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Louis Armbruster was born at Kleinbottwar, Wartenberg, Germany in 1835. He arrived in Australia on board the 'Peru' in 1855. Louis initially settled on the Paterson River, working on the Dunmore Lang Estate. Here Louis gained farming experience, particular in his favourite field, the vineyard. Louis became very knowledgeable as a vine dresser.

Louis married Mary Ann Sellens of Paterson on 17th August 1858. Mary Ann's family has been well researched & more information is available upon request (There are links to the Lovett family of Meerschaum Vale). Mary Ann was the eldest daughter of Robert Sellens & Sarah Golby of Crowhurst, Sussex. Mary Ann was born 22nd September 1841 at Crowhurst & travelled to Australia on board the 'Telegraph' with her parents & eldest 6 siblings, in 1856.

In 1879 Louis purchased 320 acres of land at Marom Creek, Richmond River. Louis & family moved to the property in 1880 & named it Lindendale. Louis established a vineyard, orchard & dairy. The vineyard & orchard were his main interests however. Lindendale contained a sugar mill, which Louis found to be unviable. He gave up growing sugar cane for crops he was more familiar with. He converted the mill to a timber mill, with some success.

The Armbrusters built a new house on Lindendale in 1896. They moved from the mill house to the new house. In 1904 they built another home they named 'Ermelo'. This was to be Louis' home until his death in 1910. Mary Ann died in 1918.

Louis & Mary Ann had 9 children: William Frederick (1859), Caroline Louisa (1861), Charles (1865), Ida Ann (1867), Albert Ernest (Abe) (1870), Charles Louis (1872), Otto Robert (1875) & Matilda Mary (1877).

William married Sarah J. Lavis in 1887 & died in 1934. Caroline married William Davis in 1882. Charles died as a two year old in 1867. Ida married Herbert E. Rishworth in 1895. Abe married Laura Morris in 1912 & farmed near Wardell. Charles Louis married Ada Bridget Mallett in 1899 & died in 1949. Otto married Ethel McCartney in 1902. Matilda married Arthur Stratton in 1925.


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