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The Jarrett family is well known in Ballina. Jarrett street commemorates them. Abraham & Anne Jarrett came to Australia with their two sons: Thomas & John.They had at least 3 children after arriving in Australia: Charles, George & Harriet. It is known that John, Charles & George were on the Richmond River from the mid 1800's.

John married Catherine Clarkin (or Carkin) in 1850. Only there last 3 children could be found, but it is known, they had older children, including John Patrick Jarrett (born 1850). The younger children were: Charles (1860 Tabulum), Charles (1863 Tabulum) & Alfred (1866 Richmond River).

Charles Jarrett married Elizabeth Jane King. Their children included: James J. (1860), Mary J, (1861), George (1863), Elizabeth J. (1864), Mary A. (1864), Jessie (1866), Matilda (1868), Eleanor (1869), Robert (1870), Rachel (1872), Clara Louisa (1876) & Thomas William (1879).


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