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The first of the 'Richmond River' Lovetts to immigrate to Australia was Charles Ezekiel. Charles was born in the densely populated district of Holborn, in London, on 9th Novemeber 1812. He was the youngest child of Thomas Lovett & Ann Clay. Thomas was a coachman & then an undertaker, who was born in Holborne in 1770. His parents were John Lovett & Elizabeth. Charles' siblings' births were all registered in London. They included: Mary (1791), Elizabeth (1794), Charlotte (1796), Thomas (1799), William (1801), Joseph (1805) & Sarah (1806).

The Industrial Revolution was in full swing in England by the 18th century. Holborn would have been teaming with life, working class people living in slums & the city; rife with crime. The atrocities faced by normal families are unthinkable.

Charles married Jemima at some stage by 1834. They had a daughter, Amelia on 25 May 1834. Records show that there was a son & three other daughters, but their baptisms do not appear to have been registered. It would have been a difficult task to support a wife & five children.

Newgate Prison became Charles' home for an unknown amount of time. On 22 March 1835, he was brought before the judge at the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) & indicted for stealing, 500 bricks, valued at 17d, 6d, on 11 February 1835. Charles was sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia.

After 6 months being held prisoner, Charles boarded the convict ship "John Barry 4" with 320 other convicts. The vessel set sail on 21 September 1835 & arrived in Sydney on 17 January 1836. Charles was assigned to work for William Newman in the district of Paterson. After 5 years, he was granted a Ticket Of Leave.

It is unknown what became of Charles' wife & children in London. After 7 years in Australia it was legal for Charles to remarry. He married an Irish lass named Catherine Carey, at Hinton Presbyterian Church on 17 June 1850. Catherine was born in about 1822 in Dublin. She had already given birth to one child: Jane Amy Moore (1843) fathered by William Moore, a horse breaker of West Maitland. Charles & Catherine's children included: Susan (1846), Charles James (1848), Joseph William (1850), John (1852), Thomas George (1854), Margaret Anne (1857), Catherine (1859) & James Francis (1863).

Charles & Catherine remained in the Vacy district until their deaths. Charles was a carrier at one stage & later a farmer. Charles was leasing a farm on the Vacy Estate from Gilbert Cory in 1859 & maybe earlier. He was still a lease holder until 1889 & probably lived there until his death. Oddly enough, they both died of influenza, only 7 months apart. Both were buried at St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Paterson. Charles died on 6 July 1894, at 82 years of age. Catherine died on 17 February, aged 73.

Jane Moore married Charles William Mitchell at Paterson in 1866. Charles was a tailor in High St Maitland. They raised a large family in Maitland. Their children included: Amy (1868), Eva Mary (1870), Francis James (1871), Charles William (1872), Clara Jane (1874), Annie (1875), George Thomas (1876), Walter (1878), Bertie (1882), Lily (1882), Ethel (1885) & Stephen. Amy married Sydney Earnest Palmer in 1908 & died at Narrabri in 1937. Francis married Anne Murray in 1906. Charles married Matilda Scanlan in 1897 & was a well known bookmaker . Charles & Matilda lived in Maitland until the last few years of their life, when they moved to Singleton.died in 1945 at the age of 72. Unfortunately, Annie died a year after her birth. Strangely enough, George married Ida M. Lovett at Kempsey, in 1909. Walter died at Sydney in 1944. Bertie married Mary Crotty in 1917. Although Stephen's birth year is unknown, he died in Sydney in 1988. Jane & Charles Lovett lived at Stewart St, Lorn, (West Maitland).

Sadly Susan only lived to reach 17 years of age. Her cause of death is unknown at this stage. She died in 1863 & is buried at Paterson.

Headstone of Charles and Mary Ann buried at Wardell Cemetery.

Charles James may have been the first of the Lovett boys to venture north. When he was in his 30s he married Mary Ann Isabella Palmer. The marriage took place at Grafton in 1880. Their children included: John Charles Ezekiel (1881 - 1923), Thomas George (1883 - 1972), Catherine M (1886), Alexander J ( 1890 - 1891) & Angus H (1893). All the children's births were recorded in Lismore & Ballina. Charles was a farmer at East Wardell. In 1885 it was reported that he possessed 42 acres of land with 2 horses & 5 head of cattle. Charles died at the residence of his son: Thomas George at Lismore in 1934. Mary Ann resided in River St, Ballina in her later days & died in 1940. Both Charles & Mary Ann are buried at Wardell.

John Lovett buried in Wardell cemetery

John married Stella J. Foggo in 1910 & died at East Wardell, after an illness of some years. He only lived until 42 years of age & left behind a widow & 6 children. The children included: Cecil George (b. 1911 m. Ethel Eliza Filby 1936), Ethel (b. 1911 m. Albert Booth 1934 then Percy Edgar Thoms 1944), Irene M. (b. 1915 m. Frank M. Rozea 1931 then Frederick Geoffrey Hopkinson 1943), Angus T. Lovett (b. 1916) & Dulcie J. (b. 1919).

Thomas married Letitia Jane Tyler in 1910. Letitia was known as Dolly. Their children included: Charles Henry (b. 1911 m. Isabella May Wilson 1935), Arthur George (b. 1913 m. Myra Doreen Lardner), Roy Hamilton (b. 1915 m. Zelinda Angelina Pezzutti), Cyril Angus (b. 1917 d.1941 WW11 Bardia, Libya), Doris Eileen (b. 1920 d. 1935). Most of this family are buried at East Lismore, but Doris was buried at Wardell.

Catherine married Robert Phipps at Ballina in 1910. Their children included: Leslie Charles (b. 1910 m. Kathleen McNamara 1934), Charles Cyril (b. 1914 m. Irene Burnas Rippon 1938), Florence A. (b. 1915 m. Arthur Roland Flanagan 1938).
Alexander sadly died as an infant. Angus married Mabel Little at Redfern in 1928.

Joseph married Susannah Ann Smith at Clarence Town in 1877. Their first children were born in the Paterson/Clarence Town area, but by 1882 they were living in Grafton. Oddly enough, Joseph & Susannah were recorded as residing at Emigrant Creek, Ballina in 1890, but they also had a child registered in Grafton during the same year. The electrol roll of the early 1900's shows Joseph as a resident of Pound St, Grafton. Joseph became a builder/contractor, until 1920 when he died. Joseph & Susannah had the following children: Annie M (b. 1878 d. 1899Grafton), John William (b. 1879 d. 1880 Gostwyck), Ethel Eliza (1880 m. Edwin J. Johnson 1907 Parkes), Ida M. (b. 1882 m. George T. Mitchell 1909 Kempsey), Susan J. (b. 1884 m. Sydney A. Williams 1907 Kempsey), Eva E. (b. 1886 d. 1887 Grafton), Katey Josephine (b. 1887 m. Andrew K. Lardner 1908 Grafton), Ernest J. W. (b. 1890 d. 1890 Grafton), Arthur H. (b. 1892) & Amy (b. 1894 d. 1918 Lismore). Joseph is buried at Grafton.

John was the second of Charles & Catherine's children to not reach maturity. The following is a transcript of the obituary from the 'Maitland Mercury' 1/4/1871.

"SAD AND FATAL ACCIDENT ---- Yesterday (Wednesday) a young man, almost eighteen years of age, by the name of James Lovett, son of Mr Charles Lovettt, of Vacy, met with a sad accident, which terminated his life within two hours after it occurred. It appears the deceased was working with an elder brother, pulling up an old fence, for the purpose of replacing it with a new fence, on The Vacy Estate, & in using a long lever in pulling up the old fence, which they held over their heads for the purpose of pulling it down, suddenly the lever broke, striking the deceased on the top of the head, & fracturing the skull. The deceased lay for some time, insensible, but at length revived, & walked, assisted by his brother, a distance of 2 miles to his father's residence, where, after his arrival, & before medical aid could be procured, he soon after expired. J. Pearse Esq., the coroner, held an inquest on the body this morning, & a verdict of accidental death was recorded. Great sympathy is felt for the bereaved parents, who are much esteemed; & the young man himself was greatly esteemed by everyone who knew him."

John is buried at Paterson.

Thomas lived at Vacy until the age of about 28. In 1890, Thomas was listed as a resident of Wardell. Thomas worked as a timber-getter & hauler for Bagot's Mill & cut & hauled caen throughout Teven, Rous & Tintenbar. By 1900, Thomas was farming at Wardell. Thomas lived on Thurgate's Lane with a married woman named Mary Alice Johnson. She had parted company with her second husband, Olaf Johnson & in 1893. Mary had married George Smith In about 1870 at Mudgee. The children from this relationship were: Sarah Smith (married Herbert Vidler) & Mary Smith. Mary & Olaf's children were: Christina (married Charles Pegram), Lillian (married Albert Vidler) & Thomas George married Una Lumley). Thomas & Mary had their first child, William Claude Hamilton. As divorce was not common in those days, Thomas & Mary did not marry until after Olaf died in late 1907. Early in 1908, Thomas & Mary exchanged wedding vows. Thomas was 53 at the time. Unfortunately, Mary died of heart failure less than 3 months after her marriage.

In Dec 1902, Thomas bought 144 acres of land on Baggotville Road, Meerschaum Vale. The cost was 300 pound. In November 1903 he purchased a further 40 acres from Thomas Borton at a price of 140 pounds. Six months later he purchased land from Mr Davis for 180 pounds. Thomas ran a profitable dairy farm; at one stage, having 241 acres with 102 head of cattle & 17 horses. He employed labourers to help clear the land & run the farm. Two years after the death of Thomas' first wife, in 1910, he married for a second time. His new wife was Mary Jane Kidd, aged 43 & known as Jinny. They adopted a young girl names Audrey, fondly known as Molly. Thomas & Jinny lived on the Meerschaum Vale farm for nearly 10 years, before renting it to Thomas' step-son Thomas Johnson in 1920. In 1926, he sold the farm to Thomas. Thomas & Jinny bought a 40 acre property on Wardell Road, where they spent the rest of their life.. Jinny died in 1935 & was burried in the Wardell Cemetery. In Thomas' old age, he was cared for by both his step-don, Thomas & his son, William. He died in 1936 & was buried beside his second wife in Wardell cemetery.

William Claude Hamilton Lovett married Kathleen Elizabeth Nugent at Alphadale in 1918. He was commonly called Billy. Both Billy & Kathleen are buried at Wardell Cemetery. Billy died in 1984 & Kathleen in 1994. Their children include: Keith T (died 1922 -- buried Wardell), Norma May (married Albert Thomas Atherton -- known as Blue), Lester Joseph (married Marie Dympa Troy), Dudley Francis (married Eileen Margaret Summers), Pauline (married Kenneth McLeay Worboys) , Rae (married Colin Watkins) & William Stanley (married Frances Beradette).

Margaret Ann was known as Annie. It is beleived that Annie Wyndier family of Tomago. Mr Wyndier was possibly a doctor. She then worked in the Post Office at Raymend Terrace. Annie died in 1940, at the age of 83 & was buried with her parents in St Paul's Churchyard, Paterson.

Catherine was known as Kate. She married James Frank Hawkins, a farmer from Paterson, at Maitland West in 1892. At the time, Kate was listed as a dressmaker. James & Kate had two children: Florence Amy (1893) & Dorothy A. (1895). Florence married Percy Clements, at Maitland West & died in 1973. Both Florence & Percy are buried in Paterson General Cemetery. Dorothy married Harold Fairhall at Morpeth, in 1923.

James was the youngest of the Lovett children. He maried Clara Maria Martin at Paterson in 1893. They had a dairy farm at Vacy but relocated to Lostock (near Gresford, north-west of Paterson) in 1906. James & Clara's first 6 children were born in the Paterson area. They were: Susan May (1894), Edith Alice (1896), Minnie Ida (1889), Amy Sarah (1900), Elsie Ann (1903) & James Richard (1907). By 1908, the family were living on a dairy farm at Meerschaum Vale, close to James' brother, Thomas. Their last child, Raymond Claude was born at Meerschaum Vale in 1913.


Susan worked for the Armbrusters at Lindendale doing domestic duties until she married Frank Bailey at Wardell in 1923. Susan's great aunt, Mary Ann Sellens of Paterson had married Louis Armbruster. Frank was an Englishman, arriving on the Richmond in 1912. They had two children: Phyllis Doreen (1924) & James David (1927). The Baileys settled on Dann's Lane, Keith Hall, where the family still has an interest in cane farming. Phyllis married Arthur Frederick Lickiss (known as Pat)& they farmed at Riley's Hill. The Lickiss family have an interest in farming at Rileys Hill today. Jim Bailey married Delma Hancock. Frank died in 1957. Susan resided on Dann's Lane long after her husband passed away. In mid 1972 she moved to Caroona Nursing Home, Lismore, where she died 7 years later.

Edith married George Essery at Wardell in 1917. Their children were Francis, Beryl, Lorna & William. Edith passed from this world in 1946 & George in 1974. Both Edith & George are buried at Rous.

Minnie married Harry Green at Wardell in 1924. Their children were: Charles, Eileen, Richard, Donald, Len & Marj. Minnie died at Lismore in 1977 & James in 1980. Both were cremated at Goonellabah.

Neither Amy or Elsie married. They shared a home at Lennox head, with Clarrie & Peal Richardson, in their later years. Amy died in 1973 & Elsie in 1984. Both were cremated at Goonellabah. They were in possession of the Lovett family Bible.

James was a farmer at Meerschaum Vale when he married Edith Smith in 1932. They had three children: Stanley, John & Fae. Jim died in 1953 & Edith in 2000. The family still has an interest in farming at Lindendale today.

The youngest son, Ray, took over the farm at Meerschaum Vale. This enabled his father (known as Jim) to spend more time relaxing in a cane chair on the verandah. Ray married Zena May Murphy in 1938. They had two children: Raema & Raymond. The family still has an interest in farming at Meerschaum Vale.

James Francis Lovett farmed well into his advanced years. He & Clara Maria were long standing residents of Meerschaum Vale. James passed away at Lismore Base Hospital in 1943, at the age of 79. Clara died 8 years later, at her home at Meerschaum Vale, being 82 years of age. Clara's obituary stated that she was the oldest resident of Meerschaum Vale at the time of her death & she was held in great esteem by all who knew her. James & Clara are buried at Wardell Cemetery.

The Lovett family were a typical pioneering family, with their share of losses & successes. Through hard work & determination, they survived, to leave their mark on the nation. There are numerous descendants of Charles Ezekiel Lovett & Catherine Carey, absorbed in their ancestry. Those people include: Marj Jenson, Joyce Lovett, Robyn Hamilton & Max Roach.

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