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The Grave of Emmy Attewell can be found at Wardell. Emmy (Nee Stone) married Joseph Attewell. If you would like to read the monumental inscription see the Wardell Cemetery page.

The Attewell family came to Australia from Bradmore in Nottingham, England. Samuel Robert (born 1841) migrated to Australia in 1863 on the 'Sirrocco'. Sam was only 22 at the time. Keziah Woods (born 1840) married Sam at Pitt Town ,on the Hawkesbury. In about 1868-9 they moved to Goodwood Island in the Clarence. Sugar Cane farming was booming on the Clarence at the time.
Sam & family moved to the Richmond River in 1881. He selected land at German Creek (now known as Empire Vale). Here Sam grew cane for the CSR Company's Mill at Broadwater. Some dairying was practiced on the farm at the turn of last century, but it is a sugar cane farm today.

It is believed that Samuel's brother played cricket with Dr W. Grace against Australia. The favourite sport of the Attewell boys was cricket. The Attewells & friends played at home on the farm.
Samuel & Keziah had 12 children: Sarah, George, Samuel, Joseph, Annie, Rebecca, Albert, Mary (Polly), Clara, Eliza, John & William. Rebecca became Mrs Bailey. John married Amy Chaseling & Joseph married Emmy Stone.

Joseph Thomas Attewell (born 1872, died 1961) lived down Moylan's Lane. Joe & Emmy had four children: Ivy (who married George Tully), William (married Evelyn Payne), Elsie (Mrs Chrieton) & Myrtle (Mrs Egge). William & Evelyn's children were: Geoffrey (married Beverly Williams), Valerie (Mrs J. Gibson), Betty (Mrs Chute) & Lynette (married Malcolm Low).

John George Attewell (born 1882, died 1944) lived on the 'original' Attewell property down Empire Vale Lane. John & Amy had two children: Elma & Doris (Dot). Doris married Ernest James (Jim) Lumley in 1938. Doris & Jim had two children: Peter Graham & Sandra. When John Attewell died in 1944, Jim & Doris Lumley moved to the Empire Vale Lane property.


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