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Between 1889 & 1911 many thousands of tonnes of tone were quarried from Riley's Hill, railed to the river, loaded into punts & towed by tugs to Ballina. The stone was used to build the Southern Breakwater & Northern Training Wall at the mouth of the Richmond River.

By September 1894, 347 842 tons (342 276.52 tonnes) of stone had been extracted & used for work at Ballina & Riley's Hill Punt Dock.

In 1900, 133 men were employed at Riley's Hill Quarry. They were paid 7 shillings a day.

Some of the workers included:

H. Denning - overseer
J. McDonald - driver 30 t crane
J. Arthurson - 10/30 t crane
Dan Moriarty - drill driver
Jim Phelan - horse driver
Arthur Foster - horse driver
W. Bondfield - blacksmith
Albert Bryant - blacksmith's assistant
W. Smith - air compressor driver
J. Brisbane - carpenter
Alex Brown - quarryman
Bert Tomley - quarryman
J. Douglass - quarryman
J. Abbot - quarryman
Jassie Smith - quarryman
J. Daley - powder monkey
W. (Wing) Bell - quarryman
J. Vaughan - driver 20 t crane, wharf
J. Crakam - driver 10 t crane
J. Meehan - horse driver
J. Pearson - blacksmith
Frank Toohey - blacksmith's assistant
Ted Eastment - drill sharpener
Bill March - quarryman
Sam Brown - quarryman
Fred Lindenmayer - quarryman
George Male - quarryman
J. Stevens - quarryman
Tom Trago - fitter
Bob White - quarryman
Martin Moroney - quarryman
Hugh Parry - quarryman
W. McKeogh - quarryman
Mark Day - plate layer
W. Wooley - truck loader
S. J. Denning - timekeeper.

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