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Walter William Winton was the son of William Winton & Mary. He had the Ballina Hotel & also served as town Mayor from 1887 to 1891. He was affectionately known as Pa Winton. Walter William married twice. The first time, to Hannah Hammond in 1854. After her death in 1869 (Balmain), he married Eliza Anderson, in 1872 (Balmain), who was known as Ma Winton.

Ma Winton was well respected & reared the children of William's first marriage as well as her own. The children of the first marriage were: Mary A. (1854), William G. (1856 Cambden), Walter A. (1858 Campbelltown), Elizabeth A. (1860 Campbelltown), Emily M. (1861 Campbelltown), Lily R. (1863 Campbelltown), Henrietta G. (1864 Campbelltown), Herbert E. (1867 Balmain) & Thomas (1869 Balmain).

The children of William's second marriage were: Una V. (1875 Port Macquarie), Edith May (1880 Lismore), Ina Eliza (1882 Lismore) & Ernest Albert (1884 Casino).

Walter William died in 1908 in Ballina.

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