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Patrick & Denis Carney arrived in Australia from Irelamd in 1890. Patrick married Mary Moylan of German Creek. After some poor seasonal conditions, they moved to Wardell, where J. James' Mill had been demoloished & grew cane. Patrick was a prominant sportsman & later purchased 7 properties.

Patrick & Mary had 9 children: Patrick jnr (1895), John (known as Jack 1896), Mary (1897), Thomas (1900), James (known as Kelly 1903), Denis (1905), Kate (1907), Martin (1910), Bridget (known as Bibby 1915).

Patrick junior cane farmed at East Wardell. Jack married Eileen Flanagan & raised 6 children at Keith Hall. Jack grew cane & Eileen ran the Keith Hall Post Office from their home on River Drive. Mary joined the sisters of St. Joseph. Thomas spent some time in Sydney, then returned to Wardell. Kelly Carney married Claire Nipress of Maclean. Denis enlisted in the AIF in 1939 & returned to Wardell later. Kate was a fine musician & married Thomas Flatley of the Clarence. Martin married Lexie Courts of Maclean. Bibby married Fred (Mick) Kelly of Rous. Mick unfortunatley drowned in the river at Wardell.

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