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George Cupitt and Alice Mansfield

George Cupitt was the seventh born of nine children to William Augustus (1797 - 1866) and Rebecca Charlton (1804 - 1886). George was born on the 12th May, 1842 at Sutton Forest, NSW, and was baptised on the 17th August, 1842 at the All Saints Church of England, Sutton Forest, NSW.

George married Alice Mansfield on the 26th May, 1863, at the Dapto Church of England. Alice Mansfield was the third daughter of four girls and a younger son to John Mansfield (1813 - 1894) and Margaret Casboult (1818 - 1908) and was born circ 1847 in Balsham Village, Cambridgeshire, England. The Mansfield family migrated to Australia, to the Bowral/Mittagong area, where Alice met George Cupitt. Alice was only 16yrs old at the time of her marriage to George then 21yrs. Her father John, gave consent to the marriage, and duly signed the wedding certificate as such. According to the Marriage Certificate George was a sawyer by occupation, and owned and operated one of the first saw mills in the Bowral/Mittagong district near Fitzroy Falls, NSW. George and Alice went on to have eleven children, 8 boys and 3 girls all born in or near Robertson, Listed below:

1. John William b. 17th Feb, 1866.

2. George b. 15th June, 1868.

3. James Edward b. 30th Sept, 1870. More information coming soon.

4. Camden Charlton b. 15th March, 1873. More information coming soon.

5. Ernest Eustace b. 14th Nov, 1875, Upper Mittagon, Christened: 12th Dec, 1875, St. Johns Robertson NSW.
Died: 5th Sept, 1876, Upper Mittagong, buried: 6th Sept, 1876, St. Lukes, C of E Cemtery, Glenquarry.

6.Andrew Augustus b.. 22nd Dec, 1876.

7. Sydney Charles b. 21st Aug, 1879.

8. Ada "Edith" Rebecca b. 4th Dec, 1881.

9. Florence Mary b. 14th April, 1884

10. Arthur Mansfield b. 17th June, 1886.

11. Amy Ann b. 24th June, 1890.

Several of the boys were to become renowned cricketeers, with James Edward (the 3rd born child and son), being selected as reserve wicket-keeper for Australia in 1893. Ernest Eustace (Child number 5) lived for only 10 months, and died 5th Sept, 1876. He is buried in St. Lukes Cemetery, Glenquarry, NSW. The rest of the family all married later on in life.

In 1888 George opened the Kangaloon Sawmill, as the village of Kangaloon was described as being "brush land of the very richest description, and so heavily timbered, that the lowest estimate of the cost of clearing was 25 pounds sterling per acre". When the sawmill was no longer a viable business during the mid 1890's, George reverted the back to the land and became a farmer.

George died on the 3rd May, 1904, and was buried in the Robertson Cemetery that overlooks most of the the land that George would of worked on . He died from Pernicious Anemia which lasted for 5yrs, and was buried on the 5th May, 1904.

Times were hard for the family and when George passed away things got worse. With all of her sons having moved away from the area, Alice battled on working the farm in ill health. Alice was to survive George for over 13yrs before she passed away on the 28th December, 1917, from Myocardial degeneration and Cerebal Embolism. Alice was laid to rest , on the the 30th December, 1917, beside her husband George in the Robertson Cemetery.

The Will of Alice Cupitt - Late of Robertson:

This is the last Will and Testament of Alice Cupitt of Robertson, in the county of Camden, widow. I hereby revoke all wills by me at any time heretofore made by me, and declare this to be my last Will and Testament. I appoint my daughter Amy Ann Cupitt of Robertson to be my Executrix of this my will, and direct that all my just debts and funeral and Testamentary expenses shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. I give, devise and bequeath all my property, both real and personal, and everything of which I am possessed, to my daughter Amy Ann Cupitt, for her sole use and benefit, to witness whereof I have set my hand to this Will this fourteenth day of June one thousand and nine hundered and ten.

Alice Cupitt singed and declared by the said Alice Cupitt, the testatrix and for her last Will and Testament, in the presence of us at the same time at her request, and in her presence and the presence of each other, have hereto subscribed our names as witnesses:
G. FERGUSON, Bank Manager, Robertson.
N. P. CLEMENGER, Bank Clerk, Robertson.

5th April, 1918: On this day Probate of the last Will and Testament of the said deceased was granted to AMY CONDON (formerly CUPITT), the wife of Joseph Herbert Condon of Robertson, breadcarter, the sole executrix named in the said Will. Testatrix died at Robertson 28th December, 1917. Estate sworn at 75 pounds sterling.

Submitted by: Eric Cupitt

John William CUPITT

John William "Jack" Cupitt was the first born son to George Cupitt and Alice Mansfield. John was born 17th Feb, 1866, Robertson Park, District of Berrima, NSW. He married Anne Jane Chittick (daughter of William Chittick and Elizabeth Chittick) on the 17th December, 1887 at St. Davids Church of England, Burrawang, NSW. Anne was born 6th September, 1865. George's Occupation was a Jeweller. George died 10th April, 1932 in the Ballina Hospital at the age of 66yrs. He was buried 11 April, 1932 in the New East Ballina Cemetery. Anne his wife died 14 July, 1926 in Ballina at the age of 60yrs. She was buried beside her husband in July, 1926.

John and Anne had three children:
1. Lancelot George
2. William John
3. Elsie May

Lancelot George Cupitt

Lancelot George Cupitt was the firstborn of two sons and a daughter to John William Cupitt and Anne Jane Cupitt (nee Chittick) was born 14th October, 1888, at Robertson, NSW.

Lance was to marry Mary Ellen Pothier on the 20th February, 1907, at the home of Harold James and Catherine Julia Pothier (nee Bourke) Mary's Parents. Mary Ellen was born 6th December, 1887, Ballina. They were to have five
children born to them (2 girls and 3 younger boys). Lance was a sportsman of some note in his heydays as he was the heavyweight boxing champion of the three Rivers for five years.

Lance ran a barber's shop at Newrybar NSW, during 1920's - 1930's as per the following article:
Mr. Lance Cupitt travelled from Ballina in a horse drawn sulky and bought equipment for cutting hair. At Newrybar he established a temporary salon on the verandah of the MILLER'S family home, which was in a central position in the village for intending customers. A big wooden box was placed on a chair to accommodate the small children. Prices were one shilling for adults and sixpence for children. Lance stayed overnight at Newyrbar, and then travelled the next day to the Mayfield Hotel at Eltham, to fulfil appointments. From there he visited various district centres, returning to Ballina after many haircuts.

Lance became a permanent barber in Bangalow, where he was well patronised when motorised transport was available. Many people enjoyed the trip to Bangalow by riding the cream lorry, sitting on a full cream can. The passenger would spend about an hour at the barber's shop whilst the carrier delivered the cream to Binna Burra Butter factory. The carrier would return to Newyrbar, leaving the empty cans at each farm en route.

Lance died on the 25th August, 1968 and was buried in the East Ballina Cemetery, Mary Ellen died 4th May, 1979 in the St. Anne's Nursing home, Ballina and was buried 7th May, 1979 in the East Ballina Cemetery.

Their Children:
1. Irene May Cupitt
2. Thalia Metis Cupitt
3. Marmion Lancelot Cupitt
4. Leslie Jack Cupitt
5. Launcelot James Cupitt

1. Irene May Cupitt - the eldest daughter of Lancelot George and Mary Ellen was born c. 1907 at Ballina, NSW. On the 29th January, 1930 Irene was married to Harold James Sperry LEADBETTER, at St. Mary's Church of England, Ballina. Excerpts from the Northern Star newspaper were:

" A quiet wedding took place at St. Marys Church of England, Ballina on January 29, when Irene May the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lance CUPITT, of Burnett St, Ballina, was married to Harold James Sperry, third son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. LEADBETTER of Rous. The Rev. Buttrum officiated and Mrs Gallagher presided at the Organ."

"She entered the church on the arm of her father, who subsequently gave her away. Miss Thiale CUPITT (sister of the bride) was bridesmaid. Mr. Max Conchar was best man".

"The reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents, and shortly afterwards the happy couple left in their car for a tour of Southern Queensland." "The future home of Mr. and Mrs. Leadbetter will be at Ettrick."

Irene and Harold were to have four children:
a. Shirley May
b. Elaine Fay
c. Margaret Valmai
d. Richard James Sperry

Irene May Leadbetter passed away on the 29th April 1964 in the Lismore Hospital, and was buried on the 1st May, 1964 in the Lismore Lawn Cemetery, Goonellabah. Harold James Sperry died on the 26th July, Gardner Avenue, Lismore aged 68years and was buried 28th July, 1976 at the Lismore Lawn Cemetery, Goonellabah.

a. Shirley May Leadbetter married Thomas Frederick Buggy and had the following children:

i Maria Irene married John Kensiatis, their children: Adrian and Leah.
ii Thomas James married Juanita Mye, their children: Kylee Marie, Michael Rian.
iii Catherine Mary married Geoffrey Wunach, their children: Katie Maree, Natalie and Cellon
iv Daniel Thomas married Marcia Manfi, their children: Luke.
v. Gregory Charles married Christine Wunsch.
vi Harold Anthony married Margaret Mc Intyre, their children: Thomas.

b. Elaine Fay Leadbetter married Bruce Austin Fredericksen and had the following children:
i. Helen married Murray Wood.
ii Janelle married Stephen Jefferies
iii Lynne married Neil Black
iv Tracy

c. Margaret Valmai Leadbetter married Barry Milton Perkins, and had the following children:
i Warren married Margaret Barnes
ii Maureen

d. Richard James Sperry Leadbetter married Lorraine Fennimore, and had the following children:
i. Victoria
ii Harold James Sperry

2.Thalia Metis Cupitt born about 1909 Ballina and died 5th November, 1990 at Ballina aged 81yrs. She was buried on the 6th November, 1990 at the East Ballina Cemetery.

3. Marmion Lancelot Cupitt was born on the 22 December, 1912 at Coraki, NSW. When Marmion was 23yrs old he married the 22yr old Ruby Cooper, the daughter of Alexander and Martha Cooper nee Bonser. They were married in 1935 at Ballina in NSW. They were to have two sons born to them.

During the Second World War Marmion enlisted in the Australian Land Army at Woodburn NSW on the 25th March, 1942. His Service Number was N299169 and he served for over three years and was discharged on the 4th December 1945. He had been a Sapper in the 23rd Field Company of Engineers. Their Children:
a. Daryl Bryson
b. Warren Neil

Marmion Lancelot died on the 14th February, 1988 at Woden Valley, Canberra. Ruby died April 1990 Canberra and was buried Mary 1990 with her husband at the Pine Grove Memorial Park Great Western Highway Minchinbury.

a. Daryl Bryson Cupitt married Valma Ann Pickering and had the following children:
i Sheryl Linda married Peter Gerard Hoberton
ii Wayne Bryson born 22 Oct 1963 and died 24 Aug 1972.
iii Lenore Jane
iv Michelle Anne

a. Warren Neil Cupitt married Myra Sarah Ann Richards "Martie", and had the following children:
i Ann Nicole b. 1967 d. 1967
ii Carolyn Ann
iii Julianne Kathryn
iv Mathew Christopher
v Janelle Maree

4. Leslie Jack Cupitt was the fourth of five children born to Lancelot George and Marry Ellen Cupitt nee Pothier. He was born at Ballina NSW on the 24th February, 1914. In 1941 Leslie married the 27yr old Eunice May Eaton - the daughter of John and Margarret EAton nee Walls. There were to have a girl and boy born to them. During the Second World War Leslie joined the RAAF on the 22nd July 1942 at Brisbane Queensland. His service Number was 77024 and he served his six months duty as an Aircraftsman at the 3rd Embarkation Depot at Sandgate NSW. He was discharged on the 24 February 1943 and he returned to Ballina to live the rest of his life.

Their children:
a. Fae Denise Cupitt
b. David Cupitt
Leslie Jack died on the 30 March, 1983 at Ballina aged 69yrs and was buried at East Ballina Cemetery on the 2 April, 1983. Eunice May Cupitt died on the 15th January 1988 aged 75yrs and was buried East Ballina Cemetery on the 17 Jan 1988.
a. Fae Denise Cupitt born 1942, Ballina and died before 1988 aged 46yrs. She married Alick Layton and had one son Craig Layton.
b. David Cupitt was born in Ballina and married Karolyn Smith and they had the following children:
i Micheal
ii Jason
iii Janeene Maree

5. Launcelot James Cupitt was the last of the five children born to Lancelot and Mary Cupitt. He was born on the 15th October, 1923 in Ballina. He married Nancy Margaret Warmack and had the following children:
a. Noel James
b. Pam
c. Raymond

Launcelot James died on the 21st August, 1990 and was buried in the East Ballina Cemetery in August, 1990.
a. Noel James Cupitt married Margaret Anne Kelly and had the following children:
i Brent
ii Dane
b. Pam Cupitt
c. Raymond Cupitt married Delthea Norma Louisa "Dell" Cantrell and had the following children:
i Daniel John
ii Kim-Marie
iii Maree Lana
iv Peter Michael
v Robert Allen

William John Cupitt

William John Cupitt was born 14 September, 1890. William married Alice May Ford on the 4th September, 1915 at the Methodist Church, Annadale NSW. Alice May was born 19 February, 1888, Greta NSW daughter of Richard Ford and Elizabeth Trewenack.
Their child:
a. Richard John Cupitt

William John died 20 April, 1972 at Waratah St, Leichardt, Sydney at the age of 81yrs. He was buried on the 21 April, 1972 at Woronora Crematorium, NSW. Alice died ??
a. Richard John Cupitt was the only child of William John and Alice May nee Ford. He was born 11 November, 1916 at Ballina, NSW. Early 1940 the 23yr old Richard married the 35yr old widow Rosina Ida Monica Findlay nee Purcell. Rosina had previously been married to Donald Purcell with whom she had four children (two boys and two girls) to. Richard and Rosina were to have a daughter born to them. On the 23 July, 1940, Richard joined the RAAF at Sydney. His service number was 32516 and he served till the 21 May 1947. On discharge he was a leading Aircraftsman (LAC) and had served in the Eastern Area Head Quarters located at Bradfield Park, NSW

Their Children: (first four are from Rosina's first marriage):
i Donald Findlay
ii William Findlay
iii Patricia Findlay
iv Pamela Findlay
v Rosemary Cupitt

Richard John died 2 April, 1976 Thomas St. Croydon, NSW aged 59yrs and was privately cremated on the 5 April, 1976. Rosina died 3 October, 1978 at Croydon, NSW aged 73 and was buried in the Rookwood Cemetery.

Elsie May Cupitt

Elsie May Cupitt was born on the 23 June, 1895 in Robinson, NSW. On the 15 December, 1928 in Lismore she married Cecil Everett Lumley. Cecil was born on the 18 January, 1898, at Cedar St, Wardell, the son of Henry William Lumley and Elizabeth Ford. Elsie and Cecil had the following two children:
a. Jack Henry Lumley
b. Anne Elizabeth Lumley
Elsie died on the 29 April, 1964 at the age of 68 and was buried on the 1 May, 1964 in the Alstonville Cemetery. Cecil died on the 26 March, 1968 aged 70 and was buried on the 28 March, 1968 in the Alstonville Cemetery.
a. Jack Henry Lumley married Aileen Florence Whale on the 18th June, 1955. Florence was born on the 15 May, 1932. The couple had three children:
i. Maxine Fay married Ronald Keith Richardson and had two children Justin Leigh and Yvette Monique.
ii Timothy Stephen
iii Anthony Paul
b. Anne Elizabeth Lumley was born in 1932 and died on the 22nd December, 1978 at the age of 46yrs.
Aileen Florence died on the 3 October, 1975 aged 43yrs.
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George Cupitt was born 15th June, 1868, Berrima, NSW. He was Christened on the 18th October, 1868 in the Holy Trinity Church of England, Berrima. George married Theresa Smith the daughter of Thomas Smith and Mary Hickey. Theresa was born 13th July, 1873, Lower Bellinger, district of Bellinger River, NSW. The couple were married on the 25th September, 1905 at a Private Residence at Raleigh, NSW. NOTE: Wedding took place at Mr. John Casey's residence at Raleigh, NSW. The Roman Catholic Priest B. Binsson performed the ceremony. Thomas the father of Therese was deceased. George was a Fruiterer. The couple had four children - see below.
George died on the 25th June, 1913 at Bangalow, aged 43yrs, and was buried on the 26th June, 1913 at Bangalow. Therese died on the 20th August, 1960 at Ballina, aged 87yrs, and was buried on the 22 August, 1960 in the East Ballina Cemetery.
George and Therese Children:
1. Alice Mary Cupitt born 2nd October, 1906, Murwillumbah, she died 2nd December, 1984 at Rose Bay, Sydney, at the aged of 78yrs. She was privately cremated on the 4th December, 1984.
2. Thomas William George Cupitt was the 2nd of four children born to George and Therese. He was born 3rd December, 1908 at Bangalow. Thomas ran his deceased fathers fruit farm all his life and did not marry. During the 2nd World War Thomas joined the Australian Army on the 6th September, 1941 at Ballina. His Service Number was N66087 and he served as a Private in the 41st Battalion. Upon discharge on the 16th February 1943, Thomas had served all his time in Australia. Thomas died on the 9th February, 1989 at Ballina aged 80yrs. He was buried on the 10th February, 1989 in the East Ballina Cemetery.
3. Arthur Charles Cupitt
4. Therese Mercia Cupitt

Arthur Charles Cupitt

Arthur Charles Cupitt was born on the 15th December, 1910 at Byron Bay, NSW. He married Veronica Alice Reid daughter of George Reid and Mary Alice Ryan, in June, 1944 at Lismore. Veronica was born on the 26th July, 1926 in Sydney. Arthur died on the 21st March, 1981, aged 70yrs, and was buried in the East Ballina Cemetery.
Arthur and Veronica had the following childen:
1. Ronald Arthur Cupitt b. 1944
2. Kevin John Cupitt b. 1947
3. Colin Camden Cupitt b. 1948 Lismore married Patricia Ann Anderson
4. Warren Charles Cupitt b. 1950
5. Garry George Cupitt b. 1954
6.Theresa Ann Cupitt b. 1961 Ballina married Terry Grant Layton b. Lismore.

7. Barry James Cupitt b. 1966 married Vicki Maree Wilkinson.

Theresa Mercia Cupitt

Theresa Mercia Cupitt was born on the 13th June, 1912 in Byron Bay, NSW. She married Harold Maloney (son of James Maloney and Letitia Macdonald) on the 26th April, 1933 om Ballina NSW. Therese died on the 3rd August, 1989 in the Ballina district Hospital at the age of 77yrs. Harold died on the 9th September, 1963 in Ballina at the age of 65yrs. He was buried on the 11th September, 1963 in the Presbyterian Cemetery, East Ballina..
Theresa and Harold had the following children:
1. Harold George Maloney b. 1934 married Pamela Camille Briscoe, their children:
a. Harold Ian Maloney b. 1956
b. Debra Ann Maloney b. 1957 married John Freeman - I child Joshua.
c. Stephen Lyall Maloney b. 1960
d. Christopher Andrew Maloney b. 1970.
2.Douglass James Maloney b. 18th April, 1937
3. Janice Maloney (Twin) b. 13th Jan, 1943 married Ross Coghill, their children:

a. Annette Coghill b. 1962 married John Morris - their child Nathan John Morris
b. Mark Coghill b. 1963 married Christine Potter.
4. Laurel Mahoney (Twin) b. 13th Jan, 1943 married Phillip Gordon Penton, their children:
a. Michelle Penton
b. Geoffrey Phillip Penton

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