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Joseph Eyles was born in Parramatta in 1812. His parents were the convicts Joseph Eyles snr & his second wife, Elizabeth Smith. In 1841 Joseph jnr married Ann McKenzie of Kilcloney, county Tipperary, Ireland. Joseph & Ann then moved to the Clarence River. Joseph was one of the original party to travel overland to explore the Richmond area in 1842. Joseph returned to 'Ballina' & like many others felled timber. Joe tried storekeeping & built a two storey hotel names the Sawyers' Arms on North Creek.

Joseph & Ann's daughter was Josephina Harriett (1851). Joe had a schooner named Josephine, which was wrecked off South Ballina in 1864. Ann Eyles died at Ballina in 1859. Joe married the widow Mary McLeod in 1861. Mary had been the wife of Ballina's first policeman, Jack McLeaod. Joseph died in 1865.

Joseph's brother, John Eyles was born in 1814 in Sydney. His first wife was Caroline Smith. They married in 1840 at Parramatta. Caroline died in 1851, Parramatta. In the same year, John married Matilda Mitchel (of Hawkesbury) in Sydney. John was involved in cedar getting around the Ballina area. He selected land at South Ballina & was involved in beach gold mining. John was drowned in Fishery Creek in 1878. Matilda married Edward Sonter. Matilda died in 1913 at Ballina. John & Caroline had 6 children: Joseph (1841), Mary Elizabeth (1842), Isabella (1844), Emily (1846), John (1848) & Sarah (1850). John & Matilda had 4 children: Alexander John (1852), George (1854), William (1857) & James (1858).

Emily married John William Johnson 1861 at Ballina. She died in 1910. John married Margaret Boyd O'Loughton in 1861, Ballina, & died there in 1923. Alexander married Mary J. Wilson 1876 Ballina. He died in 1916 at Ballina. George married Sarah Thompson at Ballina in 1878. He died in Ballina in 1897. James died at Ballina in 1923.

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