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Frank Bailey was born on the 18th May 1886, at Salt's Farm, Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk. He was one of 23 children of Frank Bailey & Sophia Kitteringham. Some of the children were twins & triplets. He once commented that the children slept in a round bed (feet in the middle) as there were so many of them. His family were Inn Keepers & Farmers.

In 1912 Frank moved to Australia with 10 shillings in his pocket. His first 6 months were spent at Gilgandra ringbarking trees. Frank then moved to the Broadwater area as this was where his grandmother's sister resided. Frank's Grandmother Kitteringham's (nee Papworth) sister was Sophia Sneesby (nee Papworth). Sophia & her husband Joseph had been living in Australia for some time & had quite a large family in the area. Frank worked for the Sneesbys, in particular Leonard Sneesby.

Frank married Susan May Lovett on 21st March 1923. Susan was the eldest daughter of James Francis Lovett & Claria Maria Martin of Meeschaum Vale (previously from Paterson).

They purchased a farm at Patches Beach, which was poor, swampy ground. It seemed an unusual thing for Frank to do as he was a good judge of land. Perhaps he felt her could draw upon his knowledge of drainage from his Marshland home in England & improve the farm. Unfortunately, the first few years of ownership of this property were faced with unseasonally wet conditions & the Baileys could not make a success of the farm. Both Frank & Susie's children where born on this farm. Phyllis Doreen was born in 1924 & James David (Jim) was born in 1927.

Frank then worked for Patty & Phillip Flood & later on a variety of farms around empire Vale & East Wardell. During the 'slack' season Frank worked on the Tintenbar Shire. During this time the family lived in a small house down Moylan's Lane.

In 1936, Frank & Susie moved to Dann's Lane at Keith Hall & took over the debt on the farm of Ruebin Fletcher Dann. Baileys still own this property today.

Jim Bailey

Jim and sister Phyllis Bailey

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