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Jacob & Maria Kempnich came from Germany in 1855. Their children included: Joseph, Anton, Margaretta, Franz, Jacob & Thereza. Their son Peter, died on the voyage to Australia. Initially, Jacob senior, settled on the Clarence, his sons: Joseph, Franz & Jacob, selecting land there. Jacob married Helena Lollback in 1869 & Franz married her sister, Mary, in 1870. Jacob & Helena's children were: Jacob, George, John, Margaret, James, Theresa, Charles & Ellen. James married Emily Grainger in 1905. They lived in a variety of places on the Clarence, Richmond & Tweed. Their children were Jacob, Helena, Kathleen & Emily. Jacob & Helena rented a cane farm from Tim O'Keefe at one stage. Jacob married Hazel Carr & their children included: Iris & Margaret. Helena married Maurice Walsh & their children included: Francis Maurice, Dymphna, James & Joan. Kathleen married Sidney Watts & they had a daughter, Denise. Emily married Patrick Castle & their children were: Mary, Agnes, Emily, Patrick, Anne, James & Peter.


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