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The Greater Sydney GenWeb Project (SydGenWeb) is part of the WorldGenWeb Project, a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to providing free access to genealogical and historical records and resources.  This site is a child of the NSWGenWeb Project, which in turn is part of the AustraliaGenWeb Project.

Greater Sydney is divided into three main areas - the Inner Sydney Suburbs, the Outer Suburbs and the Surrounding District.  For further details such as individual Suburbs, Cities & Municipalities see Demographics.

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If you are just starting out and genealogy seems a little overwhelming, why not take the time to read a few helpful articles?  The links below are Australia and NSW specific so they should prove helpful to the novice.  They may even assist the seasoned genie as record repositories are continually updating their archives, such as introducing digitised record retrieval and releasing information that was previously sealed as the respective copyright expires.

How to Start My Family History - NSW State Records
Where to Start Your Family History - National Archives of Australia
Brief Guide to Indigenous Family History Research
 - Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Immigrants: Making Australia Home - National Archives of Australia
Australian Family History Compendium - Sponsored by Coherent Software Australia Pty Ltd

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Re-enactment of Convict Labour in a scene from Against the Wind (1978)

If you descend from traditional land owners; free settlers; or you have a few convict skeletons rattling in your family cupboard then be sure to check out the History page!  

For general Sydney & NSW based genealogy resources, try either the Databases page or Research Links.


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