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James Michael Byrnes & Eliza Maria O'Toole were the parents of Francis Byrnes. Francis was born in 1794 in County Wicklow, Ireland. Francis was a 'miller' before transportation o Australia as a convict. Francis arrived in Australia in 1816 on the 'Guildford'.

Francis married Sarah Hibbs on the Hawkesbury in 1820. Sarah was born on the Hawkesbury in 1806. Her parents were Peter Hibbs (First Fleet Mariner) & Mary Pardoe (Second Fleet Convict).

Francis & Sarah had 5 children on the Hawkesbury. They included: Mary Ann (1821), Hannah (1823), Thomas (1825), James (1827) & Francis (1829). Mary Ann married Christopher Douglass in 1841. Thomas married Jane West at Sydney in 1846. Francis married Jane Hewett & died on the Lower Hawkesbury in 1865.

Thomas was a tallow chandler & labourer. Jane West's parents were Benjamin West(soldiar then tailor) of Great Harwood, Lancashire & Bridget Riley of Ireland. Jane was born in 1829 in Parramatta. Thomas & Jane had four children in Sydney. They included: Amelia Jane (1846), Catharine (1848), Elizabeth Ann (1850)& Arthur (1852)

Unfortunately, Thomas died in 1853. Jane married Christopher Leeson at Dungog in 1854. They had 10 children & moved from the Williams River to the Clarence between 1857 & 1859. Southgate became the home for Christopher's parents, siblings, wife, step-children & children.

Amelia married John Lee in 1865. Their children included: Mary Elizabeth (1866), Rose Lilian (1868 - 1946), Arthur Edward (1870 - 1959), William John (1872 - 1958), Charles Herbert (1875 - 1918), Ida Amy (1878), Violet Maude (1880 - 1954), Daisy C. M (1884 - 1964), Percy Amos &(1887 - 1964).

* Mary Elizabeth married Frederick Ellem in 1888. Their children were: Frederick Charles (1889), Vera Lilly (1891), Eva Elizabeth (1892), Harold H. (1900).

* Rose Lilian Lee m. Aaron Fernance 1892. Their children were: Ethel May (1893), Edna Pearle (1893), Lily Irene (1897), Minnie Alma (1899), Leonard Charles (1901) & Hilton Edgar (1904).

* Arthur Edward m. Charlotte Ellem 1897. Their children were: Olive Muriel (1897), Ruby Myra (1900), Doris Jane (1902), Hector Richard (1905), Florence Hazel (1908) & Arthur Edgar (1912).

* William John m. Marion Knox 1899. Their children included: Ella Mabel (1900), John (1901), Florence (1902), Albert William (1904), Reginald James (1905), Norman Wallace (1908) Doreen May (1910) & Ilma Marian (1914).

*Charles Herbert did not marry.

* Ida Amy m. Alick Wall 1927.

* Violet Maud m. John Thomas Hart 1904. Their children were: Clarence C. (1905), Russel A. (1909), Eunice Lillian Irene (1915), Wallace M. J. (1918), Hilton, Len, Minnie & Stanley.

* Daisy L. M. m. Frank Connor 1915.

* Percy Amos m. Ruth Amelia Llewellyn 1910. Their children were: Ivy Thelm (1911) & Edward Harold (1916).

Catharine married Charles Phillip Hancock in 1870. Their children included: Clara Emily (1871), Arthur Frederick Charles (1872), Adeline Mignonetta (1874), Jessie Mabel (1876), Alma Ameline (1878), Florence Elna (1880), Ruby Richmond (1882), Charles Clifton (1884),Clarence Lester (1887), Alice Jane Leeson (1889) & Evylin Kate (1891).

* Clara Emily m. Samueal Savage Temple 1894. Their children were: Myrtle Dinah (1894), Charles Joseph Savage (1898), Ellen Marjorie Savage (Nel) (1899). Sam Temple worked for Ballina Council as Turncock in charge of the town's water supply.

* Arthur Frederick Charles Hancock m. Alexina Forbes Muirhead 1911. Their children were: Bertlon Riddle (1914), Meryl Cranston (1919), Delma (1929). Arthur was a dairy farmer ar Pimlico, vis Ballina.

* Adeline Mignonetta m. (1) Tom Martin 1892 (2) Rev. William Brunton 1918. Min & Tom's children were: Thomas G. (1893), Ivy M. M. (1895), Thomas G. (1897), Cecil C. (1899), Athol R. (1911) & Errol A. (1912). Adeline was known as Min. Tom Martin owned a bakery business in River Street, Ballina & was Town Mayor for some time. Rev. Brunton was a Presbyterian Minister.

* Jessie Mabel m. Harry Brown. Their children were: Dulcie & Stan. Harry worked at a sugar cane mill at Nambour, Qld & later owned a farm in that locality.

* Alma Ameline m. Leo Rice 1906. Their children were: Daphne, Leo & Olive.  Alma was known as Iney. Leo was a hotel manager in Melbourne.

* Florence Elna m. (1) Edward Summerfield 1904. Charles (1905)was their only child. m. (2) Jack Driscoll. Jerry was their child. Florence was known as Florrie or Pol. Ted Summerfield was a policeman in Sydney. Jack Driscoll was a ship's steward.

* Ruby Richmond m. Edgar Bryant 1911. Their children were: Kevan M. (1913) & Dorothy J. (1918). Ted worked in the Engine Room at the Ballina Creamery. When NORCO took over the Creamery he worked on the railway. After working on the Ballina to Bexhill then Camurra to Bogabilla lines as a fireman on the engine, he returned home to Ballina. Here he was the night-watchman at Bagot's timber mill until he retired.

* Charles Clifton m. Ruby Snodgrass 1919. Their children were Olive & Charlie. Charlie was a dairy farmer at Pimlico, via Ballina. He then moved to Brisbane where he had a small shop at Melaney.

* Clarence Lester m. Laura A. Lees 1911. Their children were Lester D. (1912) & Clarence Gordon (1915). Clarrie was a publican at Ballina for a time. He later had the Coolangatta Hotel, before moving to Brisbane. There was a tennis court on their property & a small shop.

* Alice Jane Leeson m. Bruce McPherson in 1908. Their children were: Arthur (1910), Doug & Ronald (1812). Bruce worked for the Northern Rivers Steam Ship Company as a chief steward. He collected bread from Tom Martin's bakery in River Street, for the run to Sydney. The bakery was where Alice was employed. Hence, their meeting. Bruce was on board the ill fated Tomki when she sank. Alice had in fact warned him not to go out to sea that day. When Bruce retired from the sea he had an oxymetal business with his brother repairing ships in Pyrmont, Sydney.

* Evelyn Kate m. Roy McAndrew 1919. Their children were: Gilbert, Isabel & another daughter. Evylin was known as Kit. Roy was a farmer in Qld.

Arthur Byrnes married Martha Matilda Boyce on 28 July 1875. Their children included: Laura May (1876), Arthur Frederick (1878), Henry Edgar (1880), Alice J. (1883), Hubert Ross (1884), Herbert R. (1885), Ernest A. (1886), Berbard R. (1889).

* Arthur Frederick m. Mary Reed 1911. Frederick A. (1912) was their child.

* Ernest A. m. Ellen H. Latter 1913.

Arthur Byrnes

Catherine Byrnes

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