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In 1885, brothers & sister, Daniel, Thomas & Catherine Carr arrived in Australia. Daniel was but 11 years old. Other members of the family remained in County Donegal, Northern Ireland. It is believed they spent some time at Townsville before settling at Wardell in 1888.

In 1900, Daniel married Ann Soorely. The Soorley family had lived at Wardell for many years. Catherine married James Rodgers & they selected land at Pimlico. Daniel & Thomas selected land at German Creek & built a homestead there. Thomas Carr did not marry. A second home was later built at Carr's Lane, using some of the timber from the original homestead. The farm was used for dairying, sugar cane & small crops. Today it is actively producing sugar cane.
Daniel & Annie Carr had 8 children: Essie, Dorothy (married J. Upton), Clara (married F. Brown), Mildren (married E. Barnier), Hazel (married Jacob Kempnich), Daniel married Beryl Williams), Lillian (married Victor Johnston) & William.
Hazel & Jacob Kempnich first settled on Carr's Lane & then later on Sneesby's Lane. Their children included: Iris (Mrs Grebert - Lismore) & Margaret (Mrs A. Gibson - Kempsey).

Lillian & Victor Johnston also lived at Empire Vale, before moving to Ballina. They had 5 children: Heather (Mrs G. Kenrick) Raymond, Gloria (Mrs M. Bedwad), Desmond & Trevor.

Daniel Carr junior inherited the family farm . He & Beryl had 4 children: Noel, Gary, Marie (Mrs Trevor Monti) & Gail (Mrs Graham).

Thomas Carr farmed land adjacent to that of his brother Daniel senior. On Thomas' death, his farm passed to his brother Daniel's youngest son, William. William married Barbara Jackson in 1944 & they built a small home on this property. In 1954 they built a larger home out of the reach of the floodwaters.

William & Barbara had 5 children: Russell (married Merrill Keevers), Ann ( Mrs C. Bradfield), Janet (Mrs M. Wilson), Lynn (Mrs P. Flemming) & Sharon.

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