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Caroline E. A. & Joseph Greenhalgh were said to have arrived at Ballina in the 1840s. The ship they travelled on was believed to have been wrecked on the Ballina bar, the passengers having to wade ashore. Joseph & Caroline lived in a variety of places up river from Ballina, working in the timber getting industry.

The couple had at least 9 children: Anne (1846), Joseph (1849 - 1935 Lismore), Matthew (1852 - 1934 Ballina) *** see headstone attachment***, John (1854), Rosetta (1855), Caroline A (1857 Tabulum), Vincent (1859 Casino - 1876 Richmond River), Eliza (1862 Tabulum), Jane (1864 Richmond River).

In 1874, Joseph was severely injured on a timber raft. At the time he was working for William Yabsley. His death was recorded at Lismore, at the age of 68. after this, Caroline made a living for herself & her 9 children by being a shrewd cedar dealer. The NSW Births, deaths & mariages lists her death in 1913 at Lismore, at the age of 108.

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