Post Office Directory


This page contains some persons living in the Bothwell Area of Tasmania.

The information contained in the tables is taken from a book entitled 'Wise's Directories. Tasmania Post Office Directory for 1921-22

AHERNE N Castle Hill
ALLEN Amelia(Miss)  
ALLISSON Brothers Hunterston Station
ALLWOOD William H Shepherd
ALLWRIGHT L Glenn Quoin Station
ANNING William Baker
ARCHER E S Norwood Farmer
ASKEY James Fruiter
AYLETT Claude Motor Mechanic
BAKER George Farmer
BAKER George(Jun) Motor Driver
BAKER Harold E Motor driver
BAKER Leonard F Farmer
BALE George Bootmaker
BALE George W Labourer
BALE John Farmer
BALE John S Labourer
BALE William Labourer
BARDEN Joseph Labourer
BARNETT Norman r Surveyor
BATT Charles Labourer
BATT Harry Mail Contractor
BEST Frank J Contractor
BEST Fred W  
BEST Kenneth  
BEST Thomas White Hart Inn
BISHOP Alan A Police Trooper
BISHOP Edward  
BISHOP Thomas  
BLAKE Alfred J  
BLAKE Robert  
BLAKE S C Builder & Contractor
BLAKE William Carrier
BONIWELL Harold B Clerk
BOWDEN Edward(Jun)  
BOWDEN R Cluny Station
BOWDEN William Butcher
BRANCH E P Labourer
BRANCH E(Miss) Dressmaker
BRANCH Ernest Bootmker
BRANCH Henry Labourer
BRANCH William Labourer
BRETT Harold  
BROWN Charles Farmer
BROWN Douglas Farmer
BROWN Robert  
BUTLER Frank Whistler Farmer
CAMPBELL Colin L Norwood Station
CAMPBELL J G Sheep Farmer
CAMPBELL John K Norwood Station
CHIVERS Joseph Labourer
CHIVERS Thomas  
CHIVERS Thomas G  
CHIVERS William H Labourer
COOPER Alfred(Jun)  
COOPER Frederick Paper Hanger
COOPER William Labourer
COOPER William A Labourer
CUMMING Henry S Engineer
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Crown Hotel
CURIE Arthur Store Manager
DAVIE Burton R  
DAVIE George  
DAVIE Walter G Motor garage
DAZELY Charles Teacher
DOWNIE Fred G Meadsfield Station
DOWNIE Keith Dungrove Station
DOWNIE Vere Fitter
EARLEY John T Shannon
EDGELL B H Denniston Store
ELLIS Harry W Manager E & Sons Store
ELLIS John Farmer
ELLIS Russell A Ibbotvale & Wetherton Stations
EVANS F(Miss) Storekeeper
EVANS George H Engineer
EVANS Luke Butcher
EVES John Labourer
GAIRDNER John Medical Practioner
GATENBY Christopher Farmer
GEARD Albert E Labourer
GEARD George(Mrs) Public Library
GEARD William  
GLOVER James Farmer
GORHAM Herbert S Farmer
GOSSAGE Roland Labourer
GOSSAGE S (Mrs) Boarding House
GOUGH William J Trooper
GREEN Harry Engineer
GREENWOOD William(Rev)  
HALE E byron Bootmaker
HALE John Market Gardener
HALL Geoffrey Electrician
HALLETT Fred W Lamberis & Montacute Station
HALLETT Isaac L Lamberis & Montacute Station
HALLETT William S Lamberis & Montacute Stations
HAWKINS Robert Blacksmith
HAYDEN fred Farmer
HELLESSY John Labourer
HILDER Arthur Farmer
HILDER William  
HILDYARD George Inspector
HINDLE Richard  
HIRST Arthur C Council Clerk
HOBBS Reginald F Accountant
HOLMES S L(Miss) Teacher
HONNER James Farmer
HORNE Charles Shannon
HOSKINSON Edward J Farmer
HUTCHINSON A E(Rev) Logan Station
IBBOT George W Strathbarton Station
JENNINGS Arthur J Engineer
JOHNSON Fergus H Engineer
JONES E J Farmer
JONES Frederick Farmer
KNIGHT Edward Farmer
KNIGHT George W Farmer
KNIGHT William J Motor Driver
KNOGHT Charles Contractor
LEWIS Edward J Storeman
LEWIS W(Mrs) Boarding House
LONG George Sheep Farmer
LORD Alex W Civil Engineer
MacCARTHY Harold J Sheep Farmer
MANCER William Labourer
MANSER Charles Labourer
MANSFIELD Alf W Skin Buyer
MAXWELL A Hermitage Station
McCALLUM James Shannon
McCORMICK Fred Civil Engineer
McDERMOTT O(Miss) Teacher
McDOWELL Frederick Thorpe Station
McINTYRE Charles Labourer
McKAY Alfred Stationmaster
McNAUGHT Thomas H Engineer
McRAE Duncan Selma Station
McRAE Farquhar Hartfield Station
MEAD A C J Saddler
MEDHURST Charles Bootmaker
MEDHURST Clarence Bootmaker
MEDHURST George Labourer
MILNE Stewart C bootmaker
MOODLE A C Labourer
MOODLE Arthur R Motor Driver
MOODLE Walter Labourer
MUNRO Alex Farmer
MUNRO Finlay Farmer
MUNRO John Farmer
NEIL Andrew Farmer
NIBBS les R Trooper
NICHOLS Charles A Blacksmith
NIMMO William H R Engineer
NORTH William Farmer
PAINE Edward H Wheelwright
PAINE William Blacksmith
PERKINS C W Senior Constable
PITT Ronald B Surveyor
PRICE Edith M Nurse
PRITCHARD P Denniston Station
RABE A (Mrs) Music Teacher
RANKIN James B Motor Driver
REARDON Walter Labourer
REID Alex Arthur Ratho Station
REID Walter L Farmer
ROWE John Shepherd
RYAN L(Mrs)  
RYAN leo Labourer
SCOTT Thomas  
SEALY Broughton Store
SEALY Raymond Store
SEALY William H  
SHAW A L Labourer
SHUGG Albert W Medical Practioner
SIMS A E Apsley Inn
SIMS Charles Shepherd
SOUTHWOOD Mrs Private Hospital
STEVENS Andrew Shepherd
STUART W Shepherd
SWINDELLS Edward Farmer
SWINDELLS Robert Labourer
TAIT Robert D Road Overseer
TRIFFETT George A L Farmer
WATSON William H  
WEBB Edwin J Farmer
WEBB William J Farmer
WEBSTER George Labourer
WHITE Brothers Builders
WHITE Gifford Builder
WHITE Leo Storeman
WHITE Thomas Builder
WILLIAMS James Landowner
WILLIAMS John J Labourer
WILLIAMSON Fred R Engineer
WILSON Gordon R Engineer
WILSON James  
WINGATE John F Fitter
WOOD Victor A Motor Driver
WRIGLEY James Sheep Farmer
WYLIE Charles Farmer
WYLIE David Carrier & Farmer
WYNN Eli L Motor Driver


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