Ruby O'Connor, Gladys O'Connor, Eunia Simpson, Bertha Phipps

1920: Edgar Clifford, Ralph Sawtell, Thomas Sawtell, Winnie Williams, Lois Mallett Mavis Elder, Eileen Wilson, Elsie Law

1921: Noel Lumley, Lewis Ford, William Cook, Ernest Lumley, Frank Johnson , Claude Carlton, Victor Young, Eric Walklate
Robert Duffy, Clarence Vardy, Thomas Watkins, Lily Cook, Mary Jackson, Ethel Cooper, Nettie Crowther, Dorothy Young
Mavis Walklate, Ivy Collyer, Gladys Hollwell, Edith Everson, Kathleen Woods, Lexie Wilson, Annie Louth, Evelyn Payne
Eunice Payne, Christina Everson, Gladys Sadler, Cathleen Vernon

1922: Roy Lovett, Harry McDonald, Eric R Holwell, George Everoon, Lloyd Cross, Thomas Loom, Aubrey Benson, Alan Bull
Alamonda Delegronde, Alberto Delegronde

1923: Gordon Young, Allen Lumley, Ian Harry Law, James Allan, Ron Allan, Spencer Walklate, Cecil Smith, Lewis Lovett
Victor G Gibson, Clarence Gibson, George Richards, Stuart Gibson, William Cook, Henry Esmond, Isobel Taylor, Myrtle Lumley, Sylvia Bailey, Millicent Axford, Dorothy Bartlett, Madge Gibson, Lilt Cooc, Gladys Holwell

1924: Leonard Payne, John McElligott, Cyril A Lovett, Max Winter, Laurence Buchanan, Fred Derick, Cecil Lovett
Clarence Watkins, Rita Wilson, Nellie Maslin (?), Phyllis Winter, Cathleen Vernon, Winnie Vernon, Violet Buchanan
Mary Everson, Netta Charlton

1925:, Marcel Byrnes, John T Wilson, Robert Frohmuller (?), Bert Vardy, Arthur Moss, Peter Moss, John Vardy, Ron Ford
Neville Clifford, Alfred Clifford, Earl Napper, Oscar Holwell, Aphonso Derick, Harold Enby, Bert Vardy, Carmen White
Eunice Simpson, Doris Simpson, May Ensby, Valmay Ensby, Isobel Maxwell, Maud Maxwell, Edna Stacey, Joyce Stacey
Myrtle Jones, Mary Jones, Jean Lumley, Audrey Lovett, Molly Woods, Iris Sadler

1926: Arnold Byrnes, Wallace Caldwell, Harry Undery, Neil Johnson, Garfield Walklate, Corles (?) Huttersley, James Parker
Albert Beaumont, Ron Rippon, Gerald Holt, John J. Cobon, Hilda Bessie Leeson, Harriet Leeson, Betty Taylor, Betty Payne
Lorna Streete, Jean Undery, Marjorie Hattersley, Elsie Rippon, Iris Rippon, Maude Parker, Jean Henry, Elsie Henry
Alma Beaumont, Joan Talbet, Phyllis Coban , Doris Lovett, Delma Ensby, Nellie Scott, Rita Crockett

1927: Temple Cobon, Harold Arnnott, Robert Harley, Kevin Conroy, Victor Portors, Norman Watkins, William Henry
Louis Chauvier, Murray Chauvier, Lawrence Holt, Gerald Holt, George Pink, Mark Porters, Althea Conroy, Doris Simpson
Gladys Porters, Essie Chauvier, Daisy Pink, Gwen McIntyre, Lola Charlton, Lola Streets

1928: Leslie Streets, Harold Phipps, Edwin Law, Ken Payne, Cecil Williamson, Marcel Byrnes, Mervyn Felsch, Ben J. McElligott, Henry Burbage, David Vaughan, James P. Law, Bruce Williamson, Ivan Streete, Christopher Mount, Fred Mount
James Parkinson, Neville Parkinson, Leslie Pearson, Len Holwell, James Law, Lindsay Parry, James Fredericks, Edward Radle
Marie Allen, Carmen Law, Pauline Phipps, Margaret Payne, Marjorie Bartlett, Esme Law, Florence Burbage, Ellen Burbage
Joyce Law, Ellen Carter, Grace Carter, Doris Carter, Dulcie Carter

1929: Alex Johnston, Frank Gordon, Norma Vardy, Verla Collyer, Jean Hazell, Una Hazell, Doris Allen, Jean Law
June Bartlett

School history kindly supplied by Kathy Pearson.

Source:  the publication STATUS QUO MCMLIX; presents the schools of the Ballina Inspectorate at this time - Education Week, 1959 - and their origins.

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