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The old man of the family was James J. Cumiskey. He was known as Old Jim. James married Mary Ann Blanche Taylor (known as Blanche) in 1892. Blanche was the daughter of Josiah Taylor & Ellen (or Helena). The Cumiskeys lived at South Ballina where they had a dairy farm & also grew some sugar cane. They rowed the cream from South Ballina, across the river, to the Butter Factory at Ballina. They also collected their groceries & took them home in the rowing boat.
Jim & Blanche's children included: Frank (1893), Rebecca A. (1895), James [Jim] (1898), Ada I. (1900), Thomas [Tommy] (1902), Sidney [Sid] (1904), Rose, Kathleen M. M [Katie] & Olive M.

Frank Cumiskey married Gertrude E. Fulford in 1921. Tommy married Gertrude E. E. Dann in 1926. Ada married Vincent G. Hayden in 1928. Rose married a school teacher named William J. Stapleton in 1929. Katie married Albert Mervin [Mervin] Robins in 1932. Olive married Norman A Ward in 1935. Sid married Margaret Josephine O'Keefe in 1944.
Sid was the last of the Cumiskeys to have the family farm. He sold out when he retired to Ballina.


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