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KEARNEY (revised 24 Dec 2001)

Sometime between the years 1830 and 1860, Thomas and Bridget Kearney arrived in Sydney possibily with their family. Their son John was born in 1840. It's unclear if there were other children although NSW B,D & M List a Thomas Kearney


In the year 1855, Honora Cusack, arrived from Ireland aboard the ship "Kate"
Honora Kearney
(Nee Cusack) With
Grand daugther
Nora Taken around 1909>
Honora was born, 1839,in the town of Cavan county Cavan, Ireland. Her parents were Philip and Catherine.
Honora came to Australia in 1855 aboard the ship "Kate". She was 16 at the time and is listed as travelling on her own, of her parents, her father Philip had died and her mother, Catherine was still living in Cavan. On the ships manifest Honora is stated as having no skills.
John and Honora were married in Sydney in 1860, and in 1861 they had a daugther, Mary, place of birth is unknown at this stage. Records show that between 1860 and 1864 they had moved to the Gosford area of New South Wales, where a second child, a son Thomas, was born at Brisbane Waters in 1864.
In 1866, a second son, Patrick was born, again the place of birth is unknown. Five years later (1871) their daugther Nora was born. The records do not show a place of birth.
Point to note During the period there were another family<John and Honora (Nee Fagan) Kearney married in 1858 and were in the Bathurst Orange area of NSW and their offspring tend to confuse the issue.

(Further information is needed on these two

The family of our John and Honora next surface in the Richmond River area where they had Three more children Catherine Born 1872, Ann born 1875 and John Paul in 1877.Sadly Ann died in1875.
Of the parents Thomas and Bridget little is heard of them during this time but it seems that they may have remained in the Sydney area. This assumption is based on the frequent trips to and from Sydney made by members of the family at this time

Reports in the Northern Star (n.s) newspapers 1876-1889 refers to Mrs.Kearney arriving in the area 17.12.1880 onboard the "Lismore" (p2.25,12,1880 n.s.) Other reports - p.2 25.06.1881 n.s: Mrs.& Miss Kearney arrived Lismore onboard the "Coraki" 21.06.1881 - E.Kearney arrived Lismore from Sydney on the "Lismore" 29.12.1881 (p2.31.12.1881 n.s.) - Miss Kearney on "Lismore" 27.02.1882 - Mr.Kearney arrived Lismore from Sydney 3.02.1888 (p. -

Northern Star newspaper report p. - Thomas Kearney 400 acres Newrybar Free Selection. p2.20.05.1882 n.s. - Thomas Kearney 50 Acres Newrybar conditional purchase and p2.8.12.1883 n.s. - Thomas Kearney 50 acres Newrybar conditional purchase. Thomas Kearney was listed elector 2564 on 1890-1891 Richmond River Electorate as having freehold land in Newrybar.

Point to note; for this grant to be made to Thomas Kearney, the son of John and Honora, he would have only been 16 or 17 at the time and under the laws of the time still a minor. Added to that is the fact that a Thomas Kearney is listed as being an elector in 1890-91. Thomas died in 1890.

The second son, Patrick, made a purchase of 50 acres at Newrybar in 1882 and in 1885 he had the Ballina-Upper North Creek mail boat run. Northern Star report 11.11.1885 n.s - Patrick Kearney - Mail run Ballina Upper North Creek. Once per week - 1 year boat run £13. Patrick would have been 19 at the time.
He died in 1896.

A John Kearney listed elector no. 2563 1890-1891 Richmond River Electorate as owning North Creek freehold. Whether this is John snr or John Paul is unclear.

Of the Girls, Mary married a William Cole At Lismore in 1886. It appears that they had two children John P born in Lismore in 1887 and William born at Lismore in 1889. Mary died in1891.Any more information would be appreciated.
It appears at the time of writing that neither Nora or Catherine married. Again any assistance appreciated


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