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Wardell settlement was originally called Blackwall. It was a cedar getters camp with 2 sawmills (Carter's & James')& a busy river trade. There are a couple of theories as to the naming of 'Blackwall'. Mr Blackwall purchased goods from Joe Eyles store at Ballina in the early 1850's, but little more is known of him. There was also a black wall of rock extending from Bingal Creek down river for some distance. By the late 1850's some people were calling Blackwall or Wardell. In the early days there were four hotels in Wardell: The Harp Of Erin, The Royal, The Crown & The Star. Today, only the Royal Hotel remains. There is some disagreement about what happened to disorderly persons in the 1870's. There has been some mention that they were chained to a tree, not too far from the river bank. Old timers, don't all agree on this however.

Sailing ships loaded timber from Wardell, leaving their sandstone ballasts along the river banks. The Fenwick brothers ran a regular steamboat service from Ballina to Lismore, which stopped off at Wardell.
Bartlett's Wharf was the most popular of the three Wardell wharves. There was a Government Wharf & one near the ferry as well as Bartlett's. Bartlett's was just along a little from the Royal Hotel.

The Royal Hotel Wardell

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