Taken from Legislative council records, film copy, available Tasmanian libraries

A list of Convicts who have received indulgencies from the crown since May 1860. ADDITIONAL Police records are included on the film . These list entire convict records . Some convicts listed below have been convicted more than once hence a double up of names , different convict numbers and ships. Some convicts were not originally convicted in Tasmania but were sent here from other states. This is an excellent source for convict information
446 ADAMS Thomas Larkins London
9236 ADDISON Edward Gilmore 2 Leicester Quarter Session
26081 AHERN John 2nd Lord Dalhousie Waterford
1509 ALLARD James Vixen Launceston Quarter Session
1509 ALLARD James Vixen West Australia, 51st regiment
15360 AMAROUS Richard Elizabeth & Henry Royal Barricks,Dublin
25494 ANDERSON Benjamin Fairlie Liverpool Assizes
24913 ANDREWS William Rodney 2 Abingdon Quarter Session
904 ARROWSMITH John Layton 3 Stafford Assizes
208 AYTON William Governor Phillip Central Criminal Court
11358 BAKER Edward Anson Central Criminal Court
887 BAKER James Lord Lyndoch 3 Central Criminal Court
1394 BAKER James Lord Lyndoch 3 Hobart Town
2698 BANNON John Recovery Lancaster Assizes
25245 BATES Samuel Aboukir Stafford
2704 BEAUMONT George Blenheim 3 Launceston Quarter Session
2704 BEAUMONT George Blenheim 3 native place Leeds
1766 BELL William Eliza Middlesex,Clerkenwell
13380 BELL William Maria Somes Cumberland,Carlisle
1830 BENNETT Richard Circassian Somerset
4325 BENTLEY William Sir John Byng Parramatta Quarter Session
4325 BENTLEY William Waterloo to SYDNEY London
1388 BIRD James Royal George Surrey
19183 BISHOP William Agincourt Cambridge Assizes
3167 BOURNE Peter Lord Goderich Liverpool Borough Quarter Sess.
2520 BRADLEY John Lady Nugent Warwick
152 BRADY Patrick alias McGUIRE Waterlily Berrima
16973 BRAZIL John Governor Phillip Sydney Supreme Court
893 BRIDGE James Lord Lyndoch 3 Essex
2647 BRIDGE James Lord Lyndoch 3  
24083 BROADNUM William Lady Kennaway 2 Norwich Assizes
1828 BROOKS Thomas Circassian Somerset
1759 BROWN Henry York 2 London
2314 BROWN James Wellington Hobart Town Court Martial
826 BROWN John Lord Hungerford England
1640 BROWN John Lord Lyndoch Surrey
25238 BRYAN John Aboukir Clerkenwell Quarter Session
6008 BUCHANAN John Elphinstone 3 Glasgow
BUCHANNON John Elphinstone Hobart Quarter Session
22384 BUCKLEY George Maria Somes 2 York Assizes
3929 BULLOCK George Tortoise Southampton,Winchester
410 BURKE William Tennesserim Bombay Court Martial
2422 BURKE William Rodney Launceston Supreme Court
21456 BYRNE Patrick Blenheim 2 Carlow
3439 CAMPBELL Robert Royal Admiral Sir John Byng
2366 CARBERRY John Maitland native of Wicklow
21494 CAREY William Blenheim 2 Cork
21494 CARY William Blenheim 2 Cork
14250 CASHEN Patrick Emily 2 Wicklow
18099 CAYLOR Jeremiah Blundell Central Criminal Court
250 CHANGRANDY John Pirie Port Louis Assizes
25548 CHAPMAN Philip Fairlie Jarum Quarter Session
20083 CHARD Robert China Somerset Assizes
1617 CHIFFEY William Isabella Kent
2576 CLARK James Agincourt Launceston
19213 CLARK James Agincourt Yorkshire Assizes
20283 CLARK Stephen John Calvin Kent,Dover Boro Sessions
3177 COLLINS Daniel Lord Goderich Central Criminal Court
2265 COLOPY Michael Templar Bangalore Court Martial
547 CONNOR Patrick Duchess of Kent Bangalore Court Martial
10019 CONNOR Thomas Asiatic Lancaster,Salford York Sessions
15398 CONROY John Elizabeth & Mary Wickle
1549 COOPER George Emperor Alexander Kent
19636 COOPER Richard Hydrabad 1 York Assizes
27200 COOTE George Rodney 3 Longford
1393 CRABTREE Abraham St Katherine Forbes York
18110 CRAWLEY Cornelius Blundell Croydon Session
19824 CURTIS William Hydrabad Central Criminal Court
16986 DARCY Michael Governor Phillip Sydney Supreme Court
16986 DARCY Michael Calcutta to SYDNEY Wicklow
13803 DAWSON William Barossa 2 York City Quarter Session
1142 DAY William Lady Nugent Supreme Court Launceston
13038 DONELLY James alias FANLEY Royal Charlotte to SYDNEY Perth
13038 DONELLY James alias FANLEY Royal Charlotte to SYDNEY Perth
5754 DOUGHTON Lewis Susan 2 Glamorgan,Swansea,Quarter Ses
1411 DUDDERIDGE John Marquis of Hastings Somerset
1353 DUFFEY William Coromandel 2 Lancaster
10235 DUFFEY William Emerald Isle Lancaster
1397 DUNBAR Edward Pyramus Lancaster
621 DWYER John Louisa Sydney Court Martial
10241 ECCLES Samuel Emerald Isle Lancaster,Salford
17670 EDWARDS George Maitland to Norfolk Island Sussex Assizes
408 EDWARDS James Waterlily Warwick Quarter Session
18527 ELLIS Thomas David Malcolm Liverpool Assizes
25294 ERRINGTON William Abourkir Gibraltar
17666 EVANS John Maitland Glamorgan assizes
13038 FANLEY James alias DONELLY Lady Franklin Sydney Supreme Court
13038 FANLEY James alias DONELLY Royal Charlotte to SYDNEY Perth
19854 FARRAR Abraham Hydrabad Nottingham Assizes
27908 FEATHER James St Vincent York
704 FEENEY Patrick alias STEWART Flying Fish & Lord Lyndoch 1 Melbourne
17272 FISHER Henry Pestongee Bomangee Montgomery Quarter Session
175 FITZGERALD John Wanderer Maitland
25296 FLETCHER Charles Aboukir London Central Court
970 FLINN John Turner Lord Lyndoch 3 Central Criminal Court
17051 FLOWERS James Lady Franklin 4 Bathurst Quarter Session
17051 FLOWERS James Royal Sovereign to SYDNEY Somerset
15638 FULLER William alias TAYLOR Mount Stewart Elphinstone Central Criminal Court
20508 GARTSIDE Samuel Mount Stewart Elphinstone Salford,York
17685 GODDARD Phillip Maitland Suffolk Assizes
26199 GORMAN John Lord Dalhousie Roscommon
563 GRACE John Egyptian Meath
2650 GRACE John Egyptian New Norfolk Quarter Session
1403 GRANT Thomas Guillardon 2 Fort William
22161 HAMBLETON John Blenheim 3 Nether Knutsford Quarter Sess.
1562 HARDWEN Archibald Enchantress Lancaster
2332 HARDWEN Archibald Enchantress Arrived Norfolk Island
11549 HARGREAVES William Anson Liverpool
16058 HARRIS Robert Governor Phillip Sydney Supreme Court
2228 HARRIS Thomas Elphinstone 2 Leicester Quarter Session
26513 HART Lazarus Lady Montagu Maidstone Assizes
18151 HART William Blundell Spalding Sessions
4047 HARVEY Joseph Tortoise Suffolk
27928 HEWETT Charles St Vincent Central Criminal Court
1954 HIGHAM William Norfolk Lancaster Assizes
18555 HILL Richard David Malcom Croydon Assizes
690 HILL William Medway 2 native of Stonebridge
1737 HOLLIDGE William Moffatt 1 Kent
422 HOUGHTON Hinton Caledonia Lancaster
18165 HUGGETT James Blundell Central Criminal Court
17717 JACKSON William Maitland Coventry Assizes
1789 JEFFREY Mark Eliza London Central Criminal Court
1934 JENKS John Woodford Launceston native place Wedgebury
2709 JOHNSON Henry Equestrian 2 Oatlands Supreme Court
23 JOHNSON Joseph Almorah & Pilot London
1251 JOHNSON Joseph Aurora & Marion Watson Lancaster,Liverpool
847 KELLY Patrick Nova & Dorset Adelaide & Sydney
16199 KENNEDY Thomas Ratcliffe Tipperary County
370 KETT Daniel Georgiana 2 native place Huntingfield
400 KING James York 1 Somerset
14168 LAWLER Michael Lady Franklin 2 Sydney Australia
14168 LAWLER Michael Calcutta Limerick Court Martial
13449 LEACH Abraham Maria Somes Lancaster,Salford
25366 LEE Edward Aboukir Gibraltar
808 LEWIS Thomas Moffatt Middlesex
898 LIGHT Edward Mandarin Launceston,
1607 LIGHT Edward Mandarin Hobart Town Supreme Court
1048 LINCH Thomas Sarah Southern Assizes
2576 LOVETT Charles Westmoreland Norfolk General Session
1350 LURCHEONS Thomas Robert Lord Melville & Sir Robert Seppings London
17543 M'ALEER Patrick Samuel Boddington Dublin City
5312 M'CANN Terence Eden 2 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1441 M'GEE William Sisters New Zealand Supreme Court
83 M'KENZIE James Dorset Adelaide
1915 M'KENZIE James Dorset Launceston Supreme Court
1915 M'KENZIE James Seppings To Norfolk Island
9926 M'KEON Bartholomew Constant Cavan
787 MARSHALL James Sir Charles Forbes Devon
2000 MASON Robert Henry Tanner Hobart Town
882 MAY William Argyle Kent
23662 McCABE Francis Hydrabad Fermanagh
1326 McCARTHY Florence(a male) Lord Lyndoch tried 28/Mar/1831
3740 McDONALD William Barrosa 1 Perth
21978 McDONNELL James Hydrabad 2 Mayo
1728 McGHEE Francis Mangles & Lady Denison Adelaide Supreme Court
152 McGUIRE Patrick alias BRADY Waterlily Berrima
1477 McLOUGHLIN Thomas Marion Watson Lancaster
2854 MEAGHERS William Bengal Merchant & Sir John Byng Quebec Court Martial
621 MEEK Mayhew Marmion Norfolk
25376 MELLOR John Aboukir Liverpool
2712 MICHAN Thomas Elphinstone 3 Oatlands Supreme Court
6129 MICHAN Thomas Elphinstone 3 Perth court Justiciary
22218 MITCHELL Stephen Blenheim 3 Maidstone Quarter Session
21350 MOLLOY Patrick Pestongee Bomangee 3 Westmeath
1933 MOORE James Lady Franklin Sydney General Court Martial
22495 MORGAN George Maria Somes 2 Plymouth Quarter Session
650 MORILTON William Bengal Merchant Devon
1597 MORRELL Reuben Strathfieldsay Launceston Supreme Court
1961 MURPHY Jeremiah Royal Saxon Secunderabad Court martial
2303 MYATT James Moffatt 3 Hobart Quarter Session
2128 NAILOR Thomas Asiatic Oatlands Supreme Court
590 NEWTON James Phantom Kussowlie Court Martial
15509 NOWLAN Michael Elizabeth & Henry Wicklow
24847 O'LOUGHLIN Colmon Blenheim 4 Clare
92 OAKEY John the younger Prince Regent Surrey
2676 OLDER John Cornwall Launceston Quarter Session
19320 PAGE William Agincourt Northampton
2436 PAINE William Chapman Oatlands Supreme Court
18613 PARKER Thomas David Malcolm Norwich assizes
2733 PARKER Walter Elphinstone Launceston Supreme Court
16637 PARR William Lady Franklin 3 Bathurst
16637 PARR William Katherine Stewart Forbes to SYDNEY York
5348 PARRY David Eden 2 Surrey St.Mary Newington
1414 PARRY Evan Moffatt 2 Denbeigh Quarter Session
1316 PEART Henry James Pattison & Lady Franklin Sydney ,native place Hull
739 PERROTT John Argyle Somerset
946 PHILLIPS Richard Atlas Cornwall
4839 PHILLIPS Thomas Benjamin Isabella 2 Central Criminal Court
22818 PICKETT James Nile Launceston Quarter Session
2013 POULSTON William Louisa Sydney Supreme Court
2013 POULSTON William Portland to SYDNEY native place Truro,Cornwall
22819 POWELL Thomas alias George Preece Nile Hereford Quarter Session
43 POWER John Georgiana Hobart Quarter Session
43 POWER John Georgiana native place Limerick
22819 PREECE George alias Thomas POWELL Nile Hereford Quarter Session
8081/9179 PRICE William John Renwick Bristol
2483 PRYCE William Triton native place Preston,Somersetshire
2493 PRYCE William Triton Launceston Quarter Session
17757 REED Charles Maitland Gloucester Assizes
22833 REED James Abourkir Gibraltar
22833 REED Robert Nile Taunton
6806 RENAHAN James Kinnear Limerick
1985 RENWICK James Elphinstone 1 Hobart Quarter Session
4859 RICHARDS John alias ROWEN Isabella 2 London Central Criminal Court
17752 ROBERTS James Maitland Central Criminal Court
3079 ROMANY Bartholomew David Clarke Somerset Assizes
4859 ROWEN John alias RICHARDS Isabella 2 London Central Criminal Court
544 RYAN John Shamrock Kamptu
1467 SADLER Luke Lord Lyndoch York
9202 SANDERS James John Renwick Stafford Special Assizes
20662 SANNACHAN Bernard Anna Maria Ayr
14205 SAUNDERS William Lady Franklin 2 Sydney Quarter Session
14205 SAUNDERS William Fairlie to SYDNEY Norfolk
14202 SAUNDERSON Andrew Lady Franklin 2 Sydney Supreme Court
14202 SAUNDERSON Andrew Lady Kennaway to SYDNEY Leicester
11015 SHARP Samuel Not Stated Hertford Quarter Session
20411 SLADDING Thomas John Calvin York
19982 SMITH George Hydrabad Kent Assizes
831 SMITH John Hindostan Central Criminal Court
2344 SMITH Joseph Anglia Calcutta Supreme Court
16557 SMITH Peter Marion 2 Aberdeen,Scotland
20391 SMITH Thomas John Calvin Central Criminal Court
2498 SMITH William Palmyra York,Leeds
8840 SODIN William Duchess of Northumberland Leicester Quarter Session
704 SREWART Patrick alias FEENEY Flying Fish & Lord Lyndoch 1 Melbourne
90 STACEY Thomas John 3 Arrived Norfolk Island
STACEY Thomas John 3 London
1578 STEPINGSTONE James York Chester
1886 STEVENS Robert John Barry Kent Quarter Session
2449 STEVENSON Henry Frances Charlotte Liverpool Quarter Session
189 STRONG George Governor Phillip Dublin City Quarter Session
17064 STUART William Lady Franklin 4 Sydney Supreme Court
5653 TALBOT Thomas Candahar Lewes,Sussex
1660 TAYLOR James Theresa & Sir Joh Byng Central Criminal Court
15638 TAYLOR William alias FULLER Mount Stewart Elphinstone Central Criminal Court
4906 TESTOR George Isabella 2 Halifax,Nova Scotia Court Martial
557 THAKE Richard John 1 Suffolk
5651 THOMAS William Candahar Northampton
23136 THOMAS William William Jardine 2 Hobart,native of Devonshire
17442 THOMSON Robert 2nd Pestongee Bomangee Glasgow Court
21089 TOONEY John Ratcliffe 2 native place Bristol
19568 TRINDER George Pestongee Bomangee 2 Gloucester Assizes
23440 TUCKER Henry Rodney 1 Plymouth Quarter Session
22343 WALKER James Blenheim 3 York Assizes
18039 WALLIS Thomas Joseph Somes Southampton,Portsmouth
15544 WALSH Patrick elizabeth & Henry Clare
1921 WATSON Joseph Mangles Central Criminal Court
1046 WEBB Benjamin Mary Surrey
1365 WELLS Thomas Elizabeth  
19377 WHEATLY John Agincourt Derby Assizes
6212 WHYTE James Elphinstone 3 Perth Court
405 WILLIAMS Frederick Waterlily Sydney Supreme Court
405 WILLIAMS Frederick Maitland to SYDNEY native of Liverpool
16094 WILLIAMS John Governor Phillip Sydney Quarter Session
16094 WILLIAMS John Recovery 3 St Johns Newfoundland
20860 WILLIAMS John Bangalore Preston
25194 WILLIAMS John Rodney 2 Liverpool Quarter Session
2122 WILLIAMS Samuel Union Adelaide
2122 WILLIAMS Samuel Canton to Adelaide Sth Australia Plymouth
1463 WILLIAMS William York Surrey
9462 WITCHLOW Joseph Gilmore 3 Brecon Assizes
801 WITNALDER Hendrick Louisa Sydney Criminal Court
801 WITNALDER Hendrick Pekoe to SYDNEY Grahams Town for Mutiny
695 WOOD John Roslyn Castle Hobart Supreme Court
2689 WOOD Robert Mount Stewart Elphinstone Hobart Town
20631 WOOD Robert Mount Stewart Elphinstone Manchester
16037 YOUNG Samuel Theresa Somerset
12378 ZANKER William Duke of Richmond York Quarter Session