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Genealogy Transcriptions on,from and about, Tasmania, Australia.




Copyright Issues

Genealogy Transcriptions on,from and about, Tasmania, Australia.

Copyright protects the expression of an idea andnot the idea itself. For example, an idea for a board game wouldnot be protected by copyright, but the form of expression in thewritten rules and playing instructions would be protected as aliterary work.

Factual information, such as historical factsand news, is considered public domain and is owned by everyone.The expression of factual information, in the form of a webpageor transcript, for example, is protected by copyright. Copyrightrules that apply to conventional media also apply to theInternet.

Submitted archives are copyright of their respectivedonor's or transcribers and require their permissionPRIOR to upload. The copyright owner is sought for each file forpermission to include in the TasGenWeb Archives. Archive filesare NOT to be copied, onsold, or stored on media where PAYMENT inany form is necessary to access files unless the person seekspermission from the copyright owner first.

Transcriptions are listed along with :

  1. copyright
  2. name, contact details (ie physical address)
  3. references used / original location
  4. date of transcription
  5. brief description of contents



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